Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1890

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The distant pillar of fire soared into the sky, causing midair smoke to circulate, and the lava 4 of Combustion splashed out continuously in the cloud, marking the flame tail and falling to every corner of the battlefield. When each flame tail falls, a dark red Fireball is exploded, covering the combat units of The Burning Legion and the coalition forces of Paused Treaty Star Field in the explosion range, bombarding all the creatures on this battlefield indiscriminately .

In this battlefield of Space Gate, the war is still fierce.

The Burning Legion’s army originated from Danger Land. It rushed into the defensive line built by the Paused Treaty Star Field and tried to seize control of the door. Paused Treaty Star Field’s 1000000000000 coalition forces formed a three-dimensional defensive line above heaven under earth, which resisted the enemy’s seemingly endless attacks.

A flame tail fell, and it was about to hit the formation. A Combustion Warhammer with a black flame swept over, blasted the Fireball, and smashed it to pieces. Hubble yelled. He is now the chief tribal chief of Catu race. His head is painted with White’s red paint. It was the Totem painted on his face by Sacred Temple High Priest before the expedition, representing Catu race. The ancestors of the spirit of a martyr will follow the Hubble battle.

In addition to Hubble, other tribal chiefs from various Tribes will also draw such ancestor Totem, which will make them fearless.

Stopping this flame, Hubble looked up and saw from a distance a huge turtle-shaped creature continuously ejecting a pillar of fire. It was the giant beast of The Burning Legion. This kind of war giant beast is like a moving fortress. Its defensive power is amazing and its firepower is full. The Burning Legion has no scruples about friendly forces. In this way, the defensive line is naturally under great pressure. There are many giant beasts like this, they attack all areas of the defensive line indiscriminately, creating terrifying pressure on the coalition forces.

Even the fearless Catu, morale is no longer as high as before. The morale of coalition forces from other planets has dropped to the bottom. Fortunately, Specter Country and Dobiya 2 Empire forces have firmly guarded the most important area of ​​the defensive line, otherwise the coalition forces in Paused Treaty Star Field would have been broken up.

Hubble pointed to the giant beast in the distance: “Whoever runs, I will kill the big fellow!”

Then, without waiting for an answer, the big tribal chief had already rushed out, and a Catu race beast rushed towards him. When he passed Hubble by one’s side, he jumped up. The Catu flag was erected on the beast. It was a long strip of flag with a dark red face and painted with black and gray White’s paints with patterns that only Catu race understood!

Behind Hubble is a team composed of Sacred Temple samurai and tribal chief. The beasts they ride on are all flying the battle flag. Hubble turns around to look back, staring in a daze.

Once upon a time, there was also a battle flag hunting and swinging before one’s eyes.

That was when he was a teenager.

Also sitting on top of a beast, the difference is that the ahead of the beast sits on his father. Tiegu, a respected tribal chief.

It was Hubble’s father leading Tribe’s army on the vast wasteland, and they were heading to another Tribe. This is a joint operation with the Tribe Alliance, and the young Hubble is excited to be able to go on the battlefield with father.

“Hubble, do you know what the most important mission of a tribal chief is?” Tiegu turns around to look back at his child.

Little Hubble tilted his head: “I know, knock the enemy’s head!”

“That is the mission of every soldier.” Tiegu said: “We have to enjoy the best things in Tribe, and in return, we have to fight for the elderly, children and women. As a tribal chief, our mission is to let Tribe’s battle flag will not fall. As long as the battle flag is there, no matter how bad the situation is, our soldiers will be fearless!”

Juvenile Hubble seems to understand but not understand.

“Yes, exactly.”

At sunset, they rested on a highland. Little Hubble is playing a fighting game with the warriors in Tribe. He carries a small stone axe in his hand and tries hard to chop the strong warrior before one’s eyes. It is a pity that he is not the opponent of others, and he tripped and fell on the ground in 3 2 hits. However, every Catu teenager is accustomed to beating, and the teenager Hubble crawled up again and continued to compete enthusiastically.

Tiegu smiled and looked at his child in the distance, as he wiped his tomahawk. Someone walked to his by one’s side, Tiegu’s best friend, Grimlock, a Catu warrior who is always on the body with an iron chain.

“He will be a good boy, Tiegu, he will inherit your position and your reputation in the future.” Grimlock sat down: “This Little Brat, reminds me of when we were young.”

“I think so too. I hope he can make Tribe move towards a brighter future.”

Tiegu patted Grimlock’s shoulder, “If I’m gone, you have to help him.”

“I don’t agree. You should do this kind of trouble yourself.”

The two Catu laughed heartily up, and the boy Hubble slipped past the soldier’s feet. The stone hammer hit the soldier’s feet, making him unstable. Hubble pulled the fighter down hard, and he jumped up happily, attracting father’s attention.

At night, when Hubble was sleeping soundly, he was suddenly awakened by a pat. When eyes opened, I saw father, Tiegu paid Armament in full, and said to him: “We encountered a sneak attack, hurry up…”

Hubble heard screams and explosions outside the account. He and Father left the tent, and looking around, there were enemies under Highland. They were surrounded, and the enemy came prepared. They even brought a terrifying weapon, an ordnance capable of throwing Fireball, which made the camp where Hubble was pitted.

Grimlock came over and shouted, “No, we have to break through.”

Tiegu shook his head: “We can’t go, you see, they have blocked almost everywhere. Their troops are above us, you have to go. Grimlock, take my child away, I will give you a team.”

“No, I want to be with you.” Hubble hugged father’s leg hard.

Tiegu kicked him away, then picked him up and said: “You have to go, kid. We Tribe can’t live without the tribal chief. Before you become an adult, the wire rope will be the acting tribal chief. Once you become an adult, you will challenge him once Chance. If you fail, then he will be Tribe’s tribal chief until he dies.”

Then he threw Hubble to Grimlock and looked at him Tiegu said solemnly: “This is my order!”

Grimlock was nodded, picked up Hubble and left. They stepped on a beast, took ten elite fighters, and left from the other side when Tiegu attracted firepower for them.

When they left the battlefield, Hubble stared at the other side of highland. In order to attract firepower, Tiegu led Tribe’s fighters to attack the enemy’s main force. Hubble couldn’t see his father, but saw their Tribe’s battle flag swinging in the flames, as if it would never fall down.

Until he couldn’t see the battlefield, in his eyes, the battle flag was still swinging!

“Big tribal chief!”

A big noise.

Hubble came back to his senses, an iron rod full of spikes came head-on. With a sound of Hubble Furious Roar, he lifted the Star of Darkness and hit it hard on the iron rod, so a king holding the rod in both hands gave Hubble a hammer to fly.

Hubble raised Warhammer, Furious Roar wrote: “Charge!”

All the soldiers raised their weapons.

This was a deadly charge, Hubble led the team deep into the enemy line. Every minute and every second, someone fell, and every time a person fell, a battle flag fell to the ground and was trampled to pieces. When there were less than 5 people left on Hubble by one’s side, he finally saw the giant beast. From here, the giant beast is almost like a high mountain, and the giant beast is approaching them.

The beast under him died of exhaustion, Hubble fell to the ground, tied the flag on the beast behind him, and rushed towards the giant beast with the remaining 4 people.

In the short distance in front of the giant beast, two more tribal chiefs lie on the battlefield forever. Hubble yelled, the origin force exploded, and the Star of Darkness vibrated and screamed. The giant beast rammed its head, Hubble did not flinch, and threw its hammer away.

Warhammer hit the giant beast’s head, like a hammer hitting a mountain, Star of Darkness blew up a circle of black ripples, the ripples spread out, and shook the enemy forces all around into powder. The giant beast let out a scream, shook his head, and took a step back. Hubble also shook his fingers with the counter-shock force, and he roared again, raising his hammer and knocking again. With every hammer hit, the giant beast must take a step back. After dozens of hammers, the giant beast’s head suddenly exploded, and this giant beast finally fell to the ground.

Hubble was covered with animal blood. He climbed onto the giant beast and thrust into the battle flag on the back of the giant beast. They looked at each other with the remaining two tribal chiefs, and then the three raised their weapons and roared loudly! Under the giant beast, countless enemies swarmed over and they climbed onto the giant beast’s body like ants, trying to kill Drop 2 people from Hubble.

Hubble and their Tribe are separated by ocean-like enemy forces, and they know they can’t go back.

“It was a great kill today.” A tribal chief said.

Hubble nodded, then looked towards one direction.

That was the direction of Dusk Hill, and he could feel the man there. At this time, another tribal chief said: “Big tribal chief, you go.”

Hubble looked towards him.

He grinned said with a smile: “We all know that you have another war to fight, so you don’t have to stay with us.”

“No,” Hubble said flatly.

“Big tribal chief, that war is far more important than here, don’t worry.”

What else Hubble wanted to say, suddenly a tribal chief slammed into him and knocked him off the giant beast. Hubble rolled all the way down, and when he stood firm, he saw two tribal chiefs standing separately according to the battle flag. Hubble Furious Roar sounded, caught Star of Darkness and turned around, moved towards the already influxed enemy forces rushed over, and suddenly overwhelmed dozens of Raging Flames Knights.

When Hubble left the body of the giant beast, he turned around to look back. The battle flag on the giant beast is still swinging, but the silhouettes of the 2 tribal chiefs are gone. Hubble took a deep look at the flag, then turned around and strode towards the ocean-like army.

That direction is Dusk Hill.

As enemies for before one’s eyes, Hubble never thought they could stop itself. As if the flag was still behind him, as if father was looking at himself from the side of the battle flag, as if as long as all this existed, he had endless strength and courage!

Hubble let out a roar that shook the warrior and crashed into the enemy army, breaking the formation alone!

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