Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1868

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Place of Birth, the battle is on.

The alliance’s army rushed towards The Burning Legion’s defensive line like an iron plate, just like a long sword stabbing heavily on a thick alloy. Suddenly, although the long sword pierced into it, the sword edge broke apart every inch.

After all, the Union army, which was a bit smaller than the enemy, struck the front line of The Burning Legion forever. The two men and horses collided violently at the foot of the mountain where they were born, slamming flowers of death. As the first echelon of sword edge, the loss was even more serious. There were more than 2 super powerhouses in the 20, and only 3 people were left. The rest were killed in a fierce battle with the upper king of The Burning Legion in the previous battle, but it was also because of the sacrifices of these super powerhouses that the Alliance army was able to cut in quickly, and to maintain their superiority. The enemy forces dispersed.

At the incomplete tip of the sword of the long sword of the Alliance Army, Horn’s Garment of the Rising Sun Monarch is still eye-catching, so it has become a target of public criticism. Autumn Winds draws out a strip of thin and thin blade light, but the blade light that seems to be as weak as the hair, but even the upper emperor dare not to insult. Before that, two high-ranking kings had been chopped off by such a weak blade light because they had despised Horn.

Horn was unrelenting, and the pace kept going. One man one blade kept advancing with an irresistible momentum, leading the grandiose alliance team behind to penetrate into the enemy’s line and slam into Place of Birth.

Every powerhouse at the dominator level can absorb origin force from void to supplement consumption. This is a truth that everyone knows. Even here in Ebouins, they can also learn the origin force. It’s just that the origin force of this World may not be able to withstand the alliance’s powerhouse. The origin force of Ebouins is full of flame attributes. The nature of the origin force is fierce and fierce. Even the super powerhouse can absorb it and transform it into a pure origin force for supply. Using it by yourself is definitely faster than not being able to directly communicate with the void in the universe and extract the origin force from it.

In this way, in the battle in Ebouins this World, the consumption of origin force is difficult to supplement.

Horn slashed out, and a king immediately lay down under the knife. At this time, the heart was beating wildly, his hands and feet were soft, and he couldn’t lift it up in one breath, and his body shook back. Fortunately, Mirren reached out and held it down, so Horn didn’t as for fall. Horn turns around to look back and gave Mirren a glance. Both of them smiled bitterly. Their origin force at the moment has almost bottomed out. The Armament on the body is no longer shot by the rays of light 2, showing signs of collapse.

“Can you still support it? Mr. Horn?” Mirren asked.

Horn raised his head, but his hands were not idle. Autumn Winds lifted the knife and fell, and a thin blade light cut the ahead enemy down. He said solemnly: “We are a little too close, General Mirren, you take a break, I will rush for a while, and then you will take over. Then the third person will take over. In this case, the advancing speed will be slower, but the battery life should be OK. solve.”

Mirren nodded, this is a good way.

Horn took a deep breath, on the body Garment of the Rising Sun Monarch, brightened, imposing manner regained, and now strode forward, Autumn Winds waved a brilliant blade light and drove straight in.

With this advancement, it jumped 100 meters.

Horn was about to retreat temporarily, and suddenly the ahead skyrocketed in an imposing manner. The Burning Legion 4 blocking the front spread out, a steel long boots stepped on the ground, and the king stood out. This king is burly and tall, and his body is covered with dark red armor. Asymmetrical steel edges are clustered on those thick armors, and a beast is sculpted at the chest. In one hand, he was holding a tower shield with thorns all over the place, while the other hand was holding a heavy awl. At first glance, you can tell that it is the kind of tough guy who is good at tackling tough problems.

A heat wave spurted from the helmet, his short body lowered his center of gravity, and the tower shield hit the ground heavily. Suddenly, both feet exerted force, pushing the tower shield against Horn. At this moment, Horn seemed to retreat, and Mirren, who didn’t know the situation behind him, would be caught off guard. The old man whose origin force was scarcely left immediately gave a sigh of relief, and still swept out, slashing into the shield. on.

I cut off a few steel edges, but I couldn’t cut the tower shield. The shield was filled with the monarch’s strong origin force. It was impossible to break open with Horn this blade. Horn waved his knife again and again, but he still forced the emperor to stop. Retreat. In the blink of an eye, most of the 100 meters that had been rushed forward was spit out. The old man groaned, his Qi skyrocketed, and hit the steel shield with another hand, tapping the handle of the knife. The thin blade of Autumn Winds pierced 30% immediately. The old man shouted out loudly, Autumn Winds drove straight in, and no obstacles, the blade pierced the emperor’s left shoulder armor. The famous knife bounced, and the battlefield rose with a bright sun like the rising sun.

Under the bright light, the tower shield and the shoulder armor in the hands of the king burst to pieces!

However, the next shot came.

Horn was thrown into the air, and the man kept spinning in the air, sprinkling blood beads into lines.

“Mr. Horn!” Mirren yelled, the silhouette skimmed forward, and stretched his hand on Horn on the body, dispelling the monarch’s murderous intention of the shot, and gently sent Horn to the rear. Mirren himself stabbed a shot, shooting out like a shooting star, dragging out a light strip as magnificent as Star River and hitting the king’s black cone spear.

The awl gun was missed by him, Mirren closed the gun and stabbed again. One shot after another, the shots kept moving, if the aura was not huge, but the momentum was like flowing water, endless, and a little bit of the distance that had been eaten by the king was robbed back.

Every inch of land must be contended!

Horn fell to the ground, on the body Monarch Garment ends up disappearing, and fell to the bottom. He was out of breath with Autumn Winds. The old man looked towards his ribs, where a wound was brought out by the opponent’s cone spear. If he didn’t know the plan to avoid it, then this spear would not hurt the ribs, but passed through the abdomen. He looked up, Mirren seemed to have suppressed the king, but it was not easy to win.

At this time, Horn by one’s side flashed 2 silhouettes, but they came from powerhouses of other planets. After these two super powerhouses joined, the king’s situation finally became precarious, and Mirren shot his skull, and then the three powerhouses rushed forward and continued to attack the front line of The Burning Legion.

“Lord, how are you?” Fordin came to Horn by one’s side and helped the old man up. Gun Demon was carrying a sniping gun and biting the smoke that had already been extinguished. He had numerous wounds on the body, but his face was indifferent. .

Horn laughed: “I can’t die, I still have the strength to climb to the top of the mountain.”

“Then I will clear the way for Lord, and you will come up slowly.” Fordin finally threw away the cigarette and walked forward carrying the gun. Suddenly he raised the gun and fired, exploding a lower king who had been among the miscellaneous soldiers. head.

One shot and one life, the shot is not false.

Fordin’s eyes were not trash fish, every shot went to the king. as for Miscellaneous fish, only when it comes to by one’s side, do you use your hand as a knife to cut off the opponent’s head and finish.

Horn just followed them and headed to the top of the mountain. Although he can no longer support the Garment of the Rising Sun Monarch, the benefits of Autumn Winds are still not that trash fish can resist. The king has Gun Demon and other powerhouses to greet him. as for Miscellaneous fish, Horn didn’t put these things in his eyes even without Monarch Garment.

Fight, fight, fight!

When everyone is numb, the old man walking on the front of the front finally shines before one’s eyes, and he has already reached the top. In front of them, is Place of Birth, which is a lava lake. Lava bubbling in the lake, blue smoke rose, but no strange black balls appeared.

Horn just exhaled, suddenly 7 tentacles protruded from the lava lake, each of which was larger than the root of the mountain. With the tentacles swept away, Mirren and other powerhouses whose origin force bottomed out also swept away, and Horn just opened a section of the tentacles. The body shook, suddenly another tentacle swam from the ground, while he was unprepared, curled his leg upside down, passed midair, moved towards lava lake and dragged it over!

After cutting down a lower king and just ascending to the top, Rodey couldn’t help but burst into anger when he saw this scene: “Don’t!”

At this moment, a brilliant light like the sunset at Dusk came across the sky, and dropped diagonally across the tentacle that wrapped Horn. Being rushed by the light, the part of the tentacles immersed in the light instantly turned into nothingness. When Horn fell, but from the brilliance, he separated a group of light and wrapped it gently, causing it to fall on the lava lake but nothing. Then he floated from the surface of the lake to the shore, being pulled up by Mirren.

Looking at the surface of the lava lake, the falling river of light still rushes into the Place of Birth, wherever the brilliance reaches, things lose their original color, and eventually become transparent, without a trace of annihilation.

When the river of light finally disappeared, a bottomless shaft appeared on Lava Lake. The lava flowed backwards, and the surface of the lake continued to drop, revealing the black scorched ground below.

Rodey separated everyone and ran in front of Horn, helped him up with Gun Demon and asked, “Father, are you okay?”

Horn shook the head.

Rodey looked up at the river of light that gradually receded towards the sky, narrowed one’s eyes and said, “That’s…”

“It’s Allen, this child. At this time, he still doesn’t forget to help me with this Old Guy. It’s really hard for him.” Horn shook his head and smiled bitterly.

At this time, the ground vibrated, and pillars of fire continued to gush out from the shaft of Place of Birth. Mirren frowned, loudly said: “Go, I’m afraid it will explode here!”

It didn’t take long for the explosion of Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering cry to sound, and a fire column with a height of 100 meters spewed from the place where it was born, but the mountainside slope broke apart, and the lava sprayed from the inside fell along the slope. , Swallowing every inch of the ground.

By the time the entire Place of Birth exploded and the ground seemed to have a sun rising, Horn and the others had already withdrawn several kilometers. But even if they were so far away, the impact wave of the explosion still pressed them to the ground. It took a full quarter of an hour before someone raised their head, but only saw the sky dancing and the world muddy!

Near Dusk Hill, the brilliant brilliance is gradually falling, like a pen in the hands of a painter, wiping out all 10000 things.

There was only a cloud of pitch black, so heavy, so heavy that even if the sky was filled with light, it could not be covered.

Frius said indifferently: “At this time, I still dare to be distracted to save people. Allen, you really didn’t put me in your eyes!”

Black light is booming!

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