Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1875

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Among the top 4 Supremes in the universe today, Frius can be considered to have played against all 3 Supremes. Let go of the battle with Orpheus on Everlasting Night Star, and battle with Allen 2 times on Thin Sun Star and Ebouins. Now it was against Spanac. Among the three Supremes, Frius played the most happily against Allen, while against Orpheus, he was a bit tied. as for Spanac is the most inexplicable.

In terms of pure destructive power, Spanac is even inferior to Allen. But his Rule caused a lot of headaches. Frius thought he knew this man very well, but when he was really up against him, he still knew nothing about him. That’s why he was hurt by Spanac in the dark fog. Now he wants to get rid of the fog and fight again, but Spanac obviously didn’t let him go out so kindly. Obviously, it is easy to get in and get out. Frius began to appreciate the terrifying of disorientation. He thought he was rushing upwards, but the fog was heavy. After heaven knows was confused and perceived, he thought he rushed upwards, maybe Down, or have been walking around in the mist.

After flying upwards for a while, if it were normal, it would have broken open at the speed of Frius, and the fog would have rushed to the high altitude, so all around it was still thick fog. He stopped abruptly and gave up this futile operation. In the mist of Demon Monarch, he said indifferently: “That’s right, you are believing or not, even if you rush to the death of exhaustion, don’t want to rush out of my misty home. .”

This is the terrifying place of Demon Monarch’s dark mist, and you can be promoted to Supreme. It’s not that simple to get out again as long as you get in.

The smile on Frius’s face disappeared, and no one could laugh at such an enemy. He independently said: “After all, your dark fog is like the origin force. I don’t believe that it will consume your origin force. This fog will not disappear.”

“Of course it will, but as I said before, it’s okay to deal with you. I never thought about killing you, as long as I stay here, I have achieved my goal. Now it depends on whether Allen’s Little Brat can be You ran out of my origin force before you forced the Creator out. Just don’t blame me for not reminding you, even if you keep attacking and want to consume my origin force, I’m afraid there is not a 7-8 day Can’t do it.”

Frius gritted his teeth and said: “Old Guy, who will do some rogue tricks, dare to come out and dignified with me and is having a fight.”

“You all said that I am old. My temper is obviously not as violent as when I was young. For me now, the more important thing is to achieve my goal. As for, what means do you think I will care?”

“You’re such a bastard…” After all, Frius still cut out a sword, and sword edge made a black band of light. Where the light band passed, the fog was empty, but after the light band passed, the thick fog rolled again. Although knowing this is a stupid way, for a moment, Frius can’t think of a better way. So, like the craftsman who smashed the wall and opened the mountain, he weakened Spanac’s power with one sword after another.

The entire Ebouins are fighting everywhere at the moment. The battlefields are large and small. The battlefield near Dusk Hill, where the battle is the most intense, is certainly not considered to be the most fierce battlefield. However, if the destructive power is huge, Supreme fights and tears the void at every turn. Mother Earth. Of course it is much larger than other battlefields. Not to mention that Allen waited for Supreme to fight back and forth. Twilight and Gugliemo also played heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

Allen cleared Dusk and wiped out 1000000 The Burning Legion on Mother Earth. Only three giants, the Might of Wrath survived under the light of Dusk. But he was also immersed in the light of Dusk, even if he did not die by chance, on the body internal injury was everywhere. Just with Gugliemo’s power, he can completely suppress within the body internal injury and continue to fight Twilight. The consequence of this is that even if he can survive this war, his strength will be greatly reduced and even forced to be reborn.

But now, Gugliemo doesn’t care about these, Twilight is the enemy of before one’s eyes. Gugliemo was very angry. The former Ebouins 3 giant and the strongest Helsingorse was the first to die, and Allen shut down the Gate of Raging Flames, making Seed of Fire unable to appear in Ebouins. And then was absorbed by Twilight, making this woman from a high-ranking king to a giant that can stand by his side! as for Magatoma, that is totally a bad luck egg. First, it was killed by Allen, the Supreme on Mixier, and then Seed of Fire was acquired by Archimedes, which gave birth to inheritance. Now even if it is not dead, it is just a soldier that can’t be called even the king.

Gugliemo’s home game is not on the ground. The lava raging sea at the extreme west of Ebouins is his real home game. The first generation of him was born here. No matter how many rebirths thereafter, he will return to his sea kingdom. as for the sky and Mother Earth are the stages of the other two kings. Now Gugliemo uses his own strength to create a lava zone on the ground, but it is difficult to compare with the lava sea. On the other hand, Twilight spreads its wings and easily floats above the lava belt, unaffected by the environment.

In addition, Gugliemo had been injured by Allen’s Dusk before, and the titans gradually gained the upper hand as they fought and became less imposing manner.

The Warhammer momentum is big, power is deep in Gugliemo’s hand, his moves are like rushing thunder, and the space vibrates endlessly when swinging. But no matter how great the power is, Twilight has no plans to fight against the king. From the very beginning, she relies on air superiority to come and go, and sometimes even flies on midair to make Gugliemo have power but nowhere to use it. . Twilight always seizes the opportunity to stab the chest or kick the legs with a sword when Gugliemo is exposed. It doesn’t get bored again and again. The fighting has left no less than 100 wounds in Gugliemo on the body. The deepest path only penetrates 30% of the flesh, and the shallower one only cuts through the outer skin, but the power of Twilight in each wound is lingering, as if dormant in the wound waiting for an opportunity.

Gugliemo was annoying, but after another hammer failed, he suddenly yelled. The body continued to swell and deform, and a suction basin grew all over. In an instant, a huge fiery-red octopus appeared on the ground. This is the true form of Gugliemo. It is like a huge sea monster the size of an island, waving countless tenticles, sucking from them. Lava spurts out of the basin continuously, just like Gugliemo’s within the body is filled with lava.

This giant lava octopus tenticles flew towards the midair Twilight, while some tenticles leaped into the lava zone he created, stirring constantly. Then the tenticles will roll up a ball of lava and throw it out, roaring like a cannonball into the Twilight in the air. Twilight also not to be outdone, the long sword resheaths, there is a ball of flame spurting from her chest, and the flame is raging, condensing the dragon head, dragon body, four limbs, long tail and wings. Suddenly, a giant dragon of flames appeared in midair. The giant dragon is not as big as a giant octopus, but its body is full of flames, but its power is only high. The giant dragon screamed, and suddenly there were cracks in the octopus, and then lava was sprayed simultaneously!

This was almost a bloodletting for Gugliemo. The wounds buried by Twilight before finally played a role, making the aura of the giant sea monster on the ground plummet. The flame giant dragon seized this opportunity, opened its mouth and spit out a pillar of fire to sweep the octopus, and Ignitioned its tentacles and body.

Gugliemo screamed constantly, flying with tentacles and angrily going to slap the giant dragon in the air. The giant dragon’s wings spread out, and when it soars up to a height, a flame rises from its abdomen, dyeing the giant dragon’s already fiery red body into dark red.

The entire Heaven and Earth became dim, and a group of shining dark red light was spit out from the mouth of the giant dragon, and then a violent pillar of fire spewed out like a volcanic eruption, forming a flame Milky Way coming across the air. Gugliemo’s tentacles are flying, and a thin fire stream is ejected from the front end of each tenticles. Dozens of fire streams gather together to form a pillar of fire and collide with the flames of the giant dragon.

Suddenly the temperature between Heaven and Earth rose suddenly, the empty ground cracked, and then the surface turned into powder and was blown away by the impact wave.

A sun rose in the middle of the two huge monsters, and the sun flashed, and finally a dazzling light swallowed the two. In the flickering flicker of the big bang, a dark shadow can vaguely be seen swooping down. After the explosion, a thick, twisted cloud rose up on Mother Earth. In the cloud pillar that flickered in the dark from time to time, a giant dragon swept across the cloud pillar. The giant dragon’s wings flapped, two legs caught the giant octopus flying upwards, Gugliemo’s tentacles flew, quite a taste of bewilderment. From time to time, the giant dragon bowed its head and spewed out a pillar of fire, which caused the octopus surface to make noises and countless blue smoke. Seeing that it was hard to break free, Gugliemo simply touched it and entangled its body along the legs of the giant dragon. However, the flames on the surface of the giant dragon burned with smoke, and even some tentacles were directly burned by the flames.

Gugliemo also tried desperately. The tentacles kept holding the giant dragon transformed by Twilight, which made the giant dragon’s body sway in midair. The giant dragon finally uttered a long cry, and even its wings were entangled in its tentacles. At the moment, it was unable to flutter its wings any more, and looked towards Mother Earth and fell. Twilight took Gugliemo and slammed into Mother Earth. When it collided, he threw Gugliemo out. The giant dragon wiped out the ground in kilometers. When it stopped, the ground had been wiped out by a long ravine.

The giant dragon propped up its body, its wings splayed out, and fired from the wingtips of the two sides with a flow of 2. The flow of fire continued to cross the edges in midair, but no collision, and finally drew a large turning trajectory to Gugliemo, suddenly blowing up a large group of Fireball. The silhouette of that giant octopus was immediately submerged by countless flames, and only Gugliemo’s screams were heard in the flames that continued to explode. The giant dragon raised its head again, opened its mouth and spouted a pillar of fire, which turned into a beam of light. A high-heat beam swept away, dividing the flame into two like a sharp sword. It was worthy of cutting the small half of the giant octopus with dozens of tentacles. Come down.

The beam of light faded away, and then a line of flame was sprayed along the spot where the beam passed!

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