Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1852

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“The universe is huge.”

Driving in the Aidahua Star Starship in the space channel, Orpheus shook a wine glass in his hand, and the amber liquid in the glass shook, swaying circular ripples. The Great Emperor looked at the liquid in the glass with a nostalgic gaze: “Although our space technology allows us to go to any star field we want to go to, even if we spend our entire life, we cannot explore all the planets. I still remember that in me When I was 7 years old, my father took me away from Aidahua Star for the first time, although I knew in the Imperial Family library that there are other planets with life in the universe, but the knowledge in books is the same thing. Seeing is another matter. So far, I have not forgotten how excited I was when I first saw creatures other than Aidahua Star.”

“It must be an interesting trip.” Allen sitting across from the Great Emperor said: “Speaking of father, the first time I saw him was in the house where my mother and I lived in The Surface. Although. I have never seen him, but when I see him, I know who it is. After all, we have the same blood flowing on the body.”

“Do you feel sorry?”

Allen honestly nodded: “It’s false to say that I’m sorry, but I know that the man has troubles, I’m still relaxed. In this case, I don’t have to pass the sword into his chest. That is my mother’s last wish.”

“But he is Son of Dusk now.” Orpheus reminded him.

Allen shook his head: “It’s not him, it’s just his skin. I can still tell this point clearly.”

“So if there is an opportunity, you won’t show mercy?”

“Yes, this is his wish.”

Orpheus paused, and changed the topic: “Before you, there were only 3 Supremes in the universe. Apart from me, Agares took 2 of them. Among those 2 Supremes, Frius has always been wild ambition, whether it is pursuing personal military force, He is still keen on expanding Empire‚Äôs power. His ambitions have always been unconcealed, but it is easier to understand. As for Spanac, he has always been a mystery in my eyes.”

“I agree with this point. If it weren’t for the’mother’ who knew Spanac, I would also think Spanac is a mystery. He is not keen on Empire simply, otherwise he would not just throw the throne to me and run away. He has a military force on his own. Nor did he pursue perseverance like Frius, otherwise he would not easily fall into a long sleep. He is indeed a mysterious man.”

“Spanac and mother, I don’t know that.” Orpheus astonished said.

Allen nodded: “Her name is Alice. Spanac is a life she created using biotechnology, but she has never even thought that she will create a Supreme. Spanac has very complex emotions for her mother, both love and hate During this process, he discovered Dusk Clan, and gradually became interested in Ebouins, and then became uncontrollable. He would snatch the Seed of Golden Fire because of the close connection between the thing and Ebouins, I think The purpose of Spanac is to unlock the secrets of Ebouins.”

“What a weird guy.” Orpheus laughed heartily up: “Like me, I’m not interested in these ancient civilizations and so on. If the world is peaceful, it would be better to be company with fine wine every day. If war is chaotic, then go to battle in armor. Happy. What is the strength of holding some ancient relics every day?”

Allen shrugged, “Perhaps it was his interest.”

“Weird interest.”

At this time, the lobby announcement sounded, and the exit of the original space channel was already there. In a lonely space, the white light flashed, and the Starship of Aidahua Star slipped out of the space channel, slowed down, and finally hovered in this desolate space.

Orpheus stood by the porthole and said, “I tracked Spanac to one of the planets here. That guy seemed to have gotten some inspiration from Seed of Golden Fire. When I got to him, the guy was cultivating some creatures. No. Know that he will stay on that planet now?”

The Starship started again, and across space, a moment later, a planet was in sight. The planet looked down into a gray area from space, Starship began to enter the atmosphere, and it didn’t take long before it broke through the clouds. Through the window, Allen saw the high mountain and the sea, where the clouds and mist, Mother Earth is endless, with undulating mountains and dense vegetation. And according to the readings of the environment outside the ship displayed by Starship, this planet is very suitable for life reproduction, but the life response displayed by Starship simultaneously is silent.

Starship landed on a plain, where grass grows like a sea, with primitive forest and high mountain in the distance. Allen and Orpheus came down from the deck, and the long grass of the plain almost reached their waists. When the wind blows, ocean of grass surges up, which is very spectacular.

“Come with me.” Orpheus yelled, and a land vehicle drove off the flying warship, and the Great Emperor got in first.

After Allen got into the car, the land vehicle drove across the grassland, and soon they entered a forest. Looking at it, the plants and trees here are huge, a bit like the plants on the giant star. The strange thing is that this planet has sufficient oxygen, which should have nurtured life. However, the whole forest was terrifying quietly, without a trace of life.

When night fell, they finally passed through the forest and stopped on a high slope. Looking down, there is a river wriggling passing by. I don’t know what is there in the river. It gleams like a galaxy in the sky. On the other side of the river is the rolling hills. At noon of the 2nd day, the land vehicle stopped. Orpheus and Allen got out of the car, and the team of guards who had set off with the car immediately dispersed and established alert.

Before one’s eyes, someone erected the shape of a door with a huge stone strip. On the horizontal stone strip on the door, several symbols of Ebouins were carved. Orpheus couldn’t understand it, but Allen could understand that it meant “door”.

“Door?” Orpheus shook his head. “What does that mean?”

“I don’t know, Could it be that Spanac found the door to Ebouins?” Allen shook his head: “But that is impossible. The only connection between Material World and Ebouins is Gate of Raging Flames. But Gate of Raging Flames is only for The Burning Legion. Passing, we cannot pass the Gate of Raging Flames. What’s more, the Gate of Raging Flames is only open to Son of Dusk in both directions. Apart from it, how can there be so-called gates?”

Orpheus grinned: “Maybe this question, you can only ask Spanac, but I don’t think he will be honest.”

Allen looked up: “The question now is, where is Spanac?”

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