Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1879

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I…who am I?

Your name is Alice.

Who is Alice?

It’s you…

Alice shook the head, somehow she remembered what happened very far ago at this time. She was just born in this world at that time, and Ranger used Ellis’ cells as a model to create her Guardian. When she was born, she looked like a 6-year-old girl. Every time she saw a doll-like exquisite girl in the mirror, at that time, Alice didn’t know what a beautiful girl was.

She is like a newborn baby, Ranger not at all directly instills a lot of knowledge into Alice’s brain like other Guardian, he is like a father. A real father, starting from the pronunciation of the first word, let Alice gradually learn about this World.

Empress Guardian sent a will to remind Alice not to be distracted. Alice is in the chest of the Empress Guardian at the moment. She is sitting on the pedestal raised by the Empress Guardian for her, her hands and feet are connected to the nerves of the Empress Guardian. Several light screens were opened in front of her, and those light screens composed of origin force passed through the Empress Guardian’s optic nerve to feed back external pictures to the light screen.

Alice can see the huge mountain range outside, where is the Place of Birth. At this moment, the Daybreak Legion is attacking the Place of Birth, and passing by the Empress Guardian are countless silver silhouettes. That is the Silver Winged Killer. These cold killing machines swoop down in the form of a silver eagle, and only after a wave of attacks Turned into humanoid close-up culling, they fell into The Burning Legion’s army, creating killings with efficient and concise actions. Compared with biological weapons, Alice must admit that these Silver Winged Killers are too powerful. Their attacks are simply with no opportunity and there are no restrictions. The weapon and attack angle can be adjusted according to actual needs, which makes the killing of the Silver Winged Killer often unrecognizable. There is no divided into high and low between them, and every Silver Winged Killer can compare to the advanced units in biological weapons. I saw the silver wave formed by the Silver Winged Killer passing all the way, and The Burning Legion was unable to resist, especially those cannon fodder units that died faster and more.

Following the Silver Winged Killer and rushing up to the mountain peak were Fire Horned Demon from Daybreak Legion. They passed by the Silver Winged Killer and opened their mouths to their own kind. Of course, Fire Horned Demon has limited battle strength in low- and medium-level units, and we don’t expect them to open up the situation. They can make up for the lack of Silver Winged Killer and block the enemy’s counterattack, nothing more. Followed by them are the fire giant beasts, lava guards and other high-level troops, coupled with aerial legion attacks, the entire mountain peak of the Place of Birth can be seen everywhere in the Fireball blooming.

A king like a giant beast rushed to the front line. Its head like a shield-horned dragon was illuminated with a fiery red pattern. This king held a burning chain flail and waved it at will. Every time it struck, it exploded and its power was out. of the ordinary. It easily swept away the large pieces of Silver Winged Killer and Fire Horned Demon, and slapped a giant beast with one swing, watching its unscrupulous appearance. Alice whispered, and the Empress Guardian of midair swooped down like a mothership whistled past at low altitude hitting the king, and the giant beast king knocked away and fell to the ground. Empress Guardian pounced on its on the body, the arthropod lightning pierced out of the back, and constantly penetrated the king’s on the body armor, piercing the king with blood. Finally, he caught the king’s thick legs and flew onto the midair, and then dragged it down, smashing a big hole directly on the battlefield.

Empress Guardian landed on the battlefield, leaning forward with the front of his back legs, pointing at the king who was still struggling to crawl out of the pit. A stream of fire beam was blasted from the front end, and the round pit was immediately filled with explosive Fireball. Fireballs squeeze each other, produce energy fission, and generate waves of explosions. When a pillar of fire as wide as the round pit rose into the sky, the king completely disappeared in the round pit.

Alice just exhaled, and at the corner of Empress Guardian’s eyes, another huge silhouette rushed towards her. It was a giant beast running wild, and I didn’t know whether it was a king or a high-level unit of Ebouins. Seeing that it was about to hit the queen, a black shadow suddenly rushed over and knocked it away, but it came from the Lizard King on the Garden of Eden. The Lizard King has a huge body and is the same super lifeform as the Empress Guardian. Its within the body hosts Kana’s will. It nodded to the Empress quite humanely, then flaps the giant wings on its back, and the Lizard King flies towards the giant beast. Apply gravity to suppress the giant beast into the ground inch by inch.

This scene made Alice a little dazed, and reminded her of some memory fragments that emerged at the end of a long time.

At that time, she had been born for 3 years, and she quickly learned knowledge under the guidance of Ranger. But in many cases, she is still like a little child, and Ranger doesn’t make many demands on her in this regard, more like letting her grow up. Many times Ranger will leave her by one’s side, but is busy building the treasure house, so Alice is lonely when Ranger is away. At that time, Agares were not at all intelligent creatures, and some were more primordial beings on planet.

When Ranger came back, she saw Alice pressing a finger on the poor beetle. The beetle desperately tried to move its body, which was more than Alice’s power. Alice pressed the last forcefully, and the beetle smashed into pieces. Alice stared at the corpse in a daze, and cried out after a while.

Ranger picked her up and asked, “What are you crying for?”

“I didn’t mean it, I just wanted to play with it.” Little Alice cried and her nose came out.

Patted her head, Ranger hugged her and squatted down and said, “Look, Alice. Many lives in this World are quite fragile. They are not like you are born with a strong body and great power. They are very fragile, and they have to survive. You have to work hard.”

“Is Alice strong?”

Ranger nodded: “Well, quite strong.”

“Then why design Alice to be so powerful? You can design me to be normal so that I won’t accidentally kill them.” The little girl with tears in her eyes said seriously.

Ranger’s eyes were filled with inexplicable sadness, and he rubbed Alice’s head vigorously and said: “Once, I had a daughter. She lit up my world, and she is everything to me. But she is too fragile, too fragile. Once I traveled far, she left me. In order to prevent the same tragedy from happening, I made Alice as strong as possible, because one day I have to travel far, and it will be a long time.”

“How long is it?”

“It’s been a long time…” Ranger picked up Alice and said indifferently: “You remember, Alice. One day you must take up your mission. I created you to make you as strong as possible. And this strong, It is used to protect the fragile, can you do it?”

“What are you talking about, I don’t understand.”

Ranger haha ​​laughed: “You will understand one day, because you will grow up, and then grow into what I think.”

Alice closed her eyes, as if that smile had been yesterday.

“Now I understand, creator. And now, I’m taking on the mission you gave.”

Empress Guardian a long whistle, massive insect race rushed from it by one’s side, densely packed and crashed into the front line of The Burning Legion. Above the sky, each and everyone huge honeycomb fell, and fell to the ground to crush a large number of enemy soldiers. Then the honeycomb opened continuously, releasing countless Insect Army from it. They rushed out rushing out, culling every target they could see.

The Place of Birth is fighting everywhere, and the Silver Winged Killer has begun to hit the mountain. But there are many kings guarding them, and those are not opponents that Silver Winged Killer can deal with. At this time, a silver giant eagle swooped down, and a woman on the giant eagle stood upright. That was another Guardian Shana. Bibo was surging all over her body, and Bibo formed an azure battle spear in her hands. When reaching the top of the mountain, Shana dropped to the top of the mountain alone. Suddenly the imposing manner skyrocketed, and the blue waves flowed, forming a pair of huge blue wings behind her. Qingyi held her to the ground gently, and countless kings came to her, Shana raised the battle spear, and the tip of the gun burst into azure light.

In a blink of an eye, the rays of light were in full bloom, shining on the battlefield. In an instant, the king was annihilated in a blockbuster, and the battlefield was stabbed in a gap.

“Can’t let her be beautiful, let’s go together, empress.” Alice lightly said with a smile.

Empress Guardian soared into the sky, and the front of the limbs behind him continued to blast out streamers. The beams of light bloomed like fireworks, falling, and spreading on the hilltop battlefield, creating a fireball. Empress Guardian’s chest opened, and Alice walked out of it within the body. Today Alice wore a gorgeous dress. It’s not like going to the battlefield at all, it’s more like going to a banquet. She has bare feet, each toe shining like a shell, barefoot Alice stepped on the void, but finally fell, step by step down, as if there is an invisible staircase under her feet leading down.

She separated a consciousness and let the Empress Guardian enter autonomous mode. The queen descended on the battlefield to kill the enemy giant beast, and Alice walked towards the countless kings below. She walked so calmly, facing the king like a queen reviewing her own army. A king lifted a sword and struck her at her. Alice opened her lips slightly, and opened her mouth to exhale, exhaling like orchids, and a delicate fragrance appeared in the air immediately. There was even a little bit of fluorescent light, which penetrated into the king’s weapon, armor and even the body like the rays of light of the stars. Then the king swept by Alice’s breath turned into a crystal statue. Alice walked past these statues by one’s side, and they exploded into countless pieces and fell all over the ground. She walked barefoot, her eyes falling on the Lava Lake at the Place of Birth. In her eyes, it seemed that all the kings in front were transparent.

“I’ve grown up, father…” Alice said softly, only she knew the lightness of her voice.

She went all the way to the shore of Lava Lake. After a while, a magnificent rays of light rose, submerging the entire Place of Birth!

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