Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1878

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Gugliemo’s Seed of Fire entered the body, the origin force of Twilight on the body suddenly boiled, and the armor of on the body melted and deformed. Twilight moved to the end and was fully absorbing and digesting Gugliemo’s Seed of Fire. She stood on Mother Earth like a stone statue, suddenly raised her head, and saw a golden light across the sky, as if to divide the whole world into two. Twilight knew it was Allen, the man she vowed to give her life allegiance. Because of him, she had the opportunity to cut off the connection with Ebouins, completely break away from this fate and get a new life.

The golden light quickly casts towards Dusk Hill in the distance

The final battle is about to begin.

“I have to, hurry up.” The melted armor formed a lava-like liquid, which not only covered Twilight’s whole body, but now even climbed onto her face, finally wrapping her silhouette completely. The slurry continued to gush out, and after wrapping the Twilight, it began to cool, eventually forming an oval-shaped stone, the inside of which shone with fire from time to time. Twilight’s air machine, origin force are all sealed inside, they are boiling…

Allen saw Twilight when he slid across the sky, watching the abnormality of Twilight on the body, he knew that this woman had killed Gugliemo in the end and obtained the Seed of Fire, which was the mighty sea of ​​anger. It is crazy to absorb 2 Seed of Fire even for Allen, but Twilight does this without the slightest hesitation. Until now, he always felt that Twilight was different from other kings. The dedication that she sometimes shows is more like a human being. At this moment, she has already absorbed the second Seed of Fire. I don’t know when it will be able to absorb it completely. Unfortunately, there is no time for her to participate in this final war.

Allen’s eyes were calm, not at all because the loss of a Twilight caused too much disturbance. After all, in this final battle, non-Supreme cannot intervene. So it really doesn’t matter whether there is Twilight or not. Moreover, even after absorbing 2 Seed of Fire, Twilight has become a figure above the Three Great Giants, but when it comes to Supreme, I am afraid that there is still a long distance. A full play, at best, will reach the level of Allen and Helsingorse that day.

Dusk Hill was watching, and Allen saw the ongoing war on the hilltop platform. Gulliver Duke uses his ability to cover other powerhouses, while powerhouses like Laura and Bai are responsible for the battle. Among them, Lucy’s silhouette is also very eye-catching. Although she does not have a breakthrough Level 30, her Golden Wild Rose and Endless Annihilation are both killers, and a single shot can take the life of a king.

It’s just that relatively speaking, the front line headed by Gulliver is always weak, and there are really a lot of kings on the top of the hill, not to mention that they are almost all upper kings.

Allen quickly skimmed the platform and plunged into the Hall of Withering. After he disappeared, the golden flame tail not only left in the air did not disappear. Instead, it lit up, and then burst out 100000 golden rays and rained down on the hilltop platform. The light fell into the camp, and whether Gulliver or Is White felt that the origin force had recovered more than half in an instant, Spirit shook. Especially Lucy, her origin force kept rushing upwards, breaking through several levels, and stopped until she was only one line behind Level 30. The origin force is full, and Princess’s eyes are regained.

On the other hand, the rays of light that look like nectar to Lucy and them are rays of light to the king. Although they desperately resist, most of the kings are still penetrated by the light, and then the Golden King Flame breaks from them within the body. It came out, so dozens of Fireballs appeared out of thin air on the hilltop platform. Each golden Fireball represents the death of an upper king.

Gulliver sighed: “His Royal Highness Allen’s subtle control of origin force is really admirable. With this hand alone, I am afraid that in terms of control accuracy, Your Majesty is also something not up to par.”

Lucy said: “He is always struggling to survive, so he requires every bit of his strength to be used to the limit. After jumping to Supreme, it is not surprising that he has such a fineness. I hope he can be like a royal father. No need to calculate everything, he is too tired.”

Gulliver was speechless.

Lucy looked towards Hall of Withering, Duke asked: “Your Highness, would you like…”

“No.” Lucy shook his head: “I can’t change anything if I go. At this time, I can only trust him and royal father.”

After speaking, he rolled aside, and a king’s upper sword struck Gulliver’s shield. Lucy seizes an opportunity to raise the Endless Annihilation and give the king a shot.

In the Hall of Withering, Allen fell to the ground and saw Orpheus standing with a sword. King of Righteousness The whole body is still, the gigantic sword leaned on the ground, on the body origin force ascends, forming a huge balance pattern on top of his head. Son of Dusk controls 100 sharp blades, but no matter how they attack Orpheus, the sharp blades can’t break into the origin force of King of Righteousness.

With such defensive ability, I am afraid that even Gulliver has to sigh.

Seeing Allen coming, Son of Dusk drifted back and beckoned. The sharp blade fell on his left and right, forming a three-dimensional sword wall to protect him. Orpheus then pulled up the gigantic sword and grinned at Allen: “You got rid of Frius?”

“Spanac will take him for me so I can come back. Otherwise, I’m afraid there will be no winners or losers for 3 days,” Allen said.

Orpheus nodded: “Emperor of Darkness has always been a troublesome character, but Spanac is more troublesome than him. You know, I have fought both of them. But I would rather fight Frius than fight Demon Monarch again. With him Fighting is really not happy at all.”

Allen looked towards Son of Dusk: “It seems that he was not having a good time with you.”

Orpheus haha ​​smiled: “His sharp power is indeed the most terrifying killer, but my domain of justice is better at defending than Gulliver, and all attacks will be corrected in my domain. Both origin force and Rule Within the scope of the correction, they will be weakened to the extent of my defense. On the contrary, I cannot attack, and the law of balance cannot even be broken by myself.”

“So if you want, you can be invincible at all.”

Orpheus blinked and said, “Or, why did you drag you back? This guy’s sharpness is not cracking a joke. You see, I’m already injured.”

Allen has noticed several wounds in Orpheus on the body. They have been sealed by Orpheus with his own power, but it takes a lot of trouble to remove the sharp power even if it is Supreme. Below as for Supreme, simply can’t clear it with sharp power. After all, Rule, only Rule can influence.

Son of Dusk glanced at Orpheus and Allen lightly and said, “Your realm is indeed wonderful, but it just makes me unable to kill you, and you can’t hurt me either. Now add an Allen, I guess you are planning a main defense , A main attack?”

Orpheus said with a sneer: “The power of sharpness is the rule of other universes. Yes, it indeed gives me a headache. But your body is still a product of this universe, right?”

“Yes, so what?” Son of Dusk said.

Orpheus said: “Actually, I was curious from the very beginning. If your body is injured by a sharp force, will it also leave unhealable injuries?”

“That’s impossible, and only I can master the sharp power…” Son of Dusk hadn’t finished speaking, suddenly his whole body was shaking. He lowered his head, his face was astonished, and several wounds suddenly appeared on his chest and other places, and the wounds were entwined with sharp power: “How is this possible!”

“Spanac’s strength of Chaos will make fighting him a very painful thing, and my power of balance will also make opponents hateful at some point.” Orpheus chuckled said: “This is one of the laws of balance. Ability, it can return the same damage to the opponent, so you see, I am a very fair person.”

Son of Dusk looked like Orpheus for the first time. He looked at him again from beginning to end, said with a nod: “until now, I thought you were the weakest in Supreme. After all, it’s just pure destructive power, Frius’s Inky black and Allen’s Golden King Flame should be on top of your balance. But now I understand, Supreme really cannot be underestimated. Let me guess, Orpheus, if I kill you, will I die too? .”

“Yes, I can achieve the strategy of perish together 100%. But you can rest assured, I still want to live well, so you will only die in the end.”

Son of Dusk sighed: “I really didn’t expect, you turned out to be an unkillable opponent. It seems that even if I finally drop Universe’s Dusk, I will miss you alone.”

“Don’t worry, Universe’s Dusk won’t come.” Orpheus shouted: “Go on, Allen. Let the two of us level this bastard!”

Son of Dusk shook the head, suddenly a piece of ground rose from his feet. He reached out and clicked on it, and a screen like Wisdom Brain appeared, in which the symbols kept flashing and combining. Then everything in Hall of Withering disappeared one by one, and then other scenes appeared. First, the floor of the hall became flat Mother Earth, followed by the pillars being replaced by distant mountains, and finally even the dome disappeared. Allen looked up and saw a sky blue sky with a few white clouds floating above it. Over.

The sun is shining from the sky, the mountains in the distance are stacked against each other, Mother Earth is endless, with a slight wind blow, and the air is clean. Except for a stone platform of Hall of Withering that still rises in front of Son of Dusk, it is completely impossible to connect with Hall of Withering here.

“What did you do?” Allen said solemnly.

“It’s nothing, it’s just a different battlefield.” Son of Dusk said: “You also know that Hall of Withering is even more important coordinate. Next, we have to fight with all our strength. I don’t want to ruin it. So I changed the battlefield to Hall. of Withering, I can appear anywhere in the universe at any time. Here…I think you should be familiar with it, Allen.”

Allen was shocked and lost her voice: “don’t tell me…”

“Yes, it’s Earth. Your homeland, but I was also surprised. After all, it was a randomly selected battlefield. But didn’t expect to be teleported here. It seems that Archimedes’ meaning is already not in, but he His body is still very nostalgic for this planet.”

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