Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1892

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“No one is blocking your way, including me, Frius.” Demon Monarch’s voice came in the thick fog. “You are determined to take revenge, but unfortunately, I don’t even know where Rydell is. You can’t let go. It’s that you never let yourself go. And the persistence in everyone’s heart determines the end of the curtain, so you have come to this day. Even, come to me.”

“If you are willing to let go, you are willing to let yourself go, then you can now bypass me and move on.”

“But I Can’t do it…” Frius Furious Roar said: “If you give up even this point, then what is left of me!”

origin force surges.

Frius lifted the sword and cut it down. A black light seemed to divide Heaven and Earth in the middle.

The thick billowing fog was drawn into the black light belt. It didn’t take long for Spanac’s dark fog to be sucked out by the light belt, and then the light belt slowly closed. Between Heaven and Earth, a loud sound was generated, and the booming sound was transmitted. 1000 miles.

Spanac is imaginary midair.

Frius extend the hand, lightly wipe it on the face. The black light surges through, forming a mask on his face with origin force. Although this mask does not have any features except for the eye sockets, judging from the line and outline of the mask, it looks like a moving woman. Frius said softly: “Duoli, look at it, and see how I can completely destroy the culprit who killed you.”

Demon Monarch shook the head and said, “Why?”

A black rainbow hangs in the sky.

In the long howl of Frius, the long sword Lightless dragged a black light belt across the air. Seeing that this black rainbow was about to hang over by one’s side of Spanac, Demon Monarch raised his hand, and suddenly shot out chains from behind him. Purple fire escaped from these chains, and they kept interlacing in midair to form a Star Sifting Cover. network of. After Spanac quickly disappeared from that piece of network, Frius rushed into this piece of network, slashing a sword on one of the chains, but couldn’t shake it. He clearly felt that the power of his slashing was quickly dispersed by the other chains of this network, as if a drop of water fell into the sea, even a wave was never caused.

Then Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

When Frius came back to his senses, he stood on the dark purple Mother Earth. There are mountains and clouds in the distance, and there are two moons hanging above the sky. Like a, I left Ebouins and came to other worlds. Frius gnashing teeth said: “What the hell is this!”

“My arena.” Demon Monarch’s voice came from the sky, “This is a special space created by combining Spiritual Power, origin force and my Rule power. Here, I am the Creator. Frius, you just Have fun with my gladiators here.”

“After the dark fog, what the hell is this arena again, Spanac, don’t you dare to come out and fight me head-on!” Frius yelled.

Demon Monarch said solemnly: “You are wrong, Frius. From the very beginning I was fighting with you, but my methods are a little different from others. But no matter my dark mist or the current arena, it is actually me. It’s a symbol of power. Just like when you broke open my dark mist with a sword, I have already lost a round, and now it’s round 2.”

Frius hummed: “But I don’t want such a battle. What I want is a face-to-face, sword-fighting battle with you!”

“It’s a pity that I will decide what means to use. If you want to push me to that level, then you can break this arena first.”

Frius gritted his teeth and said, “Do all these tricks, watch me cut it with a single sword!”

He lifted the sword and swung it down, but did not cut out a black band of light reaching the sky and earth as before. Frius felt that his power was quickly absorbed once it was released. This space will absorb the escaped energy to maintain the stability of the space.

“It looks like you Can’t do it, so follow my rule. The rule of the arena is very simple. You only have one enemy at the beginning, and then you double each game. As long as you can win 99 games, the arena will disappear. . This is my own rule, and even I can’t change it. Then, start your performance, Frius.”

The Emperor of Darkness no longer flies like a thunder, and the whole person is extremely gloomy and authentic: “This is what I hate you most. You always use aloof and remote to look at 10000 things. Spanac, this contempt that doesn’t put me in the eyes, I will make you pay a heavy enough price!”

“I am waiting.”

While speaking, the Mother Earth in front of Frius began to bulge, and a big claw suddenly protruded from the ground. It grabbed the ground to prop up its body, and then drilled out of Mother Earth, which was gray and white, and hanging green stripes. Vine’s monster. It was almost like a hill, it made a roar demonstratively, and then caught it on the ground, then caught a huge stone weighing several tons and threw it towards Frius.

The boulder flew halfway, and a black light appeared in the center. Then the boulder was divided into the middle. The light swept across and imprinted on the body of the giant beast. The giant beast’s eyes blinked, and suddenly the left and right of his body split, and blood splashed.

Frius pointed a sword at the air: “Spanac, let all your gladiators out, I don’t have the patience to accompany you one after another.”

Demon Monarch said indifferently: “But I have plenty of patience, don’t forget, I simply never thought of defeating you. I’m just procrastinating, then, what else can achieve this goal better than this? Obviously not, so you think If you want to come out, just follow my rule. The next game…”

“Damn it.” Frius said, before one’s eyes appeared two empty shadows, but two giants with ten meters tall and heavy armor. Wielding their battle axes and gigantic swords, they strode towards Frius. Frius turned into a black rainbow and passed them by, and both giants were cut in half.

The third game is 3 violent Thunderclap giant beasts. This kind of giant beast lives on some special planets. Those planets have thunderstorms for many years. The Thunderclap giant beast feeds on the energy of Thunder, and it is an extremely violent wild beast. . As soon as these 4 Thunderclap giant beasts appeared, they radiated electric light. One of them opened its mouth to spit out a Thunderclap pulse wave, and struck it against the ground towards Frius.

Frius swung 4 swords in a row this time before beheading the 4 Thunderclap giant beasts.

In the fourth game, there are 4 flaming dire wolves. In the Paused Treaty Star Field, there is only one planet that produces such a monster, which is the Chiyan Star. The environment on that planet is similar to Ebouins, a hell of fire and blood. The blazing dire wolves are the kings on the planet. They swallow fire for food, and they are the life between creatures and energy bodies. Due to the semi-energy body, this makes the Flame Dire Wolf immune to many physical means.

However, they only persisted for a while longer than the Thunderclap giant beast, and under the power of Frius’ black, killing these 8 dire wolves was just a breath away.

The fifth game is the ten or six bear warlords. These devilish bear men have always been known for their brutality. They are a Dominator on the Beast King in the Paused Treaty Star Field, absolutely at the top of the biological chain. They grow in natural biological armor throughout their bodies, capable of manipulating toxins and violent energy. As soon as these bear warlords appeared, looking towards Frius launched a charge, and the scene where ten or six bear warlords charged together was like an army!

In the sixth game, Frius saw thirty two electric light giants. They held Thunder as spears, and they were brave and good at fighting…

The seventh game is 7 lava thorns…

The eighth game is 8 Plague Giant Demon…

There were 9 staring demons in the 256th game…

Gladiators who keep doubling, not only battle strength are getting stronger and stronger, and the number is increasing. Frius has given up on pushing Spanac out with the radical method. He can only obey the rules of the arena and destroy the fighters released by Demon Monarch. Some gladiators are familiar to Frius, and most of them come from certain deadly creatures on Paused Treaty Star Field. Some of them can’t even be called Frius, such as the giant octopus with transparent body and electric light flowing in it. There are also giant creatures that are like giant whales but covered in flames and can travel freely in midair.

These fighters are transformed by the power of Demon Monarch, and Spanac perfectly replicates the characteristics of these creatures and their behavior patterns. This made Frius an eye-opener simultaneously, but also secretly sighed Spanac’s profound knowledge in his heart.

The battle went on for several days.

In the final battle, on the other side of Frius is an army composed of countless copies of the Demon Monarch. This is a real army, and the soldiers that make up the army are actually copies of Spanac. Looking at it, densely packed a piece of Demon Monarch silhouette. This scene alone is enough to suffocate people. Frius got excited instead, he let out a chuckle from the mask, the long sword pointed to the ground, and moved towards the Demon Monarch army in the mountains.

The first copy of Spanac floated over, pushing with both hands, a large cloud of dark mist emerged from behind him, suddenly enclosing Frius. Frius’ perception was immediately affected, and the mist released by the clone also contained the power of Demon Monarch’s Rule. Frius believes that these copies must be a weakened version of Spanac, but they can also use Spanac’s strength of Chaos, even if it is only a few points, it is very tricky. They are equivalent to the smaller half of Supreme, and their individual strength is not as good as the Demon Monarch deity, but they can be better than a large number.

Too many desperate.

The last battle of this arena is Spanac’s real killing move. Massive copies of Demon Monarch sufficient to call any Supreme frowned head. Of course, Frius wearing a mask can’t see how he looks, but from time to time a black sword light rushes up from the mist. You can imagine Frius fighting intent at this moment. Soaring.

“Just to my liking, Spanac. If you show me, I will kill all these copies of you. Every time I kill one, I will kill you once. I just hate you, even if I kill you 10000 times. Not enough!”

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