Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1881

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The roar of locomotive engines and the strange screams of men sounded in the wilderness.

Several modified off-road vehicles roared past Wasteland. On the first car, an iron chain was tied to the rear of the car, and a man was locked at the other end of the chain. He was dragged by the car and slid across the wilderness, leaving a clear blood trail where he passed. The man appeared to have been dragged to death, but the car in front had no intention of stopping, so the woman in the second car cried. At this time, a man behind stands up and pulled her hair yelled: “Take a good look, this is the price of overestimate one’s capabilities!”

“You demons! You will have retribution!” The woman suddenly pushed the man away and jumped out of the car violently, so the man rolled out in the wilderness for a long time.

The car finally stopped, and the man who pushed it took out a rifle from the car, and moved towards the woman and shot it in the thigh. woman thighs drenched with blood, her screams echoed in the wilderness. After the man fired a few shots in the double connection, the woman was completely silent. The man threw the gun into the car and jumped out of the car after cursing. At this time a Baldie black person called: “Look over there.”

Following the direction he pointed, several black spots could be vaguely seen. The man cursed in a low voice: “Go, take a look.”

They started the car and dragged the corpse forward. Soon I saw 3 men standing in the wilderness, and the 3 people were divided into 2 sides and seemed to be facing each other. The leader of Convoy frowned and shouted: “Who is there, get out, don’t stay on Lao Tzu’s territory!”

He picked up the gun and fired several shots at the ground near the three men. If it weren’t for them to look like not to be trifled with in armor, these shots should be moved towards their heads.

Son of Dusk lowered his head and looked at the distance that he was only a few meters away from the crater. Laughed: “So, what you are trying hard to maintain is such a poor life?”

Allen raised his hand over there, and suddenly the man screamed. It turned out that his coat suddenly caught fire. It’s just that the flame is the golden-yellow he had never seen before. Soon the yellow golden flame turned him into a Fireball, and other cars caught fire one after another. Each and everyone Fireball screamed and jumped out of the car, but soon they all There is no sound. They died in the flames, but the vehicle was not damaged.

For Allen’s control accuracy in origin force, Son of Dusk squinted slightly. Allen put his hand down and said, “If a race is inferior, it will always be eliminated by nature. And I think that a few people are far from representing the human race. If we step back 10000 steps, even if all human beings are inferior beings, it will not happen. When you come to the trial, you will naturally make the most fair judgment.”

“Really? It’s a pity, because no matter how hard I try, I will eventually lower Universe’s Dusk and give this universe a big verdict.”

Orpheus grunted: “You don’t need to talk nonsense with him, since it’s an unreasonable bastard, just hit him to death!”

Allen softly said: “In that case, let me come first, Your Majesty take a rest?”

“Don’t underestimate people, Allen.” Orpheus chuckled, “I haven’t used the true ability, you’re going to let me rest, that’s not okay. You can think of a way to notify the nearby people and let them evacuate quickly This is going to be true. I can’t guarantee that the battle will not spread to nearby cities.”

Allen looked towards him: “Are you serious?”

“Nonsense! Whether it’s a fight with you on Paradise Star, or the fight with Frius on Everlasting Night Star, even if the last time is against Spanac, I have all reservations. Now, I can finally fight without reservation. , Don’t get in the way!” Orpheus said with a smile: “Don’t worry, your Earth is a young planet. It is still very strong and can withstand our strength.”

“Then be careful, I’ll take over at any time.” Allen looked at Son of Dusk, then rose into the air, turning into a golden light and rushing to the cloudy night.

Son of Dusk is the last move.

Orpheus laughed: “Didn’t expect you are still a gentleman in this respect.”

Son of Dusk shrugged, said: “Giving the doomed life the last chance to struggle is the most basic respect. Although I will exterminate the universe, I actually have no hatred for you at all. It’s just work.”

“So, what are you going to do. You should know, I am not killable. If I die, you will be destroyed.” Orpheus lowered his voice and said, “Can you handle such an opponent? “

“I admit that your abilities are very special, but I also want to remind you that this World not at all is impossible. If there is, then I and the Creator cannot be defeated. As for you, I still can’t think of a good way. , But I think I should be able to figure it out.”

Orpheus grinned said with a smile: “You guy is really confident.”

Then he raised his head and shouted, “Hurry up, Allen, I can’t help it!”

Allen, who was already standing in the high altitude, gradually saw the golden flame in Combustion in his eyes, and his Spiritual Power expanded out, quietly covering the area around 1000 li: “The creature that hears my voice, I ask You leave immediately. This will be reduced to a battlefield, and there is no time to explain, leave here as soon as possible!”

Allen said it three times in a row. After a while, the animals in the surrounding mountains rushed to flee. In this brief moment, the lion and the antelope are together, and Old Hu is walking with the buffalo. Animals have far more keen intuition than humans. When they heard Allen’s voice, they began to flee where they were. However, in the cities and towns near the battlefield, even though Allen’s voice paused the people in the town, after listening, not at all how many people left.

“Cracking a joke? Who the hell is it? Let us move, where do we move?”

“Where do I seem to hear this sound?”

“I’m not leaving, won’t the federal army protect us?”

In the end, only a few people packed up and left quickly. Their rush to travel also caused people to laugh.

Allen looked towards below, above Wasteland, Orpheus leaned the sword with both hands and inserted the gigantic sword into Mother Earth: “It doesn’t matter, if anyone hasn’t left, it must be an idiot. Then, let’s start now.”

Son of Dusk gently opened his hand and said: “I can’t ask for it. But it really surprised me that you didn’t plan to go together, although that didn’t make much sense.”

“I’m used to fighting one-on-one, and adding Allen will get in the way. Besides, I think my face is quite big.” Orpheus grinned, and suddenly golden light shot from his within the body. Out. In an instant, a golden beam of light soared into the sky, and the entire Wasteland began to vibrate.

Allen narrowed one’s eyes, his sight passed through the dazzling rays of light and fell on Orpheus’s on the body. He could see that the armor of King of Righteousness on the body was bouncing off piece by piece, and finally the helmet and cloak also flew far away. A naked Orpheus is like the beauty of power displayed by the stone statues in ancient Greek sculptures, and every muscle line is full of power. Then he coated his whole body with a layer of golden, which surprised Allen. On the Everlasting Night Star, Orpheus once turned into a god-like Golden Titan giant when he faced Frius, but this time he was coated with a layer of golden, but his body did not change at all. However, at this moment, the origin force of King of Righteousness by one’s side It’s almost roar. What’s rare is that he gathered all the qi by his side and released it arbitrarily, not at all, but Allen had already felt that the planet was already shaking for his power.

After spreading a piece of golden all over the body, pieces of armor began to appear on Orpheus’s body. These armors emerged from his body, pieces joined together, and in a blink of an eye, a layer of Armament was draped over King of Righteousness. Very small gems appeared on the armor one after another. They were arranged in a certain direction to form something similar to an array. When Orpheus’s eyebrows and hair and beards turned into flames, he picked up Arbitrator, and said lightly to Son of Dusk: “Long wait.”

“Isn’t your trump card the Avatar of Dusk Titan? What’s going on now…” Son of Dusk’s face was also full of surprises.

“I am a Golden Titan now, but I didn’t make my body shape so exaggerated. Don’t think of me as a fool. With your mobility, if I become a giant, I won’t be at your disposal. What’s more, this state I am the strongest, so are you ready? If you are ready, accept my trial. I am very fair!” Orpheus stepped on the ground and the person suddenly disappeared. When he reappeared, he came to the by one’s side of Son of Dusk and slashed with a sword.

Son of Dusk hurriedly set up a sharp blade, but lost to the strong force uploaded by Arbitrator, and was immediately cut off by a sword.

The arbitrator cut down, and the sword edge swung out a golden strip of light and pushed Son of Dusk back violently. In Midair’s Allen, I saw a golden light disappearing, splitting several li Mother Earth before stopping. Then the ground undulates, the rocks are arched, and continuous smoke and dust are emitted from that line of sword marks.

Looking towards Orpheus again, Allen’s eyes showed a little more respect. Orpheus deserves to be the long-established Peak powerhouse, before Allen was ranked Supreme. Among the three Supreme in the universe, Orpheus is generally considered to be the last in Supreme. The reason is simple. Spanac has been sitting on the Supreme throne for a long time, like a high mountain that can never be crossed. Later Frius, his black power is known for destruction, in contrast, Orpheus’s balance law is relatively much gentler. But now, when Orpheus compresses the huge power of Golden Titan into a human form, his destructive power is equally impressive. In this form, Orpheus’ random attacks have great power. If Son of Dusk despise him because of this, it will definitely suffer.

After slashing the Son of Dusk with one sword, Orpheus sprinted. His speed is very fast, one foot will definitely prop up a round hole in the ground, and then under the push of the reaction force, the whole person will leave intermittent afterimages on Mother Earth. After leaving nearly 100 afterimages, he has come to by one’s side of Son of Dusk, and at this time, the afterimages of First Path have not yet disappeared!

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