Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1847

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Forgotten Territory.

Allen took a small flying warship and landed on a clearing. Today’s Forgotten Territory is very different from before. The small cities and towns at the entrance of the Forgotten Territory are still stayed, and there are still Barr people willing to come here to dig gold. Now the Green Crystal veins of the Forgotten Territory are completely in the hands of Allen, and several of them are assigned to Great Wasteland is controlled by Bone King. The Barr people who came to the Forgotten Territory Nuggets basically worked for the Bone King. The Forgotten Territory area after the as for Luoduo narrow mountain pass has been completely sealed off, which is the habitat of Allen’s secret legion.

Allen didn’t notify anyone in Great Wasteland, only Mithinas knew his arrival. On the flying warship landing outside Green Light Town, Allen walked out of the cabin and saw a flying wolf already waiting for him. Allen stepped on this 4-winged flying wolf, the flying beast soared into the sky, and took Allen to the depths of the Forgotten Territory.

He quickly passed White Tin City, then Luoduo narrow mountain pass, and then the Forgotten Territory forbidden. This vast piece of Mother Earth is now changing a lot. The mining of many rare mineral veins, including the Green Crystal mine, allows Mithinas to plan this piece of Mother Earth calmly. Fire of the Abyss has built a huge legion base with his wisdom and profound knowledge. Now that the Gate of Raging Flames can no longer be erected, how to increase the force is a huge problem. To this end, Mithinas compiled a set of biological cultivation system based on his profound knowledge. Using the lizard race female lizard producer as the blueprint, after re-modulation, the female lizard will give birth to the second generation of producers. The second-generation producers are no longer restricted to the production of lizard race. Mithinas adjusted their genetic structure so that the second-generation producers can produce brand new combat units.

These combat units designed by Mithinas are 30% inferior to Ebouins’ The Burning Legion at the same level. They can be mass-produced and solve the problem of the lack of new blood for the army in Allen’s hands.

Now Mother Earth in the Forgotten Territory can see towering Green Crystal extraction towers everywhere. These buildings will refine tons of Green Crystal into pure energy, and then supply it to various needs. The energy extracted by Green Crystal has now become the most basic applied energy in the Forgotten Territory, and its use area is very wide. From the energy required by the producers to the energy required for some special buildings, almost all of them use the energy extracted from Green Crystal.

The energy pipe grooves are directly erected on the ground, and each pipe groove is as big as a tree trunk, which facilitates the rapid flow of energy. Seen from the sky, these luminous tube slots are like circuits on a circuit board, distributed in every corner of Mother Earth.

The flying beast took Allen to land on the platform of a tower, which stands above the Forgotten Territory Mother Earth. The spire of the tower has a continuous flame Combustion, which is the symbol of Fire of the Abyss. This is the place where Mithinas lives. Allen walked into the tower from the platform, somehow returning to the lava well. The space inside the tower is wide, with a lava pool in the middle filled with energy. Mithinas rises from the lava pool, its image has changed a little, now it is a pure flame human form, one after another origin force pats all around like a tide.

“It’s been a long time, Mithinas.” Allen moved towards the flame humanoid.

The flames converged, and Mithinas’s flying flames condensed like substance, and he bowed to Allen, “It’s nice to meet you, Your Highness.”

“Don’t say anything polite, I want to ask you something this time.”

“Oh, what made you make a special trip to Forgotten Territory, I am very curious.”

Allen raised his hand and shook it, and the crystal ball fell out of the Space Ring. Allen caught it with his hand and threw it towards Mithinas. The fire of the Fire of the Abyss body lit up, he raised his hand, gave rise to a soft Force Field, and pushed the crystal ball back again: “Please don’t let me touch it, Your Highness. This is Variation. Core, if a pure energy body like me accidentally touches it, I’m afraid it will cause a huge disaster.”

After catching the crystal ball again, Allen said, “You really know what it is.”

“Variation Core, did you get it from somewhere?”

“Mixier star. Planet Tearer brought it out from the center of the earth. It was originally going to be handed over to Mother Earth’s Fury. I hit it and snatched it.” Allen simply said the process of getting the core.

“Please put it away first.” Mithinas seemed very worried about this Variation Core.

Allen took it back into the Space Ring, Mithinas extended the hand, and made a trace in the void with the tip of his hand. Its energy formed a luminous line in the air. Soon Mithinas drew the shape of a star body, and it drew some Ebouins symbols, which formed a certain formula. Allen took a look. Although he had seen these formulas before, he suddenly understood that that was the origin of Variation Core.

“As you can see, Your Highness.” Mithinas said, “Variation Core is derived from planetary energy fission. It can be said to be a variant of Heart of Stars. The Creator gave it a power when it created Planet Tearer. The tearer can directly tear off the planet’s energy, brew it, and finally form the Variation Core. Strictly speaking, it is the same substance as Heart of Stars, but under closer examination, it is quite different.”

Mithinas continued to draw the A path of formula. Allen looked at it without turning his eyes, and a lot of data immediately appeared in his mind.

“Yes, as you can see. The Variation Core made by the Ripper is a planetary bomb. If it is used properly, let alone a planet, even the entire star field will be affected. Heart of Stars is a substance that occasionally appears after the death of the planet. It contains the essence of the entire planet. Speaking from a certain perspective. Heart of Stars is the epitome of a planet. Therefore, the energy of Heart of Stars is very stable. It consists of different attributes. Its structure is as stable as a planet. Only in this way can people use and absorb it.”

“But Variation Core is not the case. It only highlights one type of energy, which is destruction. It exists for destruction. Its energy is so violent that it is difficult to absorb. The only way to use it is to destroy planets and destroy star fields. In the past Universe’s Dusk, there have been many incidents where several Variation Cores were used to destroy the entire star field in one fell swoop. It’s just that the conditions for the formation of Variation Cores are very demanding. In addition to being co-created by multiple tearers, there are Planet also has strict requirements. Otherwise, there is no need for The Burning Legion. Son of Dusk can destroy the entire universe by relying on Variation Core alone.”

Although Allen knew this Variation Core not simple, he didn’t know that it had such a terrifying destructive power. Planetary-level bombs, if used properly, should make a difference against Universe’s Dusk. At the moment Allen consulted Mithinas for specific usage methods. Among the several methods provided by Fire of the Abyss, one of them touched Allen. He immediately thought of the Endless Annihilation that was no longer usable. The quasi Source Device created by Spanac used the energy of Heart of Stars to attack. Before Allen had used up the stored energy in the gun, and there was no Heart of Stars. In hand, so there is no use. But now there is Variation Core, which belongs to the same substance as Heart of Stars, and it is purely inclined to destroy. If you use it to provide energy for Endless Annihilation, maybe the ability of Void Shatter can be further improved, and even threaten Supreme?

After a one-day stay in Forgotten Territory, Allen returned to Demon Ring City on the 2nd day. Upon returning to Castle of Shadow, Allen called Simir over and handed Variation Core to her. Simultaneously instill the core related knowledge and usage methods to the Princess of the Gus. Then Allen told her about his idea, Simir’s eyes glowed, and he kept saying with a nod: “No problem, I can try it, but it will take time. Moreover, the problem of energy extraction and transmission can be solved. Not simple, if you are not careful, you will detonate the core, and I’m afraid it will completely blow Demon Ring City into Great Chasm.”

“You really need to be careful. Just tell me what materials and people you need to use. Just let the rest go.”

After Simir left, Allen exhaled. With this Variation Core, it seems that Endless Annihilation can come in handy again. When the gun arrives, no matter if it is for personal use or let others self-protection, it is a good choice.

At lunch, Lucy looked worried, Allen strangely said, “What’s the matter?”

“I just contacted Aidahua Star this morning…” Lucy raised two fingers: “There are two news, and both are bad news.”

Allen took a deep breath and said: “It’s okay, you said, there is no bad news that can hit me now. After all, no matter how bad it is, Will of Dusk is taken away.”

Lucy smiled bitterly, and then said sternly: “The first one is about my royal father.”

“What, Orpheus Your Majesty is in trouble?”

“he got hurt.”

Allen was taken aback, and then said: “How come, who can hurt him now, is it Son of Dusk?”

“No, it’s Demon Monarch.”

“Spanac?” Allen stood up. Demon Monarch had been missing for a long time. Didn’t expect to hear from him again: “What’s the matter? Spanac injured your father?”

“Earlier father, he found the clues of Spanac, and tracked him to a planet, trying to regain the Seed of Golden Fire that he took. But he let Spanac run away. Seed of Fire couldn’t get it, and he gave Demon Monarch a fight. Wounded, I’m recuperating in Golden City. I’m a little worried about him. Gulliver Duke told me that the situation in China is very bad now. Now the royal father is injured, I’m afraid someone will jump out to add fuel to the fire.”

Allen took a deep breath and asked: “What about the second news?”

Lucy looked at him: “It’s about Earth. Gulliver Duke casually told me that there is another Gate of Raging Flames open on Earth. The Federation asks us for help, but we can’t take care of ourselves, I’m afraid we can’t draw the army to support Earth.”

“Why…” Allen frowned said: “I have obviously closed the Gate of Raging Flames, how can I open it again!”

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