Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1856

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Son of Dusk closed his eyes and replayed the scene in his mind.

When Archimedes crushed the Seed of Fire and wanted to release the violent energy in the Seed of Fire, with one hand held, Son of Dusk could only do one thing, and that was let go of Will of Dusk, to stop the outbreak of Seed of Fire.

This is exactly what Archimedes wanted.

And the facts are as he thought, between the outbreak of Seed of Fire and Will of Dusk, Son of Dusk can only choose the former. The reason is simple, if he does not take out his hand to suppress the energy burst of Seed of Fire, then Hall of Withering will be destroyed. This hall is the coordinate where the Creator enters Ebouins. If it is destroyed, the Creator may never enter the hall. Therefore, the survival of Hall of Withering is more important than the loss of Will of Dusk.

The final result was that Will of Dusk was captured, but the energy burst from Magatoma’s Seed of Fire also suppressed most of it before destroying the hall as for. He took away the Archimedes of Will of Dusk and immediately used Space Crack to escape from the lobby, but before leaving, Son of Dusk gave him a sword. That sword chased into the Space Crack. With the induction of origin force, Son of Dusk was sure that the sword had hit. The Rule’s sword with its sharp power is not so easy to bear. Now Archimedes must be injured, and the injury is not light.

Looking at the kings in the hall who could just stand up again, Son of Dusk roar said: “What are you waiting for, find and kill that bastard!”

At this time, people had heard the faint scream from above at Archimedes at the foot of Dusk Hill, and he smiled. The Rule sword on the chest is disappearing, but the wound on the front and back cannot heal. He sighed, and then “Yi”, laughed: “This is Allen’s spirit, is he finally here? Finally found the fifth King’s Warehouse, the time is just right.”

He turned around and ran towards one of the space doors, raised his hand, and a dim light floated towards the space door. The teleportation point of the space gate was immediately modified, and Archimedes slammed into it.

Simultaneously, Allen stepped on a slate with several cracks. He raised his head and looked up at this quaint temple. They are in the hall of the temple, where there are 8 towering stone pillars, which hold up the dome. A giant slate is erected ahead of the hall of the temple, and a war is depicted on the slate. There are many characters on slate, and each character is lifelike, as if silently telling a magnificent war that took place in Ancient Era.

“Where is this place?” Orpheus looked up at the temple.

“King’s Treasure House, the fifth King’s Warehouse. But…I’m not sure.” Allen explained: “Generally speaking, King’s Warehouse should have Guardian and army, but here, I feel that there is only empty space, no army, let alone Say Guardian.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a voice rang from the dome: “Of course, Son of Dawn. This is the first and last King’s Warehouse. Of course there will be no Guardian and army here, and no Guardian and army can hide from Son. of Dusk, isn’t it?”

A beam of light was cast, and a man walked out of the rays of light. He is very refined, like a Scholar. But in his on the body, a powerful breath surged, making people afraid to take it lightly. His eyes fell on Allen’s on the body: “I am delighted by your arrival, but it is surprising that there are 2 more guests. Oh, forget the introduction, you can call me Theo.”

Allen opened his mouth, and Theo raised his hand and said: “Time is running out, please listen carefully. Let me briefly introduce it, as you have just heard, this is the last King’s Warehouse. It exists in Ebouins, this Important information not at all As the ontology of me passed on, my ontology completely erased this information from his own consciousness. He only passed down Seed of Golden Fire and Slate of Origin, which will be the future Son of Dawn gets these two and will eventually open the door of the fifth King’s Warehouse and come here.”

“The purpose of this is to prevent Son of Dusk from learning about it. After all, this King’s Warehouse is in Ebouins. I built it under a Place of Birth. No matter how imaginative the Son of Dusk is, it will never be expected to return. There is a King’s Warehouse hide in his in front of one’s eyes.”

Allen was shocked. This indeed was a huge and careful plan. But no one didn’t expect it. It was not Allen who opened the door of the fifth King’s Warehouse, but Spanac, who was keen to follow in the footsteps of the creator.

At this time Theo continued: “Since you are here, the linkage mechanism of the 5 King’s Warehouses will also be activated.”

“Linkage mechanism?”

“Yes, this is the ultimate meaning of the existence of King’s Warehouse.” Theo looked towards the giant slate, staring at the war scene above and said: “Ebouins exist outside the material world, and there are countless dimensions between it and the universe. It is basically impossible to destroy this place, so Daybreak Plan at first starts with how to pull Ebouins into this Universe World, and then gives the life of this universe a chance to attack this World.”

“The birth of King’s Warehouse comes from this idea. Now you have opened the fifth King’s Warehouse. Based on the linkage mechanism, the 5 King’s Warehouses located in this universe will be connected with this one, and then Ebouins will be pulled towards our own universe. , At a certain singularity position, there will be a junction of two worlds. There, you will enter the gate of Ebouins!”

“Of course, we can’t pull the entire Ebouins into this universe, otherwise it will cause the collapse of the entire universe, but in fact it can’t be done. Moreover, when the junction of two worlds appears, its existence time is limited. You must end this war before the two worlds are separated. Otherwise, not only you will not be able to return to this universe, and we will never have a chance to defeat the Creator again, because it will definitely fix this loophole!”

At this moment, a space door suddenly opened, and then someone fell in. Allen was shocked again when he saw clearly his appearance.

The man raised his head, first nodded to Theo, and then looked towards Allen and said: “It’s nice to be able to see you again, child. Come, take this and don’t lose it again.”

He extended the hand, and there was a dim light floating in his palm.

That is Russell’s will!

“Father…” Allen ran over and helped Archimedes up. His gaze fell on the chest of Archimedes, where there were 2 wounds, and the origin force continued to escape from the wounds: “Are you injured?”

“How can you grab something in the hands of Son of Dusk without getting hurt? Now that you have opened the fifth King’s Warehouse, it means the final war can begin. But now you have to leave first, be prepared, and then Launch an attack from where the world overlaps at the location of the singularity.” Archimedes quickly said: “Now Son of Dusk is searching for me, just let me buy you some time!”

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