Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1871

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The sky is very blue, with a few white clouds drifting by, and there are 4 cloud bands in the blue sky, which are the traces left by the high-speed battleship passing by.

The boy was lying on the hillside, reaching out to the blue sky, trying to catch something. Of course, only the wind is caught.

“Morbit, what are you doing?” A 15-16 years old girl ran over and bent down to block the blue sky above the boy’s head.

So the boy stretched out his hand to the sky, but this time he encountered the chest that bulged slightly on the girl’s chest. His face flushed, and he pulled back his hand and said, “You blocked me, Zoya.”

The girl named Zoya sat down next to him and said, “You haven’t told me yet, what are you doing.”

“Did you know? Above our heads, there is a Floating Island.” Morbit reached out his hand and pulled a piece of grass roots between his mouth and bit it.

Zoya nodded: “You know, they say it’s heaven.”

“Well, I heard that it is very beautiful. Everyone has endless food and endless clothes.” The boy got up and said, “One day, I will go to that island.”

The girl’s face darkened: “Aren’t we good here?”

“It’s not that it’s bad, but I want my mother to live a better life.” The boy said enthusiastically: “I have decided that I will go to the army next year to try one’s luck. If I can join the federal army, then I There is a chance to go to Floating Island. I heard that as long as you accumulate enough military merit, you can change to Babylon’s eligibility.”

“is it……”

“Also, Zoya.” The boy turned his head, and the sun shone on his face, which made his smile look very bright: “I’ll change it for you then!”

The girl stared wide-eyed, and then there was joy in her eyes: “Really?”

“of course.”

Zoya blinked, then pressed to the side of the boy and kissed him gently on the cheek: “Thank you.”

The boy’s face immediately turned red, and he shrank quickly, but unexpectedly slid down the low hillside, causing the girl to laugh heartily.

“Morbit.” A woman came up on the grass and called out: “Come with me to the market.”

“Good mother.” The boy ran up the grass slope and said to the girl: “See you evening.”

Teenage girl nodded.

This is a very small town, not big, with dozens of households living in it. Every month there is a market in the square of the town, which is a festival for the people in the town, every month. The boy and his mother came to the town square, where stalls were already full early, and there were a lot of things for sale, from food to tools, and even guns. Of course, the premise is that you have to have money.

But in a small town like this, there is no good thing to buy, but for the residents of the town, they are already very satisfied.

Because these things come from Babylon, the island of heaven.

The teenager squatted in front of a small stall, and the mother was picking fruits. Fruit is a luxury in the town. It is difficult to grow fruits and vegetables in the environment of The Surface. Only in those farms dedicated to planting can you see the fruit forest, but these fruits and vegetables will not circulate here. The town comes, but provides some great characters of The Surface to enjoy.

The fruits on the stall came from Babylon, they were all inferior products on the Floating Island. They were selected without inspection, and then smuggled to The Surface, and then sent to various towns. Even what the residents of Floating Island will not touch is already a luxury for the people of The Surface.

Seeing Mother bought a bag of fruit with a month’s frugal money, the boy said: “Mother, we can actually not eat these things.”

“You are growing up. Eating more fruit is good for you.” The mother touched his head and said, “Let’s go, there is nothing else to buy, let’s go back.”

It’s not that there is nothing to buy, but that it can’t afford it. This young man is still very clear. He followed his mother through the market and saw many interesting things. He couldn’t help but ask: “Why doesn’t the Federation let everyone live on Floating Island? Didn’t they claim that everything is equal?”

“Foolish child, where is equality in this World?” mother shook the head, said: “Floating Island is so big that it can’t fit everyone. So only nobles and nobles can get the right of residence. As for us, just only I can live in The Surface.”

“It’s not fair.” The boy stubbornly said: “We also work hard. I heard that the things used by the nobles are all sent to the floating island after the surface is made. Why can they be in heaven, but we have to stay At The Surface.”

“Originally, there is nothing fair in this World. If you want to change this World, then try to do something hard. But before that, there is only one thing you have to do…” The mother patted the fruit. Bag: “That’s high and long.”

The juvenile forcefully nodded: “I will.”

At this moment, something seemed to happen, and a group of people was surrounded by water. The teenager ran over curiously, squeezed through the crowd, and saw a speeding car. The speeding car is a rare product of The Surface, although the speeding car seems to have been around for some time, and the paint is still peeling off. But for this small town, it is still an unimaginable luxury.

Two strong men in front of the speeding car were beating a poor man, and one of them cursed: “Idiot, you dare to throw up in Witt Lord’s car. Did Lord come to a small place like you for a vacation today? Good mood is ruined by you.”

The young man looked towards the car. Sure enough, there was a man in a straight suit sitting in the car. A Little Fatty with acne by the car window stuck his head out and made a grimace at the young man with a look of contempt. At this moment, the man in the car patted the door and said, “Forget it, let’s go, don’t delay time for this kind of dirty stuff.”

The two men let go of the poor bugs on the ground.

Speeding away.

At this time, the boy was caught by his mother: “Don’t run out suddenly, Morbit. Those people seem to be nobles, and they won’t end well when they collide.”

The teenager looked at the man who was beaten until he vomited blood and had a deep understanding. He looked up at his mother and said, “They beat people, why didn’t the sheriff stop them.”

“Little fool, the sheriff is more afraid of them than you are. How can you stop it. Moreover, the law stipulates that nobles must be protected in The Surface. If they are to be convicted, only the Federal Court of the floating island can.”

The boy shook his head, looked at the man who had fainted, and said, “This is wrong.”

In the evening, the boy ran out the door: “I’m going to find Zoya.”

“Slowly, say hello to her parents for me.” Mother said in the room.


They all live in the suburbs on the edge of the town, where there are no street lights. The moon is covered by clouds tonight and Mother Earth is completely dark. Fortunately, the boy knew the way and soon saw the girl’s house. The house was lit in the dark, and at this moment, a gunshot sounded there. The boy was startled, but he ran over, and saw two strong men coming out of the girl’s house and throwing two people out of the house.

The boy saw that it was the girl’s parents. The poor couple had been killed, and their chest was still bleeding. The two brawny men leaned against the pillar outside the house and talked and laughed. One of them shook his head and said, “Weiss Young Master has such a unique taste. He actually fell in love with a lowly The Surface girl.”

“These nobles are sometimes sick, anyway, we can take care of them if we have the money.”

“How long can you say that Little Fatty can last?” The man laughed: “I’m afraid he would spray that thing just as soon as he got in.”

The other man touch the chin said, “But that girl looks really good, otherwise, when Young Master finishes doing it, how many will we play?”

“This idea is good.”

Hearing this, the boy couldn’t listen anymore. The fruit he wanted to bring to Zoya was thrown on the ground. After he walked around the house, he climbed up to the second floor and came to the girl’s room. The girl’s face came over on the fierce window, and she saw what the boy wanted to call, but was dragged back. The boy saw the Little Fatty on the is White crane, he slapped the girl severely, and then tore off her skirt.

The young man to get really angry, opened the window and jumped in. The Little Fatty was startled. Just about to shout, the boy picked up the lamp beside him and smashed it over, hitting Little Fatty in the head. The noble Young Master fell to the ground on the spot, bleeding. The boy took Zoya and left immediately. They came out of the window and fled quickly through the night. They didn’t dare to go to the town, so they left the town far away and came to the small river where they normally played.

“I’m scared…” the girl cried.

The boy had to hug her tightly, pat her back and said: “Don’t worry, it will be fine, I promise.”

He left the girl by the river, where there is a small wood house built by a fisherman. The young man went back to the town, and he secretly returned home and pretended that nothing happened. In the middle of the night, he heard someone in Furious Roar, then there was a flurry of running around the town, and gunshots were heard.

On the 2nd day, he saw the sheriff hanged there on the square. He heard from the people around him that the nobleman who came to the town for vacation yesterday, their Young Master died, which made the nobleman very angry. The sheriff was strangled to death by the angry nobleman, and the young man was very disturbed that day. At evening, he ran back to the river and brought food to Zoya. But there was no one in the wood house, and finally he saw a line of words on the wooden wall of the wood house.

It was carved by Zoya and she said: I am scared, Morbit. I dare not stay here anymore, sorry, I think I have to go.

The boy was a little dazed, and then he heard a dull bang, and then a firelight faintly lit up outside the house. He left the wood house, only to see a fire in the direction of the town, and there were constant explosions and screams. The boy hurried back to the town, but when he returned to the town, the town was over. Several cars were leaving, and someone in the car fired a missile towards the square, so a huge Fireball was blown up with a bang.

The boy stumbled back home, but the former home was already in ruins. He cried and desperately got into the ruins, and finally found his mother in a mound. Strictly speaking, it is the body of his mother.

Then he knew that it was revenge from the nobility. Because his son died in the town, he wanted the town to be buried.

“This is wrong.”

“I want to change this World!”


Morbit extend the hand, but the other side of the palm is not the sky of Earth sky blue, but the dim sky of Ebouins. He was stunned, and fire streams of different colors kept passing over his head to remind him that the war was still going on.

He crawled up and the chest was stained with blood. It was just hit by an orc king with Warhammer. He apparently fainted and had a dream he thought he had forgotten. Only then did he know that he had not forgotten.

He laughed, then coughed up blood from his mouth. He erased it easily, and then continued to walk towards the top of the mountain. Each step is so heavy, just like when he left his destroyed hometown. Only that time, he went out to change the world. And this time, he walked forward to allow the world to continue.

“Zoya, probably still living in a corner of The Surface. So, this World…can’t end yet!”

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