Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1851

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Earth, Federal Base, codenamed Thunderbolt M-11.

It was noon. At the gate of the base, a few soldiers stood straight in the shadow by the gate. Before one’s eyes are a wilderness, the sun is baking Mother Earth, and the distant scenery looks distorted. There were beads of sweat hanging on the soldier’s forehead. When a drop of sweat rolled down, a soldier narrowed one’s eyes. Then I picked up the Telescope and looked at it. A convoy appeared in the Telescope. The vehicle is a modified truck, and the roof is filled with various daily necessities, which looks like refugees fleeing.

Now that The Burning Legion reappears on The Surface, many of The Surface city has fallen. The disaster is spreading at an unimaginable speed. For refugees like this, this base has also taken in several times.

Seeing that it was a refugee convoy, the soldier informed the base with Wireless Electronics on his shoulder. Soon a team was sent to the gate, they were responsible for quarantine, inspection, and finally guiding the refugees to the base for refuge. Convoy soon arrived at the base ahead. The base used a broadcast to ask them to stop 100 meters away, and then the refugee team went forward and carried out a series of necessary procedures before receiving these refugees into the base and assigning them to a camp. . Then a doctor came to the camp to treat several of the refugees who were sick.

In the base command hall, the commander in charge of this base, a Lieutenant General, sat on a chair, rubbed his brows and said, “How many times is this already?”

“This is the fifth time this week, General.” His Adjutant, a female Major, replied.

The general sighed: “Didn’t expect those monsters to come again. I heard that even Aidahua Star also appeared in The Burning Legion. Now the entire universe is probably trapped in the fire of war. We, this is walking in the Judgement. On the edge of Day, it will fall into the abyss of consigned to eternal damnation at any time.”

“If even you are so desperate, others will be even more difficult.” The female Major said with a smile.

The general waved his hand: “Is out of the question. What despair is to complain. Speaking of which, how is the guest sent by Sirius?”

“Still in the laboratory, it is said that she has entered the final stage. Whether she can wake up or not depends on her own will.”

General nodded: “That’s a great character. If she wakes up, it should have an important impact on the current situation.”

“Maybe, do you want me to see those refugees?”

“Go, just take our official condolences.”

Time passed bit by bit, and soon evening. The refugees in the camp ate dinner, and they fell asleep in the face of the fatigue. The whole camp was snoring, and some soldiers in charge of the camp guard became sleepy.

But the soldiers didn’t notice that not all the refugees were asleep, and some people inside opened their eyes. Although they are wearing ragged clothes, they are extremely agile in operation and well-trained, just like an army sneaking into the enemy camp.

The first man was the City Lord of Bodo City, Bodo narrowed one’s eyes. After making a few gestures in a row, his men dispersed. It didn’t take long for a soldier on patrol to have his throat cut while he was being briefed. Two soldiers squatting in the shadows smoking a cigarette were twisted their necks, and a soldier who found an abnormality asked Bodo to cover it with his hand, and then a cold dagger penetrated his heart.

The guards of the camp were quickly paralyzed. Bodo and his men quickly changed the uniforms of the base soldiers. When they walked out of the camp, in such a heavy night, no one noticed the abnormality of their on the body. The team quickly divided into two groups, as if two undercurrents were injected into the base.

Ten minutes later, the general who had been lying down to rest was suddenly awakened by the harsh alarm sound. When the general jumped up, he just saw a Fireball rising outside the window. The direction of the explosion was the power station of the base, and suddenly the lighting in the room went out. After a while, the dim light came on, and it was the base’s backup power supply operating. The general should not come to the command hall and shout: “What’s the matter!”

The female Major reported: “General, our power generation department and signal base station were simultaneously destroyed. We have found an intruder of unknown origin, and we are now engaged in fighting. There is also a situation where the guards of the refugee camp were killed. I It is suspected that these people have sneaked in among the refugees!”

“Damn, how long can our backup power supply last?”

“It won’t be long.” The female Major’s face was ugly.

“Good guy, we will destroy our power station and cut off our information channels…” the general turned around, loudly said: “Inform all personnel to prepare for battle. Although we don’t know who the enemy is, we can be sure. We are about to be attacked…”

When the words were not over, a soldier stood up yelled: “General, the gate of the base was attacked!”

“Adjust the video here.”

Due to the backup power supply, there are only one out of ten working instruments in the command hall, and only a small window is open on the big screen. In the window is the direction of the base gate. From the camera lens over there, a group of Fire Horned Demon is rushing in covering the mountains and plains. There are more flying units of The Burning Legion in the sky. They throw down flares. After a few seconds, the picture disappears. But at this time, there is no need to observe through the camera. Through the window of the command hall, you can see the fierce flames on the base gate!

“It’s The Burning Legion, it turned out to be The Burning Legion!” The general grabbed the head and said: “Damn, those bastards actually cooperate with The Burning Legion. Are they crazy, they help those enemies!”

The general didn’t care about cursing the invaders posing as refugees, and quickly issued orders. The base personnel quickly mobilized, the war chariot set off, and the flying warship lifted off, but The Burning Legion came too fast, the gate had been broken through, and the fire of disaster had spread to the base station.

Sitting on an off-road vehicle, Kallistine opened his hands as if embracing the world: “It’s so beautiful, this is a firework of destruction. Go, my army, burn everything, and bury everything under the flames.” .”

There is also a convoy behind the off-road vehicle, all of which acknowledge allegiance to Kallistine or his modified human fighters. And in all around, it is Fire Horned Demon and Raging Flames Knight who are constantly flying. The low- and medium-level battle unit of the blockbuster The Burning Legion moved towards the base like a tide, and fireballs began to rise in the base, and humanity was losing ground.

She had a long dream.

In the dream, the person asked her: “Are you going to wake up? You can wake up, you have slept for too long…”


Suddenly, she opened her eyes as if she heard someone calling. As soon as she woke up, the door of the dormant cabin popped open immediately, and the base fluid inside quickly ran out through the drain holes on the two sides, and she crawled out of the dormant cabin. At this time, the whole room shook, and plumes of smoke fell from the ceiling. Her empty White’s brain started working again, and then she realized that this place had been attacked.

She quickly searched for the things in the room and found a battle suit, which should be used for her to wake up. Apart from this, there are various concentrated foods that can add calories immediately after waking up. Catherine picked up one of the premium nutrition bars, tore it open, and took a bite. Then, while chewing, put on a clean combat uniform. The nutrition bar has no taste at all, like eating plastic. It was awful, but she ate the whole root. The heat immediately dissipated within the body, and she moved her hands and feet, only to feel that her physical energy had recovered 70-80% left and right.

She couldn’t find the weapon she was accustomed to, and she didn’t care much, and walked out of the room. She entered a corridor, and the corridor window was dim, and she judged that the time was evening. Then the night sky was emptied by Fireball illuminate. Someone ran past in the corridor, and she caught one at random: “What happened?”

“We were attacked, the general told us to evacuate.”

“Who attacked us.”

“Monster, The Burning Legion!” Then the man broke free of her and ran away.

At this time, there was a fire light in the corridor ahead, and the two Fire Horned Demon turned around and saw Catherine, they roared, and then rushed towards Catherine.

There was the Netherworld River flowing in the girl’s eyes. She extended the hand, holding something in the air with 5 fingers, and then she held the original force battle spear in her hand. When Catherine left the corridor, two Fire Horned Demon corpses were chested out of a bowl-sized hole.

Catherine walked outside the base building, everywhere you can see monsters flying by, there is a flying warship flying into the air, but it is entangled by the monster flying by the sky. There was no expression on Catherine’s small face. She carefully sensed it and felt a scorching air force, and then she lifted the gun and walked in the direction of the air force.

When Catherine sensed the simultaneousness of the gas engine, Kallistine on the off-road vehicle shuddered, feeling like being set one’s sights on by natural enemies. It didn’t take long before he saw Catherine. The girl who walks alone with the gun wind blows up her long hair that blends with gray and black. The silhouette of her walking with the gun is so slender, as if the wind blows it away. But she was never blown away, and even all creatures trying to stop her fell under the gun, she walked so methodically.

When she finally stopped, there were no more standing creatures around her and Kallistine.

Kallistine yelled suddenly. After the person overturned the off-road vehicle, he kicked and the vehicle ran straight into Catherine.

The origin force battle spear pointed out, the off-road vehicle all split up and in pieces, there was no explosion, there were only 4 flying parts, but there was a safe passage in the middle. Catherine passed through countless parts, raised and pierced with a shot, the tip of the gun kept expanding in Kallistine’s eyes.

Then a dazzling group of white light erupted in the wilderness.

On the 2nd day, Windsor Bellow, who heard that the base was attacked, do not come, she found Catherine in the wilderness. The girl sat on the stone blankly, looking up at the distant sky. It wasn’t until Windsor Bellow came behind her that she asked, “How long did I sleep?”

“It didn’t take long, just a few months.”

“It’s been a long time, he…where is he?”

Windsor Bellow looked towards sky: “It’s probably in Agares.”

“I want to find him.” Catherine stood up.

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