Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1853

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Where is Spanac?

This can be a simple question or a complicated one. The key is that Spanac is on the body. Is Demon Monarch an ordinary person? Only after he has been absent for so long did he find such a clue for Aidahua Star. If he deliberately hides, I am afraid it will not be easy to find.

Just like this neighborhood, apart from the stone gate that Spanac did not know for what purpose, there is no trace of Demon Monarch left.

“What do you mean by putting up a stone gate here?”

Without a clue, Orpheus didn’t look for it at all. He doesn’t look like a Great Emperor now, but like those mercenaries. He sat on a big rock, took out a pipe and smoked it, and said to Allen: “This thing was given to me by your president, and even returned it. There are a few words about tobacco, and it feels good to smoke. It’s a pity that the situation in Earth is not good now. Probably no one grows tobacco on The Surface, otherwise I have to ask Morbit’s cheapskate to send me some more tobacco.”

Allen shook his head, wondering if Orpheus’s majesty on Golden City was all pretended. However, he admits that Orpheus is easier to get along with. as for The guards around, they are Orpheus’s personal guards. It’s no surprise to see the unknown side of the Great Emperor for a long time.

Allen stretched out his hand and touched the stone gate. He thought about it, and suddenly a yellow golden flame appeared on his fingertips. The golden-yellow flame seemed to have fallen on paper, and quickly spread on the stone, burning a scorched black color. But it seemed to be disturbed by some force, only extended a fist sized range, and then stopped. Allen’s eyes lit up, he hummed and took a few steps back, suddenly rising in an imposing manner, and pieces of Golden King Flame rose from under his feet.

The golden-yellow flame spread out centered on him, and suddenly the entire space began to be distorted, and black bands of light appeared like cracks, which were obviously the result of the confrontation of two forces. But at first, Orpheus didn’t notice any power. At the moment, the Great Emperor couldn’t sit still and jumped up, took off his pipe and cursed, “So we put one for Spanac?”

The Golden King Flame continued to spread out, and the forces against it gradually became invincible, and the spread of the golden flame accelerated. The flame spread, and the flames rose in the entire space. When Allen put away the golden flame, the place where they were had turned into a primitive forest, and some strange creatures that could not be named appeared around. They seemed to be frightened, and suddenly ran clean, leaving only the guards with a dull face and Orpheus smoking a stuffy cigarette.

Allen looked towards the Great Emperor. The latter took off his pipe and sighed: “Spanac’s Rule is chaos. It’s not surprising to use the strength of Chaos to create such a large-scale illusion. It’s strange that even I didn’t even notice that we’re Starship. I’ve already crashed into Spanac’s illusion, how did you detect it?”

“Spanac is a conceited person. He left this illusion not to stop us, but to test whether we are qualified to find him, or whether we are qualified to meet him. With his ability, he wants to change the illusion. It shouldn’t be difficult to be true, but he just didn’t do it. Think about the loneliness along the way is the weak spot he deliberately left, and think about this planet with such a rich oxygen content, how can there be no living thing There is also the stone gate, he made it clear and told us that the door is before one’s eyes. Maybe we can find the key to open the door, that’s another matter. He deliberately left clues everywhere, it can be seen that he not only still On this planet, we are not afraid that we will find him.”

Orpheus sighed, “This guy indeed is arrogant, but it’s also forgiving you to be careful. I didn’t see so many ways in exchange.”

Allen shook his head: “It’s not that you didn’t see it, but you don’t worry about not finding Spanac. If you are arrogant, Your Majesty will not lose to him much.”

Orpheus laughed awkwardly twice.

At this time, the applause was resounded, and a deep voice came from a distance: “You have a thorough analysis, yes, Orpheus and I are arrogant people. I know that after he returns, you will be there soon. It just so happens that I have something I want to share with you. However, only two of you are allowed to come.”

Allen glanced at the Great Emperor, and the latter said to the guard: “Have you heard it, you guys stay here and wait for us to come back.”

Allen over there has turned into a gold rainbow and soars into the sky. Orpheus grinned, said “youngster is impatient”, and then sprinted. One flies across the sky, one runs wildly on the ground, but the speed of the two is equal. Mother Earth quickly retreated under their feet, and soon they left the primitive forest. They passed Mother Earth, crossed the valley, and crossed the mountain range. Spanac kept leaving invisible clues on the road, but none of them could miss Allen’s eyes, and Orpheus simply got lazy. Just stare at the rainbow light above your head, then bite your pipe and run along.

When they stopped, they were already far away from the primitive forest that they had stayed in for more than 2 kilometers. They were standing in a river valley, where grass was overgrown, and a cliff stood in front of them, and a waterfall flew down from it, and a large spray of water was thrown out. The moisture is permeated, and there are 1000 3 rainbows hanging in the as for river valley.

Spanac was under one of the rainbows, and the space over there was a large distortion. He raised a hand, and countless giant cliffs, trees, bushes, etc. floated into the air, and then twisted and exploded into gray masses. These things condense together to form a substance of unknown material. They are smooth and flat, constantly assemble themselves in the air, and then pile on the ground.

Allen and Orpheus exchanged glances, and now what Spanac was building looked like a gate. He uses the original thing of this planet, but uses his own power to refine it to form a new substance. Then use these materials to build a door, and now Spanac has built the frame of the door, and the door and other details need to be perfected.

The distortion of the space disappeared at this time, and Spanac put down his hands, seemingly intending to temporarily stop his work. He turned around, holding a golden-yellow heart in his other hand. This heart seemed to be alive, even squirming slightly. Every time it squirts, a brilliant golden rays of light will appear on the surface. Orpheus saw it, said solemnly: “Old Guy, give me the Seed of Golden Fire!”

“It turns out that it’s not your Aidahua Star. Where did you return it?” Spanac on the body is still wearing a cloak. I don’t know if it’s because of the light or the power of Demon Monarch. He was clearly facing Allen 2, but even if they were 2 Supreme, he couldn’t see clearly Spanac’s appearance, only a fuzzy face.

Orpheus bit the pipe whispered: “You are right, this thing indeed is not ours. But we have kept it for a long time, and it is our Spirit symbol. As the Emperor of Aidahua Star, I can’t let you think about it. Run around with it.”

Spanac slightly smiled: “Compared to Void Skyfire, you are much more cute. At least it won’t hurt your face, Orpheus, I will pay you back when I run out.”

Allen stepped forward and said: “Spanac Your Majesty, I also want to implore you to hand over the Seed of Golden Fire. Now that Universe’s Dusk has come, I suspect that this thing is related to the key to the fight against Universe’s Dusk. Please let me Check it out…”

“If not, will you give it back to me or Orpheus?” Demon Monarch indifferently said: “I won’t hand over Seed of Fire. If you have the ability, you can grab it. But before that, let me follow You share something, and you will make a decision later.”

Allen looked towards Great Emperor, the latter said with a nod: “Alright, I also want to know that this guy put a good Specter Country Emperor improperly. He robbed us of the Seed of Fire and went missing again. What is it for? “

Spanac’s face was still blurred, but it was able to make people see him smiling. Yes, he was laughing. He turned around and looked at the door that hadn’t been built yet, and said, “Allen should know how I came from. I was born out of a feeling of seeking sustenance. My existence is just for her to have Consolation, comforting myself that I have not been abandoned. So when I knew the truth, I was first angry and then resentful, so I left that place, and then I have the story behind.”

“I created an Empire, and I became Supreme. In that faded memory, I pursued everything crazily. Power, resources, and strength, I need to use these things to prove myself. Prove that I am me, not me Someone’s substitute. Spanac at that time was the real Demon Monarch.”

“But then, I became bored. Power, I am already the Emperor of the Great Emperor of Agares. If I want to, I can plunge the universe into panic at any time. My power is already Heavenspan; resources, indeed, resources are scarce, but I What do I want and what I can’t get? Power, I’m a Supreme, even if Void Skyfire is not in my hands, I have reached the limit of the power that this universe can hold. One step further, It’s endless void.”

“So one day, I suddenly discovered that what I had been looking for seemed to have become completely meaningless. So I chose to sleep in order to spend endless time and leave me time to think. I began to think and create Where did the writer come from, what significance does the path he has traveled, and what does Universe’s Dusk represent.”

“Then there is endless exploration.”

Spanac extend the hand, catching the door in front of me from a distance: “I found a new interest, a new focus. At that moment, I will not take other things seriously, so I can tolerate the existence of Frius, even Secretly gave him resources to train him into another Supreme. He thought I was an imaginary enemy, but he didn’t know that I never put him in the position of an enemy.”

“After that, it will be you, Allen. I gave you Specter Country because you are Dusk Clan. And I, from your race, can be considered a bequest. Of course, as for whether you can sit on the Emperor. I don’t care about where you are. But now it seems that you did a good job.”

“The last is it. It is the ultimate goal I pursue. It is the ultimate door to the creator’s world.” Spanac turned around and looked towards the heart in his hand: “And it is the key!”

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