Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1883

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Allen frowned looked towards Son of Dusk on the execution platform. He knew that Orpheus also had the ability to manipulate metal, but could he restrain Son of Dusk in this way? This question will soon be answered, Orpheus skimmed on the high platform and wiped it away with a sword. The corners of Son of Dusk’s mouth are slightly raised, and hundreds of dim yellow rays of light flicker on the high platform. Most of them flashed away towards Orpheus. Every rays of light is transformed by sharp power. Son of Dusk avoids the key. , But pointed Orpheus’s hands and feet, it looked like he was going to cut off the four limbs of the Great Emperor!

Orpheus naturally did not want to end up like this. Arbitrator danced a sword shadow in front of him and bounced off all the dim light. But seeing more than a dozen rays of light across the chain on the high platform, the chain that locked the Son of Dusk broke. The Son of Dusk rushed in the air, piercing the sword shadow with one hand and pressing on Orpheus’s chest, midair blew up a wave of air, and the Great Emperor was pushed back to the ground. Son of Dusk fell to the ground, held up with both hands, and the surrounding A path of radiance flickered. In each radiance was a sharp blade. As he pushed forward, the 10000000 sharp blade whizzed away like a school of fish. They passed through the air, but left slender and messy traces on the ground. Mother Earth was cut into thousands of long and short openings. With a rumbling, the ground sank and split. A Bottomless was half a meter wide. Abyss quickly appeared and spread, chasing Orpheus like a Black Dragon.

The Great Emperor stood still suddenly, the Arbitrator inserted into the ground in the great shout, and the giant empty shadow appeared behind him. The giant is quite similar to Orpheus. It is also full of gold, with burning beard and eyebrows, but there are round spars floating behind him. The spars are arranged in a wheel shape and slowly rotate.

The long river formed by 10000 to 1000 sharp blades rushes forward, and the sword intent points to the four limbs of Orpheus. Now the purpose of Son of Dusk is very obvious. Orpheus can’t kill you, then I will break your limbs and make you lose your ability to operate. How could Orpheus do as he wished, Arbitrator stunned, with the empty shadow giant behind him passing him and blocking him in front. The giant is like a mountain, although it is just a touch of empty shadow, but the heavy feeling like a mountain is real. Jianhe hit it, but it was like a small stream hitting a high mountain, even though it was splashed by waves, the high mountain stood still!

The Jianhe hit the mountain, and the blade broke every inch. The sharp blade smashed into pieces, but it was never tired of it, like a Thousand Army 10000 horse hitting a stronghold. Vanguard died, the Chinese army arrived, and the last long dragon damaged the city. But the city wall was also swayed. After the giant empty shadow condense by Orpheus origin force will hit Jianhe, the silhouette faded by 2 points. Orpheus didn’t care. After defending, he naturally counterattacked.

The Arbitrator bounced, and the Great Emperor dragged his sword fast.

The giant took a big step, not much slower than Orpheus, and followed him by one’s side towards the Son of Dusk.

Son of Dusk was laughed cold, he floated up to midair, the origin force rose, and suddenly a sun rose behind him. It’s just that the sun condensed by origin force is not the morning sun, nor is it the scorching sun at noon, but the sunset that will only appear at Dusk.

The setting sun wins blood.

When the sun rises this evening, it is clearly afternoon, but Heaven and Earth has become blood-red, and even misty yellow halos spread all over the surrounding. Orpheus and the giant empty shadow crashed into the omnipresent smoke. The golden armor of the Great Emperor on the body suddenly made a sound, splashing out fire stars, as if it was becoming 1000 to 10000 subtle to the point. The sharp blade of Shi Zhi is grazing his by one’s side. The empty shadow of the giant was even more unbearable, but only when it crashed into the dim halo, the silhouette was 30% lighter, and there was no longer the original heavy feeling, as if it would disappear at any time.

Orpheus stomped on the ground and stepped on a shallow crater more than ten meters wide. The whole person swept like a cannonball toward the Son of Dusk at midair. The giant simultaneously makes a fist, raises his arm, bends his elbow, and then punched out. The front of the fist broke through the mist that filled the sun and evening, and actually wiped out the flames, so a Combustion fist with flames rushed towards Son of Dusk faster than Orpheus.

Son of Dusk moved back, sinking into the sunset behind him. The giant’s fist simultaneously penetrated in, and suddenly a dim flame was ejected from the setting sun. The flame brushed the giant’s arm, and that arm became extremely pale, and then dissipated. The flame caught the giant’s on the body, and the giant’s silhouette quickly faded, like an old yellow photo without any texture.

Soon, Orpheus’ condensed giant empty shadow disappeared under the dim flame. In the space where the flame blows, things lose their color. It took a while before returning to normal.

Allen could see eyes slightly shrink, which is so close to his Dusk. It’s just that in terms of formidable power and scope, it is far behind his Dusk, but the essence is the same!

He was just about to remind Orpheus.

Son of Dusk had already saved from the red sun, pulled out a fire stream as a gun, and threw it at Orpheus.

The Great Emperor hit the tip of the gun with a sword.

Heaven and Earth changed color, and a faint yellow fire column soared into the sky. Apart from this pillar of fire in Allen’s eyes, the world has no other colors. After a while, the rays of light of the pillar of fire converged slightly, and then all kinds of messy sounds came into the eyes. Looking at Mother Earth below, there was a fire in Wasteland 1000, and fire stars were shaking everywhere. The small town in the distance has completely disappeared, and the entire ground has been scraped off by a large area like 3 feet.

The pillar of fire did not disappear, the lower end was connected to the ground, and the upper end pierced into the sky, reaching the sky and earth, as if to prop up Heaven and Earth. The floating clouds at high altitude were burnt away in a flash, and there was no cloud for 1000 miles. The blue sky became blood red, and there was a blood scar across the sky, as if the sky had been blasted through.

Orpheus fell to the ground, his golden armor body was covered with slight scratches, and the sword edge that had hit the tip of the gun was half pitch black. The Great Emperor panted and watched the Son of Dusk in the sky walk down step by step, as if stepping on an invisible ladder, finally walked to the ground.

The red sun finally disappeared.

“Don’t think that I just come and go only with small means like the sharp blade.” Son of Dusk indifferently said: “That’s all the most basic use of sharp power that’s all, as for, just now, it was a bit of a move. True. But it seems that you can’t stand it anymore. Otherwise, let the heavenly one come?”

Orpheus grinned: “There is a limit to underestimate people. I can’t hold it just like that. How can you make me have the face to go back to see people.”

The Great Emperor’s beard and eyebrows lit up, and Son of Dusk’s body suddenly shook, and countless thin flames spurted out from all on the body, and then the left hand zi zi sounded, and one of his arms was instantly withered, as if on fire. The medium has been grilled.

Son of Dusk frowned: “Your law of balance is sometimes quite rascal.”

Orpheus laughed heartily: “Now our injuries are equal, come again!”

So a golden light collided, and the two fought together again.

“Operation, operation!”

It was early in the morning, before the sun had time to rise, a well-trained army quietly surrounded the manor before one’s eyes. A man who looked like a Captain figure lay in the dark and said on the walkie-talkie: “The sniper can start operation.”

Tone barely fell, the two guards who were walking on the fence of the manor suddenly splashed a blood arrow on their heads, and fell without a hum, making 2 muffled thumps. At this time, the light was on in the window of the main building in the manor, and Captain immediately issued the order to attack. So the full Armament soldiers rushed over quickly, they climbed up the wall, some of them climbed the wall and some stayed on the wall, moved towards the manor 2, the enemy rushed out and opened fire.

Soon gunshots filled the entire manor, and the bright line of fire was so obvious under the dim light color. The space separated by the blazing fire stream between the two sides could smell the smell of gunpowder everywhere.

The Captain is very skilled and has a magic energy rifle in his hand, formidable power out of the ordinary. He quickly rushed into the main building and led the soldiers to quickly capture the Armament mob’s den.

The battle ended in half an hour.

Captain is already sitting in the garden with a rifle next to him, smoking a cigarette.

“This time we have a good record.” His Adjutant came over: “Take this stronghold away, and there are only three other Armament groups left.”

“I just want to go home and hug my daughter.” Captain laughed, and threw Adjutant a cigarette.

In the manor, surrendered violent bandits were taken away, and an armored vehicle had been parked outside. These bandits would be escorted back, and then tried by the court in the city, and finally put into federal prison.

“I heard that the army is fighting in another place.” Adjutant sat down and lowered his voice: “That is a battle that concerns the survival of the entire universe.”

Captain shook his head: “That’s too far for us, we just need to do our job well. Look, our job is to fight the rioters, as for saving the universe and so on, I think it’s the great character bring it on.”

Adjutant laughed: “You can’t be a little ambitious.”

Captain looked helpless: “I think too, but you also know, my battle strength is not even cannon fodder.”

2 people haha ​​laughed.

After a while, Adjutant said solemnly: “Captain, I know you have already submitted your transfer application before, but it didn’t pass. You still want to go, right.”

Captain finished the cigarette in one breath and threw it away: “Don’t talk nonsense. In the end, it’s not impossible to go. You can only accept your fate. Look, the sun rises too much.”

They looked up, the sky was bright, and indeed there was a morning sun rising slowly. Captain wrinkled his frowned head, looked up to the sky and said, “Weird, it’s not east, how can there be a sun…”

“Captain, do you think the sun seems to be getting bigger and bigger?”

Captain was stunned, and sure enough, the light of the sky gradually became grand. The last group of golden rays of light crossed the manor and landed on Mother Earth outside. The entire manor seemed to have been swept by a super storm, the main building collapsed, the garden was crippled, and many gangsters and soldiers were shocked to fly. When they fell, they vomited blood and died suddenly. Captain coughed up a mouthful of blood, barely stove up, caught the gun and ran out of the manor. I saw a heat wave rising on the ground in the distance, and two silhouettes were vaguely seen in the billowing smoke.

Then, a voice came from the sky: “You guys get out of here.”

Captain raised his head and saw a silhouette floating in the sky. It was a young man with a golden Battle Armor all over his body. A pair of golden steel wings stretched behind him, standing on midair like an ancient War God.

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