Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1869

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Dusk is here.

is out of the question dazzling, even some soft light sheds leisurely. It makes people feel peaceful, without the slightest taste of killing. Even the monsters who were fighting on the battlefield of Mother Earth unconsciously slowed down their movements and looked up at the soft light falling in the sky. The unusually soft rays of light seem to have nothing to do with killing. Even the battle units of The Burning Legion can feel the beauty in the light.

So there was a Fire Horned Demon who unconsciously raised his hand to catch the light that simply couldn’t catch it, and then its fingers were soaked with light and gradually lost its color. Fire Horned Demon was filled with doubts, obviously not understanding what happened. thing.

When the rays of light fall, all things touched lose their color. The mountains, lava, and creatures gradually became transparent. Then Mother Earth began to tremble. The trembling Mother Earth shook open cracks. These sudden gully disappeared 1000 miles away, dividing the ground into a mess.

Extremely strong rays of light gush out from Dusk Hill, and they wrap the entire mountain, including the Hall of Withering above, like a barrier. When the soft rays of light falling from the sky touched the barrier, the barrier, which was originally dense and almost orange, suddenly changed color, from orange to orange, and then from orange to pale yellow. Seeing that the color was about to become transparent, Dusk Hill surged out an origin force to supplement, and the color gradually became richer. But when it is not full of orange red, it fades again.


as for Other places are not so lucky. They don’t have the barrier protection of Dusk Hill. Those mountain peaks gradually fade from the top of the mountain, so looking around, the whole world is turning into a pale.

The world has lost its original color, the material is transformed from the inside out, and everything becomes a pale. When the color of this palee spread on Mother Earth, the peaks of the mountains began to turn from pale to transparent, as if the substance inside was hollowed out, and finally did not explode, but disappeared quietly. Even the powder is not left. The 10000 objects are like things on the drawing board, now they are erased by a board.

As the mountain began to annihilate, the 1000000 The Burning Legion on the ground also gradually disappeared. They are too late for Furious Roar, and even have no time to scream. Both low-level combat units and high-ranking kings disappear from the head. They are like ghosts and phantoms that do not exist at first. At this moment, they are completely erased by a pair of invisible hands.

Annihilation is silent.

In an instant, the world became quiet, and only the wind wu wu blew.

At this time, the ground vibration became intense. Then a circle of impact waves appeared from Mother Earth near Dusk Hill, the wave energy spread, and it went away for a few kilometers in an instant. Just like the Divine Dynasty, the ground took a breath, so after the wave energy passed by, Mother Earth violently jumped. Without warning, the ground subsided several times, and the ground as wide as 1000 square kilometers was drowned out. If you look at it from high altitude, it looks like Ebouins’ Mother Earth was dug into a huge horrible pit!

Dusk Hill exposed the roots buried under the ground. Its roots are not ordinary earth-rock structures at all, but huge spar like lava flowing inside! That is where the energy of Dusk Hill really lies. Looking all around, apart from Dusk Hill, there is no mountain peak within this nearly 1000 square kilometers. After the arrival of Dusk, except for Dusk Hill, there are only the Starship of those alliances, and Twilight and Gugliemo on Mother Earth. Apart from this, other lives have been erased by the light of Dusk!

Although Gugliemo was not annihilated by Dusk, it was also hit hard. In contrast, Twilight. Allen’s Dusk missed all the people and things related to him, and Twilight was not damaged at all. With this rising and the other disappearing, the gap between her and Gugliemo immediately widened, Twilight’s sword power suddenly skyrocketed, and killing Gugliemo was just a taste of time.

There was a long cry in the sky.

Oh, it turns out that there is Frius left in the Light of Dusk. The black light used by the Emperor of Darkness for body protection has disappeared. It is a real offset. Things that have been tainted by the light of Dusk, even if it is the origin force, have completely disappeared and are irreversible destruction. This is the ultimate Destruction Strength, Frius has to admit, if it is not protected. Even if he is directly exposed to the light of Dusk, I am afraid he will knock down Supreme’s realm.

Such terrifying killer moves, Frius finally truly appreciates.

And now, it was his turn to fight back.

Lightless pointed.

There was a sword cry in the sky.

Heaven and Earth returned to its original color after Dusk fell, but at this moment, it became dim again.

The darkness is as invisible and innocuous as Dusk, and it is unstoppable. The space within 100 meters of Allen’s body circumference has become dim, and this dimness has signs of concentrating towards him, so the place where Allen is gradually becomes pitch black. stand up. In the end, a black band of light connected the sky and Mother Earth, and Allen disappeared in that band of light. Then the space actually began to move towards the direction of the light belt twisted, the light belt all around began to spread a cluster of black lines, and the black lines were all over midair in a blink of an eye. They pulled the ground of Ebouins and even the space like tentacles, moved towards the black strip of light.

Pieces of huge boulders of various sizes began to rise on the ground, and they were pulled by the black pattern, and they were continuously thrown into the thick black light belt, disappearing without a trace.

If we say that Dusk is the ultimate interpretation of Allen’s Golden King Flame destroying Rule. So now this black band of light is the highest expression of the power of Frius Rule. That strip of light is like a long super black hole, pulling matter and even space into it. In theory, if this light belt is not closed, as long as it is given time, it can even destroy the entire universe!

At this time, Dusk Hill shook again, the mountain shook continuously, and the outer rock coats fell off one after another, moving towards the black light that reached the sky and earth and flew away. After peeling off the outer layer of rock coat, Dusk Hill exposed the crystals emitting blazing fire. It turns out that this mountain is simply a super crystal, and you can see the lines of Rule in the crystal, as if it is a part of some kind of super machine!

But now, this part is quite unable to withstand the gravitational force of the black band of light, and cracks have begun on the crystal surface. Energy has been used to resist the dip of Dusk’s light before. This time Dusk Hill was one minute late before the original force barrier opened again. It can be seen that it has consumed a lot of energy under Allen’s attack before.

As if the whole world was about to be pulled into the black light belt, a little light suddenly appeared at the center of the light belt. Then the bright light diffuses from left and right and turns into a golden light ray across the light band. Then the light band banged, staggered up and down, and then went up and down, disappearing steadily. At the center of the light belt, Allen’s body was full of golden flames, the surface of the body was illuminated by brilliant brilliance, and a pair of golden steel wings made of sword blades spread out on the body, entangled with several lights made of Golden King Flame. With that, holding Ashes Hymn in his hand, he is as radiant as the ancient war-sightedness, so brilliant that it is impossible to look directly at him.

“It’s an eyesore.” Of course, Frius, who controls the Black Rule, was disgusted with the light. The corner of his mouth was pulled, and the whole person turned into a black light and hit midair’s brilliant Allen like a god.

2 Big Supreme fights again!

A brilliant ribbon of light falling like a Milky Way across the space, slantingly fell into the Lava Lake of Place of Birth, and defeated the guardian giant beast that had risen in the lake. The light belt penetrated into Lava Lake. After a while, the entire space near Place of Birth became dim. On the top of the dimly depressing mountain, a bright sun rose and instantly shattered the darkness.

Then the dazzling light drowned everything.

After a while, the blast of the explosion rang in everyone’s ears. A huge Fireball rose on the Place of Birth. The mountain peak exploded and the lava surged, rolling down like blood, and finally At the foot of the mountain there is a pool of slurry.

This Place of Birth is ruined.

However, Windsor Bellow, who dismissed the Endless Fort satellite gun mode, was not at all happy that she didn’t raise. She fell back to the ground and glanced at her body circumference. The silhouette was surprisingly sparse. The hundred thousand Sirius officers who accompanied her to this place this time, now there are only more than 10000 left, more than one in ten, how tragic. Although Marshal, who said “If I am going to die, I am ahead”, in the real battle, he no longer knows how many times he was blocked by Sirius’ soldiers.

Windsor Bellow put down Endless Fort and sat down on his knees with his hands on the ground. He didn’t cry, but his shoulders moved from time to time.

Those she knew, those she didn’t know, those vivid faces, were all killed in the past in less than 2 hours. Even if he knew that the battle was going to be extremely cruel before the expedition, Windsor Bellow didn’t know that those psychological defensive lines were fake. When watching each and everyone who had been with his colleagues fall down in front of them, deducting the magnificence of moth flies into the flame, the defensive line of Windsor Bellow has long been crushed to pieces.

“Stupid…” The greedy wolf 5 fingers caught deep across the ground, catching a few deep marks, and then liquid fell on those finger marks and filled them.

Put a hand on her shoulder.

Windsor Bellow wiped his eyes vigorously before raising his head. She has red eyes and her lips are pressed tightly, trying to keep herself from losing control.

Catherine retracted her hand: “It’s over here, I want to go to him.”

Windsor Bellow nodded.

Catherine turned and left, took a few steps and stopped, then turned around and said, “You are willing to die in front of them, why don’t they be like this. I think they are willing to exchange their lives for it, it should be that they will always laugh arrogantly and hatefully. That greedy wolf, not the current you. If you want them to die at ease, just keep laughing until the end.”

After speaking, he left.

Windsor Bellow stood there, then looked towards the sky, his lips curled up, and a smile appeared: “Is that really the case? Na Wen, Kate, Geralta, Bache, Moss…”

She laughed, but tears came down again.

Laughing and crying.

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