Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1873

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For the White Emperor Sword, Frius is an unremarkable black spot, as ridiculous as a mayfly shaking a mountain. However, when he hit the tip of the sword of the White Emperor Sword, the gigantic sword, which was originally slumped like a mountain, stopped for a while. It was this pause that had already blown up a ring of atmospheric ripples, followed by black cracks like The roots of the trees spread like branches, swimming upstream. The cracks pass through, and the majestic origin force that constitutes the White Emperor Sword collapses inch by inch, so this huge mountain-like sword explodes from the tip of the sword. The Emperor of Darkness turned into a Black Mountain and crashed into the gigantic sword. Suddenly, the gigantic sword’s body was stripped off and collapsed like a mountain.

In the end, Frius rushed out from the hilt, and the entire gigantic sword eventually fell apart.

The Emperor of Darkness soared into the sky, and stopped high in the sky, lifting the sword and slashing. The thick cloud above Frius’s head was gradually dyed black, Heaven and Earth Lightless, and dim. I saw that the rotating black cloud vortex slowly descended, and pulled out the misty clouds from the inside to form a long sword-like shape, like a long sword Lightless that was magnified countless times and hit Allen.

Allen turned around and swept across Ashes Hymn.

There was a very loud sword cry in the sky, and a golden light ran across the sky, colliding with the cloud sword that fell from the sky. A huge force sank, pressing Allen to float to the ground, he fell to the ground, and moved all the way back, until he exited 1000 meters before stopping. At this time, Frius pointed in Allen’s direction, and the cloud sword exploded into 10000000 million blacks. The smoke billowed down, looking like a meteor.

It’s just that these meteors are not brilliant at all, on the contrary, they are so dark and rich that people feel desperate.

Even if the nature of those meteors is nothing more than clouds, the dark origin force that contains the Emperor of Darkness can’t be despised. Yunyan is a flimsy thing, but at this moment it gives people a sense of weight. Only a Supreme like Frius can change the texture of the material in an instant.

Allen struck the ground with a sword.

This sword splits Mother Earth 1000 meters.

However, a densely packed city wall emerged from the split line, with the uplift of earth and stone as the wall, and the wall was connected to form a city. A city wall suddenly rose in front of Allen. This city wall keeps raising, and behind the city wall there is a city wall. Three consecutive city walls rise up and rise in Mother Earth, protecting Allen as if being in a castle that never falls.

It is also Repelling City, but compared with Thin Sun Star, the city wall that Allen rises at this moment is obviously much thicker. As a result, the black clouds that fell in the air hit the 3 stacked city walls and bounced off one after another. The black smoke continued to fall. In the smoke, Frius kept slipping and sliding down, passing three city walls, falling to Allen by one’s side, and wiping the opponent’s waist with a sword.

Allen stretched out his hand and patted it, pressing the Lightless long sword down so that the body of the sword sank, but the Ashes Hymn in his hand slashed towards the neck of the Emperor of Darkness. The latter smiled slightly, opened his mouth and spit out a dark breath. The black breath hit the Ashes Hymn, and it was actually contaminated with the gray flames of the Source Device. In an instant, it infected half of it, and he wanted to share that half with Allen. Allen narrowed one’s eyes. Suddenly a golden flame rose in the center of Ashes Hymn. The Golden King Flame slammed into the black aura. At the moment, the black aura on the edge of the Source Device escaped, all of which was forced out by the Golden King Flame.

At this time, Frius slammed into Allen chest with an empty elbow, and the latter turned Ashes Hymn off his wrist. So the Emperor of Darkness quickly retracted his arm and slammed his sword simultaneously to Allen’s chin. Allen retreated so that one of his swords failed and threw back again, raising Ashes Hymn and cutting his head.

The next 2 people will come and go, and Fist Sword will join together. The offensive is fast and dense. The weird thing is that no matter how dense the two Fist Swords are, there has never been a collision. For a moment, the two sides did not know how many 2 Fist Swords had attacked each other, and finally Two Swords collided again, as if they were about to explode the power of the previous 100 Fist Swords. A sun suddenly lit up on Mother Earth. The sun was dark on one side, golden on the other side, and the two sides were pushing each other by the origin force, but no one could help each other. Too much the sun rises, until finally shining brightly, when the dazzling light flooded 100 objects, Allen finally seized the opportunity to put his foot on the Lightless long sword, propped Frius straight up, and he chased afterwards.

The situation is turbulent.

In an instant, both of them had rushed into the low-hanging cloud layer, thick clouds were permeated above, and there was a faint flash of fire behind the clouds.

Allen’s wings flared, figure stopped, and then a sword made a big arc, and a full-bodied sword arc rose, like a round of golden Half-moon rising from thick clouds. Half-moon quickly cut through the clouds and caught up with Frius at a very fast speed. The Emperor of Darkness had no time to set up the long sword, and he had already piled up the high altitude at the arc end of the sword arc. However, at this time, the second round Half-moon rises again, staggering with the previous half-moon, pushing Frius to the highest point in the sky.

Chopping Heaven and then Chopping Heaven.

Then the sky was really cut open, and in an instant the sky was densely covered with golden light, like a broken but shattered porcelain, the wind and clouds all over the sky suddenly rang loudly. Nong Yun wiped out the 2 style Chopping Heaven, revealing a dazzling sky. The sky suddenly lit up, and there was a violent explosion on the heights. So the black gold sun on Mother Earth hasn’t completely disappeared, and the sky is full of brilliance. The horrible storm that can instantly kill lives erupts in the sky and Mother Earth, making it an absolute life forbidden zone within a radius of 1000 miles!

After the explosion, the dragon scroll winds rose up in Mother Earth, causing Mother Earth to roll. At this time, there was a series of cracks in the sky, Allen narrowed one’s eyes and saw Frius falling from the high altitude. The Emperor of Darkness holds a long sword in his hand. There are countless black electric fires bursting on the long sword. This electric fire flutters like a flag behind him. At the end, there are several thick black light strips floating upward.

Those light strips and electric fires are Space Cracks, and Frius falls all the way, waiting if the space of Ebouins is torn apart. The length of this crack is measured in kilometers. When the Emperor of Darkness reached the top of Allen’s head, the sword swung down, so the energy ripped from the Space Crack fell like Thunderclap and formed a black electric ball. The diameter of the electric ball is five meters, and it is rolling.

Allen dragged his sword to meet.

It flew faster and faster, and finally turned into a golden rays of light and crashed into the black electric ball, and then drilled out from the other end in a flash, facing the Frius of midair. When their two swords intersected, the lower electric ball ejected a path of golden flame from the inside, and finally a group of Golden King Flame was exploded from the inside. Then the energies of the two canceled each other, but the explosion point appeared. The strip of light, the Space Crack that was torn apart by the origin force of both parties, was difficult to close for a while.

2 people fought from the air to the ground, and from the ground back to high altitude. The above heaven under earth are the stages of their battle. Under the full confrontation of the power of two different rules, the entire space of Ebouins is shaking. It’s just that the rules of two people are so overbearing, Allen’s Golden King Flame Annihilation 2 objects, Frius’s black power Devouring All Living Things, Annihilation and Devouring clashes, Ebouins suffered.

From time to time, Mother Earth digs away thousands of kilometers of ground, and occasionally the sky opens up a Space Crack that is sufficient to swallow the mountains. As the battle between the two people gets more intense, many volcanoes in Ebouins also begin to erupt. The ground swelled from time to time, and pillars of fire rushed towards midair. Even though they were far away from the battlefield of the two Supremes, they were affected by their battles, and the landscape changed one after another.

The sky of as for Ebouins is even more so, the clouds boil like a pot of boiled water, sometimes the clouds gather like a curtain, sometimes the clouds disperse like the wind. The sky is full of hustle and bustle, and the origin force of Qi is horribly disordered.

At this time, a faint trembling sounded above the sky. Obviously, you can’t see anything in the sky, but you can feel that two invisible oppression forces are rolling in. Then a black spot appeared on the left of the sky, and a cloud of golden light appeared on the right. Then the black dots dragged out a black flame tail, the golden light also gave out a brilliant Milky Way, so the sky was divided by two rays of light, one black and one gold. The two rays of light quickly converged on the Imperial court, one on the left and the other on the right, but when they were about to collide, a strange Force Field fell on top of the two people’s heads. It is better that Frius and Allen almost lost their sense of direction simultaneously, and the perception of the two people became extremely confused, and the two rays of light also twisted and twisted. They should have collided straight, but eventually became staggered.

Even if there is no collision, but the interlaced friction has also caused the space to be distorted, and then bursts of black light bands.

Two people crossed past, and then pushed several hundred meters before stopping.

Allen wrinkled his frowned head, the weird feeling was obviously not brought to him by Frius. The latter felt the same, and then saw someone falling from the heights of the sky. That on the body cloak dances wildly, as if being shaken by wind blow. In fact, the cloak was simply formed by black fog, but the texture on it was actually like the real thing, which shows how profound this person has mastered the accuracy of origin force.

When he completely descended to the space between Allen 2 people, Emperor of Darkness snorted and said: “You really stay in this ghost place.”

Allen uttered a name: “Spanac.”

That’s right, it was Demon Monarch Spanac who fell among them. He lightly glanced at two people and said: “You guys are playing lively, but it’s too noisy. It makes me want to quietly study something.”

“Then what do you want, Old Guy, do you plan to intervene?” Frius laughed wildly: “Alright, I wanted to have a good fight with you before, but unfortunately I have a lot of scruples on Agares. I am here now. , You and I can let go of your hands, or else, you two can attack together!”

The Emperor of Darkness suddenly released the air machine, and the space behind him gradually became black.

Spanac indifferently said: “When did your tone become so big, when I was the Emperor, Frius, I’m afraid you have not been born yet.”

“So what, Spanac, you’re just a past one’s prime Old Guy, sitting in the Supreme seat that many years no one has challenged you, do you really treat yourself as invincible in the whole world!”

“Invincible in the whole world shouldn’t be possible, or he wouldn’t have been injured by Void Skyfire. But well, you can do it.” Spanac waved his hand gently and said, “Little Brat, you shouldn’t Sora entangled with him here. Besides, my battlefield doesn’t like to let the third one intervene. Go away.”

Allen was taken aback, and Spanac unexpectedly took over the Emperor of Darkness for him. But he didn’t bother to figure out Demon Monarch’s thoughts. Now Hall of Withering only had Orpheus to deal with Son of Dusk, he indeed was not at ease. At the moment, it soars into the sky, reflecting a golden light at the high altitude and quickly disappearing.

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