Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1861

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1000000000000 army, go to the battlefield together!

What kind of picture is this, it is magnificent that words cannot describe.

At least, Allen watched the sky full of Starship fall, unable to say a word. The field of vision is all battleships, and the picture spread out by countless battleships has exceeded the limit of his vision.

10000000000 battleship fell on this desert. One kilometer away, the spot of light was clearly visible, and the stretched portal was larger and wider than Allen had imagined, and could even accommodate a long drive in battle.

This is a good thing for them.

The army is gathering.

Now only the army of Paused Treaty Star Field is gathering, and the Galactic Alliance of Aidahua Star has also arrived and is entering the planet. When you look up, you can see 1000000000000 falling stars in the distant sky. Those are not falling stars, but just the light produced by countless Starships entering the atmosphere.

Frius came to Allen’s by one’s side and pointed to the portal that was measured in kilometers wide and said: “The battle to capture the door, let us come first!”

Allen glanced at him unexpectedly.

He coldly said: “Don’t look at me that way, I don’t want to just take the army out to die. But we must be the one who seizes the door. Our army, even if it is your Empire army, is definitely not that kind of willingness. Obedient, obedient guys. They are willing to rush and die, but they are most afraid of discipline. It is most suitable for us to carry out a battle like this kind of opening up.”

“I agree with this.” A thunderous voice rang above the heads of the two of them, and then a huge silhouette like a high mountain-like sit cross-legged next to the two private ship, but it was the Giant Chief Eliogh of Gelai race. , One person can compare to the giant of a private ship!

His huge head like a mountain looked towards Allen, said with a nod: “Last time has not thanked Allen Your Majesty for beheading Magatoma.”

“Little things.”

Eliogh hehe smiled, moving his beard and eyebrows: “But it’s not a trivial matter for us.”

Then he said to Frius: “In this first battle, let us act as the vanguard.”

Frius glanced at him: “Done?”

“Think about it, we have left enough heirs, it doesn’t matter if we die here. But in the future, we will ask 2 Your Majesty to take care of them.”

As soon as the voice fell, a slender, sharp voice was resounded: “The battle for the door is counted as our share.”

On the other side of the private ship, a Giant Insect swam out. This insect has skeleton armor growing on its exterior and is covered with thorns. It raised its head and squinted its eyes. The command, it’s more uncomfortable than death, it’s better to let us participate in the battle for the door.

Allen looked at this Giant Insect, and a name flashed in his mind, Bone Smoogh. That was the leader of Cannes Clan on Dark Star. This time Cannes Clan also dispatched a 10000000 million-level army, which could completely form an insect wave.

Eliogh stood up with a thunderous voice: “Then you have to be careful, don’t step on me to death by accident.”

Smoogh also laughed: “I also want to remind you, worry about not getting us to the feet.”

For the creatures of Paused Treaty Star Field, there is no word for unity in the dictionary.

The leader of the side 2 stepped back, and Frius said: “You see, even we can’t fully restrain these guys. So it’s more appropriate for them to participate in the door-to-door battle. After opening the space door and entering Ebouins, efficient cooperation is required. It’s the patent of the league guys, they are good babies.”

paused, Frius said: “Maybe we can start first.”

Allen looked towards the space door, the door has been completely stabilized. This stabilization will last for a certain period of time, and the portal will shrink when the energy stored in the five King’s Warehouses begins to drop to the level. At this time, there were already a lot of combat units from The Burning Legion pouring out. It’s just that those are low-level battle units, and the number is limited. It seems that Ebouins hasn’t noticed any abnormalities here.

Allen nodded, he doesn’t want to wait until the opponent summons the army to launch an offense. The current situation is that whoever controls the gate first has the initiative. With a gesture, Frius turned and returned to his private ship. Then there was a thunder. Eliogh rushed to the portal first. Behind him, there were 10000 Gelai giants, nearly 100 Dark Titans, and a dozen Prison Flame Giants!

As soon as the giant’s army went out, Cannes Clan set off a wave of insects, and a densely packed area of ​​Jhana followed the giant’s footsteps and followed behind the giant. Then came the Catu army, headed by the tribal chief Hubble, the Catu charged from the left flank riding the roar. as for Right wing, but contracted to Blade Demon, these Fiends pushed forward quickly, screaming and rushing forward.

Following the battleship of the Neelm and Kidd people across the sky, the hong long long ground fired first, and the gunfire fell on the monster on the body emerging from the door, and even forced a king who had just got out of the space door back.


In the Hall of Withering, the Son of Dusk stood up suddenly on the high platform: “You said our space overlaps with the universe over there?”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Power of the Fire Ocean Gugliemo said solemnly: “Now, the army of the universe over there has swarmed to the door. I have urgently dispatched the kings near the door and their army to rush away, but I am afraid it will not last long. .”

Son of Dusk sat down and said separately: “It seems that this is the real intention of Dusk Clan. Archimedes could have escaped, but he chose a dead end. I thought he was stupid before, but now it seems that he is attracting us. His attention makes us completely ignorant of the space door.”

“Very well, as cattle and sheep, you want to resist the ranchers, so let these cattle and sheep die the pasture.” Son of Dusk said solemnly: “Go, the overlapping space doors must be in our hands!”

“Follow, Your Highness.”

At this moment, the battle for the space gate has begun. I thought it would be easy to enter the space gate, but Ebouins’ response was not slow. Soon a large number of troops poured out from the space gate, and the tyrannical aura of A path of appeared inside the gate. Those are all the breath of the king, even though they are only inferior, but there are 100 such breaths!

100 kings are here.

Even the fearless Eliogh frowned, but the mountainside giant Yue rushed up, kicked, and sent a large number of enemy troops together with a dozen kings to the sky. The giant stepped down again, give Rise to a circle of shock waves, and smashed a large number of enemies invisible. Then the war above heaven under earth started in an all-round way, and the two sides launched a fierce offensive and defensive battle around the space gate.

The Gelai giant pounced forward and succeeded, rushing on the defensive line of The Burning Legion regardless of loss. Cannes Clan is much more insidious. These insects suddenly got into the desert and then launched an attack from below. Catu people and Blade Demon people gathered the battle lines, flanking The Burning Legion from the left and right 2 side, and the battleship formations of Neelm and Kidd people competed against enemy air units in the air.

Looking at it, the space gate was almost covered by the armies of both sides, and the outline of the gate was completely invisible.

At this time, Dobiya sounded the offensive bugle horn, and Specter Country also beat the drum of war. In addition to the fact that Allen and Frius did not move, the army of the 2 Great Emperor also began to advance. Especially the General of both sides, these super powerhouses that can directly use void origin force were put on the battlefield, and the defensive line of The Burning Legion began to lose ground.

Even if 100 lower kings join forces, they cannot stop the joint attack of many super powerhouses. Suddenly, all kinds of strange rays of light appeared on the battlefield, flame burning wind dancing wildly, electric light Thunderclap masterpiece, this was only the first battle to win the door, but this nameless planet can no longer withstand the impact of many powerhouse origin forces, and the desert is shaking. Get up, as if the planet is shaking.

Thousands of creatures died in an instant.

Life and death spilled out a magnificent picture. Life has never been as gorgeous as this moment, and has never been as short as this second.

Standing on the designated bridge of the Aidahua Star Starship, Orpheus leaned on the railing with both hands, and sighed: “We didn’t expect the 1st Stage war to be completed by our former enemies.”

“Allen Your Majesty has already said that the Paused Treaty Star Field’s army is more suitable for this war. As for enters the gate, we need to play.”

“Yes.” Looking at Gulliver next to him, Orpheus said: “How much time will the army of our alliance need to gather?”

“The vanguard army has been assembled, and the main force will take at least an hour.”

“It looks like we can only wait.” Orpheus looked towards the screen, and it felt like a year.

The battle continues.

The Burning Legion’s army is constantly pouring out of the space gate, as if the soldiers of Ebouins are endless. The fact is the same. Now Giant Chief and Prison Flame Giant are entangled by Ebouins’ giant beast, Cannes Clan has also received special attention. The second side of the dynasty spread out, resisting the Catu and Blade Demon armies.

The situation seemed to fall into a stalemate state.

But at this moment, the light on the battlefield suddenly dimmed, and a ball of Fireball fell to the side of the door like a meteor. When the Fireball landed, a black flame blew up silently, sweeping through the many enemy troops by the door like a wave, the king, and even the upper king, silently perished under this black fire.

After the black fire, the front door was already empty. Eliogh seizes an opportunity and crashed into the door. A dozen Prison Flame Giant followed closely from behind, followed by Dark Titan, Gelai Giant, and Smoogh and other Jhana people.

Allen looked at the private ship of Frius, and saw that on the deck of the private ship, the Emperor of Darkness was retracting the long sword Lightless. Obviously, the black fire just came from his handwriting. He smiled at Allen slightly and stared at the battlefield.

After the black fire opened the situation, the battle for the gate entered the 2nd stage, and then the war inside the gate. The army rushing into the gate must resist the attack of The Burning Legion, and then ensure the passage of the gate and provide a guarantee for the entry of the Alliance troops.

It will be even more tragic!

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