Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1846

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“play music!”

With Bavaria’s order, a thrilling triumphal sound suddenly sounded at the Starship port in Demon Ring City. The Imperial Family band played hard, just to welcome the return of the Emperor. After leaving Specter Country for more than a month, the young Emperor returned from Mixier, bringing back exciting news. The raging enemy forces on the Mixier star, their Commander-in-chief was killed by the Emperor Your Majesty outside the Vigorous Wind Stronghold, adding an incomparable brilliance to the history of Specter Country.

A medium-sized Starship was moored to the dock of the port. Allen walked out of the Starship in an ordinary costume. He heard the skyrocket from the port and densely packed. The long spear was erected and the Castle of Shadow guards lined up like forests. He frowned.

Stepping off the Starship, Bavaria has already stepped forward, and personally spread a red carpet from the deck to the land vehicle on the other side. Allen shook his head and said, “You don’t need to be so troubled next time.”

The former thunder wolf Family Owner, who is already passionate about the Castle Lord’s management business, shook his head solemnly and said: “The majesty of Your Majesty must be maintained at all times!”

Allen shrugged, it seems that Bavaria is more nervous about this external majesty than herself. In fact, for him, he has already passed the stage where he needs to rely on external appearances to maintain his majesty. After a battle with Frius on Thin Sun Star, he has already used operation to tell everyone that he is a well-deserved Supreme. Of course, Bavaria would not let such things go, and Allen didn’t bother to care about him, after all, he still had to deal with a lot.

Back to Castle of Shadow, only Elise greeted him. On that day, Grand Duke, the lady on Paradise Star, saw Allen come back with a smile on her face. She was on Allen by one’s side as she was tall and slender. She was not much shorter than Allen, and she couldn’t form the feeling of a birdie. Acting like a baby is not Elise’s strong point either. Although she is full of joy, she is not good at words. After holding back for a long time, she said “You are back”.

Allen smiled, and gave her a deep kiss. This caused the magistrate next to him to quickly turn around and waved all the guards to exit, and then left himself and closed the door for the two. After Allen kissed, he took the blushing woman into the empty palace, and said strangely: “What about Lucy and them?”

“His Royal Highness seems to have contacted Aidahua Star, wanting to see if there is any way to speed up the resolution of the last set of coordinates.”

They sat down in a wide chair. Elise naturally sat on Allen’s lap. She squinted her hands: “Laura and Adele are waiting for you to be bored. They have gone to the gray zone last week. I heard that the front line of the gray zone. It has moved for dozens of kilometers. So now, only me…”

Seeing her somewhat sad face, Allen sighed softly and shook her hands and said, “You must be very uncomfortable. Although Laura and the others have left their homeland, they are different from you. Before you met me, I don’t know how vast the universe is. Here, you have no friends, so you must be very lonely, right?”

Elise clicked nodded, not knowing what he thought of, and his face turned red.

Allen felt strange and raised her chin and said, “What’s wrong with you, blushing so badly, are you sick?”

“No.” Elise moved his hand away and said, “Lucy talked to me about one thing.”

“what’s up?”

Elise blushed like a ripe honey’peach’, she whispered a word on the side of Allen’s face with her ears, and Allen showed a suddenly realized expression: “You said you have a child?”

“Do you have to say it so loudly!” Elise eyebrow raised, suddenly charming with several points of English, this is where her unique charm lies, Allen can’t help but look at it.

Then lost said with a smile: “Here are the two of us, what are we afraid of.”

“Don’t be so loud anyway.” Elise snorted, and said: “Lucy has analyzed with me. Among the four of us, Adele and I are the most suitable offspring. Laura has already stepped into the dominant relationship, I am afraid it is very It is difficult to be pregnant with a child. As for Lucy, she considers that if she is pregnant now, Golden Wild Rose will be transferred to the offspring on the body with the continuation of Bloodline. So only I and Adele are the most suitable, and I also told Adele that she… …she was……”

“She doesn’t want to?”

“No, she said she didn’t want to be a mother so soon. So…” Elise was hot, but stared at Allen firmly: “That’s why I decided to have our child as soon as possible. This way, when you are away, I will Have something to trust, don’t have to look forward to your return day and night.”

Allen looked at her for a moment and said with a nod: “I understand, I should be staying in Demon Ring City for a while anyway, let’s use this time to work harder.”

Then stove up, holding Elise and walking toward the bedroom.

Elise’s voice trembled, “Shall we start now?”

Allen blinked and said, “Isn’t it bad?”

2 people just walked into the bedroom.

It wasn’t until the evening that Allen walked out by herself, as for Elise, after suffering continuous wind and rain, she fell asleep deeply, and this sleep was on the 2nd day. When she opened her eyes, she saw Allen for a moment. He sat next to him, reaching out to fiddle with Elise’s hair. The latter hugged him, softly said: “I thought you were gone again?”

“I have something to leave temporarily, but I will wait until you wake up. Get up, breakfast has already been delivered.”

Elise complained, “You just came back and are leaving.”

“I’m not going far this time. I’m going back to Forgotten Territory. There are some things to ask Mithinas.” Allen took her a hand and scratched her nose. Said with a smile: “We will continue after we come back. The great cause of creating people.”

Elise remembered yesterday’s madness, gnashing teeth said: “This time I change my main attack!”

“As you bid.”

Allen bowed exaggeratedly, then took her hand and left the bedroom. Lucy was also at the table, and the three chatted casually. When Allen was going to get drinks for the two of them, Lucy bumped Elise’s hand and whispered, “How many times did you do it yesterday?”

Elise blushed like an apple, afraid to speak, only raised 3 fingers.

“Too little, our Your Majesty’s current seed is not so easy to sow, next time you have to squeeze him out!” Lucy said murderous-looking.

Allen coughed dryly over there, “I heard it, Princess Princess.”

Lucy hit haha ​​immediately and pretended to be stupid: “What, I didn’t say anything.”

Allen gave her an angry look, walked back with a drink, and asked, “Is there any news from Aidahua Star?”

“Institution of Truth is working day and night, but to parse out the final coordinates, I am afraid it can be obtained without a few urgings. In fact, they are even more anxious. Gat Star Field is not in a very good condition now, it has exceeded 40. % Of the planet was razed by The Burning Legion. Even the Gat Star Field is so, not to mention other star fields.”

Allen said with a nod: “Fortunately, last time solved Earth’s troubles, otherwise I think it’s choking.”

He didn’t know that the Gate of Raging Flames on Earth had been opened again.

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