Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1864

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“Oh yeah…”

In the command hall of the Sirius battleship, Rose Empress’s Legion Chief Merlin turned his head and saw someone walking towards him stretched out.

There was still a few moments of moisture hanging around the corner of his eyes, and a look of laziness and no awareness of the life and death battle, Sirius’s Legion Chief Windsor Bellow yawned and said: “Isn’t there yet, what Place of Birth?”

She hugged Endless Fort and sat on Marshal’s seat. Two long and narrow eyes that had not been fully opened floated towards Merlin: “How long have I slept.”

“Ten minutes, a little more, right? You can still sleep a little longer.” Merlin said, “Anyway, I can watch it for you. It won’t get in the way.”

“That’s not good, it’s good to be able to take a nap. If people know that my coach is still sleeping lazily before the battle, how can I let those good guys scream and fight.

“Windsor Bellow covered his mouth so as not to yawn again.

“So you still have the consciousness of being a coach, so I am White worried?”

Windsor Bellow raised his small face arrogantly, and said with a grimace: “Of course, everyone knows that I am the Commander-in-chief of the Federal Army. Hey, I actually believe in that old lion, if he was there. Just let him do the chores, anyway, he likes these jobs best.”

“Didn’t expect you to miss him.” Merlin laughed.

Windsor Bellow straightened his clothes, said with a nod: “The last battle, he played beautifully. Unfortunately, he can’t see the current war, or he regrets that he died too early then.”

She looked, outside the porthole, the fire of war was burning.

“This is the great battlefield for the Shroud of Heroes, that old lion, he died too fast and too lonely.”

Listening to Windsor Bellow’s lightly said, Merlin could hardly recognize his good friend. She rarely sees such a deep Windsor Bellow, always so arrogant, which is what a greedy wolf should be. In this way, Merlin was a little uncomfortable. no matter if it is on what kind of battlefield, no matter how bad the battle is, it will always exude a queen-like aura. The woman who sees Thousand Army 10000 horses like nothing is the backbone of Sirius. Seeing her like that, looking at her unbridled smile on her face, no soldier will feel depressed no matter how bad the situation is.

And now…

The previous second was still full of sentimental expression. This second Windsor Bellow jumped up, revealing her signature smile and asked: “Where is that guy Catherine.”

“On the deck, I saw her just now.”

“I’ll find her.”

Merlin asked in a mischievous manner: “Why, plan to have a good relationship with the future sister? That’s right, I heard that by one’s side there are many women, it’s all about finding an alliance.”

Windsor Bellow turned her head back with a smirk. She reached out and lifted Merlin’s chin and said, “Well, or else you will come together too. We didn’t say to be good sisters for a lifetime, just so that there is no need to separate.”

“Forget it, I just look down on a kid.”

“Yes, you are already an aunt.” Then with an arrogant laugh, Windsor Bellow took the Source Device and left the hall.

“It’s a beggar.” Merlin lowered his head, looked at the three-dimensional map right now, tapped some of the details, and said with a voice that he could only hear: “Of course I can’t go with you, little fool. You. This guy who doesn’t know how to take care of himself, this time I have to look at you no matter what. So… I probably have no chance to go back, right?”

On the battleship deck, Gale is fierce.

Windsor Bellow fastened her military cap with one hand, not as for letting the wind blow, and then she saw Catherine. The girl sits on the deck with her knees, facing the 10000000 Fireball outside the fleet alone, as if watching a magnificent firework.

“Blowing water here is out of the question comfortable, right?” Windsor Bellow sat down beside her and said: “The wind here is too strong and too hot. If you blow too much, the skin will be rough.”

She looked towards Catherine: “But no man likes a dry woman.”

Catherine remained silent.

So Windsor Bellow stubbornly held her small face and pulled it in his direction: “I said you will die if you talk, don’t let me talk to myself, if people hear them, they have to worry about whether my nerves are normal. “

“Do you usually talk so much?” Catherine moved her lips, spitting out such a word from her small mouth.

“Nor, but I don’t want to say more now, I’m afraid I won’t have a chance in the future.” Windsor Bellow put one hand on Catherine’s shoulder: “Hey, why not stay on his by one’s side?”

“I don’t need me there, here, I need.” Catherine’s words have always been brief.

“Fart, isn’t the elder sister impossible to subdue without you? It’s too small, I said you, hurry up and get on a small ship to his side.” Windsor Bellow patted her little face. : “How can you say that you are also her woman, then you should stay on his by one’s side, right?”

Catherine looked at her with deep eyes: “What about you?”

Windsor Bellow slapped haha, “What are you talking about, I am a better woman than any man, so I don’t have to rely on him for shelter.”

“No one told you that when you lied, the left eyelid kept jumping.” Catherine said.

greedy wolf was taken aback: “Really?”

“Cheat you.”

“Aiya, you would be a lie. It’s amazing, I want to punish you.” Windsor Bellow smiled and grabbed Catherine’s chest with one hand, and then exclaimed: “Look at you thin, didn’t expect Quite expected. It would be a pity if you die, so…”

She lowered her voice and said, “Just leave here.”

Catherine took her paw away coldly and said, “Why don’t you go?”

“Why should I leave?” Windsor Bellow raised his head, the haze on his face was swept away, and his small face bloomed with incomparable rays of light again. She stood up and opened her arms and said: “I belong here, you know, Catherine. I have been working hard, trying to be better than men, to tell some people that I don’t need their support. I’m Windsor Bellow, You can hit a world by yourself!”

“From Private, to the school officer, to the general, and finally to become Marshal. I have used countless examples to tell those people that I will not lose to any man. This is my pride and what I am most proud of. What’s more proud is that behind me, there are 1000000 absolutely people who gave their lives to me. As long as I make a noise, they are willing to die for me!” Windsor Bellow raised his head so high that Catherine could not see To the expression on her face.

Catherine bet there is absolutely no smug expression on Greedy Wolf’s face at this moment.

Some, maybe some kind of unknown heaviness.

“…So you said, how can I leave. Even if I feel really tired, even if I really want to be a federal Marshal, just be an ordinary little girl who cares about money. Just lean on him like this, let He sheltered…”

Windsor Bellow shook the head: “But I can’t, because I am a greedy wolf, and I must be responsible for those bastards who entrust my life to me!”

“They are willing to die for me, if they want to die, I am first!”

In a word, it is resolute and decisive.

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