Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1867

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“Frius, when did you accept his proposal?” Allen pushed the Emperor of Darkness away with a sword, Orpheus glanced at them, and walked to Son of Dusk.

Frius stretched out his hand and flicked the long sword, let out a clear sword cry, looked towards Allen and smiled and said, “Thin Sun Star.”

Allen understood immediately, and said, “When you cut the afterimage of consciousness left by him, you already reached some kind of agreement?”

“So it doesn’t take much effort to talk to smart people.” Frius smiled undiminished: “When I cut the ghost of his consciousness, I learned that he left me a message. That message except for a proposal. , There are other things.”

“He asked me, do you want to transcend this universe?” Frius shot a certain kind of enthusiasm: “as for other things, it is part of the Rule. Yes, the Rule from the Creator universe, that makes me very profitable. “

Allen narrowed one’s eyes: “No wonder you accepted my agreement so easily.”

“Of course, because I know that you will come here eventually. And the condition he gave me is to stop you.” Frius stretched out a finger and nodded Allen. “However, it wasn’t entirely because of that proposal. Choose to compromise. In fact, the level of power you showed at the time really made me somewhat dreaded. The most important thing is that, as I said before, there is no benefit in fighting with you.”

Allen glanced at the Son of Dusk over there: “Didn’t expect you still have this method.”

Son of Dusk shrugged, said: “Allow you to work together to set up a set, so I won’t be allowed to fight back?”

Allen laughed and looked back to the Emperor of Darkness on the body: “But it seems that you haven’t fully realized and his proposal, otherwise we wouldn’t be here now.”

Frius indifferently said: “First of all, attacking Ebouins is the general trend, if I stand up at that time. Then before the war with Ebouins, I will be the target of the public. I will not do such stupid things; secondly, I have to come here in person. of Withering took a look to prove the interesting things he left behind. But now it seems that he didn’t lie to me.”

Over there, Orpheus has already slashed towards Son of Dusk.

A Space Crack opened behind the latter, people flashed in, appeared on the ruins of the high platform and shouted: “Then what are you waiting for, blast me Son of Dawn!”

Emperor of Darkness said with a smile: “It seems I can do it.”

Allen shook his head and said, “What good will this do to you, do you think he will really help you escape the universe?”

“I didn’t dare to confirm, but even if there is a 1/10000th chance, I will try it.” The Emperor of Darkness sighed, “Allen, you will understand when you stay in this position like me for a long time. We are so lonely in this position that there is nothing to arouse our curiosity. Do you think I am a war madman? No, if I don’t do that, then I can only learn from Spanac and keep sleeping.”

“So you see, this boring world, this universe, I simply don’t care. It doesn’t matter if it continues to prosper or die. To me, simply makes no difference. Of course, if he lied to me, it doesn’t matter, I will Kill him. But now, as he said, you have to get out of here.”

Frius out of the sword.

The sword is like Black Dragon.

A wave of black swords spewed out from the Hall of Withering. Gulliver Duke and the others who were fighting under the light step looked up and saw that the wave of black swords went 1000 miles away. On the tip of the sword tide, Allen resisted with Ashes Hymn until he was pushed into the sky beyond a thousand li, Allen on the body raised a piece of golden flame, Endless Sword Garment emerged, and the steel wings behind it spread out, suddenly a pound Sudden spirit. I saw golden-yellow rays of light flashing across the Kuroshio, and the Kuroshio was like a fine Abyssal Crystal that was instantly smashed into countless fragments.

Then the slender black sword energy splashed all over the sky, and a deadly black rain fell on the sky.

Allen was unexpectedly calm at the moment. He originally thought he would be angry, but strangely, he didn’t even feel angry at all. Perhaps it was that he could understand Frius’s feelings. Understanding does not mean being able to forgive, so it is imperative to fight the Emperor of Darkness. And this time, if the Emperor of Darkness refuses, then this battle must be divided into death!

Thinking of it, he and Frius had already fought many times. From the initial stumble of Emperor of Darkness on Agares, to the fact that he was able to force him to use 30% real effort on Everlasting Night Star, to Thin Sun Star almost equally. But this time, the battle ahead will cost 10000 points.

Even on Thin Sun Star, he didn’t think about being born or dying too much.

But this time is different.

He didn’t hate Frius, or even annoyed him. But Frius refused to give in, so he could only be killed. Whether as for can be done, Allen didn’t even think about it.

Over there, Frius was wrapped in a black light and rose to midair, confronting Allen. The black flame on the Lightless long sword is lingering, and the throughput is uncertain. The black flame is an extension of the Frius sword intent origin force, and in it, Allen feels a slightly different aura from the last time Thin Sun Star battle. It is estimated that Frius has integrated the Rule information given to him by Son of Dusk, and regenerates changes based on the power of his dark Rule.

We must know that at their level, being able to create a Rule already stands in the Peak of sentient beings. Make changes to the original Rule and take it one step higher. Each step here is extremely difficult. Frius did it, so it’s no wonder he believes in Son of Dusk’s promise.

“Allen, I actually envy you sometimes. In addition to your good luck, there is also your focus. And, your youth.” Frius raise one’s sword, and Ebouins’ half of the sky appears dim: “Young Let you still feel the loveliness of life. Being young allows your soul to not have to go through the vicissitudes of life. Being young makes you feel that everything is meaningful. And I, now beyond Supreme, out of this universe, and able to explore other dimensions of the universe. My only meaning.”

At this time, Dusk Hill’s direction exploded with two great powers. A sense of determination, a sense of majesty and solemnity, since Son of Dusk and Orpheus have begun to move. Frius sighed, “The only chance is in Hall of Withering, so you can’t let you ruin him.”

When the words fall, the sword also falls.

Then there was a sword rain in the sky.

A long sword smashed down from the high altitude, dense like a locust. At the moment when Frius locked Allen, the long sword 3,000,000 in the sky, the sword moved towards Allen pierced straight, the swords were stacked, as if they were stacked together. Jianshan.

At this moment, a low tremor rang above Allen’s head.

Frius looked up.

A grey white sword pierced from the thick cloud above, just a tip of the sword, it is as big as a mountain!

The White Emperor Sword went down vertically. While the Frius origin force was condensing the sword, Allen was not idle, and was already prepared for the White Emperor Sword to wait for an opportunity.

The White Emperor Sword, which is as rough as a mountain peak, crashed into the lacquered Black Sword mountain with 1000000 swords on top of each other. The origin forces of the two sides collided and annihilated each other. Before the spike of the sword mountain hit Allen, the White Emperor Sword divided the sword mountain into two. At this time, the gigantic sword was full of cracks and numerous gaps. It eventually burst together with the disintegrating sword mountain, losing its restraint. Origin force sword energy shoots all over the sky, cutting the sky of Ebouins away from Shattered!

The mountain of sword was destroyed, Frius had no expression on his face, and raise one’s sword flew by. The speed was almost teleporting, and it was 1000 meters away from Allen in the blink of an eye. Lightless long sword provoked black flames, a sword stabbed at Allen’s chest without surprise. Allen erected Ashes Hymn with a sword as a shield, and Frius’s black flame pierced the ashes of Source Device, and a cluster of electric fires grew between the two flames of different colors.

The electric fire spreads, drawing a pattern like leaf veins in the air.

Frius stretched his palm and pushed the sword, and the long sword was handed it inch by inch, but Allen was Motionless As Mountains, so the Black Flame Sword Qi began to arch until it arched out a big arc.

Then the sword energy collapsed.

Frius didn’t step back, and stabbed with a sharp sword.

Under the splashing black sword energy, Allen suddenly disappeared. Not only The person disappeared, and even the vitality disappeared. Frius opened his eyes blindly and did not panic. The stabbed sword swept away and swung out a circle of sword shadow, the sword shadow could not go away, it was a perfect defense. Sure enough, a muffled sound of origin force collision sounded on one of the sword shadows, and the sword shadow collapsed, and then Frius’s sword circle disappeared.

The Emperor of Darkness looked, Allen picked it up with a sword.

The Lightless long sword swept away, and Two Swords were entangled, and the silhouettes of the two people continued to flicker. Allen did his best to capture more than 2 swords in one breath. Frius completely gave up offense and focused on defense, but it was also very good to block. After the two people came together and separated again, the space between the two sides screamed continuously, and the black belts swayed and stretched, but the original force collision of the two people was delayed until this moment before they broke out together. Suddenly, the spatial origin force of Ebouins was very chaotic.

Then the silhouette of Frius was concealed in a gradual darkness, and the sky suddenly lit up with dim rays of light, like the world welcoming Dusk.

Ten Styles, Dusk!

At the beginning of Dobiya, Allen used half Dusk. On Thin Sun Star, he tried his best to destroy this style, making Frius jealous afterwards, but because Son of Dusk invaded Nest of Shadow, this style was not completely exhausted after all.

But this time, Dusk finally came!

The thick clouds in the sky, the dim light in the clouds grew stronger and stronger, and even brightened the entire cloud. After a while, a beam of light broke open the clouds, like countless Star River hanging down, and then the clouds faded, an invisible oppression dropping from the sky. Even Frius felt the heavy pressure. As for The Burning Legion fighting with Twilight on the ground, those middle and low-level battle units all stiffened, and then trembled all over, then the body surface kept bleeding, and finally fell to the ground one by one, but to the sky The invisible but huge power is life and death!

The clouds cleared and Dusk was at sunset.

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