Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1874

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“Spanac, it’s not your style to do such a good thing as a wedding dress for others.” Frius wasn’t in a hurry, in fact, he couldn’t come. The opponent is Spanac. In terms of strength, he is not below Allen. In terms of experience, I am afraid that Allen has integrated the Will of Dusk and is not comparable to Demon Monarch. After all, this man has lived for endless years. Among the four Supremes in the universe, he is the oldest, and Allen is the youngest.

When Spanac was already Dominator Agares, Frius was just a General under him. If it hadn’t been for Spanac to leave Agares in the name of slumber to collect clues to the creator, I am afraid that Frius would not have a chance to rise.

So the Emperor of Darkness said lightly, but in fact he had to carefully examine Spanac, at least not daring to attack rashly.

The cloak of Demon Monarch on the body dissipated, and a black fog filled the midair. The black fog expanded rapidly, and it took up half of the sky for a while. Demon Monarch is hidden in the black fog, just like others in the Castle of Shadow. He doesn’t want people to see his silhouette. Only the voice comes from the fog: “I have been following the steps of the creator in my life. It is to go deep into the place where he was born. I know a little about their plan. They plan to kill Son of Dusk and destroy Hall of Withering. Hall of Withering is the coordinate where the Creator descends into this World. Once destroyed, the Creator should be shocked. feel.”

“At that time, it is very likely that the Creator will enter this World. Even if the Creator cannot fully enter due to the limitations of the Rule in the universe, it will eventually open up a channel.”

Frius body lightly shakes: “Do you plan to use this channel to enter the universe where the Creator is?”

“Why not?” Demon Monarch asked rhetorically.

“You’re afraid you are crazy.” Frius said: “You and I know that the channel you opened actually has a certain level of Rule power in it. What’s wrong with entering the Creator’s channel rashly and breaking into the opponent’s home court? the difference?”

“If you want to go to the Creator universe, it’s better to cooperate with me. I have already reached an agreement with Son of Dusk. As long as you stop Allen and them, Son of Dusk will open a channel for us to the Creator universe. This is not safe. Much?”

Black fog surge up, Demon Monarch’s voice came: “Frius, you man doesn’t seem to trust others so easily. How can you be so sure that Son of Dusk will abide by the agreement afterwards?”

“He can not comply, and I will solve him by myself at that time.” The Emperor of Darkness said proudly.

“It turns out that this is the case. As always, you will never trust anyone, except yourself.”

Frius said impatiently, “What do you think!”

“I reject your proposal.” Demon Monarch said indifferently: “Instead of asking me to cooperate with you, waiting for a chance is only half the result. It’s better to let Allen go to the end of Son of Dusk, and let the Creator show up on their own. Many. As for the home game, when I thought that the Creator should be busy fighting Allen and the others, I am afraid I would not be able to take care of me. Step back 10000 steps, even if the Creator wants to fight on the 2nd side, then I don’t mind learning the top of another universe What is the taste of battle strength.”

Frius shook his head and said, “From the time I knew you, I knew that you were a man who didn’t play cards according to common sense. It was the same in the past, and it is the same now. So, the war between us cannot be avoided?”

“Of course it can be avoided. If you don’t do it, I’m happy to tell you some interesting clues left by the creator.”

“Really? Let’s forget it, I’m in a hurry. As for your bedside stories, maybe you can tell your child when you are old in the future. Oh, I forgot that you, Old Guy, have no children.”

Demon Monarch indifferently said: “You have never been a person who can tell jokes, so shut up!”

The black fog surged wildly, and each and everyone’s sad face suddenly appeared in the thick fog, like those Nether Soul suppressed in the deepest part of hell. These all are condensed by the power of Spanac, something like the Nether Soul came out of the thick fog, everyone has weapons, and some even ride beasts, crossing the void like an army, moved Attack towards Frius.

“How many times do you have to play this kind of old-fashioned trick!” The Emperor of Darkness lightly shouted, and the Lightless long sword pointed away. Those Nether Soul within the body suddenly pierced out a black tip of the sword. Following Nether Soul, only its body exploded, and a large area of ​​Demon Monarch’s “army” fell in an instant.

“Don’t forget, my Rule is black. Even though your black fog is a product of origin force, it can still be the carrier of my Rule’s power. So Spanac, you take it seriously!”

“Okay…” Demon Monarch still said at a moderate pace.

The black fog surged again, and suddenly a huge monster emerged from it. The body is as high as a mountain, like a giant raccoon, with short vertebrae protruding behind it, but even the thinner one is as huge as a mountain peak. Each of the short vertebrae was spraying thick mist, and the monster on the body gradually showed a purple pattern. As the pattern brightened, it opened its mouth and sprayed a dark purple beam toward Frius.

“Damn, you still underestimate me!” Frius Furious Roar cut the beam of light with a sword, and then a person appeared on the monster’s head. The long sword pierced the monster’s head casually, and then slammed into the dense fog of Demon Monarch without looking.

The monster was stuck with a sword before it disappeared, and even turned around to look like it was going to plunge into the thick fog. Suddenly a tip of the sword emerges from its chest, and then countless tips of the sword shoot out from him within the body. Every time a tip of the sword emerges, the mist of monster on the body is taken away. Minute. It was formed by the black fog of Demon Monarch. After countless long swords emerged from its body, its body quickly collapsed, like a sand sculpture washed away by water.

Frius has crashed into the thick fog. He said with a sneer: “I have analyzed your dark fog a long time ago. This is the home field that you use your own strength to form. It can make people lose their perception or even loss in it. The sense of direction and so on. If it is used to deal with other people, it should be very useful, but now your opponent is me! Spanac, for today’s battle, I have thoroughly studied you, you think this fog can stop me ?”

His silhouette flickered in the black fog: “It’s really unfortunate for you. If you choose to change the fog to another color, maybe even I will be at a loss. But you chose black, so here is my home court! I have found you!”

Suddenly go forward.

The silhouette of Frius disappeared for a period of distance, and when it reappeared, the silhouette of Demon Monarch appeared in the mist. Frius stabbed with a sword, and Demon Monarch seemed to be about to rush out the sword, but he was still half a beat slow, and the long sword passed through his chest. Frius haha ​​smiled, drew his sword and swung it again, this time with a cross cut tore a hole in Demon Monarch’s chest. The Emperor of Darkness raised his leg and kicked on Spanac’s chest, and Demon Monarch was kicked and flew back.

Emperor of Darkness stands in midair, cold said with a sneer: “How long have you not worked with people? 100 years? 1000 years? You are too slow now, and I have fought and fought with Supremes like Orpheus and Allen. My touch remains sensitive. On the other hand, when I look at you, you are now like an old bastard who is about to enter the coffin. I feel ashamed of my slow response. Because I have no sense of honor to defeat you like this.”

Demon Monarch looked up, and said separately: “I don’t know that there is such a thing as honor in your heart, but Frius, you only hit me twice, and you can never beat me? You… really still so naive .”

“Shut up!” Frius raise one’s sword, sword edge all around exudes a black light pattern, these patterns cut the fog and prevent the dense fog from gathering. The Emperor of Darkness suddenly leaned forward, dragging the countless swallowing black light patterns on the sword and swept forward in an instant, and a sword swept across by one’s side of Demon Monarch.

In the moment, the two people staggered for 2 meters, and the Emperor of Darkness stood still, and the dense fog everywhere gradually separated. As for Demon Monarch, his arm was cut open, and there was a slit on the side of his waist. No flesh and blood could be seen inside, but a bright dark purple light!

“I can’t tell the big story now, Spanac, you…” The Emperor of Darkness shook suddenly, and followed the back of his chest, his arms simultaneously spouted out a black arrogance. His pupils widened slightly, four wounds closed immediately, but his breath dropped a little. He looked up and looked towards Spanac: “What did you do!”

“You just said…” Demon Monarch turned around, and his severed arm returned to its original position, easily engaged. The wounds on the body also closed one by one, as if they had never appeared before. A smile flashed in Spanac’s eyes: “You have studied me thoroughly? It doesn’t look like you think, yes, the darkness has many effects. I can use them to create the most feared things in people’s hearts, or The guy who rushed into the fog and wanted to attack me loses his sense of direction, and even his perception becomes confused. I admit that you have studied thoroughly, and you also use your own Rule to protect you from my fog. influences.”

“But Frius, have you ever thought about it. When did you study me? 100 years ago? 1000 years ago? I bet it was definitely not who I am now, and not just who I was just now.”

“What the hell are you trying to say!” Frius angered.

“I mean, just now, I adjusted the misty rule a little bit. I extended the chaotic rule further, giving you some illusions. For example, do you think the me who is talking to you now is real? Really, is it me?”

Frius was startled, as if he had understood something. He gritted his teeth and sprang up, trying to break out of the mist. Unexpectedly, Demon Monarch’s voice rang in his ears: “I only thought of leaving the mist now? Frius, do you think I would let you go so easily?”

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