Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1859

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A week after returning to Agares, Allen visited Dobiya.

On this day, Neverfall City’s salute continued. This is the second time that the Emperor of Specter Country has visited Dobiya. In the history of Agares, these two empires have not entered into foreign exchanges so frequently. Last time Allen came and brought cooperation in the gray area. During this visit, Dobiya’s noble ministers are all speculating about what changes the Emperor will bring to Dobiya.

In the lobby of the Castle of Profound Darkness, Allen met Frius.

When the Emperor of Darkness’s sight fell on Allen, his sight first became extremely sharp, like a sword that pierced people’s hearts. Then it turned into soft, then turned into dense, and finally sighed: “I can’t see through you more and more. I can feel a certain change in you on the body. But what kind of change is it, I actually see I don’t know, this is the first time I feel this way.”

Allen shrugged, said: “I think you will have time to see through me next, because next, I think we will be in contact for a long time.”

Frius frowned: “It doesn’t sound like good news. Let’s go, What are you doing?”

“The last battle.” Allen straight to the point said: “Soon Ebouins will overlap with our universe, and a door to Ebouins will be opened. We must gather all our forces to attack Ebouins and destroy Hall of Withering. It can prevent Universe’s Dusk from coming to this universe forever.”

Frius expressionlessly said: “It sounds like Holy War, but why should I participate?”

“You can not participate, but in that case, if we fail, then you can only face Universe’s Dusk alone.”

“Then let me face it alone, I also want to see what the final war will be like.”

Allen looked at him silently, and nodded a moment later: “I understand.”

Then he turned around and walked towards the door of the great hall.

Behind him, an imposing manner rose.

Just listen to Frius asking: “Did you see Spanac?”

Allen stopped and didn’t replied his head. “You are still monitoring my whereabouts, so you should understand where Spanac has gone?”

“Sure enough, he went to Ebouins. He was fascinated by the creator’s civilization. What kind of place is that…”

“If you go, understood.”

Frius laughed: “You know, Allen, you are the most terrible lobbyist I have ever seen. But well, I accept your proposal, but don’t get me wrong, I am not afraid that I will be alone with Dusk. It’s just that kind of world, no Spanac , Without you, even if I could end up with a gorgeous curtain call, I would be too lonely. I am a person afraid of loneliness, so I am ready to have a lively with you.”

Allen finally turned back: “I promise, it will be lively.”

“I think so.”

On that day, Specter Country and Dobiya jointly issued an invitation to invite all races of Paused Treaty Star Field to participate in this final battle. Soon, the Catu people, Kidd people, and Neelm people, which were originally controlled by Specter Country, quickly responded. Then Gelai race, Blade Demon and Cannes Clan responded to Dobiya’s invitation. In the next few days, other planets responded one after another, which made the two Empire military headquarters of Specter Country and Dobiya busy. They have to plan the assembly locations of these troops, count the number of troops that can be reached by then, and prepare materials and all other related resources.

At the Paused Treaty Star Field began to gather the army’s simultaneously, an invitation was sent to Agares, but it was Orpheus who invited Allen and Emperor of Darkness to go to Aidahua Star together to determine the strategic arrangement at that time.

But when Allen was about to set off, Twilight and Daybreak Legion returned to Agares. With legion returning home, there is a person, Catherine!

When Allen received the news, he personally waited in the port of Starship. When Catherine walked out of the Starship cabin in a daze, Allen suddenly felt that all the waiting was worthwhile. So when going to Aidahua Star, Allen took her casually. Lucy and Elise are still staying on Aidahua Star, and this time it happened to get them together.

A few days later, Allen and the private ship of Emperor of Darkness entered the Gat Star Field simultaneously. In order to show their sincerity, Orpheus personally greeted the arrival of these two Supremes and took them to Aidahua Star. This is definitely a day worth recording in the history of Aidahua Star. The Golden City was already ready to welcome the ceremony, and even Frius was a little surprised by the grand ceremony.

Then he and Allen went to Victory Palace. In the conference hall of the Imperial Palace, a meeting to determine the future of the universe awaited them.

In addition to the three Supremes, many leaders of the Galactic Alliance were able to participate in the meeting. Among them were the Federal President Morbit from Earth and Horn as a representative of the nobility. Before entering the hall, Orpheus had already notified Allen. Knowing that Horn had participated in the meeting, Allen couldn’t help himself. Once he found Horn’s vitality, he ignored the astonished gazes of many planet leaders in the venue and hugged Horn tightly.

“I’m glad to see you here, grandfather.” Allen said softly.

Horn patted his back said: “Me too, child. You are the pride of our Beskard, heaven knows how much I want to keep you on one’s side. But now, you have more important things to do, so go .”

Horn let go of him.

Allen stepped back 2 steps, nodded towards him, and then walked towards the position Orpheus had prepared for him. Two other thrones were prepared on the high platform this time. Except for Orpheus’ own throne, beside his right hand is a black water crystal throne, which was prepared for Frius. On his left is a Golden Throne, which is for Allen. After the three Supremes took their seats, Gulliver Duke, who acted as the master of ceremonies for the conference, loudly said: “It is a great honor to invite 2 Your Majesty from Agares to participate in this military meeting of the Ebouins battle. Now I announce that the meeting has officially begun! “

“About the general situation of Ebouins, I think you have already read the information.” On the high platform, Orpheus said solemnly in the middle: “Here I will briefly say that it is a plane space parallel to our universe. This space Created by the so-called the Creator, the Creator is the top life from other universes. The Ebouins he created are used to harvest the energy of the low-dimensional universe. Unfortunately, our universe is also on the list of harvests.”

“But everyone, I believe everyone here is like me. We are not content with being harvested. So we have to fight, we have to fight! And the opportunity for this war was created by Allen Your Majesty and Dusk Clan. Now, through their efforts. Ebouins, who would never have any intersection with our universe, will overlap with us at some point in the future. That will be our only chance to attack Ebouins!”

“We have to show the guys from Gao Weidi. Even if we are just a bunch of rude natives in their eyes, we must not content with being their slave!”

“no way!”

There was a shout from the venue: “Never! Fight, we want to fight!”

The sentiment is surging.

Orpheus raised his hand and signaled everyone to be quiet, then turned to Allen and said, “Allen Your Majesty knows Ebouins better than us. Can Allen Your Majesty briefly explain to us how to attack Ebouins.”

Allen stood up in response, when countless gazes fell on his on the body. He closed his eyes. For some reason, he recalled the old town, the ring on the snow that reflected the sun. I recalled the eyes that father resolutely went away in the temple of Ebouins that day. Allen took a deep breath and opened his eyes suddenly. Everyone in the venue felt as if they were being stabbed by sunlight. To the door of Ebouins. By then, The Burning Legion will definitely guard the door, so when the war begins, the first wave of attacks will be the most tragic and cruel. We have to go in, and The Burning Legion will not let us enter Ebouins , So the first strategic goal, we must seize the gate and hold it!”

“I don’t know how many people will be sacrificed at the door by then, and some people will not even be able to step further. But no matter how much sacrifice, this time, we will never give in!”

Allen’s eyes flashed across the meeting place: “Because of retiring, it is death!”

“This is a war of advancement but no retreat, and I, including myself, are all ready to die but not to live!”

Hearing these words, everyone in the venue felt that the blood was in Combustion and the body was boiling. A burly foreign star’s people stands up and roars: “Even Supreme is ready to die in battle. What can we say! For the continuation of Bloodline, and for our descendants, we don’t have to worry about the coming of Dusk. Our life , You can die by the door!”



“Yes, never retreat until death.” Allen nodded, reminded: “But remember, it is only the 1st step to break into the space door. What we have to do is to go to Dusk Hill and destroy the Hall of Withering. That belongs to the entire Ebouins The center is also where the Creator enters this World. However, The Burning Legion will not let us go straight ahead. More importantly, the kings of Ebouins are like forests, and the powerhouses are as many as feathers. If we and them meet force with force, I am afraid It’s hard to get what you want.”

“Moreover, the space gate will not open indefinitely. After a period of time, it cannot be maintained. So what we have to do is to destroy the Hall of Withering within a limited time, then exit the space gate and return to our universe. If we still have someone to survive then.”

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