Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1845

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There is no night here, only eternal day.

Above Scarlet’s Mother Earth, lava rivers wriggling past, marking Mother Earth to pieces. The source of these lava rivers is a giant lake. This incredibly large lake is filled with endless lava. The lava is boiling in it, and each and everyone bubbles are constantly emerging. The heat is rising, distorting the scenery, and in these tumbling lava, a cloud of black rocks will appear from time to time. The black rock is round like a ball, and the surface is as smooth as crystal. The lava drips down reluctantly on its surface, leaving only pale red spots on the body, and then it moves quickly.

Such black rock balls will continue to rise from the center of the giant lake, and then be pushed to the shore by the flowing lava. After the rock ball is pushed ashore, it will roll down the hillside, so it continuously collides with the ground. During the collision, the rock coat begins to split and shatter. When they roll to the foot of the mountain, they are already in tatters, and a lot of red is poured from inside. The liquid comes. These liquids are shining with red light, like fire star.

When the liquid runs out, creatures will emerge from the rock ball. There are Fire Horned Demon, the Raging Flames Knight that is not yet armored, and the horse that the knight rides, but they are just horses when they come out and cannot be used to ride. These creatures will wander around the foot of the mountain in the aimless land at first, and after a few days, they will leave and go from here to the endless Mother Earth.

Such a mountain, such a lake, is the origin of Ebouins 10000000 creatures. Whether it is the battle unit of each class, even the king, will be born from here. Places like this are called Place of Birth. Place of Birth, there are 2 or 1 places in Ebouins!

Time is meaningless to the creatures of Ebouins. Their Birthed Life and Extinguished Death are 10000 years. As long as Ebouins still exist, they have no real end. Death is just a transit point, even if they die in the battle of Material World, they will be reborn from the Place of Birth, and then repeat this endless cycle. This is why it is meaningless to fight The Burning Legion when fighting Universe’s Dusk. Only by destroying the Gate of Raging Flames can the destruction of a planet be prevented.

At this time, before one’s eyes, Place of Birth suddenly sounded a roar. This roar was so penetrating that it even pierced the sky. It shocked the many creatures wandering around Place of Birth, and all fell involuntarily. On the ground.

In that huge lake, a silhouette emerged. He is a king with dark skin. He is of medium build, but his muscles are well-proportioned and strong. There seems to be a lava surging in the 2 eyes, emitting a striking red light. He floated naked from the lava lake, and ended up in a black rock ball like other creatures. After emerging from the lake, he walked on the lava, and in an instant he reached the shore.

He looked at his body and let out another angry roar. The breath he released has not yet reached the standard of the emperor, and even at best is a mid-level battle unit. But he is not muddleheaded like other creatures. Of course, because he is Magatoma.

After the 3 giants of Ebouins are destroyed, they will be reborn in Place of Birth. But at this time they are very weak. After all, this World has too many strong guys, and a mid-level combat unit is not necessarily so strong. But he can retrieve the Seed of Fire so that he can regain his strength and immediately transform into the upper king.

Fortunately for Magatoma, the Gate of Raging Flames of the Giant Star was still there when Allen was destroyed on Mixier. So Seed of Fire will appear somewhere in Ebouins. Otherwise, like Helsingorse, Seed of Fire will stay in Material World. Now Ebouins no longer has the character Inflammatory Vault of Heaven.

Of course, it takes time to find Seed of Fire after rebirth, and even if you transform into a high-ranking king, you don’t know how many years it will take to regain the Peak status of Mother Earth’s Fury. So even with rebirth, Magatoma still cursed the guy who destroyed herself in her heart.

But cursing was useless, so he could only sense the direction of Seed of Fire, and then set off silently.

Leaving Place of Birth, Magatoma entered the mountains. His breath made the middle and lower combat units afraid to approach, but those upper ranks and kings would not have this concern. This World is so big, and those powerful creatures are as vast as the sea. Even Magatoma did not dare to be careless. He has to avoid the areas where the powerful creatures are, cautiously avoid the king’s territory. In this way, more than ten days later, he finally saw a valley.

The reaction of Seed of Fire came within the valley. Magatoma didn’t rush into the valley. He cautiously sensed the environment of the mountain within the valley, and entered the valley after making sure that there were no particularly powerful creatures. In the valley and depression, a few Fire Horned Demons hung on a clearing. They raised their heads and glanced at Magatoma. After leaving Place of Birth, Magatoma used his own power, plus the fragments of the black rock balls at the foot of the mountain, to create a set of black thin armor for himself. The defensive power of this armor is better than nothing. Magatoma does not expect it to block the attacks of powerful creatures. Therefore, he shapes this armor more with a sense of majesty. When worn on the body, he is like a king.

Therefore, seeing Magatoma look like this, a few Fire Horned Demon crawled up and quietly retreated.

Magatoma snorted. After he became the three giants, he ever tried to retaliate these creatures by appearance. In the past, as long as a thread of aura was slightly emitted, it was sufficient to avoid creatures within 3 miles. Now that he has to rely on a suit of armor to scare people, Magatoma only feels very angry. He strode deep into the valley, then he stopped. Turning around, Magatoma vaguely saw a silhouette.

It was a Raging Flames Knight, riding a fire horse and walking quietly. Magatoma is a little uncertain. He seems to have seen such a Raging Flames Knight for a few days, but Ebouins’ Raging Flames Knight looks are similar, all of which are armored and ride on humanoid units with fire horses. Magatoma believes that a Raging Flames Knight It shouldn’t be tracking itself, after all, they are the backbone of a certain king, impossible will track itself.

Now there is Raging Flames Knight here. Explains that there should be a king nearby. In order to avoid accidents, Magatoma no longer paid attention to the knight, speeding up the pace.

When he stopped in front of a mountain and river, he was already certain that Seed of Fire was there. Magatoma got in. The cave was very spacious, with some old vines hanging down, and the light of Heaven’s Line fell through the hole and shone on a stone platform. A fist sized spar is placed on the stone platform. The spar seems to respond to Magatoma give rise to, and red light bands are transmitted from it, which immediately illuminate the entire cave.

Magatoma was overjoyed and stepped forward quickly when he just walked to the stone platform. Suddenly there was a blast from behind, Magatoma turned around, and a battle spear swept across his chest, nailed it into the stone platform, and bounced the Seed of Fire. Magatoma Furious Roar uttered, trying to pounce on the Seed of Fire. With the sound of horseshoes behind him, and something hit hard behind him, Magatoma flew out immediately. He fell to the ground, raised his head, and saw a fire horse lying next to him. It turned out that this guy hit himself.

The shadow flashed before one’s eyes, and the Raging Flames Knight had caught Seed of Fire. Magatoma Furious Roar said: “Give it back!”

He pushed the ground hard, the person bounced, and then strode into Raging Flames Knight. The latter put the Seed of Fire away and opened his hand to the stone platform. The battle spear on the stone platform flew upside down into his hands. Raging Flames Knight flicked the battle spear, the gun body burned, and a spear stabbed Magatoma. Raging Flames Knight is also a mid-level unit. The battle strength is similar to the current Magatoma, but the latter is slightly stronger. Magatoma clenched a fist and slammed, almost hitting the tip of the gun. The Raging Flames Knight changed his move halfway, the battle spear closed slightly, and then slid against Magatoma’s arm, and a shot was placed on his shoulder. The flames burst, Magatoma was shot and flew.

Knight stepped back immediately, blew his whistle, and the fire horse that had gotten up ran towards him. The knight turned on the body horse, and ran towards the cave exit one by one. Only then did Magatoma hit the mountain wall and saw knight fleeing. Loudly roared, he rushed to pick up the stone platform and threw it out. The stone platform slammed into knight with a bad wind. Raging Flames Knight seemed to have eyes on the back of his head, suddenly the whole person fell to the left and stuck to the horse. The stone platform flew over the horse and hit the ground. Knight sat back again, and clamped his legs, Huoju speeded up immediately and ran out of the cave.

When Magatoma ran out of the cave, the Raging Flames Knight was long gone. Magatoma can’t believe that her Seed of Fire has been robbed? If it is robbed by the king, it’s fine, but it’s just a Raging Flames Knight! Magatoma couldn’t help but let out a loud roar. After roar, he thought carefully and found that there were many things wrong. For example, why does Raging Flames Knight follow himself? Does he know his identity? And the flexibility and adaptability that he showed just now should not be possessed by a mid-level unit.

“Who is that bastard?” Magatoma gnashing teeth called out.

Having left the valley, Raging Flames Knight is still galloping. He kept day and night, and after a few days, he was far away from the valley for more than 1000 kilometers. Magatoma is not good at moving at high speeds, such a distance is enough to get rid of him. The knight got into a mountain area and found a hidden cave to hide. He allowed Huoju to leave, entered the cave by himself, and reached the depths of the cave before he took out the Seed of Fire.

Then he took off his helmet.

The helmets and armor of Raging Flames Knight are almost attached to their bodies, and the knight never takes them off. But now, the knight took off his helmet, and behind the helmet, it was the face of a human man. He put down his helmet, looked at the Seed of Fire on one side and smiled: “Allen, this Little Brat is quite capable, and Magatoma has also been killed. I got this Seed of Fire for a cheaper price. With it, I can probably go to Hall. of Withering.”

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