Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1855

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raging sun is dazzling.

A piece of black wings suddenly blocked the sunlight. The sunlight penetrated the tattered wings and projected a beam of light of 100000 very small. This is a huge flying beast with a head and tail length of 100 meters. It flapped the wings that seemed to slip through the net, but unexpectedly and quickly passed the sky, sliding between the fire pillars rising from the ground. Sitting on top of the flying beast was a king, who was fully armored, and a flame spurted from his helmet, dragging his head long. The hands wearing Iron Hand armor held the reins tightly, and from time to time they used force to clamp the flying beast, and the flying beast would let out a long cry and swept away quickly.

Before and after this king’s left and right, you can see countless flying beasts. They have different shapes, and they are all very small. But on the body, they all sit with a king!

Not only the sky is like this, even the ground is like this. There are giants of high mountains and mountains walking on foot, there are also kings who are riding on alien beasts, and there are kings whose bodies are composed of pure energy draw flame tails on the ground and rush away.

To become a king of 1000 to 10000, go to Hall of Withering together!

They were summoned, and each king left his territory and hurried in the direction of Hall of Withering. This is the assembled bugle horn, and also the signal of the total attack. Universe’s Dusk will unfold with an intensity of 1000 to 1000000 times! The origin force of each king is roar and Combustion, and the final war is finally coming!

Among the countless kings, a king riding a demonic beast also drove silently. The origin force of his escape on the body is rough and wild, like a piece of black steel with edges and corners, that is the aura of the upper king. Therefore, within the few kilometers he swept, there was no lower king. That is awe, the awe of the upper king.

Time passed by, Ebouins was vast and vast, even if the throne drove at full speed, it took several days to reach Dusk Hill where Hall of Withering is located. At the foot of Dusk Hill, all the Transmission Gates have been opened, each and everyone space gate is as large as 100 meters, and the small one has ten meters. Countless kings entered the Transmission Gate of different sizes according to their own body shapes, and the whole process was orderly.

The king riding a pancorner also got into one of the space gates, and appeared on the top of Dusk Hill when he came out. The top of the mountain is several square kilometers wide, and the entire top of the mountain is shoveled into a flat land. In the distance of this flat land, the Hall of Withering stands in the air, connecting the hall and the ground, and is a light step suspended in midair. The king riding the beast did not intend to stop. He passed by the by one’s side of the 10000000 lower king, and finally jumped up the light step. The demonic beast carried him towards the Hall of Withering.

Only the upper king and the three giants can enter the Hall of Withering, and the other kings can only stay on the top platform of Dusk Hill.

There are still many who can enter the Hall of Withering like this king, and the upper kings have entered the hall one after another. At this time, a magnificent Qi machine came across the air and dropped into the Hall of Withering. Every king who came into contact with that Qi machine was shocked. Then they seemed to see a turbulent fire sea, so they knew that it was one of the three giants, Power of the Fire Ocean Gugliemo!

The three giants of Ebouins, the three great characters standing high above the 3 3 kings, now the Inflammatory Vault of Heaven Helsingorse has completely fallen, Mother Earth’s Fury Magatoma Although Seed of Fire can reappear in Ebouins, this giant king Nowhere has been found. So the former three giants, now only one Furious Fire Ocean Gugliemo remains.

Gugliemo and Helsingorse are similar, and their normal postures are both humanoids. Just different from the handsomeness of Helsingorse, Gugliemo is more like a rough and majestic man. On the body, he is dressed in a flowing lava Battle Armor, and he carries a short-handled Warhammer that flashes with fire. He has curly hair, and each hair is as hard as a steel wire. When he walks into the Hall of Withering, each step will leave a lava footprint in the hall, but the footprint will quickly disappear. When he walked into the hall, all the upper kings in the hall retreated far away, so Gugliemo’s before one’s eyes gave rise to a passage straight to the high platform.

In the end, he stood on the left side of the level 3 step, and it turned out that Helsingorse would stand on the fifth level of the right step, and as for Magatoma would stand below him. The position of the three kings also represents their high status in Ebouins.

Today, there is only one Gugliemo on the steps.

When Gugliemo stood on the steps, the kings of Ebouins 10000000 gathered together and looked down on the high platform. This did not count the kings outside the hilltop platform.

“The time has come…” Son of Dusk slowly opened the mouth and said: “Since the Twilight Evening Bell sounded, Universe’s Dusk has kicked off, and it’s time to speed it up. Kings, what are you waiting for? Put down the curtain of death for this universe. Let 10000 things die, let the universe Combustion, let our flames spread all over this universe!”

“I need you to kill every life…”

When the Son of Dusk on the high platform mobilized loudly, the king riding the panhorned beast quietly went down to the ground. Although he was the upper king, he did not seem to have a strong aura in this hall, so he squeezed to the edge of the hall. At this moment, he took advantage of the high-ranking kings in the hall to be enthusiastic because of the mobilization of Son of Dusk, quietly bypassing the hall, and fumbled towards the high platform.

Then Son of Dusk roared: “Kill all lives! Destroy all hope! Lower Universe’s Dusk!”

Countless kings echoed together.

At this moment, the king suddenly shot out, and with all his speed, he slid past Gugliemo and went straight to the high platform. Gugliemo didn’t realize until he passed by. The Might of the Sea of ​​Fury didn’t care when a high-ranking king was so bold and dared to go straight to the high platform. He turned to Furious Roar, leaped up and lifted his lava Warhammer high!

The king had already rushed to the high platform and looked at each other with indifferent eyes to Son of Dusk.

Behind him, Gugliemo had already hit with a hammer!

However, it hit the air.

This king actually tore the Space Crack and got in. Simultaneously flashed out on the left side of the Son of Dusk throne, and grabbed a ball of dim light on the left armrest of the Son of Dusk throne!

“You are really surprising. I thought about 10000000 million possibilities, but didn’t expect you to be able to enter the hall with the king.” Son of Dusk lightning threw a punch and took the king’s face: ” Archimedes, how long are you going to entangle with me!”

The king raised his left elbow and flicked off Son of Dusk’s fist. But he reached for the yellow hand, and the Warhammer thrown at Gugliemo was forced to retract. Son of Dusk lightning swiped the ball, jumped upside down on the throne and landed on the side of the high platform. The king was determined, and Gugliemo fell to the high platform at this time, and Son of Dusk sandwiched the king.

The king was silent for a moment, then slowly took off his helmet, revealing the same face as Son of Dusk.

Son of Dusk snorted: “There has been no news since Magatoma was reborn. Let me guess, his Seed of Fire has been integrated by you?”

“If there is no Seed of Fire of Magatoma, how can I get into Hall of Withering? After all, Transmission Gate needs the breath of the king to pass. And even if I can get to Dusk Hill, you can easily pick me out of the king. Isn’t it?”

Son of Dusk sneered: “So you think that Magatoma’s Seed of Fire can take back the Will of Dusk in my hands?”

“Yes, I think so.”

Son of Dusk laughed: “Either you are stupid or crazy. Trifling a Seed of Fire may be a precious treasure for those kings. But if you want to take back Will of Dusk with it, then It’s too underestimated.”

“Not necessarily.”

Gugliemo had already rushed towards Archimedes at this time, and he yelled with arms outstretched as if he was about to hug Archimedes.

Archimedes stomped suddenly, and the high platform Vibration rose, Gugliemo’s footsteps suddenly became unstable. Archimedes used Magatoma’s power and simultaneously rushed towards Son of Dusk. Son of Dusk raised his hand, and there was already a dim long sword in his hand, which was the Rule sword made with sharp power.

The two sides met in the middle distance.

The Rule Sword of Son of Dusk cut through the armor of Archimedes chest, leaving a wound on his chest. But there was no blood gushing out of the wound, only pieces of origin force were scattered. Archimedes reached out and caught Son of Dusk’s sword-holding wrist, another hand opened, and an earth-yellow ball of light appeared in his palm. Archimedes slightly smiled, squeezed it hard, and the light ball made a cracking sound!

“You are crazy!” Son of Dusk is somewhat absent-minded, calling out: “It turns out that you didn’t fully absorb Magatoma’s Seed of Fire, but used it at this time…”

A group of brilliance has bloomed from the two of them by one’s side, the rays of light quickly swallowed the high platform, and Gugliemo groaned rushed into the rays of light. He hit him back in an instant, and then the hall vibrated, and the vibration spread to Dusk Hill.

The 10000000 kings on the mountain platform saw midair’s Hall of Withering bursting out dazzling rays of light, and then a terrifying impact wave swept out. At the moment, the strong rays of light flooded the platform. From a distance, I saw a sun rising from Dusk Hill. The rays of light were slightly converged. I don’t know how many kings swept down the top of the hill, and how many kings quaked. Got to pieces!

In the Hall of Withering, thick smoke and flames emerged, and the entire hall was no longer as majestic as before, and the light steps connected to the ground also shattered several steps.

A flame rose on the high platform of the hall, and then the flame quickly dissipated like an invisible fire. The Son of Dusk stood before the throne, expressionless. He looked at his hand, the dim light in his palm had disappeared.

Archimedes has succeeded. This almost impossible thing has been done for the man!

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