Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1849

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“Your Majesty is really quick talk.” Ordinaz said with a smile: “In fact, the procedure is very simple, just need Your Majesty to disarm the weapon and wear this restraint ring, let us make sure that Your Majesty will not cause any threat to Golden City. .”

Allen’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his expression and eyes were calm. Lucy’s eyes burst with anger: “Ordinaz Duke, this is too much! Who gave you such power!”

Gently patted Lucy’s hand, Allen looked towards the screen indifferently asked: “What does Orpheus Your Majesty mean?”

Ordinaz was silent for a moment and said: “As the commander of the Aidahua Star Space Defense Department, according to the agreement, this kind of thing does not require Your Majesty’s approval.”

Allen laughed: “Let’s keep it simple, this is what you mean personally. Ordinaz? Duke? Very good, a very small Duke dare to cross Orpheus Your Majesty and make such excessive demands on his important allies. Now I doubt your intentions, Ordinaz, are you planning to split?”

Ordinaz complexion changed, gritted his teeth and said: “Specter Country has always been the enemy of Aidahua Star. I did this for the sake of local safety. Even if Your Majesty knows it, there is nothing wrong with it!”

“Then contact Orpheus for me, I want to hear Your Majesty’s opinion.” Allen sneered, “Ordinaz, you are a very small Duke, don’t think of yourself as a great character. I don’t know what you want. Doing, I don’t want to know. But if you annoy me, use your ass to think about the results. Even Frius wouldn’t be so stupid to tear my face apart, I don’t know where you come from. Those requests just now!”

“Take 10000 steps, even if you are really loyal. Are your eyes blind? If I were to be against Aidahua Star, I would only come by a medium ship? Obviously not, if I am hostile , Then here is a super interstellar fleet of 1000000 level!”

Lucy calmed down his anger, coldly said: “Ordinaz Duke, you better understand what are you doing.”

Just then, Allen’s Starship received another communication request. After Allen nodded agreed, another window opened with the silhouette of Gulliver Duke. The steady Duke bowed slightly to Allen and said, “I’m sorry, Allen Your Majesty. I apologize for Ordinaz. He was so reckless. He actually did such a thing. It really made us blushed with shame.”

For this Duke, Allen still has a good impression, his face relaxed a little, and said: “It’s good if you come, Gulliver Duke. Today I am not visiting Aidahua Star as the Emperor of Specter Country, or even as the 4th Supreme in the universe. Today, I’m just a man that’s all who accompanies Fiancee home to visit the injured father. I hope you understand this. I don’t want to cause you any unnecessary trouble, but if someone deliberately troubles me, it’s not me to endure silently. Character.”

“Yes, I fully understand what you mean.” Gulliver Duke paused, and he looked towards elsewhere in the picture. It should be simultaneous communication with Ordinaz: “Ordinaz, immediately remove your fleet!”

The feminine Duke on the other screen reluctantly agreed, did enough courtesy, and apologized to Allen before ending the communication. Afterwards, the fleet brought by Ordinaz stepped aside, Allen’s Starship passed in the middle, and the fleet closed and turned around, escorting this Specter Country’s Starship to Aidahua Star.

On the seat, Lucy clenched the corner of his clothes and said: “Ordinaz has always been at odds with my father’s political opinions, but didn’t expect that he would do such a thing this time.”

“You don’t need to take seriously, I bet he did this to get your royal father gangsters. After you go back, you have to remind Your Majesty to be careful.”

“I’m understood.” Lucy’s eyebrows tightened.

Allen also narrowed one’s eyes, and said that Aidahua Star also looks peaceful.

They landed at the berth in Golden City. Gulliver has arranged an Imperial Family band to hold a welcoming ceremony. Allen and his party were invited to the Victory Palace. After stepping into the Imperial Palace in the Golden City again, Allen sighed in his heart. After stepping into the Victory Palace twice, his mood has been very different, and many things have remained the same, but people have changed. This reminded him of Catherine and Xiagelin. The two women don’t know what the situation is now.

Catherine is still in Earth, can Heart Nucleus from Source of Mother Earth reverse her genetic breakdown on the body? as for Xiagelin, she has already conceived a child for herself, don’t know, has this child been born now?

Allen’s thoughts were full, and he came back to his senses when he walked into a hall. Gulliver said softly by one’s side: “Please wait a moment, Your Majesty is on the way here.”

Allen nodded.

Before long, an overbearing silhouette walked out of the door. It was Orpheus. His stalwart body is still tall and straight, with a deep breath between steps, and a smile from the heart on his face. Except for the paler face, Orpheus could not be seen injured. He opened his arms and strode towards Lucy. The latter suddenly plunged into the arms of Aidahua Star Emperor, hugged the strong body tightly, shaking all over.

“Welcome back, child.” Orpheus looked at his beloved daughter softly. At this moment, he was no longer the Emperor of the aloof and remote, but a father who rejoiced for her daughter’s return.

Then he nodded to Allen: “I heard what Ordinaz did. I will give you an account of this matter.”

Of course Allen would not object, and then Orpheus invited a few of them to sit down, and some of them brought drinks and food.

“Your Majesty, I heard that you were injured. Is your injury serious?” Allen asked directly.

Orpheus smiled bitterly: “Don’t look at me like this, in fact I pretend to be. I have to pretend to be slightly injured. Being an Emperor is not an easy job. Give supporters confidence and let the ulterior motives. People are jealous and balance the forces from all quarters, so that this throne can sit firmly.”

Lucy heart startled: “Your injury is serious?”

“It’s not light, but it can’t die. It’s just a bit of trouble. Spanac’s chaotic rules make it difficult for me to clear his power. I’m afraid I can’t shoot again in a short time. But it’s not difficult to pretend to be.” Orpheus blinked at his beloved daughter Blinking: “I am a Supreme too, am I not?”

“It’s all like this, you still cracking a joke.” Lucy grumbled.

Allen stood up: “If you don’t mind, let me see how your injury is, Your Majesty?”

Orpheus without the slightest hesitation clicked nodded, and waved left and right. Allen snapped his fingers, and there were faint golden brilliance in the space. He built a barrier to completely isolate the hall from the outside world. Orpheus astonished said: “The speed of your growth is really amazing. I don’t even talk about being promoted to Supreme when you are so old. Even the use of origin force can’t do Lifting The Heavy As Though It Was Light. .”

“You flatter me.”

Orpheus said to Lucy with a smile: “You indeed found a good man.”

Then his breath suddenly fell, and then the whole person’s complexion became quite terrible, and I saw an unnatural gray on the surface of Orpheus’s skin from time to time. It was Spanac’s strength of Chaos, and Allen was not in a hurry to make a move. After observing for a while, then raised his hand and held it imaginarily, a golden long sword condensed by Golden King Flame appeared in Allen’s hand. Allen lifted his sword and walked towards Orpheus. Golden rays of light continued to appear around his body, and the sharp sound of the sword unsheathed constantly. At this moment, Allen sword energy skyrocketed.

Lucy couldn’t help getting nervous, but Orpheus was calm and looked at Allen who was coming on a big walk with a smile.

Allen shot suddenly.

The long sword cut to Orpheus unexpectedly, Lucy couldn’t help but cred out in surprise.

However, when the long sword hit Orpheus, it disappeared, and then a piece of gray air on the surface of Orpheus escaped and disappeared into the air. Allen raised his hand and held the second sword again, and cut it down after a while!

After slashing 7 8 swords in a row, a few drops of sweat appeared on Allen’s forehead, but he exhaled, said with a nod: “It’s almost done. With the power of Your Majesty, it will be possible within 3 days. Clean it up.”

At this time, Orpheus’ complexion was indeed much better than before, and his face was a bit rosy. He moved his body and sensed the state of the body within the body. He looked at Allen and said, “It’s really a thing. The power of Spanac restrained me vaguely. But your Rule is vaguely restraining him. I really don’t know what he would think if he saw you like this.”

Allen smiled and said, “I’m just about to ask Your Majesty Spanac whereabouts.”

“Oh, are you looking for him too?”

“The Seed of Golden Fire in his hand, I suspect it is the last clue to King’s Warehouse.”

Orpheus stunned: “You mean, the Seed of Golden Fire preserved from Wild Rose Empress may be related to Dusk Clan?”

“Yes, so I hope Your Majesty can provide Spanac’s whereabouts, and I want to see him.”

“I don’t think he will hand over Seed of Fire.”

Allen said indifferently: “When necessary, I can consider using military force.”

He paused and said: “It’s just that if the Seed of Fire can be regained, I only hope Your Majesty can lend it to me for a period of time. If it is confirmed that it has nothing to do with King’s Warehouse, I will personally return it to you.”

“It’s not that I can’t believe you, but it is not easy to grab something from Demon Monarch. So I thought, let’s take a trip with you.” Orpheus laughed: “Of course, I have to give me 3 days. Time to clear his power, just take advantage of the past few days to get together with my baby.”

“And, I think you want to see a person too?”

Allen knows: “Xiagelin?”

“Well, she still lives in Moon Lake. You should meet her. She is about to give birth.” Orpheus smiled and said, “Yes, it’s your child. The time of pregnancy of our Aidahua Star women varies from person to person. Longer time, the potential of the child born in the future will be more amazing. After all, Xiagelin has been pregnant with your child for a long time, and your child must also be a genius!”

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