Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1866

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The Burning Legion’s army is scattered above heaven under earth, densely packed, countless.

On the other hand, Allen’s fleet, even if the frigate is counted, is fully paid, but only 1000 people.

1000 people to 1000000!

Then the battle started in an instant.

First, the army deployed by The Burning Legion on the ground threw various fire streams into the sky, and then the battle unit cluster in the air stormed, but in the blink of an eye, artillery fire intensively covered Allen’s fleet. The frigate continued to explode and fell, and the three private ships deployed their defensive barriers. The giant dragon flying in front of the flames led the way with a roar and shot out 3 fire streams from the wingtips of both wings. The fire stream interweaves like a 10000 flower tube blooming, traverses the air units, and knocks down the flying beasts. More fire streams fell to the ground like a rainstorm, bursting out fireballs, reducing the number of The Burning Legion.

Twilight alone is worth an army.

However, The Burning Legion also not to be trifled with. There are 100 lower kings and more than 100 upper ones, under the order of Gugliemo. Using the origin force as the cable, one light cable set up in the sky, trapping the flame giant dragon, and then pulling it to the ground with force. Even though Twilight inherited the Seed of Fire from Helsingorse, it was unable to lower its height autonomously under the pull of hundreds of original force cables. At this time, the ground forces and air units focused on throwing fire at the fleet, trying to shoot them down before hitting Dusk Hill.

Someone appeared on the majestic battleship deck of Aidahua Star.

Orpheus lifted the gigantic sword and gave a gentle pause.

Engraved in the upper and lower left and right of the fleet, each has a huge engraving with a scale pattern. In addition to the scale pattern, there are many symbols and ancient sayings distributed in each engraved Dayu Mountains. They protected the fleet, so The Burning Legion’s attack fell on these markings and was absorbed one by one.

At this time, the flame giant dragon transformed by Twilight has been pulled to the ground, and the giant dragon opened its mouth and spit out a beam of thermal energy, swiping from left to right. The long cables broke, and then a continuous explosion crossed the battlefield. Suddenly, I don’t know how many kings were killed in this huge explosion. In the explosion, Gugliemo Furious Roar rushed out, jumped onto the midair, holding his Warhammer and slamming it on the head of the flame giant dragon.

Above the sky, after absorbing many attacks, the four huge markings suddenly disappeared, and then the same pattern markings appeared. It’s just that the engravings that emerged this time were only the size of a blue ball, but the number was horribly large, and then a golden beam of light was spit out from each engraving, so a brilliant firework appeared on the sky. Thousands of 4 light beams were thrown away, falling on the air unit, falling between the ground forces, and blowing up countless balls of light!

A group of flames burst open on Mother Earth, the fire stream shot, and a silhouette came out from the fire. Twilight lifted the form of the giant dragon. She carried a platinum long sword with a blond hair dancing, and looked at the majestic man with a hammer indifferently.

“The thief who stole the Helsingorse Seed of Fire! Betrayer! Today, this is your place of death.” Gugliemo said with gnashing teeth.

Twilight said indifferently: “Who wins and who loses is still unknowable. Don’t you think it is too full of words? I intend to absorb your Seed of Fire again!”

“Then you can come and try it.”

Gugliemo Warhammer pointed, and there were kings passing by his left and right, and the sacrifices blasted Twilight with killer moves.

Raised a platinum long sword.

sword light rushes violently, countless silhouettes fall down. Twilight rushed out, and the king was not dead and injured behind her, she had already slashed towards Gugliemo with a single sword.

At this time when many kings and even the might of the Wrath Sea are held by Twilight, although the number of The Burning Legion is large, it cannot prevent the fleet from the sky from crashing into the top of Dusk Hill. At this time, Dusk Hill raised an origin force barrier, barrier 5 was full of light, and the Ebouins symbol flickered. Seeing that the fleet was about to hit the barrier, a dark strip of light suddenly crossed between the barriers, and then the screen all split up and in pieces.

Orpheus, who was still on the armored platform, just went to another private ship. Frius, who had just been sheathed by the long sword, nodded towards him, and then the fleet passed between the broken barriers and stopped at the top platform of Dusk Hill.

A path of Qi skyrocketed, including Orpheus, all the powerhouses on the fleet that could be reported broke through the air and fell to the top of the mountain.

Allen gently put Lucy down and looked up, Hall of Withering suspended above the mountain. It’s just that in front of them, there is a large king of kings. Here count 100 kings to form a strong formation, making it clear to prevent Allen from entering the hall.

Orpheus and Frius came to Allen’s left and right. The three looked at each other and simultaneously shot.

Orpheus’ gigantic sword Arbitrator, Frius’ long sword Lightless, Allen’s Ashes Hymn are all rays of light 4 shots. The three Supremes smashed into the 3 kings, and suddenly formed a strong formation of the kings and tore them apart.

Laura, Bai, Lucy and the powerhouses of Dobiya and Aidahua Star followed after Supreme.

Lucy is holding guns in both hands, Endless Annihilation on the left, and Golden Wild Rose on the right hand. Her battle strength is not as good as that of the king, but these two guns have huge formidable power. Endless Annihilation, after the Variation Core provides energy, a shot of formidable power sufficient to break void, the upper king is also afraid of being pointed at by this gun. . Even more how there is a Golden Wild Rose. The lethality of the Source Device is real, and it ignores the defensive power of the king and directly inflicts heavy damage. With these two guns in hand, Lucy’s lethality is even terrifying than other powerhouses.

Laura and White followed her left and right. Although Lucy’s gun was a killer, she still had limited battle strength. The king’s random attack fell on her on the body and it would be seriously hurt if she didn’t die, so White and Laura attacked while protecting her.

as for Other powerhouses have no worries about this at all, they are all doing their best.

Under the sweep of the three Supremes, these kings couldn’t stop their penetration. In a blink of an eye, they had seen the light step connecting the ground and Hall of Withering. Gulliver Duke who came with Orpheus yelled: “Your Majesty, go ahead and leave it to us!”

The battle in Hall of Withering is obviously beyond the ability of ordinary super powerhouses to intervene. Gulliver Duke meant to stop the king here and prevent them from supporting Son of Dusk. Gulliver’s ability indeed is very suitable for defense, which is one of the reasons why he will be here. Orpheus had absolute confidence in him, clicked nodded, and followed Frius on the first step.

Allen glanced back, his eyes fell on Lucy 3 on the body. Lucy and Laura didn’t speak, they just ordered nodded to him, which meant it couldn’t be more obvious. Allen gave a big smile: “Wait for me to come back.”

Then rushed up without looking back.

Only a bit slower than the first two Supreme to set foot on the ground of Hall of Withering.

Three people walked into the hall.

The hall was very empty, and there was a king who owed it to him. At this time, Son of Dusk’s voice was heard from the high platform in the depths of the hall: “In the history of Ebouins, there has never been such a thing. The creatures of this universe can go deep. Here, I even came to Hall of Withering. All I can say is that you did a good job.”

Son of Dusk is still sitting on the throne, facing the three Supremes, without even intending to get up.

Orpheus and Allen were silent, while Frius coldly said, “Are you going to sit there and wait for death?”

“No, I never thought that you could destroy me. Even if you have reached this step, yes, you are all people in the Peak of the universe. Don’t forget, the Creator is a life that is countless dimensions higher than you. , I was created by him, wouldn’t it have the power to check and balance this universe?” Son of Dusk raised his hand, and there was a sharp noise in the air.

Allen said solemnly: “You have to be careful. His Rule power comes from other universes. To be precise, it is sharp power. That kind of Rule power can overwrite our Rule and ignore our defenses. Golden Wild Rose is somewhat similar, but the formidable power is definitely above Golden Wild Rose.”

“In other words, can’t be hurt by him? It’s not too difficult.” After saying that, Frius had already raised his foot and walked towards the high platform. With the long sword Lightless in his hand, he raised one’s sword and said: “I hate someone putting in front of me It looks like aloof and remote, so you come down to me.”

Long sword is drawn out continuously.

A path of black light strips across the high platform.

The high platform rumbling and dislocation constantly, Son of Dusk could no longer sit on it, pressing his hands on the armrests, and falling lightly to the ground, looking at Frius 4 eyes.

“Emperor of Darkness…” Son of Dusk looked at him and said, “I know exactly what kind of person you are. On Thin Sun Star that day, I already knew that you were an ambitious man.”

Frius indifferently looked at him.

Son of Dusk’s lips moved without making any sound, but Frius’s ears rang his words: “So how did you think about the proposal that day?”

Seeing the two people who were almost unmoved, Allen and Orpheus exchanged glances, both felt a little weird. The latter said directly: “Frius, if you don’t do anything, then I will come!”

Lifting the Arbitrator, Orpheus strode towards them and quickly passed Frius. The Great Emperor shouted violently, lifting the Arbitrator and cutting it down.

Suddenly, Frius moved.

Lightless long sword is handed out.

The person who can be stabbed is not Son of Dusk, but Orpheus!

Seeing that Lightless was about to stab, suddenly a gray light fell, Ashes Hymn swept away the long sword Lightless, Allen leaned against the Great Emperor said solemnly: “What are you doing, Frius!”

The corner of the Emperor of Darkness’s mouth was pulled up, and his gaze fell on Son of Dusk’s on the body, indifferently said: “Nothing, I just accepted his previous proposal that’s all. He showed me some interesting things, yes, I quite Interested. After all, I can surpass Supreme, but it’s what I dream of. As long as I surpass Supreme, I can leave this universe, and the life and death of this universe is my business.”

“Or Allen, do you really think I will play friends of justice games with you?”

Orpheus coldly snorted and said: “I knew this bastard is more unreliable than Spanac!”

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