Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1850

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Moon Lake.

The beautiful lake is as quiet as a beautiful dream. The calm and waveless surface of the lake reflects the water and mountains, as if the best time is eternally engraved.

Xiagelin, who has the title of “Dusk”, is in a room of his mansion at the moment. She has a big belly and has a high belly. She can no longer wear a beautiful dress on the body. She can only wear a long skirt studded with stars. She sat on a chair specially designed for her with her belly held up, with a happy smile on her face.

“He’s here, baby.” Xiagelin’s voice was as vague as it came from the deepest dream: “Did you feel it, your father, he’s already here. Oh, don’t be afraid, he is gentle Person, he will like you.”

She touched her belly, there was a very small bump just now, and it sank again.

“Do you want to know what kind of person he is? You definitely want to know, after all, you haven’t seen him yet, so I’ll tell you about it, baby. Before he comes, we still have some time Tell his story.”

“Where should I tell the story?” Xiagelin gently stroked his bulging belly. “Just from the moment I foresee his appearance. I foresee the coming of Dusk at that time. In the endless flames, Your father is so dazzling. His posture is unforgettable at first sight, so I know that he is a man I can entrust for. Of course, I choose to combine with him, and there is still a little selfishness. Just like I used to be As he said, at the end of the story, we will be the biggest winners.”

“He is a shy person. When I first met him, I was pretty sure he was shy. Very cute, right, yes, really cute…”

In the room, only Xiagelin’s neither light nor heavy voice sounded, and she fell into the memory. Even though the time with Allen is always very short, she can tell those sweet pieces in the softest voice. When she suddenly stopped, an Aidahua Star Imperial Family flying warship landed on Moon Lake.

The cabin opened, and someone went out. In the sun, Allen’s silver ash gray shattered hair reflected the dazzling rays of light in the sun. He looked up and fell in the room where Xiagelin was. Then he leaned forward, and when he stepped on it, he was already walking on the lakeshore. The guard who had been notified hurriedly opened the door and let Allen in. Butler was going to pass the message, Allen stopped him and shook his head to say with a smile: “No, she must know I’m here.”

Then I came to Xiagelin’s room, walked in, and the woman sitting in the chair turned her head back with a bright smile: “How I want to jump into your arms immediately, but now, it’s really inconvenient for me to operate.”

“It’s okay.” Allen smiled, sat down on her by one’s side, and lightly kissed her forehead: “Sorry, I should see you sooner.”

Xiagelin leaned against his chest: “You really should come earlier. I can already feel that our baby is about to be born. If you come earlier, he will be happier.”


“Yes, it’s my son.” Xiagelin said with a smile, “I’ve even figured out my name, so it’s Rayan. In the old language of Aidahua Star, this means powerful and majestic.”

“Rayan…” Allen stretched out his hand and stroked Xiagelin’s bulging belly: “What a good name, I believe you will be an outstanding person in the future. I came too quickly and didn’t bring any gifts. Give it to you. My child, wish your life as brilliant as it is.”

Allen stretched out a finger, and the tip of it flashed a little golden fluorescent light. The fluorescent light floated out, landed on Xiagelin’s belly, and then disappeared. After a while, pieces of golden-yellow rays of light appeared under Xiagelin’s skin. Under the brilliant light, her skin seemed to become transparent, and at the center of that brilliant light, there was a silhouette curled up into a ball. It was the child she and Allen were about to be born, and then the unparalleled brilliance gradually gathered and disappeared in the silhouette of that child.

Xiagelin looked up in surprise and looked at Allen: “This is?”

“Part of my mark is also my Seed of Fire. It will be fuse together with Rayan, and will be gradually released at the right time. In the future, when this child embarks on the path of seeking power, this Seed of Fire will help him avoid walking Many wronged ways. Orpheus said that our child is a genius, and I want to make sure that this sentence comes true.”

Xiagelin shook the head and said, “You are cheating.”

“I think everyone who is a father will do this.” Allen bent down, pressed tightly on Xiagelin’s belly, closed his eyes and listened to the heartbeat of the little life inside: “Be healthy, Little Brat.”

Allen stayed in Moon Lake for a day.

The next day, he wanted to return to Golden City and wanted to take Xiagelin with him, but Xiagelin refused. Allen didn’t force her, he wanted to stay with her until the child was born. But on the other hand, the trace of Demon Monarch Spanac needs to be traced. The Seed of Golden Fire must be retaken. Everything is so important. Only the hardened heart left this dreamy and beautiful lake and returned to Golden City.

Two days later, Orpheus and Allen left Aidahua Star together and went to the endless Star Sea to find the traces of Demon Monarch. Lucy, Elise and White stayed and went to Moon Lake to wait for the child’s birth.

Five days later, in the evening of a full moon. Suddenly a golden light rose from the east and spread across the night sky in an instant. The silver moon was dyed into a raging sun, the Moon Lake golden light was overflowing, and bright bands of light appeared in the sky. The lights fluttered, thrown into Xiagelin’s bedroom. When the light band disappeared, a cry of the baby rang, and she and Allen’s child finally landed.

The natural phenomenon of the night sky lasted for an hour before it gradually disappeared. The entire Marquis Mansion did not come back to his senses until the natural phenomenon disappeared.

After giving birth, Xiagelin fell asleep, and the baby let Lucy hold him. Seeing the little life carved out of jade in his hands, Lucy felt heartfelt joy for Allen and Xiagelin. Rayan’s hair is exactly the same as Allen’s, but his eyes inherited Xiagelin’s sky blue as clean as the sky. What’s more peculiar is that there is a golden very small engraved on the heart of his chest. This small engraving did not completely disappear until sunrise in the early morning.

“Naturally engraved, born engraved…” Lucy murmured: “How lucky you are, Little Brat. You have to be high and long, and don’t disappoint everyone’s expectations.”

“You, is our future!”

The sleeping baby suddenly giggled, as if he understood Lucy’s words.

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