Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1887

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Never sleep in the city.

This city, located in the 1st Area 7 of the Earth Federation, is just like its literal meaning. You will never see the night in this city. Because even when night falls, the bright lights of the city will illuminate it. Evernight City has experienced a lot of turmoil, whether it was the invasion of the Neelm people before, or the federal civil war afterwards, and the Burning Legion not long ago, it didn’t make this city fall. It is very fortunate to stay stayed under these disasters, making this city recently given a new name.

Lucky City.

So after experiencing the disaster of successive rounds, the city that never sleeps not only did not fall, but prospered even more. Several large Business Groups of The Surface have made a new round of investment here. Large suburban construction sites in Western District have quietly spread, and the city has entered the expansion stage. Two blocks will be expanded here, and there will be more than a dozen hotels, as well as various casinos, bars, shopping malls and other entertainment facilities.

Evening today, the city is still brightly lit, and the street is constantly flowing. Those flowing light bands are the most beautiful embellishments of this city.

“Oh, I love it here!”

Kabu is standing on a convertible car. This old-time luxury car is now very rare in The Surface and can be classified as an antique. Being able to drive a car like this is also the best proof of identity for the owner. The car is not Kabu’s, in fact it belongs to the black person friend Norgay sitting next to him. These two people were born in the slum area of ​​the administrative region, but the distance between the two people is getting bigger and bigger as adults.

Norgay came to the city that never sleeps by himself. After ten years, he has his own piece of Heaven and Earth in this city. Kabu worked as a craftsman in a small town and lived a very ordinary life. In the previous connection turmoil, the town where Kabu was located was finally destroyed under the fire of war. Norgay inquired many times and finally beat his brother from a slave master. Kabu was beaten into the city that never sleeps. This man couldn’t even believe that The Surface still has such a brilliant city.

He said excitedly: “Oh Heavens! I am afraid it is not much worse than Babylon.”

Norgay laughed heartily: “That’s not comparable. Babylon is the place where Lord Lord stays. Our prosperity can’t be considered in their eyes. But what matters, as long as you can live well here. Brother, Follow me from now on.”

At this time there was a howling sound from the sky.

Two people simultaneously looked to the sky and saw a group of flying warship formations passing over the city.

“What’s the matter?” Kabu asked.

Norgay spread his hands: “Heaven knows, but there is a military base near here, so a scene like this is normal. It’s okay, brother. Oh, we are here.”

The car stopped in front of a casino, Norgay jumped out of the car, opened the door for Kabu, and bowed exaggeratedly: “Welcome to my casino, Mr. Kabu.”

Kabu laughed heartily, suddenly there was something stinging in the corner of his eye. He saw that the night sky in the distance was lit up. Strong rays of light rise slowly from the distant sky, blending the sky, like a golden silk that is unfolding.

“What’s the matter, is it dawn?” Kabu was puzzled.

Norgay shook his head: “Impossible, oh!”

He suddenly yelled, because a string of Fireball suddenly exploded before the golden light, like something exploded, which made him associate to the flying warship that had passed over the city before. Then the rays of light in the distance became more and more intense, and there was a deep whistling sound coming from a distance, making people palpitating.

“What’s that?” Kabu looked towards his brother.

Norgay shook his head: “I don’t know, brother, but I don’t think it will be a good thing.”

“Look, something is coming.”

“Oh Heavens! What is that?”

More and more people on the street noticed the natural phenomenon in the sky, and even a car rear-end collision occurred. But at this time, even the driver of the crash did not swear at people as usual, but got out of the car and looked at the sky in surprise. .

Yetian has been mostly illuminated by rays of light. From the illuminated sky, a sturdy fire stream moved towards Evernight City thrown down, and it continued to sprinkle the stars of fire along the way, but when those fires fell, people were shocked. I felt that it was one after another Fireball. They smashed into buildings, landed on streets, and set off each and everyone Fireball.

Kabu sat down on the ground and watched in horror as the buildings on the street in the distance dumped under the explosion of fire, and then cars and people rushed in from the distance like crazy, and a panic began to spread in the city.

“I think we should go.” Norgay pulled Kabu up and pushed him into the car, then jumped in and slapped the driver’s seat in front of him and said: “Hurry up, drive!”

“Look, that thing has fallen.” Kabu pointed to the stout fire stream dropping from the sky above his head.

It looks like, I’m afraid it will hit the street where they are.

At this moment, a golden light curtain suddenly appeared over the city, almost as soon as the light curtain was unfolded, the fire stream had already been smashed down. It hit the light curtain, the light curtain immediately vibrated, and the entire city began to vibrate. Many glass in the tall buildings were shattered, and the fragments crash-bang fell down. People screamed and hid in the buildings and left behind on the street. The guy was bad luck.

Norgay and Kabu hurriedly hugged their heads and shrank together, and dared to look up after the shaking stopped. The fire stream had wiped the light curtain towards the other side of the city, quickly moved away and then fell to the ground. After a while, a group of dazzling rays of light lit up from a very distant place, and then the impact wave swept over, and countless pedestrians and vehicles were lifted up and hit the ground.

Suddenly, city was in a mess.

The cabriolet rolled over to the ground, and the bloodied Norgay pulled the truck out of the deformed carriage, and the two of them gasped for breath, quite a bit of heart palpitations avoided a catastrophe. Kabu looked towards the sky, the golden light curtain of the wrap city disappeared, and there was a golden rainbow light passing by under the night sky, towards the brighter and brighter rays of light at the end of the city.

“Damn, I took back what I just said, this is really a terrifying city.” Kabu took a breath and said.

In the sky, Allen rushed. He was a bit faster than the Orpheus 2 just now. An origin force barrier was deployed over the bad luck city, and the two of them fought and brought the blazing fire stream to the sky of Evernight, so as to avoid causing more casualties. Otherwise, let the two people fall directly in the city, I am afraid this prosperous city will become ruins in an instant. At this moment, Orpheus 2 went away and fell into a forest. Combustion burst into flames in that forest, and a piece of ground in the forest was razed by two people.

Allen finally stopped above the forest, his gaze fell into the fire sea.

Orpheus and Son of Dusk have been fighting for 3 days, and in the past 3 days, they have crossed several administrative regions. Sometimes the battlefield is in the uninhabited wilderness, sometimes it is a small town of bad luck, or even a federal The Surface base was razed due to a battle between two people. Now the Federation already knows that the Supremes are fighting on Earth, but unfortunately they go 2 miles away at every turn, and there is no way to guess where they will be on the next battlefield, so they can’t do it if they want to evacuate the civilians.

Fortunately, Allen followed all the way. Under his protection, multiple cities also caused minimal damage like the city that never sleeps.

At this time, two breaths rose from the fire sea, and a strong wind suddenly blew up in the forest, blowing out a large area of ​​flame. Piles of smoke rose from the forest. On the charred ground flattened by the collision of two people, Orpheus in golden armor was very eye-catching. Son of Dusk on the other side exudes a dim glow, not much inferior to King of Righteousness.

Son of Dusk was under the origin force rays of light, and the injury recovered at a speed visible to naked eye, and even the lost origin force quickly filled. After a while, he has returned to Peak state. On the other hand, Orpheus, his golden man on the body has more wounds. Those wounds cut by sharp power cannot heal at all. Orpheus can only fill them with metal with the ability to hold gold. As for origin force, although the Qi machine is not as strong as the war, it is still not exhausted. After all, this is not Ebouins, the Great Emperor can easily get in touch with void and draw the origin force from it.

In terms of absorbing origin force, Orpheus also showed his excellence. Simultaneously he did not forget to replenish the origin force during the battle, so that the consumption became minimal. Although it’s not as for, it’s like Son of Dusk to directly replenish consumption from Dusk Hill, but battery life is definitely not a problem.

Allen feels a headache. From this point of view, if the two of them don’t come up with a killer move that will determine the outcome with one blow. If they want, they can fight until Wasteland is old.

He finally knew now why Supreme didn’t start the battle easily, because it was really a war that didn’t know how long and how long.

“Are you capable of this, Orpheus. Or, you still have some trump cards hidden and you haven’t used them. If that’s the case, I advise you to use them quickly, otherwise I’m afraid there will be no chance.” Son of Dusk Hands dropped, and a sharp blade slid out of his hands.

Orpheus grinned: “I have so many unique tricks on trump card, so I don’t know which one you want to watch. How about starting with it?”

He thrust the Arbitrator into the ground, and made a fist with 2 hands. The front of the fist condensed a ball of golden light. Then two fists hit each other on the chest, and the whole ground jumped. I don’t know how many trees shook out of the ground, and countless boulders exploded into powder. Then on the two sides of Son of Dusk, two huge pieces of metal suddenly rose from the ground and pressed against Son of Dusk like a closed wall. With a bang, he was clamped, the metal iron blocks were closed tightly, but at this moment, a few dim lights flashed, and the two iron blocks oh la la spread out with a sound, and Son of Dusk bounced from it. Started: “You can’t be serious!”

“Who said I’m not serious!” Orpheus reached out and shook his hand at Son of Dusk, pulling back.

So people in the Son of Dusk in midair suddenly rushed towards Orpheus uncontrollably.

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