Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1860

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“Then next is the 2nd Step, you must pretend to attack Place of Birth.” Allen looked at the people in the hall and said: “In Ebouins, 10000 and 1000 creatures were born from Place of Birth. If Ebouins is regarded as a huge matrix, then Place of Birth Birth is undoubtedly the mother’s womb. There are a total of ten or two places like this, and they are distributed in every corner of the world.”

“If the Place of Birth is destroyed, then within a certain period of time, Ebouins will greatly reduce the output speed of the battle unit, so these ten 2 Places of Birth, their importance is second only to Hall of Withering.”

“Therefore, to attack Place of Birth and divide Ebouins’ forces is to provide the necessary cover for our main attack on Hall of Withering.”

Orpheus, who was in the middle throne, asked: “So, how do we know where the Place of Birth is? After all, we don’t know the world at all.”

Allen nodded, said: “I have a group of kings who are loyal to me. By then, they will lead you to several Places of Birth. Yes, we don’t have to attack all Places of Birth, even if we can Assembling 1000000000000 army, it is impossible to attack all Place of Birth. You only need to attack a few of them, contain some troops and powerhouse, and create time and conditions for the main force.”

“The last step is the Hall of Withering. That hall must be destroyed, and Son of Dusk must also be destroyed. Only in this way can Universe’s Dusk be completely ended!”

Allen elaborated on the general plan for attacking Ebouins, or the steps, and the next details. For example, which armies and powerhouses are going to attack Place of Birth, which ones are responsible for guarding the portals, and the main force is held by who, etc., are led by Aidahua Star and supplemented by other planet leaders to complete the entire huge plan little by little.

This meeting will last for several days. After all, it involves the mobilization of a large number of troops and materials, which is not a simple matter.

There is no need for Allen and Supreme to be in attendance, because by then their responsibility on the body is to attack Hall of Withering, there is no doubt about this. Therefore, in addition to the symbolic observation by Orpheus, Allen and Frius left early. Frius immediately returned to Agares to prepare the army of Paused Treaty Star Field. Allen went to Moon Lake to visit Xiagelin and his young child.

Moon Lake is as peaceful and beautiful as ever.

A flying warship moored on the shore of the lake, Allen and Catherine walked down the flying warship hand in hand. Lucy and the others, who had received the news, were already waiting in the living room. When Allen appeared, Lucy and Elise of course rushed into his arms. After all, he went to Spanac last time, why wouldn’t the 2 women be worried? After embracing, the three separated, Lucy pulled Catherine over, and Allen went to see Xiagelin alone.

At the door of Xiagelin’s room, Allen saw Bai, who seemed to have been standing by the door. Allen shook his head and said with a smile: “You don’t need to do this. This is Aidahua Star. Their mother and child are safe.”

Bai shook his head and said: “That is your child, that is, my brother. I don’t look at it personally, and I’m worried.”

Allen patted him on the shoulder and said, “Go in together?”

Bai asked shyly, “Can you?”

“Of course.” Allen dragged him into the room.

Xiagelin was lying on the bed and saw Allen come in and “shh” and said, “Be quiet, he just fell asleep.”

Allen walked to the bed and stretched his hand across Xiagelin’s slightly seen pale face: “You have worked hard.”

“It’s not hard at all, I’m happy now.” Xiagelin held his hand and looked aside: “Look at him, how sleepy he sleeps.”

Allen followed her vision and saw her first child in the true sense. Rayan, who was still asleep, was biting a pacifier, and his long eyelashes were fanned down, very cute. Allen stretched out a finger and gently stroked his fleshy cheek. Rayan made a sound of inexplicable meaning. The little hand caught Allen’s finger and fell asleep.

At that moment, Allen seemed to be motionless by some Supreme’s ultimate move. Then he laughed, rejoicing from the heart.

He raised his head and saw Bai next to him curiously looking at the little elf on the bed. Allen smiled and said, “Come on, touch him too.”

Bai shook his head.

Allen said: “It doesn’t matter, he will like you.”

White just held out his hand touched Rayan, then grinned out: “He is so beautiful.”

While Bai was teasing Rayan, Xiagelin patted Allen’s hand: “If you’re busy, just go, there will be everyone who looks like nothing will happen.”

“No, I’m free all day today. I want to stay here to see you two, and no one can drive me away.” Allen held her face lightly.

Xiagelin laughed: “Who will drive you away? You can stay as long as you like. I hope you stay and don’t leave.”

As she talked, she darkened her face and said, “So, is the last battle going to begin?”


Xiagelin grabbed his hand hard and said, “No matter what, I won’t allow you to die!”

Allen clicked nodded.

On this day, he stayed in Moon Lake for a day.

He returned to Golden City on the 2nd day. The plan for attacking Ebouins has a rudimentary shape, and the next is the further improvement of various details. After 3 days, Allen got a coordinate. That is calculated by Theo, where the two worlds overlap.

The overlap will occur within 3 days.

After getting the coordinates, Orpheus began to mobilize the alliance, Allen also returned to Agares, and Frius together to prepare the army. On the 2nd day when the coordinates appeared, a super fleet of 10000000 million people, which assembled all the troops of the Paused Treaty Star Field, started to set off to the position indicated by the coordinates. It took a whole day to just send this super fleet out!

This is an unnamed planet. The reason why it has no name is because no one has ever explored it. In fact, there is no need for exploration at all. Because there is no trace of life in its planet. Simultaneously, it does not have rich mineral veins, it is just a dead planet, so it has no name.

If nothing happens, it will probably become a supernova many years later. But today, it is destined to become the most dazzling planet in the universe.

Because the door will open inside it.

On this lonely planet, there are deserts everywhere, and the wind and sand are its normal climate. But today, there was no wind, and the sand stayed quietly in its original position. Then Mother Earth began to vibrate, and the sand dunes began to shift under the invisible high-frequency vibration, waves of sand were raised on the desert, and then blurred spots of light appeared on an open area. The light spot gradually expanded and stretched, and some of them could be vaguely seen.

Such as volcanoes, such as earth flames, such as…

A Fire Horned Demon.

Yes, a Fire Horned Demon suddenly knocked out of the spot. Suddenly it came to the ground of the nameless planet, and it was stunned. After all, it was still running on Ebouins’s red ground just before, but the scene suddenly shifted. Fire Horned Demon turns around to look back and glanced at the light spot behind him, and then it extends the hand and gently pokes in with the finger, the end of the finger can feel the heat of the flame.

It drilled back.

He came back after a while.

At last it let out a howl and went back to Ebouins.

The door continued to open.

At this time, the many creatures of Ebouins did not know that their world had quietly opened a door.

In one of the Ebouins within the valley, Archimedes stands on a mountain of corpses. The corpse mountain is formed by countless combat units and some kings. In the past few days, he was forced into this valley and forced to fight The Burning Legion. At this time, the above heaven under earth of the valley is densely covered with countless battle units and kings!

At this time, the king’s dynasty at the top of the valley separated from the two sides, and Son of Dusk appeared on it. He looked at the man below, and his low voice echoed within the valley: “I really didn’t expect, you can fight to this extent. Please tell me, Archimedes, what makes people so persistent.”

Archimedes couldn’t make another cut at this moment. He caught a battle spear, inserted the battle spear into the corpse, and then he leaned on the gun and gasped. He raised his head and looked at the man who occupies his body, laughed: “If you have a child, you may understand it. Unfortunately, you don’t. You are just a cold procedure. I pity you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Really? It’s a pity that I don’t need any pity. For your desperate sake, I will do this last blow.” Son of Dusk raised his hand, a dim rays of light Twisted and condensed in front of him, forming a long sword.

The long sword flashed out, and it was nailed into the chest of Archimedes in an instant.

No screams of pain, no roar of anger. At this moment, Archimedes smiled calmly. He closed his eyes and moved his lips lightly, and then the whole figure disappeared like sand. His last consciousness that remained in this World finally disappeared.

Son of Dusk narrowed one’s eyes, he read the last words of Archimedes: “I’m here, Lanni.”

Simultaneously when Archimedes dissipated, a private ship jumped out of the space gate, overlooking the planet that would eventually become the most shining planet in the universe. In the command hall of the private ship, Allen held the chest in one hand. Just now, he felt a deep sorrow that made him unable to contain tears, but there was no change in his expression on his face, only the raging anger in his eyes was burning!

He knew that his father had disappeared. All that remains now is the cold program that occupies father’s body.

“I will destroy you by myself…” Allen wiped away his tears and said solemnly: “Enter the battlefield!”

The private ship began to skim towards the unnamed planet. Behind it, one ship after another battleship jumped out of the space gate. They are like huge schools of fish, led by Allen’s private ship, moved towards the unnamed planet!

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