Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1877

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Only when you are free can you be free.

This is the conclusion that Twilight finally came to. However, new problems have come. As far as she knows, for countless times, even the three giants standing high above 10000 and 1000 kings could not leave Ebouins. Unless Son of Dusk is willing to open the Gate of Raging Flames to allow them these kings to enter the material world, and then destroy the Hall of Withering themselves, and ultimately destroy the entire Ebouins, they can completely cut off contact with this place.

Otherwise, even if they die in the material world, they will still return to their origins and rebirth from Place of Birth, because this is the “program” set by the Creator. The kings who are based on the Creator cannot break this law by themselves. Otherwise, with the wisdom of the three giants, how would they be willing to stay in Ebouins forever? After all, no matter how aloof and remote they are here, they are only the slave that’s all of Son of Dusk and the Creator.

Of course, more powerful slaves can always be viewed differently by their masters, so the position of the three giants in Hall of Withering is higher than other high-ranking kings, but that’s all.

In a trance, Twilight’s attention returned to before one’s eyes. She and Gugliemo are wrestling, the power of the anger sea is unrestricted, and the scarlet-red light beam is gradually expanding. In contrast, the pillar of fire in Twilight looks dim and Lightless. If the distance between the two is ten, Gugliemo’s beam of light now has 2%, and will soon reach 60%. Twilight’s pillar of fire is being pushed back, but Twilight’s eyes are not desperate, their eyes are still rising like fire.

In the saw, the flame on the ground rose again and again. At this time, the ground regenerates cracks. The cracks at this time are no longer straight extensions, but twists and twists spread out, constructing a complex pattern on Mother Earth. The strands of fire light in the lines illuminate, they illuminate the lines, engulfing Mother Earth, making the whole ground seem to be in Combustion. Strangely, there was no loud noise at this time, but absolute silence.

It was so quiet that the needle could be heard.

This atmosphere is depressing and uncomfortable, Gugliemo needs to vent by constantly roaring and flying tentacles. On the other hand, the giant dragon transformed by Twilight still exhales flames quietly.

The distance has passed 70%.

Seeing that the scarlet-red light beam occupies 70% of the entire length, the so-called thing is nothing more than 3, Twilight slightly released the deliberately suppressed power, so the giant dragon’s spewed pillar of fire, the fire turned from orange red to crimson, and Gugliemo was instantly turned into The top of the beam of light returns to the 60% position.

The ground vibrated silently, and blocks of lichen separated from Mother Earth, supported by the invisible force, and gradually floated to the midair, where the beam of light collided with the fire column, releasing 100000 red light bands. These light belts revolved like 10000 kaleidoscopes, so the Mother Earth fragments floating into the light belts were twisted into powder silently. However, the ground shaking still did not stop, but became more and more intense. When tons of boulders followed the sound of floating and the ground shook, Gugliemo swelled again, and the scarlet-red light beam returned to 70%, but the remaining 30% seemed to be unable to swallow it anyway.

Such a stalemate picture reminds Twilight of something.

That was after she had become a king.

At that time, Twilight had become the master of the borderless land, and the last few forces chose to acknowledge her allegiance. Twilight began to march towards the superior king because she knew very well that she couldn’t get rid of Ebouins without strong power. Looking at the three giants can not get rid of this established fate, then to jump out of reincarnation, she must become stronger than the three giants.

For many kings, how naive and ridiculous her idea is. Of course, Twilight will not reveal this disrespectful idea. The king is very pragmatic, so when she has an idea, she puts it into operation.

She began to expand.

One day, Twilight left the territory with all her troops.

In the common sense of the king, this is almost a suicidal madness. Generally speaking, there will be wars between kings, but wars are limited. No king is crazy enough to dispatch all his troops to attack another king’s territory. Let alone how much benefit this crazy behavior can ultimately get, first of all, this has violated some unwritten rules among kings, and even if another king’s territory is laid, it will also attract other kings’ interference.

Therefore, when Twilight’s army came out, the two kings who had been in good faith with Twilight communicated with Twilight by will, trying to make her give up this crazy move, but Twilight refused. Twilight’s only response to them is that her army has bypassed the territories of these kings far, and is separated by a thousand li to fight another king.

Twilight completely abandoned the supplies and gave himself no way out. Her madness and concentration enabled her to quickly win the war and absorb the core of the king. This was another move that exceeded the rules, and her actions quickly attracted the king’s attention and interference. In the end, seven kings joined forces to besiege Twilight, and they wanted to impose sanctions on Twilight to maintain the sanctity of the rule between the kings.

It was a terrifying war.

The 7 kings took the usual approach, drew a small half of the army from their territory to form a coalition, established a perfect supply, and planned to trap Twilight alive. Twilight came out again, attacking the coalition army with all its strength. On that vast battlefield, the armies of both sides carried out endless fighting on the battlefield. The situation at that time was a bit similar to now, it was a very battlefield, and Twilight only accounted for 3 of them. It can be said that the situation is extremely bad.

But in the end, Twilight won. Twilight put everything aside, and gave up his own army, even without life. She stormed the battlefield, defeated the Chinese army, and exchanged 90% of her injuries for the lives of the other two kings. Her madness and perseverance eventually made the remaining king retreat. Even if they have an advantage, even if Twilight seems to be killed at the next moment, no one wants to be this cannon fodder, and doesn’t want to exchange their long life for a possible victory.

“Gugliemo, you will eventually die here.” Among the giant dragon, Twilight softly said.

Although her voice was soft, it reached Gugliemo’s ears without missing a word. Gugliemo laughed: “Looking at the current situation, it seems that the dying person should be you, a traitor!”

“Then let’s just wait and see.” Twilight responded with another effort.

The crimson fire column completely turned into black, and the temperature energy suddenly connected several levels, 30% distance, back to its 4th!

Gugliemo yelled with anger, he yelled, he roared, but all the power he could use had been used. All his strength has been poured out, without reservation, even if he wants to increase his bargaining chip now, he is just powerless.

But Twilight still has more power.

In fact, from the very beginning, she was waiting, waiting for Gugliemo to exhaust herself. Twilight is crazy, but also very patient, these two extremes have created her now. Just as she killed two kings in one fell swoop, she laid the cornerstone of that war. She won, and absorbed the core of 2 kings, and successfully advanced to the upper position. When the surrounding kings thought that she would take advantage of the victory and bring it up a level to sweep the surrounding territories, Twilight chose to hibernate.

She is very sensible, and when she is not going crazy, her sensibility tells her that too eager expansion will attract the attention of the upper emperor and even the three giants. So she restrained herself and chose patience. She consolidated her power, and secretly practiced her strength and battle skills. Finally, she waited for her chance.

Fire of the Abyss summoned her when she stepped out of the flame gate and entered the material world for the first time. She decided that she would never go back forever!

“But I still came back, but I came back to cut off contact with this ghost place forever! Gugliemo, you are doomed to lose, because you can’t let go of the identity of the three giants, can’t let go of the aloof and remote here. And I, if I can let I will always say goodbye to this place, I can give up everything!”

The giant dragon roar, the black pillar of fire reappears and red light, but the flame keeps gathering, and the pillar of fire turns into a light beam. The color of the light beam changes from light to dark, and it has already overwhelmed Gugliemo in an instant, so the distance between both sides is captured by Twilight. Gugliemo’s 70% quickly became 5 points, then 40%, and in a blink of an eye it became 2 points!

Destruction is near before one’s eyes.

Gugliemo only had time to call out: “No…”

Very far into the hands of Twilight, the beam emitted by the giant dragon blasted through Gugliemo and went straight away, dividing the whole world diagonally into upper and lower sides. Then the world was swallowed by strong light. After a while, the rays of light gradually dimmed, and a cloud of fire in midair was rolling rapidly, spreading out noisily. Under the rootless cloud, something fell down. It was Gugliemo. He could no longer maintain the figure of a giant beast, and fell to Mother Earth in a human form.

Half of the once majestic face is now blackened, and even only a small part of the body remains. Gugliemo gasped, he could feel his body breaking down. Then Twilight appeared in the corner of his eye, and he still laughed at this time: “Is it really important to escape from Ebouins? As the Creator’s creation, we should play our own role, right? If we are no longer a king, we What is left?”

Twilight raised his sword: “No more kings, we truly have freedom!”

A sword inserted.

Long sword passed by, and Gugliemo looked at her and couldn’t speak anymore. Then the body spread out like sand. Among the scattered gravel, a spar was held by Twilight as soon as it rushed up. In this spar, the silhouette of Gugliemo faintly appeared.

“From then on, Ebouins no longer have three giants.” Twilight threw the spar into her mouth, and the spar quickly dispersed in her mouth, and was eventually swallowed by her: “And I, will surpass the three giants!”

Within the body of Twilight, Gugliemo’s roar was faintly heard, and then her armor began to melt and change shape again…

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