Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1886

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Seeing Jesiu, Catherine’s first reaction was to lower his center of gravity and release the original force that was still insignificant at that time, but there was already such an imposing manner. Then the long spear pointed forward and stared at the boy like a cheetah that would pounce on its prey at any time. The boy smiled bitterly and waved his hand: “Wait, Catherine. I don’t want to fight with you. I’m not malicious, and the graduation quota has not been reduced by one. Don’t worry.”

Indeed, if someone goes out of the valley, the officer will notify all the students in the valley. But until now, there hasn’t been any news of anyone leaving the valley. But Catherine still did not lower her guard, her eyes fell on the sword behind the boy and the gun at the waist. Jesiu seemed to understand, “Oh” stretched out his hand to draw the sword. This action made Catherine lower her weight. Her eyes were almost narrowed, and the murderous aura on the body kept increasing.

“Don’t do that.” Jesiu drew out the sword as slowly as possible, then put it on the ground, took out the gun, and placed it on the ground as well, then took off the backpack to hold down the weapon. Then he raised his hands and walked to a big rock behind him. There was a fire that had just been set up, covered with a pile of sand. It was obvious that Jesiu had just extinguished.

Seeing Jesiu doing this, Catherine put away the origin force murderous intention, but did not sit there. Instead, he pulled a distance away, then silently took out a kettle and took a drink. On the other side, the boy re-ignited the fire. He found a few thin stone pieces and put them on the fire to bake. When the stone pieces were roasted red, he went back and took out the sword. This action made Catherine immediately catch the battle spear at hand.

“Don’t be nervous, I just want to make something to eat for you.” Jesiu also brought his rucksack, and first used his sword to pile up red-roasted stones from the fire. Then take out a few cans from the rucksack, open it, and take out the quick meat slices from the inside. He threw the piece of meat on the stone, and was scalded by the hot stone. Meat’s fragrance immediately filled the air.

Catherine’s belly was very disappointing and gu lu rang.

Jesiu haha ​​smiled. When the temperature of the stone slices was almost absorbed by the meat, he came over with a few of these stone slices in both hands and put them on Catherine’s by one’s side: “Try it, stone sliced ​​barbecue, this is our unique skill. .”

Catherine looked at him suspiciously.

Jesiu acquaintedly moved away a section of distance and sat on the floor and said, “My family is a restaurant, and my father is a great chef. It turned out that he wanted me to inherit his business, but I didn’t want to be a chef, so I joined the army. . But didn’t expect to enter Death Dissemination, which is really bad luck.”

Catherine used 2 fingers to pick up a piece of roasted meat, put it to his nose and sniffed, then threw it into his mouth to chew, and the fragrance of his lips and teeth suddenly remained. She provoked the second block again, and then the third block…

While she was eating, the boy continued to mutter to himself: “You must think why I left the chef and didn’t cook, and I just came to serve as a soldier, and it is also called Death Dissemination, a legion with the highest rate of death. In fact, I am His innate talent is pretty average. My biggest wish is to get a First Lieutenant. I don’t even dare to think about it any more. Seriously, I don’t want to join Death Dissemination. But when I was enrolled in the army, heaven knows how did I activate Seed of Fire all at once, and then I sent it to Death Dissemination through layers of filtering.”

He hugged his head and said, “I’m scared, really. I knew I would enter Death Dissemination, but I wouldn’t be here…”

At this time Catherine had eaten the last piece of barbecue, she patted her hands and lay down on the spot. But I heard Jesiu say: “But the only thing I’m glad to be here is to meet you, Catherine, you know, they call you Death God behind them. I think that’s really cool.”

“They say you are a freak, but I am actually too. I have almost no friends here, but you are different. You can get the best results in any exam, fighting skills, physical training, marksmanship, strategy. All ranked first Mao, I’m far behind you. When I secretly tell others that I like you, they all say I’m dreaming, but I still confessed to you, although you ignored me.”

The boy smirked and raised his head, only to realize that Catherine was breathing evenly. He said “Ah” and said embarrassingly, “You are asleep.”

Then he ran back to the rucksack, took out a thin blanket from it, and gently covered Catherine’s on the body. Then he raised the fire a bit more vigorously to dispel the coolness of the night. In fact, the boy didn’t know that Catherine didn’t sleep at all. Even when he came over with the blanket, Catherine quietly touched the alloy battle spear. She didn’t let go until Jesiu came back to the fire.

She doesn’t understand what I mean by you. Is that a signal of human courtship? At that time, Catherine still didn’t know much about this thing about love. As for the matter between the two sexes, her cognition only stays at the stage of wild beast courtship.

When Jesiu woke up on 2nd day, he found that Catherine was missing. The blanket was folded squarely in place, Jesiu smiled wryly, packed up his things and left.

Catherine watched him leave, and then moved forward quickly.

She and Jesiu maintained a distant distance. During training, her stealth was the first among all students. Jesiu, who was at the end of the as for stealth class, naturally couldn’t find her trace. Catherine can’t tell why she did this, it seems that it was because Jesiu did a good job, or because he was the first person to tell her his thoughts. Know that in the competitive camp of death camp, no one will expose their past as easily as Jesiu, so as to give those who want to catch your weakness.

Anyway, Catherine just follows the boy like this.

At noon on the 3rd day, they were not far from the canyon exit. In the process, Catherine either sniped or was set one’s sights on. Beyond the range that Jesiu could not feel, she had already brought down more than 7 students.

As for Jesiu, because of the fact that Catherine is nearby, his good luck is surprising, so far he has not set one’s sights on for a student. But when passing a fork, Jesiu saw a female student. Her foot was injured and an alloy army thorn passed through her leg. The army thorn was twisted and her leg was covered with blood. When she saw Jesiu, she was weak and said, “Can you help me?”

Jesiu was finally not stupid, and asked after a distance: “What’s wrong with you?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m hurt. I need medicine, for example, to stop blood spurt and so on. Do you have it?” The girl said, “In exchange, I can give you this.”

She shakes a magic energy pistol in her hand.

Jesiu thought about it seriously, and said, “Wait.”

He took out the blood spurt fog and bandage from his bag, and said, “You throw the gun here first.”

“No, 10000. What if you don’t give me the medicine if you take the gun. Let’s do it, you spray me first, and I will give you the gun. As for bandages, bring them with you if you don’t. Need a trauma suture device. You don’t happen to have this thing, do you?”

Jesiu laughed: “It’s true, then all right. I will spray you first, you will give me the gun, I will give you other things, and then we will go our own way.”


Jesiu rolled the spray over, and the girl really threw the gun. After Jesiu put it away, he threw another trauma stitcher over. The girl sat down and reached out to dial the army thorn. She twisted but groaned in pain. Jesiu frowned and asked her: “How are you?”

“No, I dare not call it out. Please help me, please.”

Jesiu sighed and said, “Well then, wait.”

He ran over with the gun in his hand, placed the gun where his hand could be touched by one’s side, and then touched the army thorn on the girl’s feet. Unexpectedly, the army thorn is only half of it, and the other end is extremely flat. Look at the girl’s feet, where is the wound? Then a gun was placed on Jesiu’s head, and the girl coldly said: “Idiot, that’s a lie to you. If you want to hate, hate your overflowing sympathy.”

Jesiu stayed, the girl was about to pull the trigger. Suddenly there was a pain in her chest and back, she lowered her head, and the golden spear head came out of her chest, and then was taken away again. Suddenly, the girl felt that vitality was also taken away, she lay at Jesiu’s feet.

Jesiu stared at Catherine blankly, who was wiping blood with the body’s clothes. After wiping, Catherine took the gun and left.

“Wait.” Jesiu picked up the gun and ran behind Catherine and said, “I thought you were gone.”

Catherine did not answer him.

The boy said again: “Why did you show up here so coincidental, I said, wouldn’t you follow me? But how is it possible, you don’t like me.”

He laughed dryly and gave Catherine a peek.

The girl looks ahead.

Jesiu sighed and said, “Don’t you like me at all? If so, please tell me so that I can give up.”

Catherine stopped, looked at her, and spit out the first words from the beginning of the graduation assessment: “If you are better than me, I will be with you.”

When she said this, she was completely following the rules of nature. The female animal attached to the powerful male animal by one’s side for protection and other shelter. Jesiu stayed for a while and screamed: “How is this possible.”

Catherine has gone far, and he suddenly shouted: “I will, I will become stronger than you, as long as you wait for me!”

The girl has disappeared from his eyes.

Jesiu patted his own face and said, “Then, let’s start with graduation.”

In the early morning of the 5th day, without accident, Catherine successfully graduated as the first student to reach the finish line. Simultaneously, she is also the current record holder for the most homicides. A total of 3 students died on her gun, even the instructors saw her expressions all different. Next, trainees arrived at the end one after another. If it was normal, Catherine had already left, but this time she stayed at the exit, seeming to want to see if the boy could get out of the canyon.

After the eighth student arrived at the canyon, finally, Jesiu came. But behind him, he was chasing another boy. They were fighting near the end, Catherine stood at the exit without making any sound. But seeing her silhouette, Jesiu seemed to have infinite strength, and he ran desperately. Seeing the end point was in sight, suddenly there was a pain in his thigh, but the student behind him threw a knife into his thigh.

He fell.

Then the last student who graduated was born, but unfortunately it was not him. Jesiu was stunned, Catherine could clearly see his desperate eyes. At this time, the instructor ordered to close the valley, and a team of Death Dissemination soldiers prepared to enter the valley, killing all the remaining students.

Obviously, Jesiu was the first to die.

The boy moved suddenly, and then used all his strength to shout: “I hate the man who will be with you in the future. If there is such a person worthy of you to be with him, then, you should not suddenly disappear again!”

Then the gun was resounded, and the boy chest was shot and fell to the ground, but he still crawled up. He reached out and smiled in Catherine’s direction and said, “Do everything possible to stay with him.”

The picture of the boy flicked past before one’s eyes, Catherine exhales one breath saying, another breath, the speed increased slightly. She has found the man who is stronger than her, so now, she is going to his by one’s side.

Nothing can stop her.

Even at this moment, an army suddenly burst out of Mother Earth ahead.

Catherine press forward.

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