Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1863

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Fireball is everywhere, composing a gorgeous picture.

The Burning Legion has 10000 air units attacking endlessly around this alliance fleet, and battle formations composed of armies from different planets continue to move flexibly to resist The Burning Legion’s almost endless attacks. At the center of the fleet, a battleship bears the Flying Eagle logo of the Earth Federation. In the command hall of the battleship, dozens of silhouettes of varying heights were standing around a holographic map instrument.

Scanned by light waves on the map, the real-time three-dimensional map is showing the landscape below the fleet. The military representative on the battleship, Adjutant Mirren of Greedy Wolf Windsor Bellow, pointed to the map below and said: “Although we have assembled a super army Yes, this is a super army in the true sense. But now that we go deep into the enemy’s hinterland, coupled with the spread of forces, in fact we are still at a disadvantage.”

“What does General Mirren mean?” If Mirren is the representative of the military, obviously, Horn who is talking at this moment is the representative of the nobles. This time, The Surface aristocrats are almost all out of battle strength. They are the three giants and almost all of them. Everyone knows the truth, if Ebouins loses the war, then no amount of resources will be used. On the other hand, if this battle is won, then each family is just a strength great injury, but the roots are still there, and one day they will regain their vitality and glory again.

“We can’t entangle with the miscellaneous soldiers. We must concentrate our efforts to destroy the Place of Birth in one fell swoop. So just now I have contacted other leaders and used our outer formations to take charge of the defense, and the main force assaults with full force. You can imagine that it will be on the Place of Birth by then. We will definitely kick the iron plate. Now our purpose is so obvious that the enemy is impossible to notice. Therefore, when the time comes, we still need a tough team.” Mirren raised his head and said solemnly: “When the time comes, I will rush At the forefront.”

There were no passionate words, but everyone could see Mirren’s determination.

Rodey next to Horn said immediately, “That must be me!”

“You stay in the second echelon.” Horn said with a smile: “If all the power is concentrated in a wave of attacks, yes, the firepower will get the maximum concentration, but the battery life is a problem. So I propose to divide the assault team into 2 to 2 echelons. The first echelon is composed of super powerhouses that have access to void origin force like me and General Mirren. Then the second echelon or even the third echelon will enable this Level 3 powerhouse, so it is correct The enemy’s position caused a continuous shock, eventually piercing the enemy’s line in one fell swoop.”

Mirren said with a bitter smile: “I still couldn’t hide Mr. Horn’s sharp eyes.”

Horn laughed without answering.

Rodey frowned said: “I don’t agree. I should be allowed to work hard such as attacking the battlefield. Father, you should stay behind and hold the battlefield.”

Horn narrowed his smile and said every word: “I have decided, this time you must listen to me.”

Mirren looked at their father and son and said: “In fact, Mr. Horn is right. The first echelon will encounter the greatest resistance. If the super powerhouse does not join forces to attack, our advancement will only be hindered. It even causes the tail to be eaten by the enemy. When we get the enemy back and forth, that’s the most terrifying.”


“Okay, Rodey. When did you become such a mother-in-law?” Horn was already a little unhappy.

Rodey sighed and softly said, “If Allen was here, he would definitely disagree.”

“So I’m not going to tell him.” Horn indifferently said.

Mirren glanced at the other people and said, “If you have no problems, then I will start assigning manpower now. Other alien powerhouses have to be added to the assault list. Now I have their information on hand, just to refer to each person’s ability. Focus on the arrangement. I need ten minutes before I retire.”

He walked to a Wisdom Brain and started to operate it.

Rodey and Horn walked to the porthole, outside the window, even though the alliance’s battleship formation adopted a defensive strategy, they still inevitably died in battle. Every second, Fireball blooms on the periphery of the fleet, and then falls, drawing the final splendor on the blood and fire battlefield. Pressing his hand on the porthole, Horn turned his eyes softly, and said softly, “Back then, my military expedition Dark Field Star was attacked as soon as I entered the planet, which is almost the way it is now. At that time, your mother just became pregnant with you, I Thinking, what if I can’t go back?”

“Father…” Rodey looked complicated.

Horn lightly said with a smile: “But this thought just passed away. When I was young, I had absolute confidence in myself. I believed that I could go back alive, so I went back and put the head of a General Cutting edge As a memorial in our castle.”

“Afterwards, to revitalize the family, I worked almost day and night. Now that I think about it, I consciously owe your mother. And you, Rodey, because you are the eldest son. So until now I am very strict with you, even When I was unkind. But seeing you now, I feel relieved.”

Horn watched the artillery fire outside the window, said indifferently: “The family has you, as long as this war can be won, then Beskard will continue to be honored for 100 years. If Allen can go back, then our family will enjoy 1000 years of honor. Yes. So now, there is you and Allen. I feel relieved, very relieved.”

“No, father. It sounds uncomfortable for me to say that.” Rodey loudly said, “Do you think I’m afraid of death? No, I’m fearless.”

Horn turned around, patted his thick shoulders and said, “I know that your courage is not lost to anyone, but unless I die, I won’t let you die in front of me. Understand? I’ve already walked through one. Age, I have come to the end of the age. The age that belongs to me should be over, and your age has just begun. So I order you, Rodey. This is the last time I order you to live with all my strength!”


“Don’t worry, Young Master.” Gun Demon Fordin bit a cigarette and walked to Horn’s by one’s side said with a smile: “If Lord is destined not to return, then I will accompany him. As for the world over there, It’s too early for you, so don’t come here. Anyway, no matter where Lord goes, I will follow him and he will be there to serve him.”

Horn laughed: “That’s it.”

Rodey’s eyes reddened, fiercely said: “If you two are dead, don’t blame me for hating you forever! Because of you, I will taste infinite regret in the long days to come!”

Then turned and left.

Horn smiled bitterly and said, “This child, he is already quite young, and he seems to be like a young child.”

“After all, our Family Owner has a Pure Heart.” Fordin said with a smile.

2 people looked at each other and smiled.

“If you have to go to another world, you don’t have to follow, Fordin.”

“That’s how it works, Lord. When you brought me out from Black Street, I vowed that I would follow in your footsteps throughout my life. No matter where you go, no matter the heaven or hell, I will follow you anyway. “

“Fortunately, Anna is not as rascal as you.”

“Fortunately, she didn’t come.”

“Yes.” Horn looked at his silhouette reflected in the window: “At least, there is still a secret samurai left for Rodey.”

The fleet moves forward.

Place of Birth is in sight.

The huge lava lake suddenly boiled, and a giant beast emerged from the lake. It was as big as a mountain and its head was like a Dragon Tortoise. Its mouth spouted out a pillar of fire. At first it was just raging flames, gradually the flames began to become pure, and finally a beam of thermal energy blasted into the fleet. As soon as Fang made contact, the outer frigate exploded, turned into a Fireball and fell towards Mother Earth, and then one ship after another battleship opened the energy barrier. But the battleship that bore the brunt was still penetrated by the light beam, and the hull was swept across and exploded into two pieces. The cross-section was fiery red, and Flowing Fire 2 splashed the hull of the ship and fell. Numerous black spots scattered all over the sky, all soldiers thrown from the battleship.

This beam of thermal energy passed through the fleet, blasted into the great cloud of the sky, and exploded dazzling flames above the clouds.

When this beam of light was released, the giant beast’s breath immediately fell to the bottom, but the battleship with a fleet exceeding one third was blown up, and the rest were severely damaged. Only less than 5 battleships could be preserved intact.

The Horn they were on happened to be one of them. Just now, a battleship next to them was cut off, and the impact of the explosion made their hull sway.

Afterwards, the Place of Birth below raised all the tyrannical air engines. Each Qi machine is a king, and there are more than 100 breaths like this.

Over 100 kings.

The army gathered by over 100 kings almost surrounded the entire Place of Birth impenetrably, and formed a defensive line of iron barrels. As Mirren said, it is an iron plate.

Among these kings, there is no shortage of auras who are particularly overbearing and have special aura. Those who are all high-ranking kings, thrown into the universe are the super powerhouses of the star field!

At this time, Horn heard the broadcast. It was a broadcast by Mirren, and their fleet was about to start an assault. As Horn previously proposed, Mirren has arranged the list of the first echelon. Nearly 20 super powerhouses including Horn will serve as vanguard. Everyone knows what vanguard means, which means that they are the front of a long sword. If you stab them with one sword, they would rather not return!

Everyone is concentrated on the deck platform of the battleship. In addition to the super powerhouses on the Earth Federation side, there are also fierce men from other planets. These foreign star’s people have different shapes, but everyone has strong battle strength, and each has its own characteristics, and all are weak.

Mirren clicked nodded when he saw Horn, and softly said: “I will be the tip of the whole team, and Mr. Horn can follow me to operate.”

“Your kindness is accepted, but this tip of the blade should be taken by the strongest person.” Horn said with a smile, suddenly released his energy, and the Garment of the Rising Sun Monarch, which severely damaged Demon Monarch Cargasso, reappeared that day. Horn’s flames are robe. Autumn Winds came out of the sheath, first turned into a golden light and broke through the air.

Fordin haha ​​laughed and followed the old man.

Mirren sighed, and the third jumped off the deck.

Then A path of meteor broke through the sky, and 20 super powerhouses went to death together!

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