Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1885

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Above Mother Earth, where you can’t see the end, someone is flying. It was a slender silhouette. She swept forward at a constant speed. The wind pulled her two different colored pony tails behind her head, and the gray and black pony tails pointed straight to the rear.

Catherine’s eyes were turbulent, and there was no expression on her small face, like a doll with no emotions.

At this time, a silhouette dropping from the sky, human-shaped, armored, but with a crocodile head. He is a king, only judged by the strength of his breath, he is only inferior. Catherine did not stop, the rays of light surged in his hand, as if the battle spear from the Netherworld River was already in his hand.

The king pounced on his face.

The two silhouettes quickly crossed over on Mother Earth.

Catherine continued to move forward.

The king stood there blankly and looked at an unremarkable wound on his chest, but the original force and vitality of his body quickly gush out from the wound and fell to the ground to die.

Before one’s eyes there seems to be an endless road, and one or two blockers will always jump out from time to time, but none of this can make her change her direction.

She drew a straight line between herself and Dusk Hill, and all she was doing now was running along the line.

It’s very similar to then.

It seems that because the mechanical running is too boring, the brain automatically becomes active, so some memories from a long time ago sneak out like this.

The same Mother Earth, the same moves and ambushes, except that Catherine was only eleven years old at the time, and he was not a federal general, but only a trained student. That was after she was taken away from Snake King’s snake den by Russen. She was as taciturn as she is now, and was regarded as a freak in the training class during the same period. No one wants to approach a cold wood like her, except for a boy.

He would always look at her from far away, perhaps during training, perhaps during dinner, or on the way back to barracks. She saw everything in her eyes, but did not respond at all. Two people are like two parallel lines that will never intersect until that day.

That day is the graduation assessment.

The death Dissemination legion is notoriously different in the Federation. Russen uses very old training methods for this legion. Every year, people die in the recruit barracks of Death Dissemination. When the death rate is highest, it is the graduation assessment.

In other legions, the graduation assessment is just a simulation training that does not hurt lives. But in Death Dissemination, it is a real battle. Each training camp limits the number of graduates, and whoever can reach the end alive has the possibility of graduation. Yes, it is only possible. Reaching the finish line alive is only one of the requirements for graduation. The assessment adopts a sequential elimination system. Every time a student is reached, the graduation quota will be reduced by one. In other words, when you run out of quota and reach the end, you will only be killed.

In Death Dissemination, if you cannot reach the end in time, even if you can survive, it is a waste. This requires each student not only to be cruel to his classmates, but also to be extremely strict with himself, in order to reach the end before the quota is used up.

The quotas for each issue are different, sometimes more, sometimes less, so you don’t need to count on the previous time quota. As for the number of places will only be known on the day of the assessment.

Of course, the recruit training of Death Dissemination will not all start such death camps. This kind of demon training camp is only set up to train middle and high-level generals. In other words, being able to graduate in this kind of death camp will not have a low military rank in the future.

The death camp where Catherine was in ushered in the graduation assessment that day, and there were only 9 people in this period. The fewer places there are, the higher the ranks the graduates can obtain. So these teenage girl(s) are both scared and excited. Except for Catherine, she always has a small face without smiling or crying.

Evening the day before the graduation exam, the boy finally couldn’t stop her when she returned to the barracks. He touched his head and said, “My name is Jesiu.”

Catherine glanced at him, then walked around him. Jesiu yelled from behind, “Catherine, I like you!”

Right now, even Catherine was stunned. People around him cast strange glances at the boy. Catherine turned to look at him. The boy grinned and said with a smile: “Although you are always cold, you can see from your eyes that you also long to walk with others. Be closer. So I am willing to come with you because I like you.”

Catherine didn’t respond, turned around and left.

Then 2nd day.

They were sent to a canyon that day and entered from the south entrance of the canyon. This vast canyon is their stage. There are no restrictions on the assessment, students can use any means, and there is only one condition for graduation, that is, reaching the north exit of the canyon before the quota is used up.

To a large extent, the methods used in the death camp are the same as those in the death arena. Even Russen personally admitted to copying the death stage model to select outstanding cadres. It’s just that it’s different from the death arena, the death camp will have more places to win, and the students can choose their favorite equipment to play, and there are no restrictions. Even you can Armament to the teeth, if you can also operate flexibly.

That day Catherine just picked a battle spear, apart from this, she didn’t bring anything, not even armor, so she entered the canyon with a gun. The trainees are randomly dropped to any location in the canyon, and whether they will meet other trainees depends on their luck. Catherine’s luck was very bad. She was in the same position as the other 2 girls. Almost as soon as they landed, the three men started fighting.

Among them, a girl with short hair uses a 2nd gear magic energy rifle, and the other uses a 2nd gear magic energy saber. In contrast, Catherine’s alloy battle spear, which is fairly well-crafted, does not have any additional capabilities, looks shabby. So the two girls with Magical Energy Weapon regarded each other as their own worst enemy, and ranked Catherine, who uses ordinary weapons, to the bottom of the list.

Although the three people saw each other immediately greeted them, the two girls holding Magical Energy Weapon quickly became a group. Catherine seizes an opportunity to leave, but did not leave the battlefield, but found a hidden place to hide. The two girls quickly decided the winner, and the short-haired girl got lucky, but cut each other’s stomach. Just as she was bandaging herself with the emergency medicine, an alloy battle spear passed through her back.

Catherine took away the water from the two girls on the body, and didn’t take any other things, even the Magical Energy Weapon was left there. She only brought water, and then quickly left.

Then, as if running on Mother Earth in Ebouins at this moment, moving towards the north of the canyon at a constant speed. Catherine carefully calculated her stamina, maintaining a balance between supply and consumption, and when night fell, she saw him.

That boy, Jesiu.

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