Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1889

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Orpheus made a lifting motion with both hands, and the iron coffin immediately rushed up to the midair like a rocket. The sudden sound of breaking through the air quickly disappeared, and soon the iron coffin had crashed into the thick clouds of the night sky.

Allen looked up, looked up at the clouds in the sky, and felt that the thing was rising quickly. At this speed, it won’t be long before it hits the atmosphere and finally enters deep space. If all goes well, Son of Dusk will be exiled forever. They only need to return to Ebouins and destroy Hall of Withering, then Universe’s Dusk can be completely ended.

But, is it really that simple?

Allen asked himself, when there was no answer yet, a breath of energy suddenly appeared above his head. The thick clouds that had been quiet and floating became noisy, and the clouds surged, as if an invisible stick was stirring them. Then patches of dim rays of light broke through the clouds, like a sun suddenly rising at night. The clouds were quickly cut to pieces by the dim light, and the thick clouds dissipated. I saw a brilliant brilliance high above the high altitude, and countless dark yellow fluorescent lights floated down and danced all over the sky.

The breath of Son of Dusk appeared very clearly above the high altitude.

Orpheus snorted, “I knew it wouldn’t be so easy to clean up this guy.”

Allen looked up, narrowed one’s eyes, the endless distance ignored by the line of sight, passed through the brilliant rays of light that almost dyed the night sky golden, and landed on the body of Son of Dusk. Around him are pieces of metal cubes cut into equal volumes. They revolve around the Son of Dusk and are supported by the invisible Force Field. It seems that the connection between Orpheus and the iron coffin has been broken. Now Son The by one’s side of Dusk is full of his own power.

The cross behind him also disintegrated steadily, and the iron ring that bound him was vanished in the brilliant rays of light. Son of Dusk moved his wrists, then his body dropped, and after a while he fell back to the ground. At this time, the rays of light in the sky disappeared, and the cubes that had lost the support of the Force Field suddenly burst into the air, wiping faint flame tails in the air, like raindrops falling into the forest.

These are definitely the strongest raindrops. Each cube dropped from high altitude, like heavy artillery bombarding the ground. Immediately the forest blasted each and everyone big pit, the trees were lifted, the earth and rocks burst, and it was a wolf.

Instead, the area where Son of Dusk and Orpheus are located is outside the range of Iron Rain.

2 people look at each other.

“How did you do it?” Orpheus said in a low voice, and his hand was placed on Arbitrator’s hilt again.

Son of Dusk patted his hand and said: “What do you think my sharp power is? It is simply an origin force feature? Of course it is not. Just like your balance power, it is also a rule. Mastery With this kind of rule, I can cut 10000 objects. Understand, your origin force feature can control metal, so I only need to cut your origin force with sharp force, obviously you can no longer control me.”

“It’s just that I didn’t expect that your ability to control metals can still be applied to this level. If I don’t have sharp power, I am afraid I will really call you exile. But besides me, Allen’s Destruction Strength , Spanac’s chaos and Frius’s pitch seem to be a perfect solution.”

Orpheus shrugged, “This is no way. Allen can destroy my origin force, and Spanac’s chaos can transfer my control. As for Frius, his pitch black can absorb all origin force. Original force was used to counter Rule. It’s a disadvantage, I just try it. It’s best to succeed, but it’s okay if it fails.”

Son of Dusk laughed: “It seems that you have other means. The Battle of Supreme has been going on for years, and besides you, there is an Allen. If I say he is the protagonist, I decided to prevent him from waiting too long. Take advantage of the home court slightly.”

Hearing this, Allen and Orpheus frowned.

Son of Dusk extend the hand, the ground began to bulge, and then the pillar of Hall of Withering rose. Son of Dusk put his hand on it, and the surrounding environment instantly became blurred. The space seems to be broken down into countless units, and then each and everyone units disappear one after another…

Under the night sky, an unmanned flying warship flew over, moving towards the direction of Evernight City.

In the White House Command Center, a picture of no one flying warship ahead appeared on the screen. You can see the almost flattened forest from the screen, which is still in Combustion. The flying warship turned a corner and swept to an abrupt clearing in the forest. Far away, you can still see two silhouettes standing there faintly.

“It should be them.” Gefen said, rubbing his hands, and he said nervously, “Look for His Royal Highness Allen.”

The onboard camera of the unmanned flying warship immediately turned in all directions, and quickly became a silhouette in midair. Gefen looked towards the black person acting president and said, “Sir, we found him.”

“Let no one flying warship get closer,” the black person said.

So the flying warship swept towards Allen’s silhouette, and was about to reach the proper range, suddenly Allen’s silhouette disappeared into the air. The acting president and Gefen looked at each other in blank dismay, the latter loudly said: “Quickly search for the other 2 people.”

The flying warship changed another angle, but the silhouettes of the two people on the ground also disappeared.

“What’s the matter? They changed the battlefield again?” Acting President frowned said. If so, searching for their whereabouts around the world is really a headache.

Gefen shook his head: “I don’t think it’s the same. They have moved in the previous few times. They are definitely not disappearing without warning like this. These few…will they leave?

2 People looked at each other. If this is the case, it would be a great thing.

After all, no matter if it is which planet, if it becomes the battlefield of Supreme, it must suffer heavy losses.

When Allen came back to his senses, they returned to Hall of Withering. I just looked out from all around the hall, I couldn’t see the fire and blood world of Ebouins, I only saw a blur of rays of light, and a light band passed by from time to time. As soon as Allen left the hall, he felt nothing, as if there was an endless void outside the hall.

Orpheus narrowed one’s eyes: “Why, get us back again, so you are not afraid that we will destroy Hall of Withering first?”

“This is only a projection of Hall of Withering. The space we are in is not Ebouins, but an ordinary subspace that’s all. How about the space between Ebouins and the universe? For this new battlefield, you still Satisfied?” Son of Dusk said with a smile.

Orpheus hummed, “How can you be satisfied with such a bit of shit, it’s not fun at all.”

Son of Dusk laughed: “Don’t worry, I said it is just a projection, a platform that allows us to let go of fighting. This platform is not as narrow as you have seen, in fact, it is almost infinite.”

Allen’s heart moved, and he moved out. Seeing that he was about to approach the edge of the hall, suddenly the edge of the hall moved forward, and a short distance was pulled apart. Allen kept walking, flashing again, but no matter how he moved, his speed increased to the extreme, the edge of the hall could always be pulled away when he was about to approach. When he stopped, he couldn’t even see Orpheus 2 people, and Hall of Withering became so huge that he could no longer see the edge of the other side.

After a while, Allen returned to the original place and nodded towards Orpheus.

Orpheus grinned: “It looks like you really have found an interesting place.”

“For a while, maybe you won’t say that.” Son of Dusk shakes his hands, and holds two dim long swords in his hands.

Orpheus lifted the Arbitrator, said solemnly: “Let’s start then, round 2!”

The Great Emperor raised his hand to Son of Dusk.

The hall was silent.

Allen frowned.

Son of Dusk lightly said with a smile: “Did you find it?”

Orpheus snorted from his nostrils: “It turns out that it is. No wonder you said you want to take advantage of the home court, so this is your real home court.”

“Yes, Hall of Withering’s projection can receive the origin force transmitted by Dusk Hill. But here, this is just a subspace. To put it bluntly, there is nothing here. So the gold holding ability you are best at may not work. Now. In this way, you only have a balanced Rule to be able to use. But I shouldn’t need to remind you, because this is not the space of the universe, so no matter if it is you, or Allen, are already under your control The void lost contact.”

“In other words, every time you consume a point of strength here, you will lose one point. Without supplement, when the origin force is exhausted, you will also be finished. But I think you probably won’t be able to wait for that time. Because before that , I will kill you.”

“By the way, this projection hall is also called Supreme’s Graveyard.”

Son of Dusk looked towards Allen: “Then, do you want to try to fight the enemy together? I think that in that case, you can probably support it a little longer.”

Before Allen could answer, Orpheus roared: “Don’t listen to him, Allen! Although I don’t know what his purpose is, I believe that history will not lie. And the history of the cases of teaming up to hunt down Son of Dusk All ended in failure, so I believe that only one to one can have a chance to kill him.”

Allen said, “Then let me come and you have a rest.”

Orpheus shook his head: “No, I’ll come. You stay there for me, keep your eyes open, and use all your methods to find his weak spot.”

Son of Dusk sighed, “What a stubborn man, Orpheus. Since you are so persistent on courting death, let me kill you.”

Orpheus lowered his weight slightly and grinned, “You have to do it, or did you forget, what will be the consequences of killing me?”

“I haven’t forgotten, but I’m impatient, so I want to try. Maybe, I can bear your perish together?”

“Maybe, who knows.”

Son of Dusk nodded: “Then let’s start, I’ve wasted enough time before you on the body.”

He lifted the sword, and a band of light appeared out of thin air, like a rainbow of orange light across Orpheus by one’s side. Half of the rainbow light hung on the body of Orpheus, the Great Emperor was caught off guard, and was knocked upside down by the sword energy rainbow light.

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