Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1882

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Orpheus attacked wildly.

The Arbitrator is like a knife and an axe in his hand, a sword weighing more than a sword. His battle skill is out of the question gorgeous, even looks very rough, but simple and crude. Every sword cuts down and goes straight to the point. There is no extra action at all, giving people a sense of cleanliness. Such a battle skill, if it is placed in an ordinary powerhouse on the body, at most it will earn a reputation for skill. It can be placed in Orpheus on the body, every sword has the power to open the sky and the earth, so you can’t wait for it.

Son of Dusk has dual wielded 2 sharp blades, dancing a sword shadow to resist Orpheus’s slightly awkward attack. The aftermath of the collision of the origin forces of the two sides cut thick and long cracks on the ground. Wasteland quickly became fragmented in their hands, the ground was scattered, and sometimes the drop was as many as several meters.

The 2 people fought and left, and they were gone in a blink of an eye.

Allen can only follow midair, he actually understands Orpheus’ intentions. Although King of Righteousness took the most aggressive posture, he still did not destroy Son of Dusk’s confidence, so he came out and took the lead. The intention is to consume the power of Son of Dusk and to make Allen familiar with his combat methods as much as possible. Fortunately, after taking over, the battle is finalized!

Although the two players have been playing with great momentum, they have shattered the Wasteland tens of kilometers in the blink of an eye. But Allen knew that the two were still tempting each other, looking at Orpheus as if they had the upper hand, but Son of Dusk did not appear to be defeated. 2 Popularity machines are perfect, and it is still too early to tell the winner.

In the battle, Orpheus smashed the two blades of Son of Dusk, raised his thick feet to support his chest, and the latter retreated 1000 meters like a cannonball. Orpheus narrowed one’s eyes, he knew that it was impossible for him to hold Son of Dusk so far. This guy tried to pull away the distance with his power, then restructured his formation, returning in a swirl of dust.

Powerhouse fights, sometimes very similar to the 2nd Army. It’s just that the former is a one-on-one battle, and the latter is a hundred thousand, 1000000 level struggle. But the form is different, but the content is the same. Regardless of the powerhouse fight or the 2 armies confrontation, they pay attention to in a spurt of energy, and kill the enemy with a breath of energy. If this breath disappears, then take another breath, it will not be as rainbow as before.

So Son of Dusk chose to retreat, and chose to open the distance, firstly to reorganize his position, and secondly, to drag Orpheus’s aura.

How can Orpheus do what he wants?

With a sound of King of Righteousness roar, the big feet glowing with golden light stepped on the ground. The ground sank suddenly, a large stone of more than ten square meters arched up behind it, and Orpheus disappeared in place. When the ripples left by him broke through the air, the arched boulder suddenly exploded, and the stone rain was flying.

Orpheus flies almost close to the ground.

Son of Dusk raised his sword and pointed forward, a touch of dim rays of light flashed on him by one’s side, and then shot the sharp blade away, pulling out countless rays of light to shoot Orpheus. At this time Orpheus was actually laughed. He opened his hands and exposed all his vital parts to the wave of sword rain ahead. Son of Dusk tucked his eyebrows and raised his long sword pointing towards Orpheus slightly. Then the sword rain spread out and swept across Orpheus’s all around, leaving only some insignificant injuries on his hands and feet.

In the end, he has not found a perfect solution to Orpheus’s “perish together” ace. Son of Dusk can only let go of this opportunity, but Orpheus seizes an opportunity to speed up and stab the enemy chest with a sword. The Son of Dusk double swords interlaced down the grid, trying to suppress Orpheus’ sword power. 3 Touch the swords together, and Arbitrator sinks slightly. Orpheus snorted and kicked on the sword edge, so he changed his forward stab to raise upwards and slammed the two swords of Son of Dusk to open the door. Orpheus stopped abruptly, lowered his weight, supported his feet and stabbed with a sword. Son of Dusk released his swords, slapped his hands on Arbitrator’s sword edge, and pressed his feet back to try to block Orpheus.

Orpheus held the sword with both hands instead of holding it alone, while the other hand pressed the hilt of the sword, suddenly exerting force.

Immediately Son of Dusk was pushed back and plowed back by him, and his feet split 2 cracks on the ground, extending straight forward.

In their ahead, a small town loomed.

It’s noon, the people in the small town, as usual, go to bed for lunch after lunch. An old man was sitting in the bell tower in the town drowsily basking in the sun. Suddenly the big clock behind him buzzed and vibrated. The old man was startled, thinking it was an earthquake. Then he felt a whirl of the sky and the earth, he looked up and saw from a distance a mass of hustle and bustle on Wasteland outside the town. The old man rang the bell quickly, waking the residents of the town.

“What happened?” Captain of the town guard ran to the bell tower and shouted.

The old man lay on the fence of the clock tower and pointed to the outside of the town and said, “Outside, something is coming outside!”

“What are you talking about, Gran? I can’t hear you clearly.”

Before Captain could react, the old man’s eyes were already filled with fear. Because in just 2 words of them, the crowd had reached the entrance of the town, and then broke into the town. I felt a huge impact hit head-on, and the old man had been knocked to the ground, and then the world in his eyes revolved. It was originally the clock tower tilting and collapsing in the passing dust. as for The Captain downstairs flew out, and when he fell to the ground, he didn’t know whether it was alive or dead.

The hustle and bustle hit the street in the center of the town before it stopped. The dust billowed away, and the frightened people rushed to the street and saw two silhouettes appearing in the dust. One is black clothed, the other is golden armor, not Son of Dusk or Orpheus.

Son of Dusk finally successfully stopped Orpheus. He suddenly loosened his grip on the gigantic sword. He turned around and swiped his fist against Orpheus’ face. King of Righteousness flew upside down and ran into a room. Tavern. The tavern fell apart with a rumble, and the people inside immediately screamed and cried. Son of Dusk looked at all around and laughed: “It seems that Allen’s reminder does not work. Look at these idiots, what value is immortality. They are just some rubbish, and my job is to clean up the universe. Rubbish, I really don’t understand why you guys tried so hard to stop me.”

Speaking with a wave of left and right hands.

There was a dim light flashing in the number of 100 between the hands, and a round of light immediately rose in the center of the town. In the rays of light, the outline of the human body suddenly misplaced and then fell apart like a broken puppet. When the rays of light disappeared, the buildings on the side of street 2 have been razed to the ground, and the residents of the town have become scattered corpses, and the blood dyed red on the street.

A little girl survived, she stared blankly at the father who had been cut off by one’s side, and didn’t know what happened.

Son of Dusk looked at her and raised his hand to pop a light.

Suddenly a golden light ran across the little girl’s ahead, Orpheus cut the light off with a sword. He looked at Son of Dusk and said angrily: “Asshole, don’t you even let a little child go!”

“If you don’t call oneself, you are the King of Righteousness. In my opinion, I am much more fair than you. At least in my eyes, there is no difference in life between old and young, noble and inferior. They are all rubbish that’s all to be cleaned up. “Son of Dusk laughed.

“Shut up, you bastard!” Orpheus flashed forward and cut away with a sword.

Son of Dusk Hold the sword edge with both hands.

Orpheus just pushed him into the ruins of the house on the other side of the street. The two quickly went away, crossed the town, and broke out from the west side of the town.

Into town and out of town.

Only between this entry and exit, the town became history, and very few people survived.

People were in the air, Allen glanced at the town, faintly sighed. He had warned these people, but unfortunately, they turned a deaf ear to the warning. At this time, another rays of light exploded on Wasteland outside the town. Allen looked up, Orpheus and Son of Dusk were fighting together again.

This battle is different from before. Orpheus’ attack was still majestic, but Son of Dusk was no longer head-on to resist the attack of King of Righteousness. He wandered around Orpheus, stabs east and west with a sword, seemingly out of order. But for some reason, Orpheus’s rainbow-like imposing manner seemed to be held down by an invisible hand, no longer blooming, and even the attack gradually became unsmooth.

Bystanders were clear, Allen could see. Son of Dusk’s seemingly aimless attack, but every sword pierced the node where Orpheus imposing manner origin force flows, so Orpheus was restrained in the slightest, as if an invisible thread was gradually wrapping the King of Righteousness stand up. At this time, Son of Dusk is like a web-weaving spider, weaving a large web to wrap Orpheus.

Allen was about to remind the King of Righteousness that a long whistle suddenly sounded in the wilderness, Orpheus’s body was violent, and the gigantic sword swung out a dense sword shadow, driving the Son of Dusk back like a spinning top. He suddenly pierced the ground with a sword, and then Mother Earth shook. Son of Dusk narrowed one’s eyes, suddenly his body was raised, but it was not him that rushed into the sky, but Mother Earth swelled up, raising him up to the sky.

What rose from the ground was a rough piece of metal.

Son of Dusk raised his eyebrows. Where did the giant metal come from under this wilderness ground? He raised his figure now, but only after this movement did he realize that his feet had been embedded in the piece of metal, and then violently stretched out the iron ropes from the surface of the metal, and locked him to the piece of metal in a few times. On the high platform. From a distance, it was like a execution platform, and Son of Dusk was a prisoner who was tied to a high platform!

Orpheus laughed, indifferently said: “The time for trial has arrived!”

“Really? Then, my Honor, may I have a chance to argue?” Son of Dusk couldn’t help laughing as if he didn’t know he was in danger.

“No, I declare that you are guilty of your crime!” Orpheus suddenly shot onto the high platform, and slashed his sword towards Son of Dusk’s head.

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