Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1884

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Allen looked towards the ground, passing through the thick smoke and falling on Orpheus on the body. From yesterday to now, the two people have fought for 2 miles and passed through two administrative regions. Now they are still not fatigued on the body, but both sides have more injuries. Orpheus’s law of balance is not inferior to Spanac’s Power of Primal Chaos. Every time he has accumulated a certain degree of injury, he will use the law of balance to make Son of Dusk suffer the same degree of trauma. In this way, Son of Dusk has been dragged by him. On the same horizontal line.

Allen has watched the game so far, and there is still no room to intervene, and I can’t help but sigh that Supreme is not easy. In the Supreme battle, there is no way to tell the winner or loser in a short period of time. Orpheus and Frius have been fighting for a few days on the Everlasting Night Star. It is estimated that Everlasting Night Star, the already destroyed planet, could not withstand the power of Supreme, leading to premature destruction and ending the battle between the two. Otherwise, they estimate that they can play longer.

It’s only the 2nd day of the war, and I am afraid there will be a while before the distance ends.

Allen watched the two people over there, not forgetting to be distracted to warn the people in the manor below to leave here. The Captain looked at Allen, suddenly recalled his identity, and yelled Adjutant’s name right now, telling him to leave the gangsters alone and immediately organize an evacuation.

Soon, a convoy left, and the surviving violent bandits rushed out of the manor and fled in panic.

The smoke cleared, and the two confronting each took their things.

Son of Dusk sighed: “It seems that I have to re-evaluate you, Orpheus, your balance laws are so difficult. Compared to Allen and Frius who specialize in destruction laws, your balance and Spanac’s chaos seems It’s even trickier.”

“Why, are you scared? How about surrendering so that everyone can spend less effort.” Orpheus said with a smile.

“Your joke is a bit too low-level.” Son of Dusk looked at him and said, “I can feel that your strength is a little weaker than when the war started.”

“Isn’t your power going down?” Orpheus sneered: “Although the power of sharpness is the law of another universe, it is your power that drives it. Simultaneously that I am consuming, you are also consuming it. Even for the sake of this The universe drives the law of another universe, and your consumption is even greater than mine. I’m right.”

Son of Dusk clapped his hands and said: “Yes, you seem to be a rough man, but your power of observation is very subtle. You are right. To drive the laws of another universe in this universe, my consumption is farther than you. It’s a bit bigger. But if you plan to use the war of attrition to create opportunities for Allen, I advise you not to pay attention.”

“Oh, why, I think this idea is a good idea.” Even after seeing it through, Orpheus still calmed down, and didn’t even have the idea to attack first.

“The idea is good, but you can think about it, if the wheel warfare is useful. Why are the previous Universe’s Dusk blocked only a few times by you, but more are in vain?”

Orpheus and Allen were lost in thought when they heard these words.

“Let me tell you, because it is different from the way you drew the origin force from void. It is Dusk Hill that provided me with the origin force, and what Dusk Hill has accumulated is the origin force that was deposited by Ebouins in countless years! “Son of Dusk revealed dim rays of light on the surface. In those Dusk-like brilliance, his injuries on the body healed quickly. Even the wounds injured by the sharp force have been greatly improved. Control, in the end, his breath suddenly jumped back to the top, almost as if he hadn’t moved his hands.

“With the origin force of Ebouins, I don’t need to continuously absorb void origin force to fill the consumption like you do. Dusk Hill will transmit the origin force to me to fill the consumption in a shorter time than you. That’s why I will Said, wheel warfare is useless to me, but doing so will drag you into a disadvantage.” He looked up and looked at Allen in the distance: “So, do you want to change your attention?”

“Your Majesty, maybe you have to seriously consider his suggestion.” Allen said solemnly, Son of Dusk has just shown what a miracle is. His injuries, as well as the power consumed, were resolved at once. It seems that what he said is true. With the huge energy of Dusk Hill as a backing, it is impossible to use his power to create opportunities. Instead of continuing the tug-of-war, it is better to go together with two Supremes. Since the war of attrition cannot be used to create a chance of victory, then it is added to the blow degree, perhaps it is possible.

“No, Allen.” Orpheus shook his head: “I don’t know your father, but for Son of Dusk, I think I know better than you. I have studied him, yes, in our Imperial Family book There are many records of Universe’s Dusk kept in the library. I saw a lot of information in those records. After that, I compared the information and found a very interesting thing.”

“Oh, I’m curious about what you said, what’s the interesting thing?” Son of Dusk asked.

Orpheus looked at him and said: “In the Universe’s Dusk that has always come down, there have been several incidents of the powerhouse in the universe teaming up to hunt down Son of Dusk, but all of them ended in failure. Instead, they stopped Universe’s Dusk. In one incident, it was the feat accomplished by a Supreme. That’s right, one person completed a goal that was not possible with the previous multi-person team.”

“I then read the information of that Supreme and found that he is not necessarily much stronger than the previous Supremes. So I came to a conclusion, even though I don’t know how he did it, I have to deal with Son of Dusk. Attacking it will have no effect. You can only hope for it alone.”

“This is ridiculous.” Son of Dusk laughed: “So you have to pin your hopes on such ridiculous conclusions?”

“Maybe it’s really ridiculous, or, in this seemingly ridiculous conclusion, there is a truth we don’t know yet.” Orpheus said: “I care about one thing very much. If multiple Supremes join forces, even if you are brilliant , It will be far more troublesome than just dealing with one Supreme. But since the start of the war, you have advised Allen to take action more than once. Why do you want to do this? Is it more advantageous for you to join Supreme? Or you can tell us directly The answer is good?”

Allen narrowed one’s eyes, thinking about it, Son of Dusk has already proposed more than once to let them join forces. Coupled with the words of Orpheus just now, perhaps Supreme’s cooperation is more favorable to Son of Dusk. This seemingly absurd conclusion is true.

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