Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1888

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Caesar City, the new White House.

In a long corridor, several people moved quickly. Walking in front is a black person male, left and right in his 50s, with a strong face. The needle-like hair and his beard were all gray and white, and his stride was strong, but from the occasional shaking of his fist, he was very nervous now.

“Can’t determine the location of those people yet?” the black person asked.

Gefen, the head of the intelligence department walking next to him, wiped his sweat and said, “Sir, you must know. Not to mention that the Great Emperor is Supreme, and the Son of Dusk is probably also a powerhouse of that type. Their moving speed is such that our satellites are also difficult to track. More importantly, the energy they released during the battle seriously affected our equipment, so…”

They pushed the door and walked into a command room, which was a temporary response team set up for the Supreme Battle that suddenly broke out on Earth a few days ago. It can be said that it was a response team, but they couldn’t even track the movements of Orpheus and the others, and were helpless for several days. The black person clenched a fist and slammed the door frame lightly and said: “President Morbit asked me to act for him before going to Ebouins, but now, I can’t do anything, damn it!”

“Sir, you don’t have to blame yourself too much. After all, those are Supreme, a limited number of people standing in the Peak of the universe. I think if they go to war on Aidahua Star, our allies may not be much better than us.” Gefen said with a bitter smile.

The black person shook his head and said: “We must analyze the next location where they might be fighting based on the trajectory of their battle. I allow multiple locations to exist, and then evacuate civilians in the War Zone as much as possible.”

Gefen nodded: “It can only do this now.”

The black person sighed: “Why did you choose Earth as the battlefield, damn it.”

Gefen added, “The Royal Highness of Beskard has also come. If he can be reached, maybe he can give us some tips.”

The acting president turned around and stretched out a finger and said: “Send an unmanned flying warship to approach the War Zone to see if you can get in touch with that Highness.”

“I’ll do it now.” Gefen ordered a few people and walked away.

The black person walked up to the platform and said with a microphone: “Everyone, everybody.”

The command room immediately became quiet, and people looked towards the acting president on the high platform. The black person lowered his voice and said, “Now that our planet is alive and dead, our Mr. President even entered Ebouins alone to fight on the front line. Those of us who cannot fight on the front line and can only stay at home, can do now. Just try to protect our home.”

“I know that you are in the heart and feel terrified and at a loss. Trust me, I am just like you. But we must muster the courage, we must believe, and must believe the people who are fighting to prevent Dusk from coming. Believe in this one under our feet. Planets, we must believe in ourselves. We have experienced so many disasters, but disasters not at all make us succumb. In every darkest period in human history, there will always be people holding up the dawn of hope to illuminate an era. “

“So I believe, this time is no exception!”

The black person looked at these faces in the command room and said, “So, gentlemen…I will never give up!”

People looked at each other, a female Sergeant yelled: “Me too, sir, I will never give up!”

“Never give up!”

People yelled, voices gave them courage, faith dispelled the fear in their hearts. Their eyes glowed again, and their trembling hands became stable again. Gefen came to Gaotai and said in a low voice, “An unmanned flying warship has been dispatched.”

“Very well, then, as I said, I can only trust those people who are fighting for this at the moment.”

Gefen smiled: “Now I know why Mr. Morbit can safely hand over his home to you.”

The black person shook his head: “What I have done is far from enough.”

“Then let us work hard together.” Gefen said.

black person laughed.

In the forest far away from Evernight City, Son of Dusk flew upside down to Orpheus uncontrollably. The Great Emperor took the Arbitrator with one foot and clasped the other hand toward Son of Dusk’s neck. The two swords in Son of Dusk’s hand staggered towards the Great Emperor’s hand, Orpheus immediately shrank his hand slightly, but the other hand held the sword and stabbed it. The sword edge is connected at the intersection of the two sharp blades, and a golden ripple is formed. The ripples spread, the trees all around shook the impact wave to pull up the roots, and the battlefield between the two people expanded a bit.

Son of Dusk bounced the Arbitrator with two swords, and when the two swords were held high, they had to be cut down. But seeing Orpheus press his hand, he immediately disabled to move. The Great Emperor lifted the Arbitrator, and stabbed it again with a sword. Son of Dusk let go of his hands, 2 sharp blades let go, and nailed them towards the Orpheus chest. He wanted to force the Great Emperor away, but Orpheus haha ​​smiled and greeted him instead. Son of Dusk frowned, he didn’t want to “perish together” with Orpheus, so he could only slash his swords and cut the hands of the Great Emperor. Orpheus didn’t avoid it, letting the two swords open a wound on his arm, Arbitrator bumped into Son of Dusk’s abdomen and stabbed him out of his back!

Allen of midair was shocked. Since the battle, Orpheus’s blow has truly caused him a heavy blow. It’s just that the body used by Son of Dusk is always Archimedes’s. Seeing this scene, Allen’s heart is still shocked.

Son of Dusk clamped Arbitrator’s sword edge with both hands, not letting it go deeper, said solemnly: “How did you do it?”

“Do you manipulate you like a puppet? It’s simple, don’t forget that I can manipulate metal.” Orpheus said, using his hand to force the Arbitrator forward.

“Manipulating metal?” Son of Dusk squinted, “You mean you can manipulate the iron in my blood within the body?”

“No.” Orpheus said: “Remember that in the previous match, I continuously manipulated Earth’s metal to attack you. Do you think I don’t know these attacks are futile? I am not stupid. In fact, those attacks are just blindfolds. Yes, it is to send some traces of metal into your within the body, so that I can manipulate it. Just like now…”

Orpheus no longer pushes Arbitrator, but pats the chest of Son of Dusk with one hand. The latter flew out, but couldn’t control his body. He found that he had flew too far, and then slammed into it tree by tree. Rows of big trees in the forest were torn down, and a “passage” was blasted out in the dense forest!

Pushing out 1000 meters in one breath, Orpheus stretched out his hand and held it imaginarily, pulling it back like he was carrying something. So Son of Dusk flew back again, the Great Emperor raised his hand, and Son of Dusk flew up to midair with a cry, becoming a barely visible black spot under the night sky. Orpheus pressed harder again, and Son of Dusk immediately fell, descending uncontrollably, and finally hit the ground like a beyond the sky meteorite.

Suddenly, the impact point sank down, but all around arched upward. The ground swelled, the trees flew, the earth and rocks exploded, and then the circular sand waves spread. The forest shook down like a blanket that was shaken by people, and the trees crash-banged down, the mud splashed and swept, and the billowing dust filled the forest.

The dust and smoke were exhausted, and Orpheus stood on the edge of a large circular hole. He raised his hand and lifted it, the ground shook slightly, and then Son of Dusk floated up from the center of the pit. He doesn’t have many wounds on the body, but he looks more embarrassed. The wound on Son of Dusk’s stomach that was pierced by Arbitrator is already recovering. With Dusk Hill as the backing, he is almost unkillable.

Allen narrowed one’s eyes, the only thing that can inflict huge trauma on Son of Dusk is the Source Device Devil’s Praise, also created by the Creator. This is why Archimedes left Source Device to Lanni in the first place. In addition to it, other weapons in this universe, including weapons embodied by the power of Supreme Rule, are difficult to severely damage Son of Dusk.

But it seemed that Orpheus was not depressed, instead he smiled. Then the ground vibrates, and a long metal body rises from the ground after a while, then the second and the third. Strips of metal cuboids continue to rise from the ground, and they moved towards Son of Dusk. One of them swept behind him, the rectangular parallelepiped horizontally, and Son of Dusk’s hands spread out uncontrollably. When the metal body was attached to the back of his hand, a ring was stretched out from the metal body to buckle Son of Dusk’s hands. tight.

Following another metal body, standing behind Son of Dusk, another metal ring floated to lock his neck and legs. From a distance, Son of Dusk seemed to be locked on a cross. Strips of metal bodies whizzed and flew away, and they began to assemble on the Son of Dusk by one’s side, effectively and quickly building up 4 metal armors. Son of Dusk looked at Orpheus coldly and said, “What do you plan to do?”

“You can’t kill you? Then I will exile you forever!” Orpheus said solemnly: “Don’t be nervous, now I will create a prison for you, a prison that only you can enjoy. You can’t do anything in there. To do it, you can only watch the passage of time quietly, and savor the taste of loneliness alone. I will put you in the depths of the universe. As long as I am alive, you can’t think of it!”

Son of Dusk eyes shrank: “This is your strategy? Orpheus, what about your dignity as a soldier? Quickly let me go, let’s fight again!”

“I prefer to see how you are not as good as dead, rather than shit dignity. Maybe in this way, Universe’s Dusk will not end, but it will extend indefinitely. But I am curious, if we destroy Hall of Withering, I don’t know it will What interesting thing happened.”

Son of Dusk said: “You can’t do this, you…”

His voice suddenly disappeared, because the quickly assembled metal armor had blocked his silhouette. With the installation of the upper and lower two pieces of metal armor, a rectangular prison like an iron coffin was completed. Allen looked at the cuboid in surprise. He couldn’t even feel the breath of Son of Dusk. Obviously these were not ordinary metals. After all, Allen felt the power of Orpheus’s Rule on it.

Did Son of Dusk seal it?

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