Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1848

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In the next few days, one ship after another transported Starship to Forgotten Territory. Allen has decided to split the troops into two groups. He takes Elise, Lucy and White to Aidahua Star. One to visit the injured Orpheus, 2 to find out Spanac’s whereabouts. Lucy described to him the real Seed of Golden Fire, which is actually a golden heart. This is similar to how Spanac took Alice’s heart back then, and Spanac is so attached to Seed of Golden Fire. Judging from Demon Monarch’s enthusiasm for the civilization represented by the creator, that heart may involve a certain Guardian. Even a clue to the last treasure house. If this is the case, then there is no need to wait for the Institution of Truth to analyze the last set of coordinate data. They will go to Aidahua Star. On the Earth side, Allen asked Twilight to bring Shillong and other kings, as well as an army to rush to Earth to support.

With Twilight, a king’s town that is comparable to the three giants, plus Shillong and other kings, as long as they don’t encounter the last Power of the Fire Ocean or Son of Dusk, this army is more than enough to deal with the difficulties of Earth.

2 things proceeded simultaneously, and Specter Country would inevitably have a burst of supplies. This kind of thing can’t be concealed, so Allen directly conducted a remote communication with Frius, directly indicating his next actions, and asked Frius to take care of it during this time. The Emperor of Darkness readily agreed, but Allen was certain that Frius must have another means to track himself.

After everything was ready, Allen left Agares first. Soon afterwards, Twilight also embarked on the journey with a number of kings and troops. In order to avoid the Earth’s misunderstanding, Allen has asked Lucy to send a message to the Earth Federation through Aidahua Star, lest Twilight and the others are misunderstood as The Burning Legion, which would be embarrassing.

In Castle of Profound Darkness, Frius carries both hands behind. Today, the Emperor of Darkness wore casual clothes and a simple but majestic black robe draped on the body. His slender silhouette immediately caught the eyes of Beiroukai who entered the hall, and Fire Demon knelt down respectfully and said: “Your Majesty, it has been dealt with almost, if something goes wrong with Specter Country, our people can intervene at any time. Your Majesty, this Maybe it’s a good opportunity.”

Frius shook the head: “Beiroukai, I don’t need this opportunity. It’s not time to break with Specter Country, so everything is done in accordance with the agreement I made with Allen. If there is an emergency military situation in Specter Country, we will help. You’d better confess, and don’t make unnecessary actions by the people below.”

Beiroukai dare not ask why, but can only say with a nod. At this time, footsteps sounded and a guard rushed into the hall, kneeling down to say: “Your Majesty, General. We have just discovered a few unusual energies. The reconnaissance team has already set off and can access real-time video at any time.”

“Come in then,” Frius said.

Several screens were lowered in the hall, and each screen was a picture transmitted back from an aerial lens on a reconnaissance flying warship. Soon the picture on the screen began to rise, showing that the reconnaissance flying warship had lifted off. Before long, a wide area of ​​Mother Earth can be seen in the second screen on the left. The huge boulders on Mother Earth are uplifting, forming a door by themselves. Then the same door appeared in several other pictures.

The Gate of Raging Flames of Agares is turned on again, and this time, there are as many as 5 fans!

Frius’s mouth was pulled up slightly: “It’s really a group of unwilling guys, are they sure that Allen is not there? Could it be that they forgot that there are 2 Supreme on Agares?”

On this day, the Emperor of Darkness was alone and destroyed 5 doors!

“You can reach Gat Star Field in one hour.”

In a medium-sized Starship, Allen sitting in the command hall seat said to Lucy next to him. Princess looks a little nervous, I don’t know if it is due to Orpheus’s injury, or if it has not been back for too long, she is a little bit timid? On the other side of Allen, Elise leaned on his on the body, and the former female Grand Duke now looks lazy, like a sleepy cat. A bit less heroic, but a bit more charming, each taking advantage of the field.

“I don’t know how the royal father’s injury was. Gulliver Duke didn’t make it clear. But that was Spanac. The balance between Demon Monarch’s chaotic Rule and my father is a natural opposition. If he is injured, the injury must be not simple.” Lucy Rubbing the corners of his clothes nervously.

“I’m not too worried about this.” Allen said indifferently: “I have witnessed the battle strength of Orpheus Your Majesty with my own eyes, even if the power of Spanac’s Rule is opposed to Your Majesty, or even defeats it. But it must seriously hurt Your Majesty. Not an easy task.”

“hope so.”

After an hour, their Starship left the space channel and appeared in the border zone of Gat Star Field. Starship hovered, and first sent an entry request to the Institution of Light as Lucy. After waiting for a while, instead of waiting for the notice from the Institution of Light, a fleet arrived. This fleet came directly to Specter Country Starship through the space channel, and looked at the several battleships on the screen, a Duke private ship, and the flying warship with an established system, Allen’s face was pulled down. This is not like the welcome fleet, but like it came to arrest them.

Then their Starship received the call request, Allen waved to agree, and a picture appeared on the big screen. There is a neutral-looking person standing in the picture. It is difficult to distinguish the gender of the other person at a glance. He didn’t know that it was a man until he spoke.

“Good afternoon, dear Allen Your Majesty.” He looked towards Lucy again, showing a charming smile: “It’s been a long time, Your Majesty Lucy.”

Lucy narrowed one’s eyes and said: “Ordinaz Duke? This is What are you doing. I have sent an entry request to the Institution of Light. Didn’t Marius Count receive it?”

“Institution of Light received this request, of course, otherwise I won’t come, am I, my honour.” said the feminine Grand Duke in the screen.

Allen frowned. The so-called Duke didn’t mention Marius, only the Institution of Light, which seemed to contain a lot of articles. Lucy next to him has already stoved up and said, “Then what are we waiting for? Now please lead the way, Ordinaz Duke!”

“Of course it can, but we need to perform some necessary procedures.” Ordinaz smiled, but there was no smile in his eyes.

“Program? I don’t remember any program!” Lucy’s eyes were already slightly angry.

Ordinaz haha ​​smiled and said: “Of course, His Highness probably left Aidahua Star for too long, so I probably forgot, no matter who the Emperor of Specter Country is. First of all, this Empire of Agares has a hostile relationship with us, and now the Emperor of the enemy country is driving. Come here. If you don’t make a little preparation, is it a bit unreasonable.”

Lucy clenched his fist sharply, but was caught by Allen, and Allen looked towards Ordinaz on the screen, indifferently said: “Stop talking nonsense, just talk about it, what program is it?”

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