Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1876

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Gugliemo’s cry was heard in the flames of the explosion, mixed with anger and helplessness. The flame giant dragon not at all continued to chase, and the screaming Gugliemo reminded Twilight of something. Before becoming a king, she was just a Raging Flames Knight. What we have to do every day is to obey the lord’s orders and patrol the edges of the territory with other colleagues to expel alien creatures. In these day after day repetitive tasks, sometimes she would kill some low-level creatures. At this time, when you encounter a middle-to-high-level life that is stuck in your hands, you will be injured. There were even frequent deaths, and that time changed Twilight’s life.

As a Raging Flames Knight, Twilight is not at all too high in wisdom. She can only understand the lord’s commands and perform the lord’s mission faithfully like other battle units. After being rescued from near death that seriously hurt, her battle strength fell because of her injuries, so she was released by the leader. For a battle unit that has no value, the lord will not take you in. Exile is already quite merciful. In Twilight’s memory at that time, too many battle units that had lost value were seen to be disposed of after the fact.

The so-called processing is to destroy them, return them to their origins, and rebirth in Place of Birth.

Fortunately, Twilight was not destroyed and left the territory and started her aimless wandering.

A roar.

Gugliemo’s voice made Twilight re-place the attention from the memory to before one’s eyes. She, who was in the flames of the giant dragon, “sees” the tenticles of Gugliemo’s big octopus regenerating quickly. This is nothing for the king. It only needs to regenerate the limbs. Consume origin force, the difference lies in fast and slow. It takes at least a few days for an ordinary king to regenerate his limbs, and only a few hours for the upper king. as for Giants like Gugliemo, even though they are at the end of a strong bow, the speed of regeneration is staggering. In the blink of an eye, the tentacles and half of the body that were cut off by Twilight’s beam have been reborn. The Avatar body can be seen with a lighter skin color, and then the octopus pats its tentacles vigorously. The tenticles slapped on the ground, and the reaction force of the give rise to made Gugliemo float in the air.

The octopus’s tentacles patted constantly, and the tentacles patted on the midair as if they were on the ground. As Gugliemo rises, his imposing manner grows step by step, as if closing his eyes, Twilight will feel a sea of ​​anger churning. In the sea of ​​anger, Gugliemo floats and sinks, waving his tentacles, imposing manner like a rainbow.

If you are in Gugliemo’s territory, you can roughly see this moving scene. A huge sea monster floated and sank in the sea of ​​lava. As its tentacles waved, the raging sea made waves, and Heaven and Earth changed color.

It’s a pity that Gugliemo is located in Mother Earth at the moment. Although he uses an imposing manner to set off himself, it feels like a bluff. So Twilight knew that Gugliemo had reached its limit, and what followed was his final attack.

But it is also the strongest.

The flame of the giant dragon on the body is no longer flying like before, the flame descends, but it becomes the essence. The giant dragon is full of fire, and every scale is clearly visible. In these scales, there is a thin fire stream flowing.

Gugliemo is very likely to raise the momentum to the extreme, but Twilight does the opposite, converging the imposing manner, condensing the origin force, and doing the final blow to meet the might of the angry sea.

The big octopus suddenly took a breath in midair. With this action, its body began to swell. It constantly inhales like blowing a balloon, and its body gradually bulges, with fire coming out through it, as if there is a sun hidden inside.

The temperature of the space rose sharply, and the ground cracked A path of openings. They were criss-crossed, like an open, hungry and thirsty mouth that opened towards the sky, Mother Earth. However, what was waiting was not the nectar, but a scarlet-red light beam that Gugliemo spit out from his mouth. The big octopus inhales to the limit, exhausts it in one go, turning it into vomiting. Turn all the origin force of the body within the body into fire light and shoot down, straight to the giant dragon of flames. The outer wall of this beam of light is red, but the core is a line of black lines. Its speed is out of the question. When it falls, it makes people mistakenly think that the sky has fallen.

That’s because the origin force of the space nearby has almost drew Gugliemo clean. If Twilight didn’t try to converge her origin force before, I’m afraid her power will be taken away by Gugliemo a little. When the time column fell, it caused the illusion of space collapse. The space has not changed, but the origin force is almost dried up that’s all. The beam of light slowly fell, like the light of Judgement Day. The flame giant dragon raised its head. In the giant dragon, Twilight pulled out the long sword from his waist and pointed to Gugliemo: “I am the one who will live to the end!”

“I am the one who will live to the end.”

After being released by the leader, Twilight headed east. She just chose a random direction to leave, and the reason she chose the east was only because the sky on the east looked brighter. The bright sky always makes people feel that hope is still there, so she headed east.

Without the flame horse to travel, she was still a knight for a whole week. She passed through the valley, passed through a tunnel, and finally came to an invisible plain. The important thing is that this is a land without a master. There is no lord here. The low- and middle-level battle unit divides it into very small territories. Twilight, who was unaware of this place, accidentally walked into the territory of Fire Horned Demon, so she was attacked by 300 Fire Horned Demon.

Even if the battle strength level is much lower than before, Raging Flames Knight is ultimately a mid-level battle unit. Twilight leaned on a sword and killed 3 10 Fire Horned Demon. A strong horned demon, the King of Fire Horned Demon with his head full of horns, fought her a desperate duel. When Twilight was close to death again, she was lucky enough to cut off the head of the strong horned demon with a sword. For unknown reasons, she said the words just now.

This was her first sentence since she was conscious, and she can understand what it means to be alive.

After that, the remaining Fire Horned Demon became her subordinates. After healed the wound, she swept the surrounding 2 territories, and used the origin force of the tyrannical creature and Heart Nucleus to heal the wound. After more than a month, Twilight regained its battle strength and was stronger than before. Coupled with her current power, she is much better than serving under her predecessor. But the good times didn’t last long, and soon, a Raging Flames Knight set one’s sights on her in this land of no owner.

The leader of Raging Flames Knight, the King of Outbreak Knight declared war on her and asked her to acknowledge allegiance. When she faced the terrifying knight leader who was more than 2 meters tall, covered in heavy armor, and bursting flames from the cracks in the armor, Twilight said this again: “I am the last to live. people.”

At this moment, looking directly at Gugliemo, from the rays of light that the big octopus spit down, Twilight seemed to have returned to the moment when he faced King Knight. It’s just that she is now 10000000 million times stronger than before, but the opponent is no different. That is no longer an advanced outbreak knight king, but only under the Son of Dusk, the power sufficient to cover the power of the raging sea of ​​Mother Earth.

Then a pillar of fire spouted from the giant dragon’s mouth, and it collided with Gugliemo’s last blow.

At the moment of the collision, the entire Mother Earth rumbling and the ground cracked. Starting from the center of the collision of the two forces, the crack left and right extended. It was 2 miles in a flash, and a gap of 1000 miles was drawn on the red ground. The fire flickered in the gully, and the next second the curtain of fire rose into the sky, almost dividing the world into two.

Twilight clenched the hilt of the sword with both hands in the giant dragon, pointed ahead, and his mouth first uttered a low groan, then turned into a clear howl, and finally formed a very penetrating dragon roar! She was on the roar, as if she wanted to press the deep inside of her heart. His emotions were completely vented. She remembered that day, when the King of Outbreak Knight was finally lying under her sword, she heard the advanced beings who had begun to sprint towards the King said this: “Even if you destroy me and absorb me. Even if you Become a king, but in the end, you still can’t get out of this cycle. Now you are still young, but as long as you give you time, you will understand that our lives here are so sad.”

Indeed, Twilight at the time did not understand the meaning of King Knight. Instinct still occupies consciousness, so she just wrote down these words, and then completely destroyed King Knight, seized his Heart Nucleus, and became the leader of the Raging Flames Knight.

After another 3 years, Twilight was officially promoted to king. Even if it’s just a lower king, even the territory and army it owns can’t be compared with other kings. But the king is the king, after being promoted to the king, she finally has wisdom. It was like a chicken out of its shell, Twilight was able to look at Ebouins from a new angle.

In the beginning, she was more keen on sweeping the surrounding battle units, absorbing the power of the powerhouse among them, taking over their army, and expanding her territory. Until the whole of Borderlands became her bag, Twilight began to think about the meaning of his own existence.

Then she came into contact with the kings of other territories around her. Some kings were more kind and willing to share with her the moving experiences of those long lives. Some kings were very violent. What Twilight got there was not goodwill, but war, and then Twilight destroyed him or them, and the lords expanded unconsciously.

With wisdom, coupled with a long time, Twilight began to understand what kind of world Ebouins is. What kind of reincarnation their king and the lives in it experienced, so one day she suddenly remembered the words of the knight king. From the words of King Knight at the time, he was about to be promoted to the king, otherwise he would not be able to say such wise words. It’s a pity that he had some bad luck, but what he left behind made Twilight feel hesitant.

Twilight’s wisdom is telling her that all she has now is just illusion. Once she dies, she will return to her origins and start all over again. After having wisdom, Twilight began to fear one thing, losing.

And I hope one thing, get away.

Get out of Ebouins!

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