Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1891

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The voice of Frius came from the thick flying fog, and the Emperor of Darkness drew a sword angrily in the dark fog. The Lightless long sword tore through the thick fog, although they rushed in after they were discharged, they did not prevent Frius from swinging out hundreds of black flares, bursting into the air in rows like fireworks. The fire passed through the dense fog, and the dense fog passed through by the flame was wiped out, but soon they filled the gap. The stream fires collided and exploded from time to time in the flyby, but Frius could no longer feel them. In the black fog of Demon Monarch, he felt the chaos that had never existed before.

This is the horror of Strength of Chaos, even Supreme will be affected by it.

“Spanac, get out of here, you bastard, you will only hide in the dark every time, and you will not dignified every time and fight righteously. How long are you going to cower!” Frius yelled, again The swords were cut out, and the swords emptied. Unfortunately, the thick fog would never be dispelled. The part torn apart by sword energy was almost refilled in a blink of an eye.

But this time, Frius’s Furious Roar finally responded, and Spanac’s low voice sounded behind him: “I can’t understand, Frius, why you hate me so much.”

“Of course you don’t understand.” Frius suddenly turned around, and the long sword swept across, but sword edge swept across, only a feeling of emptiness was heard.

Demon Monarch’s voice is near and far away.

“I’m not going to understand, just do whatever you want. In fact, I haven’t beaten your idea. Just drag you here and it will be enough.”

“So I hate you the most. Why don’t you come out and fight me, Spanac, you Old Guy will always be this kind of virtue!”

Spanac’s faint laughter sounded in the mist.

Knowing that it was futile, Frius still slashed his sword in the direction the laughter came from, and said, “I come from a village called Rydell. You probably haven’t heard of it.”

“I indeed never heard of it.”

“If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid I wouldn’t leave that village. Because there are people worthy of my stay…” Frius said solemnly: “That was a long time ago. At that time, I was just a stray. Mercenary…”

Long ago, when there was only one Empire on Agares, Specter Country just established was in a period of rapid expansion. The army and 4 mercenaries conquered, expanding the territory of Empire for Spanac. At that time, Frius, who was just a mercenary, was seriously hurt in a war and then ended up in a small village. At that time, there were such small villages everywhere in Agares, and only Specter Country had very few cities.

He fainted near the village, and when he woke up, there was a pretty face in his eyes.

That was the first time he met her, Duoli Minella.

But their first meeting was not pleasant. When eyes opened and saw an unfamiliar face, Frius’s first reaction was to get his sword, of course he felt empty. Not to mention the sword, even his on the body armor, clothing, shoes and gloves were taken off clean. Then he instinctively stretched out his hand to hold the woman’s neck, with the needle and thread in her hand, she said calmly: “Are you going to strangle me, or let me sew up your last wound.”

After hearing these words, Frius noticed that there were stitched wounds everywhere on the body.

“Is this what you did?”

he asks.

The woman continued to stitch up his wound: “Probably no one except me in this village can handle your injury. I really shouldn’t have saved you. I know you are a mercenary. You people go everywhere. The battles and the places passed by are only left with sad memories and scars that cannot be filled.”

“Then why did you save me?” Frius asked again, he thought, she should be trying to get something from herself.

The woman looked at him: “Because you are still alive, when I get you back and treat your wounds for you, I discovered that you are a mercenary.”

“Then you can throw me back.”

“I can’t do it, I can’t save it. So you take your hand away, let me finish this damn job, and then you get out of me.”

Frius smiled, he thought, this is really an interesting woman.

Afterwards, the woman sutured his last wound with a skillful skill. After dealing with these wounds, she bandaged Frius all over her body, using all her own herbs. Three days later, Frius was ready to get out of bed, so his long sword and armor, together with him, were pushed out of the house by the woman.

Frius didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and knocked on the door: “Hey, you haven’t told me your name.”

“No, I don’t want you to remember me.”

Frius whispered: “But I already remember you.”

He left, but within a few days, he returned to this village, back to the woman’s house. He knocked on the door, the woman opened the door, and saw that he closed the door immediately. Frius continued knocking on the door: “I’m dying, you have to save me.”

When she saw a deep bone wound on the back of Frius, the woman frowned: “Did you mean it?”

“God, who would deliberately let himself be hurt like this.”

It took her an afternoon to treat the wound. Frius stayed in this very small house for 5 days. On the sixth day, he had recovered from the woman and let the woman out again. When he was about to leave, the woman said in the house: “My name is Duoli.”

Frius smiled: “Why did you tell me the name.”

“I heard when I went shopping the day before yesterday. That day, a group of bandits came to our village, but they were all killed by a man. Is that man you?”

Frius grinned and said with a smile: “Don’t thank me, I saw it when I passed by. You are a good doctor, it would be a pity if you die in the hands of a bandit.”

“I just told you your name, but I didn’t say thank you. Where did the robbers come from? It’s not because of the four of you fighting and displacing many homeless people. Then the robbers will appear. You go away and never do it again. coming.”


Frius is gone, this time he participated in a cities and towns assault. It was more than a month since the battle was over. When he came to the village again with scars all over his body, a wedding was being held in the village. When Frius came to Duoli’s house, he was told that Duoli was about to marry a man in the town. Frius was blank for a while, and when he came back to his senses, he realized that he had come to the wedding scene.

At this time the newlyweds are about to exchange wreaths, which is a tradition of Agares. After exchanging garlands, the wedding was considered complete. Just as they were about to exchange garlands, a sword flashed over and nailed the two garlands to the wall.

Duoli and the man turned around and saw Frius. The latter almost gnashing teeth and said, “You can’t marry him!”

Duoli frowned: “Why?”

“Because you are mine!” Frius yelled and rushed forward, and picked up Duoli, ignoring her punches and kicks, just like that, snatching her away.

They left the village, and Frius put her down in a deserted valley. Strangely, Duoli did not resist anymore, but laughed instead. Frius was also a little confused: “Aren’t you hitting and scolding me?”

“No, those are just for others to see.” Duoli snorted, “Why are you so overbearing, you just snatched me from the wedding.”

“I don’t know, my head was hot at the time, I…” Frius wanted to say something, but Duoli stepped up and sealed his mouth with his lips.

Then everything becomes logical.

When the two people hugged and lay in the cave, Frius asked her, “Don’t you hate me?”

“You were wrong again.” Duoli laughed: “I just drove you away, but I didn’t say that I didn’t like you.”

“If you like me, why drove me away?” Frius looked at her.

She said seriously: “Because I want to live a peaceful life, I like a mercenary, what Heaven knows will find. So after you go, I immediately promised his marriage proposal. I think, if before you come back, I have already Get married, so I can give up myself.”

Frius hugged her and said, “Fortunately I am back.”

Duoli shook his head: “Perhaps it would be better if you don’t come back.”


2 people laughed.

On the 3rd day, Duoli went back to the village to pack things, and then they left. They came to a village called Rydell, far away from the battlefield, and Frius was no longer a mercenary. He put down the sword and picked up the axe and saw instead, where they lived for 3 years. These three years have been a sweet dream for Frius. Unfortunately, the dream will always wake up one day.

On that day, Frius went to the mountain to cut trees as usual. It was noon, and Duoli would bring lunch. But when the time comes, the woman hasn’t come yet. Frius was a little worried, so he packed up his tools and left early. When he came to the high slope behind the village when he was pushing a cart of logs out of the forest, Frius was shocked. The whole village was raging Combustion, but no one cried, only the fire made the sound of crackle burning the wood. Frius rushed down the high slope and ran into the village. There were dead bodies everywhere. He was horrible to see. When he got home, the wood house he built up by himself was in raging Combustion. Frius crashed into the flames and saw her in the kitchen.

She fell to the ground with a long sword in the chest and a lunch box in her hand.

Moments later, a man howled like a wounded wolf in the wood house.

Duoli is dead, and Frius personally buried her. When he left the village, he held a flag tightly in his hand. It was the battle flag of Specter Country, which was inserted in the village square.

Frius became a mercenary again, then joined the army of Specter Country, then the general, and finally the General.

When he became the Empire General, he finally reached the final stage of revenge.

“But you didn’t give me a chance. Even if I became the Empire General, there were very few opportunities to see you. You are like now, always hide yourself in the shadows. Sometimes I don’t even know that in Shadow Hall. After the black fog, are you really there!”

Frius yelled: “So I knew that to force you out of that black fog, General alone is not enough. So I left you, I became Supreme, and I established Dobiya. And all this is for Fight with you!”

“In order to be able to defeat you, I can even cooperate with Son of Dusk. As long as I transcend this universe and seek to transcend Supreme, I can truly avenge you. But you once again block my before one’s eyes, what are you How many times will I have to make my dream Annihilation reconciled, Spanac!”

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