Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1880

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After a violent explosion on the Place of Birth, not at all was destroyed as Shana imagined. A guardian beast sprang up from the lava lake to block Alice’s attack. The price is that the guardian beast did not even have a bone left, and under Alice’s attack, it was scattered ashes and dispersed smoke. But taking advantage of this opportunity, the kings around Place of Birth took actions one after another, pushing Alice back. Shana narrowed one’s eyes, the azure battle spear in his hand shakes, and the whole person turns into a blue rainbow and throws it towards the top of the mountain. When it fell, the gun shot out 4 squares, like a blue wave, and all the kings were drawn into the gun. The gun rolled like blue waves, and the offensive flowed like a river. After a while, a king was hit by a battle spear. The king’s chest armor immediately sank, and a few azure fluorescent lights spewed out from behind, and then the whole person flashed from the inside. It shows azure light, and the figure is scattered in the rays of light of azure.

Those floating azure light reminded Shana of a kind of flower, a kind of flower that only grows in the cracks of the reef azure.

The kind of flowers on the beach always reminded her of a person.

“Shana, you are the Guardian I created, and the First Path command I gave you is not to commit suicide.”

When she first opened her eyes to watch this World, her creator, the man named Taylor, said this to her. She couldn’t understand: “I don’t understand, the creator, why did you give me such an order? Suicide, according to the information I know, it is an act of evasion and weakness. I will not do this kind of behavior. .”

Then the creator’s gaze became a little softer, and there was even a hint of pity: “Shana, you have just been born. Then you have to guard the treasure house, and you will spend endless years. This may be too cruel for you. , But this is your mission. You still have a strong curiosity about everything. For you, the world is endless, and the mysteries of the universe are difficult to explore even if you exhaust your life.”

“But one day, you will be bored. That once magnificent sunrise, when it appears day after day, after a long time, you will feel that it is not so magnificent, or even too monotonous. You will be tired of this long Your life, at that time, you may do things that I can’t predict. That’s why I have to give the first order here that you can’t commit suicide, and. You have to cherish your life, you can sacrifice, but only Can be sacrificed in one place…”

“I seem to understand, but I don’t seem to understand.” Shana answered honestly.

“It’s okay, you will understand later.” Taylor softly said: “Shana, I give you emotions, you know how to love and hate like other creatures. In fact, if I remove your emotional system, it will be good for you. Some, but you have to live countless years coldly like a machine. I can’t imagine what you will become like that in the end. So I give you emotions to make your life more interesting.”

“But Shana, I have to remind you not to try love lightly. Your endless years are a kind of pain for another person who loves you, and hell for you. So you have to remember, don’t try for 10000000 love……”

Shana smiled at the corner of her mouth, and the azure battle spear in her hand pointed forward, a large swath of blue color rays of light swept away like a raging river, flooding several kings in it. In the azure rays of light, she seemed to see that kind of flower again. The first time she saw that kind of flower, it was because of that man.

At that time, there was no Empire of Bayregund, and human beings lived a life of dire straits under the claws of the Principality of Shadows. For Shana, she didn’t feel much. She is more like a bystander, after the creator Taylor left, she has spent decades of peaceful time. In these times, the most things she did were 4 travels. I have seen the magnificence of the sunrise, the majestic mountains, the magnificence of the sea, and the boundlessness of Pingchuan. In the end, she returned to the place where she was born and saw him.

a man.

For humans, Shana always feels that they are too savage and rough. Under the enslavement of the Principality of Shadows, they live no better than wild beasts. Of course, Shana has no intention of saving this race, even if humans are similar to Taylor.

She was just observing them, nothing more.

And this day, a man squatted on a rock by the sea. She walked over curiously and saw that he was filling some dirt into a crack in the stone with a tool. In the crack, a small azure flower was swaying in the wind. It is not necessarily so magnificent, but it grows on the seashore and must withstand the consideration of the sun and waves, a kind of persistence and determination for life spontaneously arises. I have seen too many scenes of surging forward with great momentum, and now looking at this small flower, Shana has seen another kind of beautiful.

The beauty of life.

“What is this?” she asked.

Obviously the man didn’t know her coming, was taken aback and almost fell into the water, if it wasn’t for Shana to give him a hand. That was also Shana’s first contact with a man’s body, even if it was just an arm. She couldn’t tell the taste, but it was complicated.

After the man stood firm, he forced two words from his mouth: “Blue Cherry Apple.”

“Blue Cherry Apple?” Shana nodded, quite agree, the name matches this flower very well. She asked again: “What are you doing?”

“Conservation…” At that time, human language was still very poor, and it was not easy to be able to say the word “conservation”.

Next, a person continued his work, while the other was watching dreamily. After filling the mud in the stone cracks, a smile appeared on the man’s face, just as the sun on the sea broke through the clouds and fell on his dark and rough face, making his smile look so brilliant.

He left, she didn’t.

Shana looked at this Blue Cherry Apple by the sea. The waves beat on its delicate body from time to time, but every time it stood upright in the wind, unyielding unyielding.

On the 2nd day, the man came again. He carried a small bucket with some dark things in it. When Shana saw him, he was filling the contents of the bucket into the cracks in the rock. He told Shana that this was fertilizer, which would make Blue Cherry Apple look better.

3rd day, 4th day, 5th day… He must come every day. Sometimes I came empty-handed, just watching the Blue Cherry Apple quietly on the reef. Sometimes soil and fertilizer are brought and filled in the cracks in the rocks to replenish the soil washed away by the waves.

Finally one day, Shana asked him: “Why does every day all come to take care of this Blue Cherry Apple?”

The man scratched his head and said, “Isis, I like it.”

Isis is the man’s wife. To Shana’s surprise, Isis is dead. It’s just that she liked Blue Cherry Apple very much before her death, so now this man will come to the beach to maintain a Blue Cherry Apple every day. Shana saw love in this man’s on the body, it was not vigorous, just like this Blue Cherry Apple, it was plain and plain. But neither scorched and drenched by sun and rain nor the slap of the waves can erase its existence.

Then the man didn’t come, Shana learned that he was dead. She has no sadness, no light sigh, nothing, just feels some very small loss. She replaced him to see the Blue Cherry Apple every day, until one day, the Blue Cherry Apple was always washed away by the sea, and she never went to the beach again.

I saw Blue Cherry Apple again, many years later. At that time, mankind had expelled the Principality of Shadows and established the Empire of Bayregund. It’s just that Empire has just been built, with only one or two big cities, and many places are just villages. At that time, alien races were common in Bayregund, so Shana liked to sit in the taverns in those villages. For a period of time, she particularly liked a small tavern, where she still liked the orange wine made there, and every time she went there she would order a large glass and taste it slowly.

Once she came to the tavern and just sat down, before one’s eyes were suddenly filled with a bunch of azure flowers. It was a handful of Blue Cherry Apple, a young man holding flowers, he was a little shy, softly said: “For you.”

“How do you know I like Blue Cherry Apple?” Shana liked it.

The man said: “I think every time you come, you will have a Blue Cherry Apple pinned in your hair.”

“Oh, you observe very carefully.”

“I have been paying attention to you for a long time.”

Shana smelled Blue Cherry Apple. In fact, the fragrance of this flower is not strong, but it has some sea smell, so not many people like it. She smiled and asked the man: “Then what do you know about me?”

“You like to drink orange wine. You will not come for 2 days a month, on the 7th and 20th. You always have a drink and leave, not much, not too much. You…”

“Stop.” Shana looked at him in surprise: “Why do you know so clearly.”

“because I like you.”

That was the first time Shana was confessed.

Every day she came to the tavern, the man would give her a handful of Blue Cherry Apple. Until one day, when he didn’t come, Shana asked Boss to find out that when he went to the beach to pick flowers, he accidentally broke his leg and was resting at home. So Shana came to his house and saw him lying on the bed, her heart melted.

Love comes for no reason.

She fell in love.

She took care of him until he recovered. He no longer went to the beach to pick flowers, because every day they would go to the beach together to look at the pieces of Blue Cherry Apple. day after day, year after year. He is getting old and she is still young.

In the end, he closed his eyes in her arms. As he died, he said that he wanted to become a Blue Cherry Apple in the next life, so that she could wear it in her hair forever and never separate. She cried, feeling sad for the first time, feeling helpless for her long life for the first time. She buried him by the sea and built a very small monument facing the sea.

At that time, she thought of death. But the order the creator gave her was irresistible, so she could only endure the pain of eating her heart, and walked hard until she buried the sadness in the deepest part of her heart.

After that, she had several precious loves. But every love ends in tragedy. The person she loved died forever, leaving her alone to savor the taste of pain. She wants to die, but she can’t die.

The azure battle spear agitated, drawing a magnificent blue belt, like a line of blue green tide on the sea. Looking up, many kings swarmed. Shana laughed, and the battle spear had never been brighter. She greeted countless kings, and lightly said with a voice that she could only hear: “Now I can finally die.”

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