Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1843

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Magatoma listened to roar and said, “Arrogant!”

Allen didn’t speak any more.

A golden flame lit up on the saw-foot of the cloak of Allen on the body, and the flame quickly combusted. A piece of golden flame climbed up the cloak, turning this shabby cloak Combustion into ashes. The ashes fluttered and drifted away. Under the golden fire star, it was like a Battle Armor made of gold. Until now, Allen used the standard armor provided by Dobiya, and the weapons used are also out of the question. Sometimes it is even a low-quality weapon picked up from the enemy or the battlefield, so the general impression of Allen in stronghold is: this guy is first-rate and has 3rd-rate equipment.

However, everyone was shocked at this moment. After all, the golden Battle Armor is so dazzling, as gorgeous as the raging sun, so brilliant that it is impossible to look directly at it. Putting on the endless Armament, with a sudden sound, a pair of steel wings composed of countless sword blades spread out behind Allen, surrounded by golden light suddenly. The sharp sound like a sharp sword out of its sheath is endless, reverberating on the battlefield.

“This…” Narius saw this scene on the screen in the command hall, and his whole body was shocked. Although he had never seen this armor and steel wings, as the General of Dobiya, he had heard of it. I heard that the young Emperor of Specter Country wears a golden battle armor and has yellow Golden Feather wings on his back. He is dressed like a Sun God. So when he saw Allen on the screen, Narius immediately understood his identity.

Suddenly, the commander slumped on the chair like losing all his strength. He absolutely didn’t expect the Eisinger who had been in his stronghold for more than a month, turned out to be the young Emperor from Specter Country!

It was a great character on the same level as Emperor of Darkness. Thinking that he wanted to force the other party to hand over the Heart of Stars just now, Narius couldn’t help but touch his head. Fortunately, Magatoma attacked Stronghold. Otherwise, his head is probably separated from his body.

“Tallinn that bastard! He almost killed him!” Narius gnashing teeth thought. After the war, that bastard must look good. He didn’t know that Tallinn had already died.

On the battlefield, several strands of golden light silk were floating, and these golden King Flame’s embodied light ribbons were wrapped around Allen’s by one’s side. Allen’s red eyes looked at the giant in the distance, and the thick fog that had been diffuse suddenly exploded, forming a gray-white air current that swept across the battlefield. The first to bear the brunt was the team of The Burning Legion. Those smaller fire children were blown into the sky by the sudden airflow. Even the sturdy Fire Horned Demon had to be curled up tightly. as for is blown away by air currents.

A thick fog swept across the battlefield, through the street alleys of Vigorous Wind Stronghold, and finally disappeared on Mother Earth behind.

The thick fog cleared, and Magatoma revealed its true posture. The 100-meter-high giant is made up of the dark Fire Mountain Cliff. Hot red lava is constantly flowing down his body, as if Magatoma is a walking volcano! Magatoma’s shoulders arched several huge stone thorns, each of them resembling a mountain peak, spewing lava from the mountain pass from time to time, flying out, spilling on Mother Earth, and raging wherever it touched. The giant roar started, striding towards Vigorous Wind Stronghold. Within a few steps, he had caught up with the army in front of The Burning Legion. The army had to disperse. Even so, the giant stepped on it. I don’t know how many bad luck guys were trampled to death.

It is a moving volcano. Those air units did not come to his waist and abdomen. They flew slowly and were hit by Magatoma. They were either ignited into fireballs by the lava on the body, or they were stunned. Allen’s silhouette was reflected in Magatoma’s two lava eyes. The giant Furious Roar uttered, and reached out his hand to dig towards the ground. Both of his hands plunged into the ground, dug out countless tons of boulders, and then threw them in Allen’s direction. When they were thrown, these stones were already covered with lava and turned into one after another. The lava shells crossed the battlefield, raining down.

In the fire rain, a gold rainbow soars into the sky, break open the fire rain, and stop slightly in the midair. Suddenly it flashed 1000 meters before, and only then did a circle of golden ripples explode in the sky, the ripples spread out, and gradually turned into an impact air current, sweeping across the entire battlefield!

Allen moved towards Magatoma, with Ashes Hymn in his hand, Source Device has no more white flame Combustion gesture than before. The gray flames of the past have shrunk and condensed into a piece of Snow White’s blade, no matter the sharpness or the texture, it is undoubtedly the real thing. Dragging this snow-white long sword, Allen was instantly close to Magatoma. The giant’s body was too large, and it took a huge amount of time between movement and quiet. At this time, the giant had not put down the hands that threw the lava bomb, but Allen had already pierced the giant’s chest with a sword.

Compared with Magatoma’s huge body, Ashes Hymn is not even a toothpick. But it was such an insignificant sword that made the giant roar. Allen’s wings fluttered behind him, dragging the long sword and rushing up. The long sword cut Magatoma’s chest apart. On the screen of the command hall, Narius saw the giant chest on the screen lit up, followed by a golden light rising straight up. When Allen crossed Magatoma’s head and the long sword burst out of his chest, there was an extra gray White’s rays of light on the giant’s chest. Then a dark red lava was sprayed out from the gray light, and the lava sprayed a piece of red silk in the sky. The giant also let out a scream, and his body shake back and moved away.

Allen condensed in the air, dragging the golden light to draw a large arc in the midair, passing the sword across Magatoma’s neck. With a stroke of a sword, the giant will explode a gully-like wound, spraying a lot of lava from the inside. Allen whirled continuously around Magatoma, Ashes Hymn cut scary wounds in the giant on the body, and the giant on the body’s lava sprayed continuously, and the breath continued to drop.

When he changed to stop again, Magatoma roared and patted Allen. The giant’s hand was as big as a mountain. With such a slap, the sky above Allen’s head was completely covered by the palm of his hand. Allen faintly smiled, advancing instead of retreating, swept away against the giant palm. Magatoma saw golden light from her palm, and then her palm was chopped into two pieces. Five fingers, as thick as a mountain’s edge, spilled out of the lava and dropped towards Mother Earth. Allen flew all the way against her arm, and the long sword swept across. , A golden sword light swept across the face of the giant.

The side of Magatoma’s face split instantly, almost cutting off his head.

Being one of the three giants, Magatoma’s giant figure is much larger than Helsingorse’s black water crystal dragon. In terms of sheer power, the giant obviously has the advantage, but regardless of flexibility or reaction, Magatoma can’t keep up with Helsingorse. This big fellow is undoubtedly a good player, but if he is replaced by a Supreme as his opponent, he will only be slaughtered.

Perhaps Magatoma also realized this, the giant stepped back again and again, and then the mountain peaks on both shoulders burst into lava. The flames on the giant’s body became brighter and brighter, and the breath rose again and again. Allen frowned. When the giant’s eyes and mouth lit up with fire, Allen was immediately sure that this guy was going to be self-destructed!

However, the explosion of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering happened.

The entire battlefield lit up, and then 10000 things disappeared in the vast white light.

In the command hall, Narius felt the entire space shook violently, and he almost shook the platform down. When the screen resumed the picture, I saw a huge fireball rising from the place where the giant was originally, like the sun fell on Mother Earth, the Fireball that almost filled the horizon quickly released energy, and gradually turned dark from the bottom. Thick red smoke rose to midair. After a while, a thick smoky mushroom cloud appeared on the screen. In this ferocious mushroom cloud, there are red light spots flashing non-stop.

Then the fragments of Magatoma Self-destruction fell all over the sky. These fragments were very small, and all of them dragged the flames and viper snakes, moved towards the battlefield. Narius immediately ordered stronghold to raise the origin force barrier, but when the barrier was raised, a lot of debris had fallen into the stronghold. The smallest of these fragments is also a cubic meter, and the larger one is even more than ten meters. They smashed into the stronghold and suddenly smashed the stronghold into smash.

The magnificent buildings built by the giants in the past were carved into ruins. Under this stone rain, the buildings kept toppling and wailing before they died.

The command hall is not immune, even if Narius intercepts it, it cannot prevent the hall from being smashed out of each and everyone hole. One of the boulders smashed on the high platform where Narius was, smashing the giant throne to pieces.

Narius looked at these stones with an ugly expression, and suddenly his eyes stared, because on these stones, he could feel the breath of Magatoma!

At this time, the boulder on the high platform moved, and then sprayed out lines of dust. The boulder cracked, split and deformed, forming the head, body and four limbs, which turned out to be a reduced version of Magatoma. The eyes of this reduced version of the stone man lit up, and then red lines appeared on the body. It let out a hollow roar, and then rushed towards Narius.

not only The giant fragments in the hall have undergone a mutation. Those that fell in the stronghold and smashed on the battlefield, the very small 10000 giant fragments, are transformed into each and everyone reduced version of Magatoma. After these stone figures stabilized, they covered up to Dobiya’s army.

Not too small, he ran towards Allen, Allen looked down, like a piece of Kuroshio close to him. When they came to Allen’s feet, these stone men spewed flames from behind and immediately rose into the sky. In an instant, 1000 stone men rushed towards Allen of midair.

Allen laughed: “Looking at a very clumsy guy, didn’t expect it to be unexpectedly cunning. But even if you split yourself into smaller individuals to make up for your lack of flexibility. But you don’t think it depends on it alone. Can the quantity kill me?”

While speaking Allen by one’s side, there is a touch of golden light, and there are as many as 1000 words in the blink of a finger. Then the light flashed out, each of them crossed a stone man, so the giant split body that volleyed at Allen kept exploding in the air, which would really be broken into stone!

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