Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1857

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“But your injury…” Allen looked at Archimedes’ chest, where he clearly felt the sharp power raging. Archimedes now exists in the state of the will body, without a body, the sharp power will damage him more!

“It’s okay, Allen.” Archimedes patted his shoulders: “I’m destined to die here. I’ve been prepared for this early on. The important thing is that it can put an end to our war. It’s all worth it. While your mother is alive, I can’t do anything for her. But now, I can at least win a glimmer of hope. She loves life so much and loves the whole world. So I definitely can’t let the Creator succeed. , You too, Allen. Do your best and fight for the one you love.”

Archimedes gave Allen a powerful hug: “You are our pride, child.”

Then he threw back at the space door, and the space door closed immediately. Only the group of Will of Dusk in Allen’s hands seemed to prove that Archimedes had been there.

“We should go.” Theo reminded: “The door you opened will close soon and cannot be opened again. The key can only be used once, and it is designed to prevent the Creator from noticing it. Next time, you can only enter Ebouins through the intersection of the two worlds. That will be your first and last chance.”

Orpheus patted Allen on the shoulder and said, “Let’s go, stay here and we are also impossible to do more. Going back, we can still prepare for this war.”

Allen sighed, when Theo’s image disappeared, turning into a dim light ball and falling onto Allen’s hand. Looking at the two light groups, Allen held tightly in his hands, and then followed Orpheus towards the space door. Allen got into the space door, Orpheus stopped by the door, and turned around to look back to Spanac: “What are you still doing?”

“I’m not going anymore.” Spanac took off his cloak, revealing silver hair similar to Allen, and he waved: “You guys leave now, I decided to stay here.”

“You want to stay here What are you doing!”

“I don’t know, but this is the creator’s world. I want to stay here. Maybe, during your so-called last battle, if I am in a good mood, I can help you.” Spanac moved towards the exit of the temple: “Let Allen tell my mother on her behalf, so I don’t hate her anymore.”

“Whatever you…” Orpheus snorted, turned and got into the space door.

When he set foot on the ground again, Allen had returned to the valley of the unknown planet. Looking back, the space door was shaking, and Orpheus walked out after a while. As soon as he walked out, the door closed. Allen stretched out his hand and beckoned, and the golden heart on the door floated down and fell into his hands. He handed the Seed of Golden Fire to Orpheus and said, “I’m afraid this thing can no longer be activated.”

The floating rays of light in the golden heart are quickly disappearing, as Theo said, it can only be used once as a key. In the future, it will become more symbolic for Aidahua Star. Orpheus put it away, looked at Allen and said, “Are you okay?”

“Not good, but don’t worry, I know what to do. What about Spanac?” Allen looked at the closed space door: “He won’t leave?”

“Well, he decided to stay. What a weird guy.” Orpheus sighed, “Next I will summon the Alliance army. Maybe this will be a painful decision for them. Because a great majority planet is still right now. The Burning Legion battle, if the army is called, it means that they must give up the defense of the homeland. But the final battle is the key. Only by destroying Ebouins, can Universe’s Dusk be fundamentally prevented, right?”

Allen nodded: “Yes, our goal will be the Hall of Withering. We must destroy the Hall of Withering on Dusk Hill. If the Ebouins is regarded as a super Starship, then the Hall of Withering is where the command room is located. The Hall of Withering is lost. of Withering, Ebouins will be missed and cause the collapse of the entire world.”

“So we need an army, and we must use all available power.” Orpheus said solemnly: “Allen, you have to move Frius. Then you will join hands to gather the power of the entire Paused Treaty Star Field.”

“I understand, I will go to see Frius immediately after I go back.”

Orpheus nodded: “Then what are we waiting for, let’s go!”

Paradise Star.

The Burning Legion has been expelled, the Cooling Dragon Empire from the East has also returned to its homeland, and Bayregund Empire finally ushered in a peaceful time of recuperation. The continuous battle has caused great injury to this human Empire. Today’s Emperor Julian has greatly changed the taxation, which has reduced the tax revenue to an extremely low level, which can be regarded as beneficial to the people.

The Blood King Graveyard was closed for a while in the previous war, and reopened a month ago. At first, there were few adventurers in the cemetery. But as time goes by, more and more advertisers and legion servants have heard the news of the reopening of the cemetery and returned to this gold nugget.

Empire increased the rewards for the recycling of cemetery items, which greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of adventurer and legion. One month later, the maze of the 11th layer has advanced by a large area. Today, another batch of new adventurers have arrived, and they have quickly invested in the exploration of the 11th layer maze. According to this progress, the maze of this layer will be explored in another 2-3 months.

In the camp of the 11th layer, the general of Perishing Fire Lion is looking at the simulated sand table on the table to decide which direction to lead the adventurer and the servant legion to develop next. Suddenly, he felt a little dizzy, and then saw that the table vibrated slightly, and the already built sand table was shaken apart. He was startled, he ran out of the camp and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know, but there seems to be an earthquake!” a soldier reported.

“Earthquake? This is impossible.” General Eligo shook his head: “Blood King Graveyard has been open for many years. I have never heard of any earthquake.”

“General, is it related to that…” the soldier reminded: “It is the place where the princess and Prince Allen simultaneously appeared in the lowest cemetery.”

Eligo shook his whole body and said anxiously: “Call the elite and go to the bottom cemetery with me to investigate.”

It took nearly a week for Eligo to reach the bottom cemetery. Before that, the vibration had never stopped. When they came to the old bronze gate, the lines on the bronze gate lit up, and strong energy aura continuously poured out from it. The vibration of the energy shook the upper layers of the graveyard, which made it feel like an earthquake. Eligo looked at the door in surprise, muttered: “What the hell is going on?”

He certainly didn’t know that the underground city in the door had completely lit up the rays of light, and at the center of that city, the energy tide was still intense. And from this, moved towards the outside world sent out bursts of tyrannical cosmic waves, there are still 3 cosmic waves like this!

Lizard race Holy Land on Garden of Eden, Nest of Shadow on Thin Sun Star, and Kanon Black Gate on Agares! The four King’s Warehouses scattered throughout the universe, due to the opening of the fifth King’s Warehouse, the linkage mechanism is activated, and the energy accumulated in the endless years is bursting out at once, forming a huge cosmic wave of formidable power can. They are linked with the fifth King’s Warehouse in Ebouins, and then anchor the fifth King’s Warehouse, and finally pull the entire Ebouins towards the Universe World.

When Ebouins and the universe overlap, the door to Ebouins will be opened. As long as the linkage is not prevented, the result is almost irreversible. As for how long the space gate can exist depends on how long the energy of the four King’s Warehouses can last.

Allen, who had returned to Agares, was immediately notified from the Forgotten Territory and learned about the abnormal situation of Kanon Black Gate. Allen knows that the treasury linkage has been opened. The five treasuries are like precision gears for each and everyone. Now that the gears have turned, the overlap of the two worlds will be completed at a certain moment in the future. Before that, Allen has a lot to do. He wants to assemble the army, but also to integrate the remaining two wills.

Compared with the former, the latter has a higher priority. After all, it is related to the final battle with Son of Dusk and even the Creator. So after returning to Demon Ring City, Allen just sent an explanation message to Frius, telling him that he would visit Neverfall City in person after this time, so he blocked Castle of Shadow and began to enter the final fusion of wills.

Simultaneously with this, the war on Earth has come to an end.

After Catherine woke up, the not only gene breakdown has been repaired, and her own strength has taken a big step forward. Now looking at the entire Earth Federation, except Horn, Windsor Bellow and Fordin, it is her turn. Her current strength can already be ranked among the top 5 of the federal powerhouse, but she refused Morbit’s invitation and refused to return to the federal army, as for the reason, many people know.

Morbit also knew that he didn’t force it, but hoped that Catherine could contribute to the Federation and let her come and go after the war on Earth is over. Catherine agreed, and stayed on Windsor Bellow by one’s side as his deputy. With this federation being attacked by The Burning Legion, Russen, far away in the Garden of Eden, suddenly declared independence, and followed the example of Kaprow to take the entire Death Dissemination out of the federation’s army sequence.

Fortunately, the Federation did not count Russen and his legion in the Earth war at first, otherwise it would be a big mistake. But this change is still a big blow, especially after the declaration of independence, Russen replaced the Death Dissemination flag with the Hidden Light Council pattern, which was even more unexpected. Then Morbit began to organize a team to investigate Russen, and soon Russen’s past was dug up.

Combined with what he is doing now, everything shows that Russen turned out to be the remnant of Hidden Light Council. In this way, some of his past things made sense, especially when Allen was about to take away the lizard race. Russen’s behavior can be said to be instigating the relationship between Supreme and the Federation.

But now, Morbit obviously doesn’t care about Russen. The Burning Legion is the real headache for him. Fortunately, with the arrival of Twilight, the war on Earth has finally reached its final stage. Now The Burning Legion has been forced back to the battlefield near their Combustion Gate, and at this moment, the Federation and Twilight’s army have surrounded this place!

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