Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1858

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“It looks bad.”

An alien giant beast opened its mouth and spit out a lump of lava from its mouth. It caught it with its paws, then caught the lump of lava and covered it on the outer skeleton armor of its chest. There was a wound there, and it stuffed the lava into it, causing smoke to rise around it. However, giant beast didn’t take it seriously. He vomited a few lava balls and wiped it several times, finally filling the wound. Then he raised his head and looked into the distance. At this moment, if the people of Flowing Gold Town are still alive, they will definitely startled. Because their declining town has now become the last battlefield.

The army of the Earth Federation and the legion brought by Twilight have surrounded this place heavily, waiting to enter the final attack. The three kings who were fighting separately now have to gather together to face this war together.

giant beast Lauslevin roar got up: “The enemy has come before one’s eyes, what are we waiting for. Attack, kill them all, or be killed by them!”

The teenager-like king Vela held his crystal rod and rolled the eyes and said, “Idiot, you, obviously there are more people than us, and you have to rush to fight with them, your head is also filled with lava? “

Carrying a great sword on his shoulders, Sven, the king with long scarlet hair, said with a nod: “I agree with this point. This guy’s head is filled with lava, so he can’t think.”

“Then what do you say!” giant beast shouted.

“Of course I am waiting for support.” Vela put his hat on the crystal rod and looked towards the Gate of Raging Flames behind: “I have sent a message to His Highness. I believe it will not be long before other kings and troops will come. Support us.”

“Idiot, you didn’t say that when your Highness left, this ball can only be won by our own strength!” Giant Beast disapproved.

“So you are an idiot.” Sven shrugged, “Your Highness would be scolded at most for requesting support, but if you lose this planet, I don’t think your Highness will let us go.”

“Stop arguing, they started attacking!” Vela stood up, her thin body floating in the air. He looked up and saw that a black fleet in the distance was approaching in the direction of Flowing Gold Town. Simultaneously A path of imposing manner also rose into the sky, and it was obvious that the opponent was going to attack with all his strength.

“Listen, we only need to support until the reinforcements arrive!” Sven yelled: “So don’t be aggressive, we defend a corner alone, and we must not let the enemy ruin the Gate of Raging Flames, otherwise we will really be finished!”

Then he jumped on a wolf beast, and the wolf beast drove him away. Simultaneously an army of The Burning Legion followed Sven into operation.

“I hate this kind of thing the most, just let me have a good time!” Giant beast Lauslevin yelled, reluctantly calling its flame giant beast to the other side.

Vela shook the head, glanced at the Gate of Raging Flames, and then swept towards the fleet with the flying units that were lifted off in groups.

The three kings dispersed, and they searched for their own goals, and soon looked towards all around the influx of Federation troops and Daybreak Legion fought together.

fighting! fighting! fighting!

There was no reason to retreat on either side, so the battle was unexpectedly fierce by both sides. The three Vela kings are all high-ranking, and the battle strength is thrown into the federation sequence, that is the Marshal Level 3 powerhouse. Of course, powerhouses at the same level also have high and low positions, but even if they can’t reach the heights of Kaprow and Windsor Bellow, they are absolutely overwhelming for its military. With them supporting the legion, although the offensive of the Federation and Daybreak Legion was fierce, they could not be brought down for a while.

During the battle, a shining stream of water like a galaxy passed across the battlefield, thrown away in the direction moved towards Gate of Raging Flames. Seeing Vela in midair, the complexion greatly changed. He lifted the crystal rod, and the black red barrier was quickly assembled before the falling point of the stream of light, layered on top of each other, and in a flash, a 7 8-Layer origin force barrier was constructed. The streamer hit the 1st floor barrier, and the barrier shattered at the sound, and then connected to the 7th floor, and finally the last barrier was blocked.

On the flying warship deck, Windsor Bellow holding Endless Fort looked regretful. She shrugged and said: “It seems that we don’t want to kill these three kings. Don’t want to destroy the gate.”

Catherine’s voice rang from the telecommunications machine: “Let me take care of that midair little bit.”

Vela shuddered at this time, feeling a bit of being set one’s sights on by natural enemies, and then an origin force battle spear appeared in the air. He screamed, his silhouette flickered, and it had fallen to the ground. Looking up again, a girl with Twintail appeared quietly in the original position. She looked down, as if the Netherworld River was surging in her eyes, then a Banshee appeared on Vela’s shoulder.

Netherworld River Six Paths!

“You really know how to choose a soft pinch, so the soft and cute Xiaozhengtai you can do it. As expected, the women who fall in love are ruthless.” Windsor Bellow shook his head and looked at the battlefield. Finally, his eyes fell on the giant beast. Lauslevin on the body, she carried Endless Fort and said sturdy posture: “In this case, I can only pick a hard hit. You are the hardest in the audience, big fellow?”

Lauslevin’s movements suddenly froze, and then he shot out with a paw and knocked down the two flying warships. It twisted its head and looked towards Windsor Bellow, and felt the harboring malicious intentions of the greedy wolf. The giant beast made a roar, but the sound didn’t sound so strong, and it had several points of intimidation.

“Good dog, I’ll give you candy if you get down.” Windsor Bellow haha ​​smiled and broke through the air from the flying warship deck, like a brilliant meteor across the battlefield. At this moment, she is unparalleled!

The king Sven is waving the great sword, pushing another king Shillong who also uses the great sword back. If it weren’t for the cover of several other kings nearby, I’m afraid Shillong had been killed by Sven.

Suddenly a brilliant golden light pierced Sven’s eyes, and then his gigantic sword was held by a long slender knife. The man holding the long knife was an old man. Wearing a neat suit, he looked like an old gentleman going to a banquet, but he was supposed to be a walking stick in his hand, but now he changed it to a long sword.

“Let me be your opponent.” The old man said with a smile.

Sven smiled openly. “Extremely happy.”

So the sword and the sword began to clashed, and the battle between the two sides had just begun. A storm of energy would surround the two people and push the others away. Shillong took a look and knew that he could not intervene in the battle between them, so he greeted the other kings and turned to other battlefields.

The three kings of The Burning Legion set one’s sights on to the powerhouse of the same level. For a moment, they can no longer support the legion. Taking this opportunity, no matter if it is Daybreak Legion or the Federation Army, they seizes an opportunity to launch a storm. The Burning Legion was quickly divided and annihilated. Such a pragmatic tactic was created by Morbit.

Vela, who was brought into the fantasy world by Banshee, quickly regained consciousness after stabbing Catherine. He clutched the wound, but raised the crystal rod, the space of Catherine’s body circumference suddenly twisted. Catherine narrowed one’s eyes, shaped like an electric flash shooting forward, almost moving her body, a thick dark red pillar of fire broke out of the ground, sprayed into the air more than ten meters, and then a ring of gales swept out and hit Catherine’s on the body.

Vela stood still, the crystal rod touched the ground, and groups of dark red Fireballs rushed into Catherine. Countless explosions were triggered in an instant, and Catherine’s silhouette was submerged in flames in the continuous explosion. Vela frowned, and suddenly turned her head, only to see Catherine quietly appearing behind him, and then the battle spear broke out. Vela opened her mouth and coughed out a mouthful of lava-like blood, and the crystal rod hit Catherine’s forehead.

Of course it hit the air.

Catherine reappeared in his ahead, but Vela laughed: “Your speed is right, but you shouldn’t be stained with my blood. Unfortunately, my blood is the most powerful explosive!”

The girl suddenly looked towards oneself’s battle spear, and the blood on it suddenly lit up.

A group of Fireball suddenly bloomed!

Catherine stumbled out of the flames, looking embarrassed. She still has no expression on her face, but her eyes are getting colder, staring at Vela. Vela looked towards Gate of Raging Flames, muttered: “Why? Why didn’t you respond to us, Your Highness! Are you planning to abandon us?”

battle spear again.

Vela screamed, lifted the wand hard and focused.

7 dragon scrolls of flames suddenly rose on the battlefield, and then they swept away disorderly. Catherine silhouette move left and right, flashed past the Fire Dragon, shot it out, and took Vela’s eyebrows!

Fierce fighting everywhere.

Lauslevin slapped it out, but only caught the air. Windsor Bellow flashed to its chest, raising his hand was a shot. A beam of light broke open giant beast’s back soaring to the sky, leaving a penetrating wound behind the giant beast’s chest. The giant beast’s mouth could not resist the lava gushing out, and it finally fell to the ground feebly, spraying thick hot smoke from its nostrils. Suddenly raised his head and sprayed a pillar of fire toward Windsor Bellow!

Greedy wolf plummeted, and the pillar of fire blasted over her head, burning her military cap to ashes. When Windsor Bellow fell to the ground, after the giant beast spewed out the last pillar of fire, the body’s flickering flame was finally extinguished, and the body of the giant beast quickly turned into lime, and when it was blown by the wind, it was scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

“Finally, are you willing to lie down, Great Doggy.” Windsor Bellow habitually went to grab the military cap on his head, only to find that the cap was gone. He immediately picked up the Endless Fort and walked directly to the Gate of Raging Flames.

But at this moment, a touch of golden blade light turned across the sky. The door shook continuously, then slowly dislocated up and down, and finally banged and fell.

Windsor Bellow stopped, muttered: “The Old Master’s hands are so fast, so there will be nothing wrong with me.”

The Gate of Raging Flames fell in Sven’s eyes, and the king holding a gigantic sword was lying on his back on the ground, and his scarlet hair was randomly scattered on the ground. There was a thin wound on his neck. The wound still flashes with golden light, and Sven within the body has been crushed by Horn’s Blade Qi.

On this day, the Gate of Raging Flames was destroyed, and the remaining king Vela brazenly Self-destruction, without leaving the body to the enemy, simultaneously caused a certain attrition to the Union Army. But no matter what, The Burning Legion on Earth was always blocked.

During the whole process, Twilight never took action, she just acted as the observer’s role. She even suspected that even if she did not come to support her, relying solely on these powerhouses on Earth would be sufficient to stop The Burning Legion.

Windsor Bellow, Horn, Catherine…Twilight remembered these names. With these powerhouses, Earth will surely rise!

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