Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1870

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An orc king wearing a golden armor slammed forward and slashed at Lucy with the giant axe in his hand that was wrapped in dark flames. Lucy know the plan rolled away from the ground, and the axe smashed into the empty space. The top of Dusk Hill was also hard and inexplicable. The ordinary mountain body was smashed by the king with such an axe, and it would have to break a large area, but it only split a few dispensable cracks on the ground. The king drew an axe and just turned to Lucy, when a frost slapped on his back, and a thick layer of frost formed in an instant, making the king seem to be embedded in an iceberg.

He couldn’t break free for a while.

Lucy raised his gun at this moment.

The gun is Endless Annihilation, using the Variation Core as the energy killer to eject a dark gold electric serpent from the muzzle of the bullet wound, and instantly sink into the king’s chest. Then, centering on the shot, the king and the surrounding space collapsed towards that point, and then exploded fiercely, and the people with an axe exploded into a dark golden flame. The impact wave swept away in a circle, making Lucy unable to breathe.

At this time, a hand was pressed on her shoulder, and the warm and soft origin force penetrated into her body. She quickly walked around within the body, driving her blood circulation, allowing Lucy to recover quickly. She looked up and saw Duke smiling towards oneself. Gulliver sighed: “This thing is too terrifying. Your Majesty, if you don’t need it, you don’t need it. It won’t kill 1000 enemies and hurt yourself by 800.”

Lucy nodded, and then Gulliver waved his hands, flying shields in front of him, forming a high wall to block the incoming kings. Gulliver used his own ability to divide the king, making it impossible to rely on the general trend of encirclement, thus creating opportunities for a relatively small number of powerhouses. Just like now, a high wall blocked the king, and the wall was separated on two sides under the control of Gulliver. An arrogant Laura soared into the sky, jumps across the cracks in the wall, Red Empress long sword and flame raging. In the camp, shot 2 miles of peak fire. Laura landed, dragged his sword across, and swept out a flame corridor, staggering with the previous blow to form a flame cross.

Suddenly the curtain of fire skyrocketed, I don’t know how many lower kings were swept by the curtain of fire and turned into fireballs. Although he was not killed on the spot, he could no longer fight.

Gulliver moved his hands together, and his face shield flew out, or pushed, or protected his powerhouse. Although this Duke still hasn’t killed one enemy until now, with him, the defensive power of the alliance has been greatly improved. Otherwise, he would not be able to rely on a few powerhouses, but blocked more than 100 kings on the Dusk Hill platform.

At this time, the Hall of Withering behind everyone, the empty palace in the county suddenly shook. Lucy turned her head, Huaguang sprayed out from the palace 4, she couldn’t help but worry about her father. Looking at the distant sky on the other side of Dusk Hill, only two groups of brilliance can be seen vaguely entangled there. One is pitch-black as ink, and the other is golden light. The light and darkness are entangled endlessly. I don’t know when the winner will be decided.

Gulliver glanced at her and sighed: “Frius has turned the corner, otherwise Your Majesty 3 will join forces and your chances of winning will be greatly increased. But you don’t need to worry too much. Whether it is Allen or Your Majesty, you should believe them more than anyone else. Yes.”

Lucy nodded: “Yes, I believe them!”

Then lifted the Golden Wild Rose and forced a king who jumps across the shield back.

In the Hall of Withering, Orpheus, who has not known how many collisions, retreats again. The gigantic sword in his hand has turned into an Arbitrator with the power of Rule. On the other side, Son of Dusk also has an ordinary long sword in his hand, but the whole body exudes a dimly bright long sword. That is the sharp blade, this sword is already on the side of Orpheus’s face, and a sword is drawn on the chest armor and the right knee pad.

In the past, no matter on the body wound or armor, only the origin force can be repaired. But now, Orpheus can clearly sense that sharp power is entangled in those three places, and the force of those determined Rule shatters all the origin force that leads to the outside. Moreover, the power of sharpness does not belong to the Rule of this universe. Orpheus urges the origin force to repair, but it seems to be separated by a dimension.

So far I know the difficulty of the power of sharpness.

“Once, I forgot it was the second Universe’s Dusk. Anyway, I had a deal with your ancestors of Aidahua Star.” Son of Dusk raised his hand, and the high platform that had become fragmented rose again, fragments Combination, recovery as before. He sat on the throne and said indifferently: “At that time you were like Earth, primordial, and barbaric now. But what is commendable is that the quality of your fear of sacrifice has continued to this day. So today you stand Before one’s eyes, I am really happy for you. You know, the quality of fearless, no matter where it is placed in the universe, is commendable.”

Orpheus lifted his thick feet and stepped down on the high platform. Arbitrator lifted, slashed, and said, “If that’s the case, then you are going to die.”

7 8 The sharp blade was born out of thin air to hold the Arbitrator, and after each long sword, each appeared a Son of Dusk. Son of Dusk sitting on the throne indifferently said: “I appreciate you not fake, but I don’t at all give up harvesting this universe, so Dusk will still come. Your fearless, your efforts will only be in vain in the end. This point, In the past countless long hours, I have seen it through.”

“Just like how many ants want to shake a peak, it is basically impossible. It’s just that the ants don’t see high enough, not far enough, and mistake a mountain peak for a mound, so give rise to the illusion that it can shake it. I don’t know what you think, but it’s a funny thing to me.”

More and more Avatars appeared on the high platform, and even the high platform could not accommodate them. So under the high platform and between the halls, the Avatars of Son of Dusk were gradually covered. Every Avatar has a sharp blade in his hand, which is genuine.

The other Avatars on the high platform moved and pierced Orpheus with sharp blades. For a moment, King of Righteousness is all enemies around!

Shout out loudly.

The golden light came out brilliantly, and the imposing manner suddenly forced these Avatars away. Orpheus slashed the gigantic sword flat, drew a circle, and slashed ten or so Avatars in one half. Then rushed forward, lifted the sword and cut down.

But it was still blocked, and then forced back. Son of Dusk on the throne continued: “Do you think I didn’t find the layout of those guys? They cover up very well, even to prevent me from noticing them, embed all relevant information in a will before I wake up, and then Separate it, indeed did a good job. At first I really kept it away, but later I found some clues.”

Orpheus smashed more than ten blades with a sword, said with a sneer: “Speaking of that many, Allen’s layout is not still successful, otherwise I will not be able to stand here.”

Son of Dusk said with a smile: “If I say this is my intention, do you believe it?”

Orpheus was silent.

Son of Dusk sighed: “Although I was just created by the Creator to replace him with a program to harvest the entire universe. But such a program is repeated 100 times. After 1000 times, even I will be extremely bored. So. Although I found some suspicious clues, I deliberately ignored the past just to make things interesting. Just like now, you indeed entertained me, at least this time Universe’s Dusk will not be so boring.”

“But what you need to know is that even if you try 1000 times, 10000 times. You want to stop Dusk, it is impossible. Even if you can destroy me, don’t forget that there is still the Creator after me.” Son of Dusk looked towards King of Righteousness: “Besides, I don’t think you have the ability to destroy me.”

“How do you know if you don’t try it.” Orpheus blocked a dozen Avatars alone, and then pushed forward.

“It’s useless, everything is in vain.”

More Avatars swept over and pierced the long sword. Orpheus lit up the golden light all over, blocking the Avatar’s long sword purely with an origin force barrier. But there were more and more Avatars, and gradually, Orpheus could no longer see the silhouette. The Avatars of the Son of Dusk on the high platform are stacked on top of each other, as if they are about to crush the King of Righteousness. Of course, even Son of Dusk himself knows that this is impossible. In fact, up to now, all he has done has been consuming Orpheus’s origin force.

Even though it is Supreme, in the world of Ebouins, it is impossible to absorb the origin force as a supplement as easily as in the own universe. Even if they are far more adaptable to the origin force characteristics of Ebouins than other powerhouses, and even if their conversion speed is faster than other powerhouses, this is still not their home field. A loss is inevitable in an away game, and Son of Dusk has to magnify this point. When the balance is tilted, it is when Orpheus is defeated.

Defeated and died.

Son of Dusk is not generous enough to miss King of Righteousness.

There was a sudden Furious Roar from the human mountain, and then the earth cracked and fell! Countless Avatars were bounced off in an imposing manner, and then disappeared under the assault of patches of golden light. Suddenly, the Avatar on the high platform was wiped out. Orpheus was shining all over, holding a gigantic sword in his hand, and Fang Zheng’s face was not angry and majestic, just like an ancient War God.

Son of Dusk snapped his fingers, and the Avatar in the hall disappeared, but the sharp blades in their hands did not disappear. Instead, they flew up to the high platform one by one, standing before the throne like a guard, and then long sword The tip of the sword is turned upside down, pointing to Orpheus.

“If you come here again, you might really die.”

The sharp blade of 100 to 1000 is like a sword wall, separating Son of Dusk from Orpheus. To hurt Son of Dusk, you must first break the wall. But how can this wall be broken so easily?

Orpheus took a deep breath, the tip of the sword dropped to the ground, and the person lowered his center of gravity. A smile cracked on King of Righteousness’s face: “When I was a child, the royal father took me on a hunt. We found a bear den where there were 2 newly born bear cubs. Our defense had already taken the mother The bear was stabbed all over, but even so, the she-bear still did not retreat.”

“What do you want to say?” Son of Dusk said coldly.

Orpheus grinned said with a smile: “I want to say that if we want to protect something that we cherish, then we will never step back.”

“When you die, you die!”

Leaning forward and running wildly, Orpheus press forward hit the sword wall.

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