Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1865

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The flashing fire on the screen illuminate the face of the youngest Legion Chief in the Federation. Sirfa pursed his mouth and looked at the peripheral battleship on the screen that had been skyrocketed. He could not help squeezing his fists and then said in a slightly hoarse voice: ” Notify the ships and prepare for the impact.”

As soon as the notice was sent, the Black Wing battleship he was in shook violently, and a flying beast about the size of a small battleship landed on the battleship deck. The flying beasts waved their 2 claws, tearing up the last fort of the battleship, and then jumping from it on the body to the battle unit of The Burning Legion. They took the flying beasts to the battleship, and the flying beasts like this still There are quite a few. These guys who acted as the role of the air transport plane transported ground troops to the high altitude battlefield. In an instant, the fleet of this alliance staged a futile attack and defense.

The red warning lights flashed in the Black Wing battleship, and the soldiers in the battleship quickly went to the hull deck to confront the enemy on the ship. Sirfa also came to the armored platform of battleship, which has become a battlefield, with flames flying. Relying on the fort and other objects on the platform, the Union soldiers fought desperately against the enemy soldiers boarding the ship. a The school officers have become the backbone of the battlefield. They are the nodes that support the front. Almost all of these school officers have released the Source Ancestral Projection, either for offense or to cover the soldiers on the side.

“God said, must have light.” Sirfa chanted lightly, and immediately centered on him, a pale-gold radiance spread like flowing water, the person who was flown by this radiance. no matter if it is no matter if it is a soldier or a colonel, Spirit shook, and some minor wounds healed in an instant.

This is Sirfa’s ability. His domain can be used for defense and can also be used to bless the battle strength of soldiers on the side, so Sirfa has another title on the battlefield.


“God said, blessing his name, you will not be hurt by swords, nor be invaded by fire or water.”

Another piece of brilliance shined on the battleship platform, and all the soldiers and officers of the Federation floated on the body with golden rays of light. These rays of light faintly form the appearance of armor, and then disappear within the body. Sirfa improved their physical defensive power and resistance to the impact of origin force, and then stretched out his hand to catch it, and countless golden light particles gathered in his hand to form a gorgeous gigantic sword surrounded by white flame.

The young Legion Chief a long whistle, dragging the gigantic sword like an angel descending from the world, crashed into The Burning Legion. His brilliance was as dazzling as the sun, making the soldiers and officers of the Federation Spirit shaken, and followed Sirfa’s pace to launch a counterattack.

Sirfa cut off the flying beast’s head, split its body, and sprayed off the white flame from the sword, burning the flying beast’s body into countless fluorescent lights. Legion Chief glanced at the battlefield, basically the battle on the battleship was almost over. But at this moment, behind Sirfa’s back, a dark gray band of light suddenly split in the space, and a long spear pierced out of the band, taking Sirfa’s back straight.

Suddenly, Legion Chief felt something was different, and the whirlwind turned around, and the tip of the gun was close at hand.

But at this moment, a fist was inserted between the two, hit the side of the battle spear, slammed the gun to the side, and nearly wiped Sirfa’s body. Then the gray light band expanded, and a king strode out from the inside and swept across with his gun. Sirfa lifted the sword one square, and then someone flashed to the king by one’s side and thundered his fist. There were purple electric fires jumping on the two fists of that person. When they hit the king, they would split into thunder beads.

To Sirfa’s surprise, the uniform that this person wore was obviously a Federal Private, the lowest-level soldier, not even a non-commissioned officer. But the imposing manner he distributed at this moment was not lower than that of Sirfa, the Legion Chief, or even higher. Sirfa didn’t have time to pay attention, and rushed forward with his sword, and joined hands with this man.

After a while, the king was punched through the chest by the man, and he cut off Sirfa’s head, and then was kicked off the battleship by two persons simultaneously leg raised.

At this point, the battle on the battleship really ended.

The electric fire on the man’s fist receded and turned around to see clearly his appearance, Sirfa’s whole body was shaken.

The battleship is still advancing. The Burning Legion’s strategy of boarding ships was eventually disintegrated by the Alliance, but the Alliance fleet also lost several battleships, and the fleet is still moving forward. On the Black Wing battleship, technical engineers are rushing to repair the damaged fort, and people coming, people going on the battleship platform are very lively. At the end of the battleship, it is very quiet here. Sirfa was standing next to a fort, looking at the man with 2 hands on the railing at the edge of the platform.

He took off his individual combat helmet, showing short hair that was no more than an inch long, and grinned: “Don’t be so careless next time, General Sirfa.”

Sirfa shook the head, “You shouldn’t be here.”

“Then where should I be?” This person said with a smile, “In the White House office? Do you want me to wait for your news across the ten thousand li star road? No, I can’t do it.”

“But this is not a place where the president should come, sir!”

This person is Morbit, the Federal President, but today he is wearing a Private uniform. If he hadn’t been recognized in the battle just now, I’m afraid that even if the battle is over, no one would have known that the Federal President went to the battlefield in person and pretended to be a soldier.

Morbit spread his hands and said, “There is nothing that shouldn’t come, Sirfa. I have already arranged the arrangements, and even the next presidential candidate has been decided. If we have tomorrow, the Federation will continue to exist. Don’t worry. So I can’t do anything on Earth. Why don’t you come here and contribute my strength.”

“Don’t forget, I was a soldier before becoming a president!”

Sirfa still shook his head.

“Okay, you can’t drive me back this time. Why don’t you talk to me.”

Morbit looked towards the fleet behind, the air force of The Burning Legion launched another attack, but was stopped by the outer battleship. Looking at the fierce fire of war in the air, Morbit said: “Unconsciously, I have served as the Federal President for almost 20 years. In fact, I have not had a good time for these 20 years. Before becoming President, I had an ambition. , Always thinking of sweeping away the luxury of the nobles with the spirit of the soldiers, and tearing off the vampires lying on the fat of the Federation.”

“But when I really get to that position, I know that everything is not easy. Many things move the whole body. On the battlefield, even a commander. What I have to consider is how to fight this war. But in the position of president, what I want to see is not only a war of before one’s eyes, and subsequent battles, large and small, countless battlefields.”

“Are you tired?” Sirfa asked.

“Tired, of course tired.” Morbit turned his back to him, nodded hard: “I have wanted to resign several times, but for the future of the Federation, even if this position is hot, I have to sit down.”

“I always believe that nobles should disappear. If this group of people always have privileges, Earth is impossible to have true equality and fairness. So from the moment I sit in that position, I will put each and everyone chess piece, and finally let All split up and in pieces within the nobility. Unfortunately, I still miscalculated some things later, and even replaced me by a stand-in. But even if I were to start over from scratch, I would not regret everything I did.”

Morbit suddenly sighed heavily. The silhouette that had been standing in front of people seemed to be a little bit awkward now.

“Twenty years in power, both merits and demerits. At the end of the day, I can’t tell whether the merits are greater or the demerits are greater. Even I’m always asking myself whether I should sit down in this position or should I retreat. Will the Federation be better if someone else becomes the president?”

Sirfa softly said: “You have done well.”

Morbit laughed dryly, raised his hand and shook it, then put it down, and said, “I can only say that as for is good or not, this is left to future generations to judge. As for now, seriously , I’m a little grateful for this Universe’s Dusk. Otherwise, I probably can’t put aside the burden of the president and be a soldier.”

“Yes, in my heart, I really like to be a soldier more.”

Morbit turned his head: “So today, there is no Federal President, only one Private. Do you understand, General Sirfa.”

Sirfa knew it was useless to persuade him, so he could only order nodded.

Morbit put on his helmet again and walked to the front of the ship: “Then let us go and blast those guys’ eggs together.”

Then he added: “If they have this stuff too.”

Sirfa smiled bitterly and watched the figure leave.

Immediately, Place of Birth was in sight, and the Alliance fleet assaulted. Including the Black Wing battleship, all the soldiers on board charged with blood and lives to put an end to their military life.

Private rushed into the battle, not more than ten 3.

Ebouins, fire of war 4 onwards.

Probably after the Creator created this space, Ebouins hasn’t been as it is today, and battles are happening everywhere. The Burning Legion is still impacting the portal guarded by the Agares 2 Great Emperor. Simultaneously, the 5 Places of Birth have turned into battlefields. Since it is impossible to know in advance which Places of Birth the Alliance army will attack, the forces of The Burning Legion are extremely dispersed.

This makes even knowing that a fleet has been moved towards Hall of Withering directly, the air units that can be intercepted are very limited. Coupled with the fact that there are 3 Supremes on the fleet, and Twilight, which is comparable to the powerhouse of the 3 giants, the interception power is completely insufficient.

It was easily intercepted by a breakthrough, and then was attacked by several waves, but not long after, Dusk Hill finally appeared ahead of the fleet. At this time, Dusk Hill rushed into the stupefying machine, and the main force led by Gugliemo had deployed the army at the foot of Dusk Hill and the sky. Allen looked at the screen in the command hall. Mother Earth was occupied by the army on the screen. Even with the size of the screen, this army could not be fully accommodated.

In the Hall of Withering, sitting on the throne, Son of Dusk stretched his fingers and buckled the handrail, said indifferently, “Is it finally here?”

“Daybreak and Dusk, after all, they have to differentiate themselves!”

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