Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1872

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2 Daoguang cut through the sky.

One is pitch black and desperate, the other is golden light shining.

They landed on Mother Earth, and the moment they collided, they aroused arrogance, fierce golden flames, and deep and gloomy black fire. When the two flames collided, they made a loud bang that passed 2 miles, as if two giants collided together. After the sound spread for 1000 miles, the flame disappeared step by step, and the ground had already turned into a charred ground, and the surface was black crystals like glass.

Seen from the sky, it looks like a huge black glass disc.

Allen and Frius are standing in the middle of this disc.

The two men fought so far, on the body still has no scars. Even if Frius was dropped on top of Dusk, even if Allen let the space fault into it, they would all use their bodies to declare to the world how powerful the existence on top of all beings is. Unfortunately, after experiencing the baptism of Dusk and the space fault, within 2 miles of Dusk Hill, there are very few living creatures.

Just like near this disk, Mother Earth is deserted, without any audience.

“There is life, there is death.”

After a moment of silence, Frius took the lead and said: “Life, death and death is an inextricable reincarnation. From the beginning of my sensibility, I have been thinking about what death is? After I became an adult, I went to the battlefield and saw more fellow soldiers The scene of dying on by one’s side. At first I would feel angry for them and hate my enemies. But after seeing more, I gradually become numb. Gradually I feel that death is the same thing. 2 Eyes closed , There is no breath, it is dead.”

“What do you want to say?” Allen said softly, but the voice came into the ears of Emperor of Darkness without missing a word.

Frius continued: “no matter if it is who, whether you are a civilian or an aloof and remote Emperor, death is always an insurmountable gap in front of life. Until now, I want to try to jump over that gap. . But when I became Supreme, the length of my life extended to an unimaginable length, but I still couldn’t jump over it. After all, no matter how long my life is, there will always be a day when I reach the end.”

“Are you afraid?” Allen asked.

“Aren’t you afraid?” Frius asked rhetorically, “Imagine that when you fall into the embrace of death, those you care about can no longer give them a hug, and those things you haven’t done yet become a regret that you can never let go of. .Although there are few people I care about, it’s always good to be immortal. This universe is so broad, and there are other universes after the universe. Just exploring these mysteries will be sufficient to spend my long life. And in this universe Here, I can’t find a way to jump over that gap…”

Allen indifferently said: “So you want to jump out of this universe and find answers in other universes?”

“Yes, maybe the Rule of each universe is different. The Can’t do it thing in this universe may be possible in other universes.” Frius said solemnly: “Haven’t you thought about it, Allen. We How many times has this universe been through Dusk? If the number of times is converted into time, its length should have far exceeded the limit of life I can control. What is surprising is that the Creator who created all of this is probably in The first Universe’s Dusk has existed before. I don’t know how many years. Just thinking about it has exceeded the limit of our imagination. For such a life, can you really stop it? And for me, the Creator is located The universe may hide the rule of immortality.”

“So, I want to see that universe.”

“So, don’t break my good deeds.”

Allen shook his head: “Frius, you know humans.”

“Your race, no, it can only be said to be your dominant race. Why, want to talk to me about this short-lived species?” Of course Frius knows humans, even on the Agares, there are humans. It’s just that humans are mostly slaves in the 2 Great Emperor kingdoms. Until Allen sat on the throne of Specter Country, the humans in Specter Country were immediately released, and Dobiya also improved the status of humans in order to cater to this ally.

But for the intelligent life on the planet at the edge of the galaxy, a great majority of advanced civilizations in the universe still generally regard them as short-lived species.

There is no cryptic meaning, just like the literal meaning, human beings are a very short-lived species.

“Short-lived species…Yes, the life of an ordinary person is only a trifling for 100 years. 100 years have passed. For those races in the universe that are born with a long life, we humans are like summer cicadas. It’s almost hard to remember them.” Allen said: “Even if you join advanced warfare, humans are still hard to remember.”

“But now, the entire universe should know your race. After all, you have appeared among them.” Frius said with a smile.

Allen shook his head and said, “This is not the point, Frius. Maybe many people don’t realize it, including you. The origin of mankind can be traced back very shortly. The time taken from the development of the stone civilization to the present, is in the history of those dynasties. The planet in 10000 years is nothing at all. Of course, even now, the overall strength of mankind is still very weak.”

Frius frowned slightly: “What do you want to say?”

This sentence was originally Allen asked him, but now he asked Allen back. Frius, who had spoken, felt a bit like being countered by Allen.

Allen looked at him and said, “So, have you ever thought about it? But have you ever thought about why such a shallow race with inside information can occupy a place in the era of advanced warfare? The root cause is that our lives are short. Just because time is limited, we work hard. When you walk leisurely on the road of civilization, we are running. Because it is short, we are destined to be brilliant.”

“Isn’t there a saying in the universe that human beings are a race that is good at creating miracles?”

“No, it’s not that we are good at creating miracles, but we are desperately trying to make impossible things possible. Only in this way can we catch up with your pace. This is our pride. In the eyes of many civilizations, we are primordial. , We are born like summer flowers. But one day, we will transform into a life far more perfect than you think. And it is our short life that drives all this. It gives us a sense of urgency, it Let us chase time and finally…beyond time!”

Frius’ pupils dilated slightly, and he was truly shocked. If this remark is spoken by someone else, the Emperor of Darkness will only laugh. But if you say it from a Supreme, the weight is completely different. He finally grasped what Allen wanted to convey. The key to pursuing an ideal is not the length of time, but whether you have spared no effort to pursue it and whether you have exhausted every short moment in your life.

The Emperor of Darkness closed his eyes and slowly said with a nod: “Your words are very powerful, and the things you describe are also very beautiful. I have begun to change my view of mankind. Your race may really hide those unknown A beautiful thing. Just like a butterfly before spreading its wings, it is also a cocooned insect that’s all. Maybe one day, you can break the cocoon and become a butterfly. But Allen, yes, you almost touched me. But it’s still not good. A little bit…”

Frius opened his eyes again, and he extended the hand, a black arrogance rising from his hand. The black fire formed an insect shape in his palm, the insect formed a cocoon, and then turned into a black butterfly. The black butterfly just took off, its wings withered, lay between his palms, and once again returned to a shapeless black flame. Frius said solemnly: “Do you understand?”

Allen gave a wry smile: “I see.”

Then the two people appeared simultaneously at the center of the black disc, Ashes Hymn and long sword Lightless collided again, and countless sparks spattered between Two Swords, reflecting the faces of Frius and Allen.

crack crack, a huge crack runs across their feet, dividing the disc into two. Mother Earth separated to the second side, and flames and lava surged from the Bottomless Abyss below. After a while, it spewed from the ground for 2 li, like a great wall of flames!

Allen 2 is in the center of the Great Wall, regardless of the flames or lava, they are scattered on their left and right. 2 People step on void, but they walk on the ground. After the collision, they separated, wandered, slammed again, and so on. So every time it collides, Mother Earth will have an extra crack. After a while, the ground measured in square kilometers will bang and sink, and a huge hole will be dug in the ground.

Allen felt sorry that he still couldn’t convince Frius just now. The Emperor of Darkness finally turned the butterfly into flames, which was exactly what he told him clearly. Even if he speaks beautifully, it is difficult to find an immortal Rule in this universe, and he will eventually have to look for it in other universes. So the fight with him was unavoidable. Allen was not afraid of a fight, but didn’t want to waste time with Frius. It’s a pity that I can’t talk about the Emperor of Darkness, so no matter how he doesn’t want it, this battle is still imperative.

Frius long sword picks, the tip of the sword is on Ashes Hymn, Allen suddenly feels a strong stabbing, as if being provoked by a mountain peak, the current person bounces to the high altitude uncontrollably. On the contrary, Frius floated towards the fairly flat ground on the other side, landing on the ground with his sword, and the sword pointed to Allen, who had already gone by midair. The ground trembled again, and the A path of flame wrap lava burst from the ground, flying up like a strip of Fire Dragon. When the Fire Dragon rises to midair, it turns from red to black. From a distance, it looks like 10000000 million Black Dragons soaring into the sky.

As soon as he spread his wings on Allen in midair, he stopped. Ashes Hymn was held high on the top, a sword slowly sinking like a mountain. There is a cloud vortex in the sky above the head, and a piece of snow hangs down from the rotating thick cloud vortex. The tip of the sword is great as the mountains, and the White Emperor Sword falls through the clouds.

The flying Black Dragons fell as if being pressed down by an invisible mountain peak. The White Emperor Sword passed between the Black Dragons. The black dragons disappeared, and the sky suddenly cleared a large space.

Cut 10000 dragons with one sword.

The tip of the sword straightforward of the White Emperor Sword nailed to Frius, the Emperor of Darkness faintly smiled, turned into a black meteor and rose into the sky, facing the giant sword!

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