Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1854

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Pieces of giant cliffs of different sizes floated from the lake, and clusters of gray brilliance flashed from above. The giant cliffs decomposed and turned into fist sized chaotic matter. A path of golden rays of light traversed these chaotic objects and cut them into cubes of the same size. They began to combine, and then there was a golden flame blowing, so the joint gap was coated with a bright golden pattern.

In this secluded valley, Allen and Orpheus have stayed for 3 days. Over their heads, Spanac drew a huge chart, using his Power of Primal Chaos design drawings to include space, positioning, channel stability and other technologies. Some of the knowledge of physics and mathematics used by Orpheus hadn’t even heard of it. In front of him, Allen seemed to be a student who had just entered Dawn College, and Spanac was a learned professor.

While Spanac explained to them some key issues in some links, he used his Power of Primal Chaos to transform the raw materials of the planet to make it the cornerstone of the space gate. Orpheus and Allen participated in the construction. The balance of the former makes each part extremely accurate, while the golden flame of the latter can perfectly join the chaotic materials. 3 people work with a common purpose, a space door that had never existed before was quietly built in this valley.

This is something that has never happened before. With the power of three Supremes, the space gate built is not a star field leading to the universe. In preparation, it will point to Ebouins. Once successful, this space gate can replace the Gate of Raging Flames to connect to Ebouins, and can accommodate creatures from the universe to enter Ebouins. This is also the goal Spanac has been pursuing. And now, he is constructing the ideal blueprint into reality one by one.

A few days later, the space gate had reached its final stage. In the past few days, Allen has also benefited a lot. If it weren’t for the relationship of building a space door, Allen would never be like this time, and the other two Supremes could calmly discuss the pros and cons of different Rule powers. This is for him It was an experience no less than accepting Will of Dusk. Of course, the same is true for Orpheus and Spanac.

The strength of the Rule between the three Supremes confirms each other. Sometimes in addition to building the gate, they will think alone or learn from each other.

Time just passed by Heaven and Earth one day.

A week after arriving at this unnamed planet, the space gate was finally completed. This space gate, conceived by Spanac and assisted by Allen and Orpheus, stands in this deep valley. The space gate is not too high, and it measures about 30 meters. The whole body reflects the luster of metal, but its material is not any known metal in the universe. It is chaotic and balanced, and can annihilate any external forces. The last point is to ensure that the space channel between the universe and Ebouins is stable. Foundation.

That is the power of Golden King Flame. With it, the origin force of Ebouins cannot interfere with the space channel.

“After I got the Seed of Golden Fire, I went to and fro between countless planets. The biggest gain was on the Midol Star. The indigenous people of that planet kept a document called the Deed of God. I protect the planet as For the price, I exchanged deeds with them, and I saw very interesting records in it.”

Orpheus said disapprovingly: “With your strength, you also need to exchange for the same price? When did you become such a gentleman.”

Spanac let out a chuckle from the cloak: “I was in a good mood. Once a person is in a good mood, what can’t be done?”

“A ghost believes in you.” Orpheus murmured.

Allen silently looked at the two Supremes who looked like children bickering, and Spanac said again: “In the record of the deed, that’s what it said. God came from the gate of flames with the Seed of Fire, he said, Seed of Fire is the key to Divine Kingdom.”

“This point coincides with my previous research. The Seed of Golden Fire carries a lot of information. If you stimulate it, the information will be released. It may be another matter whether you can read it or not. In there, I found With the construction information of this space gate, I have reason to believe that it was brought out by the creator from Ebouins and used to construct the gate connecting Ebouins.”

Spanac raised the Seed of Golden Fire: “And it is the key.”

“It doesn’t make sense.” Allen frowned said: “If it is the key, doesn’t it mean that the fifth King’s Warehouse is in Ebouins, but I don’t know this information…”

Suddenly the valley of Allen before one’s eyes disappeared and replaced by a grassland with a towering tree beside him. The leaves fell and fell on Allen’s shoulders, and Father Miro’s voice rang behind him: “Your inference is not at all wrong. The fifth King’s Warehouse is indeed in Ebouins. You should also know that it is the Daybreak Plan. The key part of this. It’s just that this information was deliberately erased to prevent Son of Dusk from knowing.”

Allen astonished turned around: “So even I concealed it.”

“Because it is not the last step, no one knows whether you can find the fifth King’s Warehouse. But now it seems that the key link of distance is only one step away. It’s just this step, but Spanac did it. That’s true. No one could think of it before.” Father Miro extended the hand, and a golden ball flew out of his palm: “This is the method of using Seed of Golden Fire to open the space door. Only Dusk Clan can use it, remember.”

The ball of light drifted into Simultaneously in Allen chest, and a piece of information was released in his mind. After a brief stay in Miro’s consciousness space, he came back to his senses. Spanac has injected origin force into the Seed of Golden Fire and pushed it to the reserved position on the space door. However, the Seed of Golden Fire was embedded in the door, but there was no response at all, and Spanac couldn’t help but fall into contemplation.

“Did I make a mistake?”

“You’re right.” Allen raised his hand, his fingertips flashed, and a golden beam fell on the Seed of Golden Fire: “Just to activate the key, we need Dusk Clan’s genetic information that’s all.”

While speaking, Seed of Golden Fire released countless symbols, and the striped road on that heart lit up. What follows is the lines on the door. When all the lines are lit, the two doors of the space door vibrate and open to the second side. In the meantime is a passage that leads to nowhere, from here it seems endless. Spanac trembled, and he said excitedly: “Finally succeeded, finally succeeded, I can finally go to the creator’s world to take a look!”

He flew by, turned into a black light and threw towards the space door.

Allen and Orpheus were willing to fall behind, and immediately followed, and the three quickly threw into the door and disappeared into the far-reaching space channel.

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