Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1844

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A punch blasted the stone man’s head directly. Narius snorted, and kicked the stone man away. Looking around, there is no stone man in the hall. These Magatoma splits are not weak, but they are not yet Narius’s opponents, but for the powerhouse below the dominator, these stone man are not that simple. Considering the number of them, Narius couldn’t help but feel heavy.

Apart from The Burning Legion, these giant Avatars alone are already a terrifying army. Coupled with The Burning Legion, Narius doubts how many people are left in this stronghold after the battle is over. He left the command hall and went straight to the courtyard where Allen lived. There is still a Milena in that courtyard. Since Allen saved Milena before, even if Narius doesn’t think that the Emperor of Specter Country would be interested in that woman, people still have to be saved, and she can’t be killed in the city.

At least, after the war, I hope the Emperor will read this and not pursue his previous offense.

The silhouettes of stone man can be seen everywhere in the stronghold, and Narius has solved a few along the way. When I came to the courtyard, the main building of the courtyard had collapsed, and a silhouette flashed by in a window of the auxiliary building. Narius hit the window and saw Milena fall to the ground, and a stone man in front of her was raising his arm. At the next moment, Narius’ fist came out of the stone man’s chest, and he withdrew his fist, and the giant Avatar scattered to the ground.

“Are you okay?” Ganglius tried to make his voice sound softer.

Milena shrank toward the corner, holding a dagger in her hand. The woman’s body was trembling, and all the guards died during the giant’s attack. She couldn’t be happy to see Narius now, after all, Narius had to deal with Allen before. Narius raised his hand and said, “Don’t get me wrong, I won’t do and so on to you. Maybe you don’t know, the one you serve is a great character, I can only say that you are lucky. Now please follow me by one’s side, I won’t let you have an accident.”

“Great character? You mean Lord Eisinger?”

Narius nodded and helped her correct: “Next time you see him, you should call him Your Majesty. Of course, I just learned about it… That one is the Emperor of Specter Country!”

Milena felt dizzy. She shook her head and said, “Impossible, why is the Emperor of Specter Country here?”

“You should ask him about this. Now that the stands are up, I have to clean up the giant Avatar in the city. It is safest for you to follow me by one’s side.” Narius stretched out and lifted Milena.

2 people left the courtyard.

On the battlefield outside the city, Allen walked between the battlefields like a stroll. Every minute, every second, a giant Avatar would pounce at him. There were so many Avatars, even though Allen didn’t even need to lift the sword. Only with the determination of the sword energy all over the body, they smashed the attacking Avatars one by one. But there are so many Avatars, when will they be the head? Allen frowned and said to himself, “Are you planning to play a war of attrition with me?”

Of course no one answered him.

He stopped abruptly and closed his eyes altogether, and even the sword energy around him disappeared. The giant Avatars immediately seized this opportunity and rushed forward. At this time, the golden wings behind Allen opened up, and then a light band was ejected from the wingtips on the 2nd side. The light band split into A path of beams. It splits into countless golden threads. For a moment, the two golden silk threads were scattered, and each silk thread wrapped around a giant Avatar. The silk thread kept sticking out, wrapping each giant Avatar accurately, even the stone man in stronghold.

Seen from the air, the entire battlefield seems to be flowing out of a golden ocean, and those Avatars entangled in silk threads are all impossible to move.

At this moment Allen opened his eyes, with a slight smile on his face. Then the 1000000000000 silk thread shook up simultaneously, and suddenly the calm ocean set off a wave. After this golden wave surged, countless giant Avatars simultaneously burst into pieces!

In Allen’s perception, 10000 energy responses disappeared simultaneously, and only one response remained. Before it was mixed with other energy reactions, it was difficult to tell the difference, but now it is obvious. The remaining energy response is the deity of Magatoma.

On the battlefield, a man with a muscle and rocky body narrowed one’s eyes. He was about to move, before one’s eyes fell a little golden fire star, he saw Allen fall in front of him. Allen said with a smile: “So this is what you really look like, Magatoma!”

Magatoma is like a middle-aged man with a barren on his head and thick armor on his sturdy body. The material of the armor is Fire Mountain Cliff, and the whole person exudes a fire-like atmosphere. Holding two Warhammers flowing with lava in his hand, he looked at Allen in silence.

Then without words, he let out a low growl and rushed forward.

Magatoma lifted Warhammer high, and the flames on Warhammer blazed, and suddenly blasted down.

Allen slipped back to the ground, causing his Warhammer to crash on the ground. When Warhammer hit the ground, a fire wave was immediately set off, spewing out countless rubble. The ground ka-cha rang, cracks rushed out one after another, the entire Mother Earth immediately all split up and in pieces, and finally bursts of flames spurted from these cracks, turning into a fire sea in an instant.

In the flame, Magatoma was as mighty as a War God, and the light of the fire illuminate his armor. He raised the hammer and roared towards Allen, then took a big step, sprinting towards Allen on the flames. Allen tapped his toes and suddenly pulled out a gold rainbow and Magatoma staggered past.

When Allen settled, Magatoma rushed dozens of steps before the strong man stopped. With an unbelievable look on his face, he heard Allen say: “After all, powerhouse is not what you are good at. You are better at attacking Broken City. If you are alone, Helsingorse is the true expert. As for you, you From the moment you abandon the giant form, it is tantamount to abandoning your greatest advantage. As I said, you look rough and cunning. Unfortunately, in front of Supreme, this trick is just a trivial matter.”

“Ebouins’ three giants, from now on there is only one Power of the Fire Ocean left.”

After all, Allen walked towards Vigorous Wind Stronghold. The Endless Sword Garment on the body was quietly lifted, and all the glory was collected. Allen, who was as simple as an ordinary person, quickly disappeared on the battlefield.

Only then did Magatoma let out a loud roar, and then the man’s eyes, nose, and mouth spurted out fire. The spouting golden flames brightened his skin and armor. After a full eruption for a few seconds, thick smoke rose from Magatoma’s mouth, and the man’s body turned into crystal-like black rock, becoming a lifeless on the battlefield. Sculpture!

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