Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1862

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As soon as Eliogh entered the space door, before he had adapted to the high temperature environment of Ebouins, a huge fist that surrounded the flames blasted to his face. The Giant Chief was also sturdy, loudly roared, and looked up.

Iron head to Iron Fist!

A muffled sound, resounding 3000 li!

Eliogh’s mind was dizzy for a while, and then he saw clearly that a giant king who was almost as tall as him on the opposite side retreated frequently, crashed a mountain peak, and sat down in a large lava lake. The king’s right hand was broken, but coldly snorted still sounded under the mask, and he stood up on the mountain, raised his feet and splashed a piece of lava to Eliogh! Giant Chief roar rushed forward, letting lava spill on the body and scalding smoke, but stretched out his hand to catch the king.

The king had only one arm, and couldn’t stop Eliogh from grabbing his waist. He could only bend his elbow with one arm and hit the giant’s shoulder. Under the impact, Eliogh’s shoulder sank slightly, and his flesh was bruised. The king is going to hit him again. The Giant Chief has already hugged him and fell back. The king’s head fell to the ground with a thrilling cracking sound, and the armor between his neck and neck was shattered. Eliogh stands up moved towards his waist kicked, this king He flew out, hitting a rushing Fire Horned Demon.

Only then did Eliogh have time to look up, but his heart was extremely heavy.

The entrance is an open plain with only a few high mountains. Now The Burning Legion is covering the mountains and plains, from Fire Horned Demon, Gnomes to Raging Flames Knight, to One-Eyed Giant and Fire Giant beast, apart from this, and there are flying giant beasts with different images. . There are giant jellyfish floating in midair like skyscrapers, exotic animals that look like dragons but fly with flame tentacles on their backs, and even have giants with 6 wings on their backs like angels…

These giants and monsters are all powerful and powerful, almost all of them are powerful beings that can rival Eliogh!

Eliogh took a deep breath, squeezed loudly shouted from his chest, strode forward, moved towards the 6-winged giant and rushed. Behind him, more than a dozen Prison Flame Giants of the same size pounced on the strange beast. Next, the Dark Titan and Gelai giants who entered the door greeted 10000000 million times their ground enemy soldiers. The Cannes Clan, Catu, Blade Demon, etc. who rushed to the door also spread out, forming a vast defensive measured in kilometers. line, work hard and create the security field behind the coalition forces.

The fleets of Kidd people and Neelm people also followed into Ebouins, and their combat targets were the Poisonous Fire Vulture, the 4-wing flying wolf and other aerial battle units. So the war outside the door quietly extended to the inside, and the intensity was more intense.

At this time, Paused Treaty Star Field troops from other planets also rushed in. Although these alien troops from all kinds of planets did not have the battle strength of the seven powerful races, they were sturdy and surpassed by the large number. They took over. The Burning Legion those low-level battle units, the two sides collided vigorously, and the Fireball of various colors came and went through the edges, intertwining a tragic and magnificent picture!

10000000 million creatures are violently confronting each other on this plain, fighting to death, all to death.

Eliogh stretched out his hand, tore off a piece of light wing, and threw it out. Raise your foot and step on it, exploding the head of the 6-wing giant. He took a breath, a purple thunder gun at the chest was still buzzing and trembling, and rolling thunder beads continued to escape from the edge of the thunder gun, creating mass explosions around it. Eliogh stretched out his hand to hold the thunder gun, blasted it straight, and looked towards the battlefield.

There are only four of the dozen Prison Flame Giants left, and the rest have been killed by the opponent’s monsters or perish together with them in the collision just now. Eliogh is sad. The fertility of their family is low. After every giant is born, it will take 4 years to evolve from the ordinary Gelai giant to the Dark Titan, and even to the Prison Flame Giant. This is also the reason why the number of Gelai race is so scarce. Today, for the war inside and outside the door, all the elites of Gelai race are probably going to be ruined here.

Even if he had planned to not return before he set off, it was only at this moment that Eliogh knew how painful it was.

No return, no return.

It is impossible to return.

But it cannot be returned.

“Gelai race, die for our descendants! You die here, in exchange for death!” Eliogh uttered a roar in the old Gelai race saying, resolutely moved forward and ran.

The mountains shook.

The Giant Chief jumped up suddenly and reached out to catch the giant jellyfish floating in the midair. The umbrella-like body of the jellyfish lit up with fire, and one after another Fireball burst out from the tentacles on the body of the giant. Eliogh ripped it off with a roar, grabbed the Dragon Beast’s head with the fire belt with his other hand, and yelled and pushed the two giant alien beasts into the distance, crashing into a high mountain ahead.

Carved landslide!

After Allen and Frius entered the space gate, they appeared before one’s eyes. Even if it was Frius, they looked silently.

Paused Treaty Star Field, 10000000 million creatures, most of the dead.

Looking around, there are corpses all over the battlefield. It is this corpses everywhere across the field that creates a secure field inside the door, ensuring that the army behind can enter continuously. In the distance of the battlefield, a long whistle.

Allen squinted.

That’s Eliogh, and on his one’s side there are 2 Prison Flame Giants. as for other Gelai giants, Dark Titan has not seen one. At this moment, the remaining three giants are densely packed with countless combat units on the body. Eliogh’s two eyes were already blind, and blood flowed from the giant’s eyes like a river. The giant continued to throw enemies on the body, but gave a king as huge as a mountain a sharp battle from behind. spear passed by.

When he was dying, Eliogh broke the battle spear, hugged the king’s head, and slammed into the king’s face, perish together!

The remaining two Prison Flame Giants looked at each other, and the flames lighted up simultaneously on the body, suddenly Self-destruction, turned into a dazzling Fireball on the horizon, and rolled in 2 The Burning Legion. Shengsheng cleared a huge gap among the enemy troops everywhere.

At this point, Gelai race, all members died!

When the Fireball rose, the private ship of Orpheus also entered the gate. After watching Fireball, Eliogh was still standing, standing in Combustion’s body. The Emperor of Aidahua Star had a complicated mood. These giants were still their enemies, but at this moment, they all died in Ebouins in order to open the door. Even if it was an enemy, Orpheus couldn’t help but respect him.

The creatures of Paused Treaty Star Field opened the door, and the Empire Army of Dobiya and Specter Country took over the defensive line and consolidated it. Taking this opportunity, the Alliance troops headed by Aidahua Star continuously entered the door. Seeing millions and millions of creatures on the ahead battlefield are being torn and killed, everyone in the Alliance Army feels as complicated as Orpheus. In front of the common enemy, the boundaries of the former enemy have become very blurred.

Immediately, the silhouette of Orpheus appeared on the screens of all alliance battleships. King of Righteousness, wearing a golden battle armor and holding a gorgeous gigantic sword, said in a loud voice: “The soldiers of the Paused Treaty Star Field have opened the door for us. The situation, then, next is our battlefield. Let them see, it’s not just their Paused Treaty Star Field soldiers who are fearless!”

“And us!”

King of Righteousness raise one’s sword.

At the next moment, all the battleships burst into shouts: “There are us!”

The fleet that was densely covered with the sky began to divide its forces. According to the previous plan, the Alliance Army would be divided into 5 fleets to attack a Place of Birth. Each fleet is led by a king under Allen, and Fire of the Abyss has informed the king who is in charge of guiding the way of the locations of several Places of Birth. In addition to Twilight, including Mithinas, all the kings under Allen were dispatched to lead these huge fleets to the Place of Birth.

The side of the as for space gate is jointly defended by the combined forces of Specter Country and Dobiya. All they have to do is to guard the door and simultaneously contain part of the Ebouins army. Specter Country is headed by Blade Demon Jalene, and General is the best. For Dobiya, Fire Demon Beiroukai and Iron Demon Feili joined forces to support the Empire’s army.

At this time, on Allen’s private ship, the silhouettes of Orpheus and Frius appeared on the screen of the command hall.

Frius indifferently said: “Then, we should also set off. I can’t help but want to see what Hall of Withering looks like.”

Allen nodded, lightly said: “Go.”

A Fire Dragon soars into the sky, but a giant dragon of flames transformed by Twilight. She got the Seed of Fire from Helsingorse, inherited all the memories of the Inflammatory Vault of Heaven, and naturally knew the location of Dusk Hill. The giant dragon was in front, and the three Supreme’s battleships were behind, and the fleet of 3 flying warships escorted away from the battlefield by the gate. This fleet has the smallest number, but without a doubt, it is the team with the strongest battle strength.

Allen sat upright, with Lucy on his left and Laura on his right. 2 On the side stood white, Bellemodre and the others.

On their ahead, on the screen of the command hall, Ebouins’ Mother Earth is retreating fast. On the other side of the porthole, the silhouette of the giant between Heaven and Earth still exists.

“Finally, it’s this moment.” Allen said softly.

Lucy and Laura both squeezed his hands. He looked at the shield and said: “Priest once said that every person born into the world has his own meaning. It’s just that some people find it, and some are I spent my life in muddleheaded. I was lucky to find my meaning. Destroying Hall of Withering and ending Universe’s Dusk, so that our children and descendants no longer need to be lambs to be slaughtered. This is the meaning of my birth. It is from me The moment I opened my eyes and saw this World, it already existed, and now, I am finally going to finish it.”

“I must finish it!”

At this time, a black spot appeared in the head of the fleet, the raging sun that made people unable to look directly.

Then came a slice.

A huge air force is coming to meet the fleet.

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